X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 46

Chapter 46


Squatting down to her knees as her reddish brown eyes shine, Marina laughs sloppily while her cheeks blush is patting Gajou’s head that’s sitting on the ground.
It’s a loli with blue eyes and long blond hair braided on her back. Marina who saw Gajou had nailed her down.
Well, they say women are weak to cute things. Especially for Marina who likes stuffed toys, she might like Gajou who looks western.
That’s great but the surprising one is Gajou.
I clearly thought that she’d turn down Marina but she didn’t show resistance and had her head patted obediently.

「Onee-san’s a beauty」

Gajou who has her head patted by Marina mutters while looking at Marina with her blue eyes. I don’t feel any grudge, anger or jealousy from her expression nor voice at all.

「Eh, ehehe, that’s not true」

When Gajou told her she’s a beauty, Marina bashfully laughed.

「Onee-san’s definitely a beauty. If you’re being too modest then you’ll receive envy. Onee-san is a beauty so you should call yourself a beauty magnificently」

Marina’s smile is twitching from Gajou’s words.

「Ah, no, well, that, rather than being modest…There’s a lot of beautiful girl’s around Onee-san…so should I say that I don’t have confidence more than being modest?」

Marina who had a troubled smile answers Gajou as she pats her head.
Well yeah. Marina’s definitely a beauty but Asahina and Kisaragi are considerate beauties and Yuka’s quite a beauty too. You an think of Marina as a normal beauty if you compare her to the surroundings.
She’s normal but she’s definitely a beauty.

「Hee, is that so? Just what kind are those beauties above Onee-san? Well as far as I know, someone much more beautiful than Onee-san is the elder sister of my friend」

Marina mutters as she look up at Marina.

「A friend’s sister?」
「Yeah, yup. My friend’s also a super beauty too. Even though she’s timid, she’s advanced and is the class rep. She yearns for her sister so much that she imitates her sister’s behavior but it doesn’t suit her. I know that she’s overworking herself. It’s painful to look at. Then, her sister’s a super beauty. She doesn’t have breasts though」

Hearing Gajou’s talk, Marina and I reacted at the same time.

Doesn’t have breasts…you say?

It’s not small breasts but no breasts at all. If you say that then I can imagine her.
The one pecha no matter how much it’s raised.
Marina’s thinking the same thing as me.
Speaking of which, Pechahina’s little sister is also a black lily.
Could it be that Lolihina and Gajou are friends?
Ah, no, it’s normal if you think about it. Gajou is an awfully beautiful girl if you ignore her personality. And she’s a beauty equal to Lolihina. Those two must be famous in black lily. It’s not strange at all if they know each other.
Marina sent me a glance. I returned a look at Marina and I shook my head small. Marina saw me and nodded.
It’s very likely that Gajou’s friend is Lolihina. And I definitely think that Pechahina is the sister. Concerned about it, I should better not bring up that subject to Gajou.
Because if Gajou knows that I’m related to Asahina, she’ll use Lolihina as method and might draw information about me from Pechahina. When it comes to it, it would be troublesome no matter what you think.
Thus we should just stay silent.
I met Lolihina twice but she didn’t notice us on the first and the second, in other words today, we met up. Perhaps, she doesn’t remember me. That’s why there’s no need to leak me from Lolihina’s mouth to Gajou.
And if I silence Marina, Gajou will never notice that I have a relation with Pechahina.

「What’s wrong?」

Gajou noticed that there’s something wrong with Marina so she asked and while tilting her head.

「N-no, nothing」

Marina looks shocked for a moment but she immediately smiled and pats Gajou’s head.
She’s bad at lying as always. Yuka could lie without showing that she’s shaken.
Well, this is why Marina is easy to understand.
Also, even if Marina’s attitude is somewhat strange, it’s impossible for me and Pechahina to not notice it so it’s fine anyway.
That said, Gajou’s attitude is really surprising. Her body’s a woman and her heart is a man. I thought that she has antipathy with women but it seems not.

「T-That said, what’s your name?」

Marina changes the topic forcibly while laughing.
Gajou who’s been asked by Marina looked at me for some reason. Then she leak a sigh and took out an id from her pocket and gave it to Marina.


Marina who saw the presented ID looks at Gajou with tilted head.
What an insensitive guy. Gajou took out her student ID. And she appealed Marina to read the name silently.
In short, she intends to tell Marina her real name.
Oh, that’s why she looked at me.

「Eh, Ah, err…」
「My name’s written here. Sorry but I hate my own name」」
「Ah, okay, I see. S-Somehow, sorry」
「It’s fine. I don’t want to lie to Onee-san」
「Eh, ah, un. T-Thanks…」

Looking straight at Marina, Gajou speaks in a dignified manner. Marina on the other side is flustered.
Marina doesn’t get it at all but this is a declaration of war.
Gajou, even though she treated me a homo, she understood it when she saw Marina. That Marina is my woman.
That’s why Gajou is going to tell Marina her real name.
Is that the courtesy for those who beat down the enemies?
I don’t hate that kind of woman. Her heart is a man though.
That said, she know knows that I’m not a homo so I thought that Gajou will give up. But when she knew that Marina is my woman, Gajou declared a war against Marina.
In other words, Gajou has no intention of giving up.
I don’t intend to make a move on Gajou but when it comes to this then the talk s different.
Knowing that I’m not a homo and still she still tries to take me, Gajou has no choice but to become a woman.
I don’t intend to embrace a man but if Gajou stands in front of me as a woman then I’ll play with her.
I have nothing to say on her looks, her tits are fairly big as well, her pussy must be tight and it looks interesting to train a stupid loli to a huge pervert.


Marina who received the ID Gajou presented looks at the ID feeling flustered.

「Kibashiro Yukina-chan?」

Marina who saw the ID says that while looking at Gajou with tilted head.

「Yup, that’s my name. Then, I beg you Onee-san, I want you to call me Setsuna. Yukina is girlish so I hate it」
「I-Is that so? I think it’s a cute name」
「That’s why I hate it」

Gajou shrugged her shouders from Marina’s question and mutters with a sigh.
I activated my ability and saw the ID Marina’s holding.
Kibashiro Yukina. Isn’t that quite a cute name compared to Setsuna?
N? Kibashiro(姫葉城)? Himeha(姫葉)? Ki(城) Yuki(ユキ)? Oh, I get it.
Himeha(姫葉) is Kiba(キバ), in short, Kiba is Ga. Ki(城) is Jou(ジョウ). And the Yuki of Yukina is snow(雪) and it can be read as Setsu(セツ) That’s why it turned to Gajou Setsuna.
I thought that it’s a false name but it seems that she didn’t lie at all.

「I introduced myself. It’s etiquette for Onee-san to introduce herself too」
「Eh? Ah, Y-Yeah, right, sorry」

Changing Gajou to Yukina, Yukina overwhelms Marina with pressure.
Don’t get scared with a kid. Is that what a former delinquent is? Seriously.
I don’t care at that but Marina’s name is quite similar to Yukina.
\Yukina looks like a complete western doll but her name is perhaps half. The pigment of Marina’s hair and eye is light after all. It’s somewhat impossible but I think you can insist that they’re sisters.

「U-Uhm, Yuuki Marina. Best regards, YukiーNo, Setsuna-chan」

Marina introduces herself to Yukina.


Yukina urges Marina ahead.

「Eh? Then what?」

Being urged by Yukina, Marina’s eyes looks confused.

「You’re dull Onee-san. I’m asking if you’re his girlfriend」

Marina looks surprised from Yukina’s question and she looks at me with her ears red. Then she looked at Yukinaー.

「W-well that’s…for now」

She answered bashfully with her face blushing.
Seeing that Marina, Yukina’s expression turned grim suddenly.

「For now? Hmmm, right. You don’t have the confidence as a girlfriend. You’re so cute, and even your breasts are big, I thought that I can’t win but it seems that it’s no big deal」
「If I became his lover then I can say that I am with confidence? That’s not being conceited. Won’t it be rude for your lover to not be confident to admit?」

Yukina glares at Marina as she speak and Marina’s eyes opened wide.
Her childish heart is being poked by a child. Yuka pointed that out.
Marina’s face turned pale and her eyes shake, she’s unable to answer back to Yukina.
Oh, she’s much more interesting than I thought.

「I intend to be his lover. In short, you’re my enemy. with that said, best regards too, Marina-onee-san」

Yukina holds out her hand while speaking and glaring at Marina. Marina looks at Yukina with shaking eyes and she swallowed her saliva.
Its unbearable if you see Marina after all.
Marina who noticed Yuka’s feelings tried to pull out and give me to Yuka. That action made Yuka angry. Then Yuka decided to fight Marina after many twists and turns but Yukina pointed out completely the same thing.
Be dignified when you’re chosen.
She’s being challenged on a head on fight so Marina’s mind must be in confusion.

「B-Best regards, Yukina-chan」

Though her face is pale, Marina took Yukina’s hand and looks at her.
Ooh, Marina, I thought that she’d pull out but she stepped forward. She surely have grown after the incident with Yuka.
Furthermore, Marina provoked Yukina. Aren’t you doing this easily?
Yukina confronted Marina and asked to be called Setsuna. And Marina acknowledged it. And yet Marina called Yukina with that name.
In short, Marina tells Yukina「Challenge Accepted」
Yukina glares at Marina but Marina grinned.

「Don’t worry. Just a bit more and I’m going to hate Marina-san. I thought that Marina-san is just an idiot from her looks but you’re properly not giving in. I’m fine with an idiot rival in love but, I’d be disappointed if the man I fall in love with has an idiot girlfriend. I’ll be winningthe man I fall in love with smoothly」

Yukina speaks while having a fearless smile and Marina just looks at Yukina silently. Then, sweat runs along Marina’s cheek.
I thought that she’s an idiot who’s impolite for treating me a homo but it seems that I’m greatly mistaken.
It’s normal to think so. Yukina appeared as a woman with a heart of man. And she has been treated as a man while living with a heart of a man.
Just what kind of worry, conflict, pain, and agony she had lived on?
Even though she’s a kid, her life must be dense and thick.
In other words, Yukina isn’t just a kid.

「I see. I thought that I can treat you naively but is that how it is? I get it」

I muttered instinctively and Marina and Yukina looked at me at the same time.
It’s not much as expected. Yukina lived a life same as me.
An existence different from people. I know well how the society looks at that kind of existence.
The community has chased me out because I was born with a different ability And for Yukina who’s born with a different heart, the community has chased her out too.
There’s no one who can understand her. No, she noticed that it’s strange once she understood the surroundings as she live and she wasn’t expecting anything around her anymore.
I am myself. I will stay as myself without expecting anything even if the surroundings wash me away. She persistently lived without exception and there’s no road for humans like us.
I’m sure that Yukina had lived persistently.
In other words, Yukina and I are bears of the same feathers.

「I see. You’re the same kind as me. I’m surprised to say that」

I mutter instinctively again as it’s the first time I discovered my feelings. The two of them looked at me in surprise.

「I’m talking to myself, don’t mind it. Rather than that, let’s go back home right now」

Saying that as I walk, the two of them rushed to stand up.

「C-Can I also come!?」

Yukina shouted.
You’re going to come even if I tell you not too. Having such thoughts, I’m really being generous with Yukina.
Well, even I’m not, I intend to take Yukina to my house.


Looking at Marina with a side glance, I nodded then began to walk.

「Y-Yay…Yay! I’ll be recognized by my lover’s parents on the first day we met! If this goes on, it would be a countdown on a living together life! Yahooi! I have an enema to be ready to be fucked anytime!」

Blushing to her cheeks and her blue eyes shine, Yukina smiles on her whole face as she jumps up and down and run after me.
Or rather, is it really limited to the anus? I’m on pussy sect though.
Well, Yukina intends to live as a man so it’s not that easy to change her way of thinking.
But Yukina has no choice but to become a woman to get me. But she won’t become a woman easily. In such a meaning, it’s very interesting that she says her heart is a man.
She wants to be loved as a man. But she can’t accept if it if it’s a woman. Yukina sure invented an interesting conflicting situation.
Also, though she’s saying that she wants to have sex with her anus, she’s a loli after all. She probably doesn’t know what sex is. I want to see how far she can endure my training.
Yukina doesn’t know that a brute has eyed on her at all, she had a smile on her face as she runs to me. Marina looked at Yukina with blank surprise.

「P-Parent’s recognition…L-Living together…」

Marina mutters with cold sweat running along her cheeks then she ran following after Yukina with a tightened expression.

「I-I’ll rent an apartment without a bath and we’ll hold hands as we go to the public bath!」

She shouted something for no reason.
I don’t want an apartment with no bath.

I walk towards my house and took the two of them to my side.
Yukina declared war and Marina as her rival in love and Yukina glares at Marina with overwhelming pressure butー.

「Should it be on the second floor of a two story apartment?」
「First floor is scary after all?」
「No. I can hear the footsteps in the stairs and “Ah, Motarou came back” I’ll think like that」
「Ahー! Un Un! I yearn for that too!」
「Then it would be a bit far from the station」
「So we can walk」
「Ah! Un Un ! I yearn for that too!」
「I want our hands tied together while we buy the ingredients for dinner. Then should we make curry today? I’ll ask」
「Ah! Un Un ! I yearn for that too!」
「Since I don’t want to be treated as a woman, I’ll carry the heavy baggage. Then Motaro will take my luggage without saying anything」
「Kyaa! I also yearn for that」

Yukina who speaks as proud as a peacock is being buttered up by Marina with agreement.
Their relationship has gotten strangely close.
Or rather, I feel that Marina gets to her opponent’s heart before one’s aware. How should I say it? Yuka even conciliated with Marina after all.
Marina’s the former girlfriend of the leader of the delinquents, Shinozaki but she’s the leader who formed the female group at the same time.
I thought that she’s just the leader of the female group because of Shiunozaki but it seems that Marina has stronger thoughts than I know.
There’s no leader-like impression when I look at Marina. Different from the thought of light character appearance but, unexpectedly old style, she’s strangely humble in comparison.
But she doesn’t yield, even if I order she won’t yield, her explosive power is terrific. Furthermore Marina hasn’t complained at all.
She offered herself for Shinozaki’s sake, even if she was deserted by her companions, Marina didn’t make one complaint.
Also, even if Yuka threw hostility at her, she tried to take it without making an excuse at all.
She’s earnest and her sense of responsibility is strong, she’s able to take care of her surroundings but she doesn’t yield at any cost. That’s the power that pulls the surroundings to her.
She doesn’t look like a leader at a glance but when you look at her generally, Marina has the the qualities of a leader.
But a lot of things aren’t there but when it’s all together then it would be stale. That’s what’s scary with Marina.
Since she’s missing a lot, she’s looked down on. But it feels like she’s on top suddenly.
Or rather, could it be that Shinozaki’s not the one maintaining the group but Marina is the one supporting from the shadows?
Though I’m the cause for Shinozaki’s group being crushed but losing Marina might be a much more problem than it is.
And Shinozaki didn’t notice that.
I’m not a human that leads others. I’m a scum, an egoistic man, a pleasure seeker, I’m so twisted that I can’t turn back anymore.1 Howeverー.

「It’s better to sleep in Futon」
「In case of the bed, you can’t feel the ground because your floating. But on the futon, if I hug Motaro, I’d feel I’m accepting all of Motaro’s whole body, ooh, I want to be embraced by Motaro, I want it to be strong. I don’t have experience in love so I can only think so」
「I get that. I get that well」
「Is that true?」
「You’ll feel that you’ll sink on the bed won’t you? But if it’s on futon, I feel that I’ll be able to feel Suzuhara-san’s weight, or rather I can feel him」
「That’s right! That kind of feeling! I thought that Marina-san is just a beauty with big tits but I see you in a new light!」

Yukina is laughing happily while talking to Marina. Then Marina looks at Yukina while laughing bashfully.

「Hey hey, be friends with me! We may be rivals in love but I want to talk a lot! It’s the first time I enjoyed talking to someone! I only have one friend and that one has no experience in love!」
「Un, Okay. Yukina-chan’s a powerful enemy but should we take it easy so we could get along well?」
「Eeeeh! I don’t want to hold back just because we’re getting along」
「Eh? I’d be troubled then」

Yukina who’s hostile with Marina just a while ago is completely taken along.
When Marina confronts Yukina, Marina pierces the painful place on Yukina then she prepared to run away. Marina looks down on Yukina. Then she had composure.
Then, it’s said when Marina ran away, she didn’t run away at all. She’s only ready to run away but she didn’t waver and ran after Yukina.
The result is this.
There’s a lot off but her affection is thick, she posses a strong sense of duty and responsibility, then she’s explosively earnest. That’s Marina’s fault but at the same time she’s stinks of humanity so she’s easy to talk with.
It’s not like the delinquent leader but she gathers people before one’s aware, she’s liked by people, trusted by people, and before you notice she’s thought to have natural talent on standing on top of people.
I thought that Asahina has it but never on Marina. Asahina’s a dictator after all.
On the other side, Marina has an excellent power on tying people’s minds together. That’s a power I don’t have. No, that’s the thing I discarded first.
Yukina’s the same as me so she surely hold the same feelings as me to Marina.
She’s suffering from something she can’t understand, gets exhausted when you try to understand it.
And yet, Marina’s wall is gapping smoothly. That’s why Yukina was taken after a short time.
I thought that Yuka’s potential is considerably dangerous but I might change my thoughts. The one really possessing a dangerous power is Marina.
I should never part with Marina whatever happens. Marina, your power is something Asahina and Yuka doesn’t have. It’s a fearful power that puts people together.
She gather’s people without knowing and those people gathered becomes the power. Just how frightening is that?
It’s a troublesome power if you antagonize it but there’s nothing more reliable if you’re her ally.
I’m different from Shinozaki. Shinozaki didn’t notice Marina’s power and I’ll make best use of this power. But I noticed. I’m the type of scum that will use anything that can be used.
I’m not so foolish to throw away some person I know is profitable.

「If it’s Marina, or…」

Muttering, I took out my phone from my pocket.
Asahina and Kisaragi. Especially Ashina, I intend to make Yuka cautious without telling the incident. But, Yukina’s existence is a problem.
Since she got involved with me, Yukina might be the woman Hizuki will aim at. But Yukina’s going to a different school from us and even if Marina and Yuka watches her, it won’t reach. In short, if Hizuki’s that kind of woman, she’ll be easily aimed. Furthermore, if I forcibly put Yukina as an objet of guard, the war potential would be distributed.
Well, even if you say war potential, the one’s in my control are only Marina and Yuka.
And in those two, Yuka’s the only one who shows power in this incident the most.
Tomorrow, I’ll meet this Hizuki woman. Then, I’ll go with Marina. The perpetrator aimed to abduct Marina this time and she’s the only one who’s the point of contact with that Hizuki woman.
Tomorrow, I’ll make contact with that Hizuki woman then it’s fine if we can solve that way but I guess it won’t be that easy. That’s why I’ll make Asahina be around with Yuka as a precaution. But Yukina would be unobserved.
If the opponent has information about this then it’s normal to attack those who’s short of hands. In short, the possibility of Yukina being aimed at is high. Thinking so, there’s the possibility that Asahina might be attacked from the back. Thus it might be true that their aim is to distribute the war potential I think.
Could it be that the enemy is expecting me to worry this way?
I need to reinforce the war potential to do it somehow.
Reinforcement of war potential. In other words, I’ll let Asahina join the main force.
If I dispatch Yuka and make Asahina team join the main unit, it’ll go on a different meaning.
Even if they don’t act together as long as the instruction system is in order, the width of measures would widen. And that would make Yuka move freely. Furthermore, Asahina’s little sister Lolihina is a black lily student just like Yukina. Lolihina is a loli so she’s outside of the war potential but if it’s possible for her to make contact with her sister then we can move faster if ever Yukina’s aimed at.
Or rather, the possibility of Lolihina who’s Asahina’s little sister who has a deep relationship with me being aimed is enough as a reason. Thus, Yukina and Lolihina must act together. Thenー.

This is seriously troublesome.

Especially Asahina. To tell the truth, I don’t want to be involved with her other than training.
Also, I don’t want to have a debt with Asahina. I never want to have a debt with her.
While I was thinking, it’s possible that Marina might do something for it.
If it’s Marina forming the main unit with me and Yuka, the other party would be Asahina and Kisaragi then, it’s possible for them cooperate with the loli team of Yukina and Lolihina.
Usually it’s Yuka’s role but even though Yuka looks sociable at glance, she was a bullied child.
On that respect, Marina’s sociable and she was able to act as a leader of the group as a result.
Sink or swim? Should I make Marina call Asahina?
It’s good if it goes well but the view won’t go well if this fails.
This time I rescued Marina who was aimed at. If Yuka’s the one kidnapped, it’s impossible to tell Asahina this incident.
If she discovers that Yuka’s kidnapped, she’ll certainly frenzy and forget herself in rage. But since it’s Marina, she’ll only finish it with a “hmmm”.
With that said, I decided to mail Asahina.
If I tell her to come to my house she’ll definitely make complaints but since she’s the one who said that she’s my slave, she’ll come if I call her.

「Hey hey, Motaro, I became friends with Marina-nee! The forbidden enemy became a friend, I’m done」

Yukina who’s walking next to me restlessly pulls my sleeve with her finger then said that.
I don’t care but what the hell is with Motaro? I didn’t tell you my name at all. Furthermore, I don’t want to be called by my first name. If you’re calling me then call me Suzuhara.
Marina told her. Dammit, she told Yukina something unnecessary.

「Yes yes, aren’t you glad?」

I want to say “Don’t call me by that name” but I think she won’t listen at all so I just sighed while patting Yukina’s head.


Having her head patted by me, Yukina blushed and nodded happily.
Her looks is a super beauty though. Her carefree smile and energetic actions are boyish that it troubles me because my penis reacts.
Hmmm, A boyish beauty might be god but no matter how cute she looks, as long as her inside is a boy then it’s no good.
I’d prefer a girl as expected.

Arriving at the house, Yuka’s already waiting.


Yuka who’s leaning on the wall of our house raised her voice when she saw me and ran.
I feel something out of place with Yuka.
Since it’s not funny if we’re attacked just after I got Marina back so I used my ability. And at the moment Yuka entered the range of my abilityー.

I understand everything within the range. And that ability caught the things sticking to Yuka’s uniform.

Fragments of dead leaves. And a small twig. Such things are sticking on Yuka’s uniform.
Usually, you’d think that it sticks to her clothes by chance and I pay no heed about it. But I’m feeling something really out of place right now.
Where did Yuka go? She reported that she had never seen Marina this morning. I was sure that she’s been watching me from far away but when I came in contact with the man with the policeman’s club, I forgot about Yuka.
If Yuka’s observing me then she would’ve done something. Since she didn’t, I thought that Yuka didn’t tail me.
Then, what’s the dead leaves and twigs on Yuka’s uniform?
It’s as if it’s the trace of the forest in which I fought the man with the policeman’s club.
Those thoughts crossed my mind.


「Hey Mota-kun! Are you injured!? There’s blood in your shirt!?」

Yuka jumps and clings to me forcefully then she screams and looks up at me with teary eyes. There’s no lie in her appearance at all.
But Yuka’s a pro in acting.

Is that so? Is it possible that Yuka’s a traitor? I forgot it completely.

Yuka hates Marina. Since there’s other enemies she should hate so even if she has a grudge against Marina, she can’t complain about it. Furthermore, Yuka wants to take me away from Marina.
It’s not strange even if she takes revenge.

I don’t mind it even if she’s a traitor. Yuka’s betrayal is enough as a reason.
Even if I go through the muscle, I won’t complain on the betrayal. Including such a thing, I’ll treat her as my woman.
Or rather, I might be overthinking. My nerves might be oversensitive right now because of various things.

「Let’s go in the house for the time being」

I look down at Yuka who’s clinging to me then I told her. Then I walked towards the door.


Yuka nodded in a hurry and tried to run after me. Butー.
Before she runs, Yuka glanced at Marina for an instant. Her face looks sad and she looks uneasy.
Could it be? Could it be…?


  1. Unlike Kijima Aoi, he raped and threatened the girls, he hurts people who picks a fight with him and he’s a true sadist, the other guy’s a tsundere delusional