X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 48

Chapter 48

I pulled Yuka’s hand, went around the back of the house and hold my breath as I squat down.


Yuka who’s squatting next to me was surprised when I take her hand and lead her, she asked insecurely. I looked at Yuka’s eyes then laughed while closing one of my eyes and putting my forefinger to her mouth.
Yuka looks flustered and yet she nodded and buried her face on her knees.
Yuka’s faintly trembling. When I used my X-ray to see Yuka’s heart, it’s beating violently.
Yuka’s clearly shaken that I suddenly moved her but is she really shaken or could it just be an act?
Well, it might be impossible for her to change the speed of her heart freely so she’s really shaken.
Yuka’s talking to someone on her phone. She’s shaking because she thinks I noticed, in other words, she had a conversation that’s bad when heard.
Then, should we shake her a bit?


I tilt my head while raising an ignorant voice, I stretched my right hand towards Yuka and patted the shoulder area of her uniform.
She’s surprised? Yuka who buried her face under her knee looks up at me.

「There’s some trash. It’s like a dead leaf」

Drawing my face close to Yuka’s ear, I whispered then Yuka trembled.
I penetrate Yuka’s skin with my X-ray ability. The hear beat I’m seeing earlier had jumped up and it’s about to burst.
This isn’t an act.


Since Yuka has no way of knowing that I can see the beating of heart, she’s expressing her gratitude while desperately pretending to be calm.
Yuka’s clearly shaken.
I’m having a bad premonition.
She did move secretly without permission but it’s possible to deal with it when you notice it. But it’s possible that it might be already too late.
She needed cooperation from someone to collect the information about the criminal who aimed at Marina. But Yuka has no other friend that’s moving with no compensation except Asahina. If Asahina can’t move, then she’ll ask cooperation from someone else.
Then, what did Yuka use as payment?/

Money? Orー.

Yuka values herself lowly. She thinks her defiled self has no value. She can use her defiled body as compensation.
Yuka will present her body as compensation without thinking.
But that’s only my guess in the end. Then I need to get the truth out of Yuka but it she won’t answer honestly even if I asked.
Then, should I try it?
I passed Yuka’s right shoulder and embraced her. I placed my left hand on Yuka’s shoulder and made her face up.
Yuka’s shaking eyes stiffened from my sudden actions. Then Yuka’s lipsー.


Yuka opened her eyes wide then she tried to push my mouth away with both of her hands. Then she hugs herself trembling.
Yuka rejected the kiss while trembling.
This is already a bingo in a bad sense.
Yuka who’s body and mind is completely defiled sees herself very cheaply. Also, Yuka reconciled with Marina but she’s likely to be worrying that she had tried to kill Marina.
Did Yuka sacrifice her body to receive intelligence.
Yuka can also think well to take that action.
I was too late to notice.

「Seriously, you’re an idiot…」

Yare Yare, I leaked a sigh and placed my right hand no top of Yuka’s head then patted her violently1
Yuka trembled then she buried her face on her trembling knees, she’s clearly frightened.
Well, there’s no other way but to do it.

「There will be no next time. That’s why don’t do anything idiotic again」

Saying that I hold Yuka’s shoulder and drawn her to me, but Yuka trembled and parted from me. But she has no power to match me.
Yuka desperately tries to run away from me but she realized that it’s impossible to run away, she loosened up and leaned against me.
Though it’s an unforgivable act to be embraced by a man other than me, it’s also my error this time.
I should’ve told Yuka that there’s a threat letter. I should’ve given Yuka instructions.
I didn’t rely on Yuka so she thought that she’s not needed.
Then, even if I come to dislike her, even if I come to throw her away, she wants to be useful.
It’s easy to expect for that kind of action to come out for Yuka. And yet I didn’t notice it so It’s mostly my fault.

「I-I’m sorry…」

Yuka leaned on me and buried her face on my chest, she apologized with a trembling voice. She clings to my chest as her shoulders shake.
I leak out a sigh then embraced Yuka strongly and tapped her shoulder.
She’s a woman who’d open her legs happily when necessary for the sake of filling lust. But, she stabbed her own heart for my sake and I can’t dessert the woman who conceals the pain from opening her legs for other men.
That woman is something very rare no matter where you look at.
Still, yare yare, women are difficult.

I hold my breath at the back of the house for a while then I heard a faint voice.
Marina’s voice, and…Asahina’s voice…Not.
The type of voice sounds like Asahina but it’s higher and younger than Asahina.
Lolihina? Lolihina came here? I called her sister though.
I heard Asahina’s voice after that.
Oh, I see. Lolihina came together with the elder sister.
Still, it’s outside my expectations. The thought of Lolihina coming together didn’t exist. But it’s not impossible if I think about it.
Asahina can’t stand up by herself after I violated and stirred her with my hand. Lolihina comes with that Asahina.
Since time has passed, Asahina has recovered too but she knows that her sister is in a state where she can’t stand. Knowing that she’ll go out that night, she made her agree to accompany her.
Also, from what I heard from Yukina, Lolihina has a sister complex.
However, I’m beaten. Even though she’s a loli, Marina’s at disadvantage because it’s 2v1. Also, her opponents are sisters. Since her opponent are sisters that knows each other very well, it’s becoming more of Marina’s disadvantage.
It’s good if Yukina’s only getting the wrong Idea and can try to separate Lolihina but it’s useless to expect anything from her. No, I’m anxious if she answers my expectation in a bad meaning.
At worst, I have to do something about it but would I be able to? I can’t see anything but a chaotic future.

Before long, I can’t hear the voice of Asahina, Lolihina and Marina. It seems that they went inside the house.

After some time, I take Yuka’s hand and stood up then I went to face the door.

Yuka who stood up next to me, trembles on her knees then her knees collapsed and she sat down in place.
Her face distorts, Yuka tries to subdue her voice while she desperately tries to stand up while crying. But her waist has come off and she can’t stand no matter desperate she tries to stand up.
Surely she’s regretting what she had done.
Yuka opened her legs for other men just to be useful for me even if I throw her away.
She’s prepared to be thrown away but she never would’ve thought that she’d be forgiven.

「I-I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…」

Yuka mutters as she desperately tries to stand. I lifted Yuka.


Yuka who was suddenly princess carried by me raised a small scream and tried to run away. But, there’s nowhere to run to.,

「I-I’m sorry…」

Yuka who understood that it’s impossible to run away relaxed herself and she apologized while burying her face under my shoulder.


That’s the only thing I answered then I began to walk towards the door.
Well, what? I won’t make a big fuss over it because it’s my fault this time butー.
I’ll definitely beat the guy who made the move at Yuka.

I opened the door while carrying Yuka and entered the house. Then there’s two small loafers that caught my attention.
Yukina and Lolihina’s loafer.
That’s great but I don’t find Marina and Asahina’s shoes.
I used my ability to confirm it but I didn’t find Marina and Asahina’s shoes.
Marina, she took Asahina and her shoes to the second floor so mother won’t find it out? Well done.
But why did she leave Lolihina’s shoes in the door?
“Could it be” I thought, I walked stealthily down the corridor and stopped in front of the door, I entered the living room and saw it.
The spectacle I saw is the two loli sitting side by side at the sofa at the living room. Yukina and Lolihina.
Amazing. What’s amazing? Yukina and Lolihina are beauties that surpasses the rest but the impact when the two sits side by side is terrific.
There’s western beautiful loli with blue eyes and blond hair braided on the back.
then on the other side is a beautiful loli having a long black hair tied into twintails and cat ears that doesn’t look arrogant.
It’s conflicting gold and black. Then both skins are white as snow.
Yukina’s a curve ball and Lolihina is a straight ball.
If they debut as a unit then they’d sell a lot.
Unit’s name is Loli impact.

『Hey Yui, don’t be so nervous. This is my lover’s house』

I heard Yukina’s voice.
Is that Orange Juice? Holding a glass on one hand, Yukina sucks the straw rapidly and when she spit out the straw, she talks to Lolihina with a self important attitude.


On the other side, Lolihina who’s holding the same orange juice as Yukina with both of her hands is answering half-heartedly while having a confused expression floating on her face.
Lolihina came together with Asahina but why she’s in the living room?
Asahina and Marina’s shoes aren’t in the door but Lolihina’s shoes is there. In other words, Lolihina was taken to the living room not due to the unforeseen circumstances but she’s likely sent by Marina’s plan.
Marina knows that Yukina and Lolihina are acquaintance after all.
Marina who saw Lolihina took her with Asahina to create a situation and she made Lolihina and Yukina make contact.
If so, then Marina’s unexpectedly sharp. I got a better opinion of her.
When I leave everything to her then she’s likely to have become serious.

『U-Uhm, Setsuna-senpai, is that true that you had a lover?』
『What? What’s with you Yui, you’re thinking that I’m lying?』
『N-No, Setsuna-senpai is a hopeless birdbrain so I don’t think that you’re not a liar』
『Right? Then it’s true that I got a lover. It’s amazing. You must be jealous?』

Yukina speaks proudly from Lolihina’s words.
Hey, she said that you’re a hopeless birdbrain. You’re not minding it?
Or rather, Senpai? Yukina is Lolihina’s senpai?

『Furthermore, don’t tell anyway, I’ll be having sex soon』

Saying that, Yukina grins. Then Lolihina stares at that Yukina.
Just what is she saying suddenly? Are you an idiot? Oh right, she’s an idiot.

『Senpai, you know what kind of act sex is? The male’s penis would enter a woman’s vagina and it would go in and out until it ejaculates inside the vagina you know?』

Lolihina instinctively spoken to Yukihina with a serious stare.
The penis and vagina and ejaculating inside the vagina? Lolihina is saying such jargon surprisingly calm.
I thought that she’s an honest loli but am I wrong? No she’s speaking about it calmly but the contents are…

『Fufuun, that doesn’t matter』

Yukina who heard Lolihina’s words snorts and laughed arrogantly.

『I’m a man. If he’s going to do it then it would be on the anus』
『Senpai’s heart might be a man but your body is a woman you know? That, was it Motaro-san? Are you sure that you understand it?』
『I said it properly』
『It’s not a problem whether you said it properly. What’s essential is understanding』
『Shut up. I said that I properly told him』
『Judging from that reaction, it’s suspicious if he really understood it, Senpai, that’s important. You have to understand each other by taking it slowly Sex can be saved for later』
『S-Shut up! Even though you don’t have experience with love! Even though you’re so scared to talk with men, don’t be so arrogant to preach me about love』

Lolihina said it with an earth shattering directness and Yukina has become ill-humored when she’s preached by Lolihina.

『Senpai looks lovely so she living apart from others strongly and nobly as an alpha male』
『Eh? I’m living apart from other strongly and nobly』
『I’m an alpha male?』
『E, ehe, ehehehe, I’m glad. Thanks Yui. Yui’s really my best friend』
『Yes. I’m senpai’s best friend』
「Ehehe, Un, ehehe」

Lolihina seems to have made Yukina believe with flattery so she expresses her gratitude while laughing bashfully,
Good. Lolihina’s treating Yukina extremely well. It seems that it’s true that they’re intimate.
Also, Lolihina’s attitude is clearly different. I don’t feel the weakness coming from her when she came to her sister at the school and at the time on the roast meat shop.
She’s shrinking in front of others but her real self comes out when she lets down her guard.
That bold appearance looks like her sisters.
I thought that they don’t resemble in chracter but it seems that that the Asahina little sister is the rotten one?

『Senpai’s a helpless birdbrain but your judgement on people are above the average. But, if Senpai says that she fell in love then I won’t make a complaint. But, don’t rush. Sudden sex is bad. First would be petting』
『Begin with the kiss at the lip, the woman’s breasts and nipples, then the man would caress the clitoris and vagina. At the same time the girl caresses the penis with her hand and put it inside her mouth. In other words, take pleasure without inserting the penis in the vagina, it’s an act of confirming each other’s love』
「…S-Sorry. I don’t get it』
『Haa, that’s what’s sex is. Leaving to the partner and Senpai would be treated as a woman, won’t that be heart-breaking for Senpai?』
『First is that we need him to understand well that Senpai’s heart is a man. Then tell how you wanted to be treated by your partner. Doing so would not make Senpai’s partner’s feelings going well. Knowledge is necessary. Studying in sex is necessary』
『I-I see. Even though you can’t talk to men, you know this kind of stuff well』

Lolihina indifferently persuaded her and Yukina raised a voice of admiration.
If you believe Yukina’s words then whether Lolihina has love experience or not, she’s a shy girl that can’t speak with men. But it seems that she’s knowledgeable in sex.
She’s the so called Mimidoshima?2

『Please leave it to me. Also, once you understand your partner, and the petting went smoothly, then it would finally be the anal sex』
『Did Senpai insert a foreign object in her anus before?』
『Eh? Ah, no…I-If it’s just a finger…』
『Haa, this is why Senpai is… Senpai’s underestimating Anal sex. Your anus would split if you suddenly put a penis without expanding it. At worst, the constrictor would be broken. Senpai’s so small after all』
『You’re small too』
『I’m still on the growth phase so I can still go on even now』
『Eh? Is that so? Your face is cute so it’s amazing』
『Anyway, I’m a pro when it comes to the ass so I can help you anytime』

Lolihina speaks indifferently before but as soon as the anus became the topic, her cheeks blushed and she became talkative.
Oh, the little sister is also an anal lover. They’re definitely sisters.

『Apart from you having a heart of a man, it’s so wonderful that you’re interested in anal sex. You don’t have to worry about pregnancy when you ejaculate inside the anus so it’s safe even if he let it out inside. Also, it feels pleasant. You need to get used to your fingers first then gradually make a fat thing enter. You should also be used to washing your intestines. Also, even though you say that you love anal, it’s sheer stupidity to only develop the anus. Women has a lot of erogenous zones. Don’t you think it’s a waste to leave the others? Pleasurable things are pleasurable and if you mix them together then it’ll become even more pleasurable. Don’t get biased on your anus, do develop your other erogenous zones in balance often and the pleasure on the anus would be doubled』

She’s talking. Somehow she’s amazingly feverish. Yukina looks at Lolihina with open mouth.
Blushing, her eyes are moistened, Lolihina’s clearly breathing roughly, she placed her right hand behind her in a way Yukina won’t notice and she put it inside her skirt. Then she raised her waist faintly, removed her panties and thrusts in her forefinger inside her small ass hole that’s faintly pink.
The small hole that doesn’t seem to let enter the finger enter easily has swallowed the fore finger just like that.
Lolihina thrusts her forefinger to the root instantly then she tried to sit innocently with her ears turning read, she moved her right hand faintly, pierces, and inserts and pulls out the finger.
She’s talking about the anus that she loves, she masturbated in her anus as she’s unable to endure, In short, she started Anani3
She’s a loli beauty that stands out from the rest but she’s the same pervert as her sister.
Yukina who’s not noticing the situation of Lolihina who’s masturbating next to her at all, feels depressed from knowing her ignorance because of Lolihina’s abundance in knowledge, she held the straw with her mouth and drank the orange juice.
Yukina, you’re too ignorant but I think there’s no need to feel depressed.
If I had to say then Lolihina’s the abnormal one.

『Setsuna-chan, Yui-chan, meal’s ready. Let’s eat together』

Mother unexpectedly comes out and Lolihina trembled and pulled out her finger from her anus. Then, she stood up and bowed politely.

『Thank you for treating us with supper even though we suddenly barged in』

She then looked up at mother and greeted politely, then bowed again.
Yukina looks at Lolihina with open mouth. But Yukina stands up and looks at Lolihina and poked her elbow.

『Don’t force yourself. What’s with you being always unreasonable? This is my boyfriend’s home. You don’t need to put on an appearance』

Lolihina blushed for a moment when she heard Yukina then she stared at her.
Or rather, you should be holding back yourself a bit Yukina. You’re the one who’s acting as if you owned the place. Also, I’m not your boyfriend.

『S-Senpai, shut up』

Glaring at Yukina with teary eyes, Lolihina raised a trembling voice. She’s totally weak as if she’s different person from the dignified appearance from a while ago.
Looking at Lolihina, Yukina leaks a sigh and shrugged her shoulders.

『If you’re like then you won’t ever have a boyfriend let alone a friend』

Lolihina’s expression steepened fast from Yukina’s words.

『S-Senpai’s the same! You don’t have a friend other than me!』

Lolihina snaps and looked at Yukina with a surprisingly angry look. But Yukina’s not concerned at all. She’s not worrying it far from shaking.

『It’s enough that I have you as a friend. I think that I’m fine with just having a single friend who can understand me. But you’re different aren’t you? You want to become like your nee-chan? Then you mustn’t force yourself』

Saying that, Yukina stretches herself and patted Lolihina’s head.
Her ears are bright red, Lolihina looks down while trembling but she obediently let her head get patted by Yukina.

『I’m not normal so I’m not that easy to understand. But you’re able to understand me if you like it and yet, you’re the one hiding yourself forcefully. You’re super cute, gentle, knowledgeable, and caring. I love that you, you’re already enough as a friend. And yet there are few guys approaching you. Do you know why? Everyone knows that you’re forcing yourself. That’s why they don’t know how to call you out』

Stretching herself while patting Lolihina’s head, Yukina looks at Lolihina with gentle eyes and speaks with a soft voice.
Lolihina trembles as she look down then she silently stepped forward and clasped Yukina’s hand. Then she buried her face on Yukina’s small shoulder.

『I also love Senpai…』

Then she muttered in a gentle voice.

『There, there. It’s fine if you let out your true self step by step. I’ll be by your side until you can walk alone. You’re not like me, you’re a child that can do it if you try』

Yukihina gently pats Lolihina’s back while speaking gently and Lolihina who’s burying her face under Yukina’s shoulder nodded.
Then mother looks at the two with opened mouth.
The blonde hair blue eyes loli suddenly intruded, then a loli with black hair and twintails joined in, they somewhat turned to youth selfishly.
Looking at the spectacle, mother would obviously open her mouth.
At any rate, it seems that mother won’t have the room to mind us in this situation.
Having such thoughts, I separate from the entrance of the living and faced the second floor without making a presence.

Going up the stairs, I arrived at the second floor’s corridor, I walked down the corridor without making a presence and stopped in front of my room. Then I “looked” in the room
Asahina stands proudly with her arms folded and Marina’s kneeling in front of Asahina.
Asahina looks down at Marina who’s kneeling, it seems that she’s saying something but she kept standing without saying anything.
Perhaps, Marina suddenly kneeled in front of her and her pace is disturbed. Furthermore, Marina’s dogeza is a direct copy of Yuka.
It’s too splendid as a dogeza that it’s normal that you’d lose it even if you want to say something.
If Marina takes the pace then it would be safe.
Then, should I begin to question Yuka?
Yuka who’s being princess carried by me remains clinging to my chest.
Though I won’t question her opening her legs for other men, I have to question the information she found out.
It’s great if she confessed honestly. If not then I have no choice but to ask her body.
While having such thoughts, I began to walk without making any presence and entered the vacant room next to mine.
I’ll be questioning Yuka here and I can investigate the state on the next room.


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