X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 5

Chapter 5

I walked at the night residential area while holding the hand of the tottering Asahina.
It’s been a while since I saw a man’s interior so I thought of using Asahina’s body to get rid of the aftertaste but I’m having a hard time.
She’s too valuable to be thrown away. But she might not come to school if I put my hand on her, that’s the worst kind of development to happen.
That’s regrettable, I should cut her off completely and throw her away. That’s the secret to survive in this hard world.


While walking in meditation, my hand was pulled.
When I asked what it is in my mind, Asahina stops while holding my hand.

「What’s wrong?」

It’s a strange story that the rapist worry about the raped but there are various sentiments changing when I decided to throw her away.
Farewell Asahina. You are already dead1 That’s why I’ll be a bit gentle with you for the last moment.
Those were my feelings.


Asahina muttered looking down while clasping my hand standing still.


What betaitte…runo? What beta itteru no? Foreign language? I don’t want to boast but I’m not good with foreign languages since I’m a Japanese3 Or rather, her voice is too small that I can’t hear her.

「I said I want to eat Ice Cream!」4

Asahina looked up and raised her voice while staring at me.
Eh? Ice Cream? Eh? Ah, noー.

「Y-You only want to eat right?」

Well, it’s fine if she just wants to eat. Do it without me. If you appeal to me, I’ll be a bit troubled.


Asahina’s face curved. It looks quite cheeky.

「You’re going to let me pay!?」

Asahina shouted then puffed her cheeks.5
“You’re going to let me pay”? isn’t that obvious? You said that you want to eat so you have to pay for it.

「I don’t want this!」
「About what!?」

I don’t get what the hell you’re saying Just what the hell do you want to say?

「You told me to do what you want right!? But I don’t want that! That’s why I’m asking you to treat me ice cream!」

Ashahina that everts her eyes while puffing her lips shouts and bad mood then stared at me in displeasure.
You’ll do anything in exchange of ice cream? What? Huh? Or rather, this girl’s back again.
Asahina glared at me. Her eyes that stares at me should’ve lost it’s light already but it regained light before I noticed.

「Just with Ice Cream! You can do anything you want with this Asahina Yuu! Isn’t it a bargain?」

Asahina screams while staring at me, pat her flat chest on top of her uniform and then pressed me.
I pulled myself instinctively and confirmed Asahina’s inside while being confused.
The heart that should be beating unpleasantly dark is now beating intensely like it’s going to explode, it’s sending fresh new blood off to Asahina’s whole body. There’s no forced feeling at all.

「Come here!」
「I know a delicious ice cream shop here!」
「Eh, W-waitー」

I can’t chase the thoughts of Asahina’s sudden change. Thus my hand was forcibly pulled by Asahina as she began to walk.
What the bread?6 What on bread is happening.7 I don’t get what’s going on.

Asahina went to the direction of a big park. There’s a minivan that’s parking next to the lawn of the parkー. The car has a showy painting and a long line parading there. The side of the car is open and there’s a woman that seems to be the saleslady inside.
Is that what you’re talking about?

「I-It seems that the line is long…」

I pointed out the long line at Asahina.

「Isn’t it obvious!? It’s delicious after all!」

Asahina shouted at me with a glare, she then walked while pulling my hand forcibly and she didn’t hesitate to queue on the end of the line.
Why do we have to line up just to buy Ice Cream? Can’t we just buy ice cream in the convenience store.


When I muttered that while scratching my head, Asahina blushed for a moment then she stared at me like she’s going to kill me.
I pulled back instinctively then the Asahina that’s about to shout any moment, averted her face.

「I just don’t want this. Just please, treat me ice cream. Then, I’ll do anything…」

Asahina muttered while averting her face.
Though she’s been facing away, my eyes can’t be deceived.
Asahina’s trembling in tears.

「Well, it’s fine if it’s just ice cream…」8

If it’s enough to make Asahina submit with just ice cream then that’s quite a cheap bargain. Also, Asahina had recovered just when I thought of throwing her away.
It’s a waste to throw someone like Asahina. Asahina’s a lovely girl, furthermore, she’s a pervert that likes playing with her ass. It helps me if she has recovered.
But why did she suddenly recover? I think that there’s something that changed Asahina’s thoughts but is it possible for a human to revive from being broken so fast?
She didn’t act being broken either. Even if she can smooth it over on the surface with acting, the interior of the body won’t.
It’s true that Asahina was broken. And it’s also true that she now shows signs of recovery. Both of them are extremes in psychology. If there’s something to rememberー.

It’s me beating up the seniors.

I think that’s the most appropriate thing that can make a change in Asahina. If so, there’s two reasons for Asahina’s recovery that I can think off.
First is that Asahina’s misunderstanding it. I only beat down the senpai because I’m not interested in giving Asahina to other men. But Asahina might’ve thought that I helped her.
The second possibility is that Asahina will start using me. Asahina’s cheeky and arrogant. in short, she desires for someone strong. A human with that dominates and holds power. Asahina learned my strength and she might try and use me to obtain power.
The latter is likely. Asahina broke down as the man who raped her was a small fry she looks down on but the man who raped her is much stronger than she expected. Being violates is already a loss but if he has great power than there’s a possibility of taking a compensation though that power.
She doesn’t care if it’s the one who raped her.
Asahina might’ve drawn to that conclusion.
If so, I have to take care. To obtain compensation, there’s the possibility of Asahina threatening me.
Then, it’s dangerous to let Asahina know about my ability. She might start to use me further if she learns about my special ability.,
However, I still don’t understand why I have to treat her ice cream. If she’s going to use me then is she trying to entice me? Or she’s confident in threatening me. I wonder which is it.
Getting treated with ice cream is too half-baked.

It’s was our turn to order before I was aware while I was worrying.

「One triple. Strawberry, vanilla and chocolate」

I instinctively raised my voice as Asahina ordered.
Triple means three right? Can you eat three ice cream? Won’t your stomach be upset?

「Also, one choco-banana crepe」

Crepe? I thought it’s just ice cream? I didn’t sign up for this!


Asahina glares at me angrily then she averted her face.

「Thanks for waiting! Strawberry, vanilla, chocolate triple and choco-banana crepe is ready」

The clerk who presented Asahina’s order smiled.
There’s three ice cream piled up in the cone and there’s a crepe that’s bulkier than expected.
You’re eating all of that? That’s impossible.

「He’s going to pay」

Taking the orders, Asahina gave the clerk a sharp remark then she looked at me then turned away, she then left the scene quickly.
What an arrogant attitude. Furthermore, she’s not even saying thanks. She really has the worst personality.

「That’s 950 yen」

The clerk take out the bill while smiling.
950 yen? For that ice cream and crepe, that ice cream should be about 100.

「950 yen…?」

When I muttered while feeling that I’m losing my blood, the clerked nodded with a smile.
My pocker money…

「Your girlfriend is very cute isn’t she?」

Taking out my purse from my wallet, the clerk whispered to the me who’s dumbfounded inside.
No, she’s not my girlfriend.
Dammit, my pocket money is just 5000 a month. Yet, 1/5 of it disappeared just with an ice cream and crepe…

「T-then…1000 yen」

I took out a thousand yen reluctantly then presented it to the clerk reluctantly.

「Thank you for your patronage!」

The clerk brutally took my important 1000 yen while smiling devilishly.
Oh, my 1000 yen. How many chicken in convenience store could be bought with that? Though it’s a small pleasure to the convenience store to buy chicken when coming home from school…

I hang my head and walked totteringly. Though a 1000 yen bill doesn’t have weight, I strangely feel that my purse in my pocket feels lighter.
It must be heavy since I accepted a 50 yen as change…


Looking at the voice calling, I saw Asahina sitting on the bench.
She’s holding the three step ice cream on her right hand then a crepe on her left.
Even though you have a delicate small breast, why do you eat that much?
I walked totteringly towards Asahina while the anger and sadness goes together inside me.

「That’s tall…」

I stood in front of Asahina that sits on the bench then muttered coldly while looking down.

「It’s delicious. It’s obvious that it has to be high」

Asahina snorted when she said that then she stick out her red tongue and began to lick the ice cream.

「It’s really delicious♡」

She smiles while her cheeks blush then she licked the ice cream.

「Don’t leave a drop. Eat everything. I won’t forgive you if you leave a thing」

I sit down next to Asahina and told her while desperately holding my anger.

「…It’s impossible to eat all of it」

‘Of course I’ll eat everything!’ When I thought she’d say that, Asahina muttered with a cramped face


‘It’s impossible’? You, you ordered even if you can’t eat all of it? I lost my cherished 1000 yen here.

「W-want to eat?」

Asahina presents me the ice cream while having a cramped smile. I felt that there’s a blood vessel surfacing on my temple.

「I-It’s an indirect kiss you know? You can have an indirect kiss with this Asahina Yuu! Aren’t you glad?」

A bit awkward but Asahina stares at me while having an air of superiority, she then fell silent and licked the ice cream.

「Y-you’re having a date with this Asahina Yuu so be a bit glad」

Asahina muttered in a whisper.
It’s strange. It’s strange in every way. I don’t feel malice from Asahina’s attitude.
I’m the man who raped you. Furthermore, I’m strong. Yet, why does Asahina provokes me?

「I-It’s the truth when I said that I’ll do anything you say…」

Looking down while licking her ice cream, Asahina’s cheeks blushed then she whispered tremblingly.

「However, however…listen to just one request of mine」

Request? You bitch, I didn’t hear about a request. Then what about what you’re eating? It’s the ice cream I bought you know. It’s a valuable 1000 yen lost to buy you ice cream. Yet you still intend to extort me?

「You, are you underestimating me?」

Why don’t you lick my penis instead of that ice cream? But I won’t end it with just licking.

「T-that’s not it!」

Asahina looks at me while raising her voice.

「T-This is, you see…」

She withdraw her gaze abruptly then Asahina raised a weak voice.

「I’ve never hanged out with a man before. I know that my ideal is too high. I’ve been confessed by a man that’s close to my ideal. Yet, I didn’t accept it…」

I was fed up with this Asahina that suddenly talked about something.
Ah, yes yes. You’re popular. I’m not popular after all. I’m disliked rather than popular.

「You know the feeling of not being able to hang out right?」

Asahina gazed at me as her voice trembles, her ears are red.
The reason for not hanging out with men. Well, it’s because she has a perverted nature of playing with her ass. Going out with a man, she won’t be able to tell the man she likes about it in short, therefore she abandoned the idea of going out.

「It’s because you’re a pervert」

I was irritated so I threw a straight ball at Asahina.

「Un, right. It’s because I’m a pervert…」

I thought she’d be angry but Asahina nodded obediently. The momentum is lost because of that.

「I’ve never dated anyone. That’s why, I want to try dating even if it’s just a play. Before I become defiled…」

Asahina muttered then glanced at me.

「I’ll really do as you say. I don’t mind being treated as a slave. But before that, I wanted to be on a date as a woman as a distinction」

Asahina’s eyes that looks at me straight has no feeling of falsehood at all. I can feel her extraordinary resolution from the heart that’s beating violently.
Is she serious? Does she really intend to become my slave? Not just being used by me but she’s going to be used by her own will?
In exchange, she wants me to listen to her request?
I can’t read minds so I really don’t know what’s Asahina’s real intention. That’s why it’s dangerous to make a convlusion. But it’s not a bad deal to make her a slave by her will.

「What’s your request? I’ll listen just to hear it.9 Say it」

I can threaten Asahina with the image. But if that image was made public, I’m more at risk than Asahina. But that’s why, I want to be certain to prevent the publication of the image more than Asahina.
Without exposing my intent, I can do nothing but observe Asahina.

「You’re not good natured」
「You’re the villain who raped me calmly」
「Furthermore I begged you not to cum inside but you did, right?」

Asahina glared at me and I unintentionally looked away.
That’s well, That…I overdid it a bit.

「Your poison is very strong」
「It’s a poison that’s very lethal. But the poison isn’t spread excessively. It’s a very quiet poison. That’s why it’s strong」

The orange of twilight, the melting ice cream goes through her hand, Asahina spoke indifferently without worrying about it.

「Even though it’s a poison without any wonder, there’s a fool that scattered that poison. I want you to annihilate that poor poison with your deadly poisoin」

Asahina looked at the orange of the evening then she looked straight at me while saying that.

「Yuka isn’t a child that does that kind of things. I know that my character is the worst. But Yuka isn’t. That girl is really a good child. I’m sure that there’s a reason why she has done that. I definitely wont forgive those who forcibly did that to Yuka」

Yuka? Oh, the onahole of those guys.
Well, certainly, that Yuka refused those guys inside her body. I thought that she sold her body because she wants power but there’s also a possibility of her being trapped.

「It’s a poor poison but those guys are deeply rooted. It’s something that can’t be cleaned by a Seigi no Mikata10 Howeverー」
「It’s possible to annihilate poor poison with deadly poison」
「That’s right. If you grant my request, I’m fine being your slave」

Asahina nodded.
It’s not controlling the poison with poison, it’s destroying the poor poison with deadly poison.
I didn’t save Asahina, but it’s true that I beat down those Senpai. If there’s someone much stronger backing those guys, I’m sure that they’d come to retaliate. That’s why I will crush them even if Asahina didn’t ask me. But since it’s rare, I’d demand gratitude from her. But I won’t take it up immediately. I have to raise her hopes a bit.
Asahina might become arrogant if she thought that I’m an easy man who’d do once asked.

「I’ll think about it」

I stood up while saying that, then I start to walk leaving Asahina behind

「I just felt like it!」

My foot stopped from Asahina’s cry from the back.

「Yuka, I bullied that child. She’s a human that lives in a world different from me. I’m a person on the cloud and Yuka is an ant that crawls on the ground. It’s trivial even if you crush an ant. That’s why I left her unattended. But I helped her because I felt like it. It was really just because I felt like it. Yet, that child…」

Her voice began to become small and shake, then she leaked out a small sob.

「I, to this worst me, she expressed her gratitude over and over again, she said ‘I’ll be sure to return the favor to Asahina-san one day’ I thought she’s just a fool but…」

I stopped listening and began to walk briskly.
That Yuka is the onahole of those senpai, she must’ve been raped badly by a considerable number of men.
I have no interest in a used pussy.

「I’ll do anything! I will really do anything so! I don’t mind what happens to me! That’s why please! I beg of you! Save Yuka! Suzuhara-kun!」

I ignored it and left the place where Asahina’s voice resounds.
I have no interest in second hand goods. I have no interest but it’s not fun.
That Yuka was quite cute. Furthermore, her tits are big.
I have no interest in second hand goods but it’s too wasteful to make a threadworm toy, it makes me very angry somewhat11
I always think that I want to use my ability only for lewds. I don’t want to poke into troublesome things as much as possible, I only want to have sweet thoughts. Butー.

「I feel that I want to rampage a bit…」

Inside me, strange feelings I’ve never felt before is springing up.
It’s only once in a while that I fully release my ability so rampaging isn’t bad either, I guess.


  1. No, he said that she already served her purpose
  2. Spoiler: She’s saying that she wants to eat Ice Cream
  3. Here people, you can see how racist Japanese people are
  4. See? Did you read the spoiler first, The raw is read like this “Aisu tabe tai tte itte ru no”
  5. Holy shit that’s too cute
  6. Bread!
  7. Bread!
  8. Regrets incoming
  9. He means that he won’t be accepting it yet
  10. You need to watch Fate/Stay night. Anyway, it means a hero/champion of justice/crime avenger
  11.  中古に興味は無いが、ギョウ虫どもの玩具にさせておくにはもったいないし、なんだかとっても頭にくるな。