X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 47

Chapter 47

「Yukina, can you do it?」

I ask Yukina while I squat in the garden of our house.


Yukina puffed her cheeks and averted her gaze.
What’s with that? Aren’t you the one who said that you’ll do anything I say. Or rather, why are you suddenly displeased? It seems she doesn’t like something.
I’m irritated but I have to endure it. I’m the one who’ll be in trouble if Yukina doesn’t yield.
I leak a sigh while looking up at Yukina and my arm was poked.
Turning my gaze, Marina’s squatting next to me before I was aware, then she draw her lips near to my ear.

「I’m sure that she wants to be called “Setsuna” instead of “Yukina”」

I got convinced with her whisper.
Is that how it is?
She won’t make a complain when she’s called Yukina by Marina who’s her rival in love but she wants me to call her Setsuna?
But that means that she wants to be treated as a man though.
You can’t have sex with me if you keep that forever. Or rather, this is too much of a rebellious attitude.
Well, this is a situation where we can’t escape without making a sacrifice so I’ll overlook it this time.


Leaking out a sigh, I called out Yukina while looking up at her.


Yukina who’s puffing her cheeks and looking the other way looks at me and answered cheerfully as soon as I called her Setsuna. Then she’s laughing.
She admitted that Marina is my woman but she won’t give up at me so I surely thought she’ll become a woman but could it be that she’s not thinking anything?
This is a pain in the head.
Well fine. I don’t have time to feel tired for that.

「Listen Setsuna, I’ll review the strategy. You’ll enter the house first. Then you’ll be clinging to my mother when you enter the house. Then tell her that you’re troubled because you’re lost!」
「Got it! Leave it to me!」1

Yukina nodded at my words and raised her right hand cheerfully.
Are you sure? Do you really understand it? Aren’t you just answering without thinking of anything?
Well, it’s fine though. A stupid kid is convenient.
It’s weekday so mother’s in the house.
Mother knows Marina and Yuka but she doesn’t know that they come in the morning. But since those two are coming to my house, my mother won’t poke her nose to it.
However, I plan to make Pechahina come too.
With three woman, it’s possible that mother would poke her nose into it as expected.
It’s fine if mother doesn’t say anything but I’d be in trouble if the time where we’d discuss about it appears. I made up a strategy to distract mother for that case.

I call it: lost child operation.

Yukina’s related to this incident but it doesn’t mean that she’s not useful.
She’s a loli after all. She’s an outside war potential. I don’t expect anything from her.
What I need is Pechahina and Lolihina’s cooperation. Yukina and Lolihina are students of black lily. Those two need to act together so they won’t be an easy aim for Hizuki. If ever Lolihina is aimed at and Pechahina cooperates then we can make the first move faster.
With that said, I don’t need Yukina in this discussion. That’s why I’ll use Yukina as sacrificial pawn and set up a strategy to distract mother.
If the lost child Yukina asks for mother’s help, mother would feel that it can’t be helped but deal with it. When she does, I won’t need to worry about her.
Though it’s an overbearing plan, well, I won’t be troubled to death even if I failed.
At worst, we can talk in the park.
I’m only sticking to my house because I’m tired and I want to relax.

「Okay, Yukina, Go!」

I thought Yukina would run at my signal but she puffed her cheeks and looked the other way.
Oh, “Setsuna”, right. Kay, okay, I got it. Seriously.

「Gajou Setsuna, don’t shame your cool name! Show me that you’re a man!」

Sighing inside my mind, Yukina looks happy with my words, As I thought, Yukina’s blue eyes shined and she raised her right hand and answered cheerfully.


Then she ran towards the door while shouting.
Isn’t that a bit too energetic for a lost child?
I hid myself in the garden with Marina while thinking of that.
Yuka…Seems to have hidden herself too

「Helloooo! I’m Motaro’s girlfriend, Kibashiro Yukina! My alias is Gajou Setsuna! I’m a lost child! I’m a lost child so I’m troubled! Is Motaro’s mother here!? I want to marry Motaro!」

Yukina shouts energetically while knocking on the door.

「Ha, haha…she’s an idiot」

A lost child but she’s saying it as if it’s someone elses problem. Also, what marry!? In the first place, don’t say my name. This plan goes down if you say my name.
I didn’t expect much but leaving it to Yukina is just foolish.
This is beyond anger and amazement that my head feels painful.

「Yukina-chan really loves Suzuhara-san doesn’t she?」

Marina who’s squatting next to me mutters enviously while looking at Yukina who’s shouting as she knock on the door.
No no no, I’m not pleased at all. That idiot ruined everything in the middle.

「Should we go to the park…?」

Haa, seriously. Even though I wanted to relax.

「Hey hey, Motaro’s mother! I came here! I’m a lost child! I won’t be a lost child if I marry Motaro!」

Yukina keeps shouting while knocking on the door. Then Marina laughs while watching Yukina.
Don’t laugh. That’s not funny at all.

「Yeah, coming, who’sーOh?」

I’ve given up talking inside the house so I’m facing the park but the door opened and mother came.

「Oh my, what a cute guest. What’s wrong?」

Mother who squats down the place talks to Yukina.

「Onee-san’s Motaro’s mother?」
「Onee!? Eh!? Y-Yes, Uhm, this auntie is Motaro’s mother. Eh? Motaro’s friend?」

Mother looks surprised from being called Onee-san by Yukina so she answered Yukina with red ears.

「Ooh, Onee-san’s Motaro’s Mother. You’re a beauty unlike Motaro. I thought that you’re a college girl」
「C-College!? E-eeh!? T-That’s, Auntie is a proper Auntie you know」

Yukina’s words made Mother blush and she’s clearly shaken. She’s shy and shaken.
College woman? That’s impossible as expected. That compliment can only be heard as a sarcasm.
But mother’s red to her ears and she looks glad somewhat.

「College woman is too much but Suzuhara-san’s mother is so young and beautiful」

Marina laughs while whispering.
Is that so? I admit that she’s not like me but you’re saying that much? No no, that’s normal I guess.
Or rather, I can only hear it as a sarcasm when it comes from Marina who’s a beauty.

「E-Err, What’s your name again?」
「Kibashiro Yukina, my alias is Gajou Setsuna!」
「A-Alias? Eh?」
「T-Then, err…Yukina-chan?」
「Eh!? Huh!? Was I wrong!?」

The moment mother called Yukina’s name, Yukina raised a surprised voice and Mother trembled and her eyes looks in panic.

「Setsuna’s better but, Onee-san’s Motaro’s mother. Hmmmm」

Folding her arms, Yukina closes her eyes and muttered, then she looked at mother when she opened it. Then she patted Mother’s shoulder.

「Then I’ll let you call me Yukina. It’s a rare case! You’re Motaro’s mother after all.」
「Eh? What, e-err…Thanks?」

Yukina let herself be called Yukina reluctantly. I don’t know whether Yukina’s reaction is okay but my confused mother nodded at Yukina for the time being.

「I like you onee-san. You’re gentle」
「Eh? I-Is that so?」
「Hey hey, can I call you mom?」
「Eh? Ah, Un? Un, O-Okay」
「Mom, I’m hungry! I want to eat mom’s meal!」
「I-Is that so? R-Right. Un. T-Then, want to eat together with mom?」
「Un! I’ll eat! Also let’s go to bath later!」
「I-Is that so? R-Right, un. Bath. Got it.

Mother’s quite confused and it seems that she’s been completely overwhelmed by Yukina.

「E-Err, you were a lost child weren’t you?」
「Un! I’m a lost child but I can go back home alone!」
「Eh? What? Even though you’re lost? You can go back? I-Is that so?… Huh?」
「Hey hey, mom, I’m hungry」
「R-Right? We’re you? W-Would Americans prefer meat?」
「I’m not American! Father’s Irish, Mother’s English! And I’m the only one who can talk Japanese!」
「I-Is that so? Sorry, I don’t get that well」

Mother’s seems to have turned into a feverish mood in this chaos, Yukina overwhelms her so she took Yukina inside the house.
…What’s with that development just now?
I don’t get it well but…

「The plan succeeded?」

I wonder if that can be called a success? I feel that there’s a lot of things that are no good there.
But, wellー.

「Mother seems to be lead by her…」

In that case, Yukina is more than enough.
It did end well so should I say it’s good?

「Marina, Yuka-chan, let’s go」

Hiding myself in the garden with Marina, I called out Yuka who’s hiding in a different location.


Marina nodded. Seeing that, I stood up and faced the door. But Yuka didn’t react so I looked around.
Yuka’s not here? No, there’s no way.
I thought so I used my ability then I saw Yuka on the other side of the wall.
Yuka’s putting her phone on her ears. I can’t hear her but it seems that she’s talking to someone.
I can read the movement of the mouth but I can’t hear the voice at all so I don’t get a single thing. Furthermore, she’s hiding herself behind the wall and she bends her body.
A conversation that’s bad if heard?
Though the thought of Yuka betraying has become thick, I finally remembered what’s out of place.
I feel that she’s “Hiding” it instead of “Betraying” me.
Then the thought crossed my mind suddenly so I clicked my tongue in my mind.
I didn’t think of it but Yuka might’ve moved on her own.

She moved alone and she was caught in the trap before, this is Asahina’s incident all over again.

It’s not impossible if it’s Yuka.
Also, she reconciled with Marina for the time being but she might be worrying because she tried to kill Marina once before.

Well, isn’t that great?

「Marina. I think Asahina should come sooner or later so You’ll go to my room to join Asahina. Explain this incident to Asahina and persuade her to cooperate」
「Eh!? Me!? Me and Asahina-san alone!?」

Marina looks surprised from my words and she asked with shaking eyes.
Asahina’s a trauma for Marina after all. Of course she’ll be shaken. Butー.

「I’ll tell you the details later. But I want you to prepare for Asahina to cooperate. There’s no need to overwork yourself. It’s okay to just make a small talk. It’s not a problem if you fail so do what you want」

I say that while I pat Marina’s shoulder.
I was going to leave everything to Marina the moment I decided to call Asahina.
Asahina would follow if I order her. But I can’t make her cooperate if I make her follow forcefully. That’s why I intend to withdraw.
If it’s not me then Asahina might be obedient.
Also, I must not let Asahina and Yuka meet. Asahina doesn’t know that I made a move on Yuka after all. And yet, if Yuka’s in my room, the story of Marina’s kidnapping would disappear.

「I will talk to Yuka for a bit so I’ll leave it to you」

Saying that, I pat Marina’s shoulders again.

「U-Understood. I’ll try it」

Marina nodded while her eyes shake. She’s feeling tense and insecure from her trauma.
Hmm, if I can draw out Marina’s power well then it’s possible for her to win Asahina over. But it seems that she’s likely to fail.
Is there no way to make let her relax somehow?
Oh right.

「I won’t blame you if you failed. Also, if you succeed, I’ll give you a reward」

Marina reacted from my words and the color of her eyes clearly changed.

「I-I’ll do my best!」

Then she nodded mightily.
It seems that too much power has entered her shoulder but it’s better if she’s not hesitating.

「Then, I’ll leave it to you」

I tell Marina and turned my heel and I began to walk towards Yuka.
Now then, how should I make Yuka confess? She’ll only make a lie calmly.
Then should I listen to her body with the manly way?
On the contrary, we can’t make her because she’ll be hazy in pleasure however, other methods won’t do.
Well, let’s just do what we can.


  1. Pun’s tip: Never trust Yukina