X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 50

Chapter 50

A naked woman. I like that situation.

It’s possible for me to indulge ogling at naked bodies of women when they enter the range of my ability.
Because they don’t know their body is exposed, the woman is calm even naked.
I’m aroused in that kind of situation but, that’s not it.
A situation where a woman’s naked. That’s in shortー.

「M-Mota-kun should get undressed too…」

Taking everything off, Yuka’s doing a girl seat on the floor, her right hand is covering her breasts and her left is on her groin, she’s averting her gaze from me while colored burning red then she mutter trembling with teary eyes.
On the other side I’m sitting while still wearing my clothes and grinning as I stare at Yuka who’s bright red and fidgets.
I’m grinning on purpose but I’m still grinning even if it’s not on purpose.
I’m being aroused by the fresh appearance of the embarrassed Yuka.

ーーStrip, I’ll embrace you.

I ordered Yuka.
Yuka’s too aroused so she instantly took off her clothes according to my instruction. Then she demands me.

I’ll never forget being beaten by Yuka.

Though it’s a secret to Yuka, I had a dream where Yuka made me ejaculate and I jumped out of the bed.
Even though it’s just a dream, I was frustrated.

Yuka’s a woman whom I want to taste defeat.
I thought that I’ll take revenge when the time comes.
But Yuka never shows any chance.
Yuka decided to steal me away from Marina on that case but her sexual techniques is too strong that I’m having trouble on how to make Yuka ahegao.
If I order her then Yuka would ahegao. But that’s meaningless.
I want her to cum sloppily driven in shame. Showing such self drives the shame even further but the climax can’t be endured thus it’ll be an infinite loop of shame.
That’s what I desire.

「M-Mota-kun. Mota-kun should get naked too?」

Yuka asks me while fidgeting as she cover her breasts and groin.
Yuka before calmly exposes her naked body to me. No, if I order her to be shy then she’ll act like it.
Her acting ability is on the degree you won’t think it’s an act, it’s only to amuse me.
But, however, acting is still acting no matter how realistic it is.
The charm of a really embarrassed woman is a magnitude different.
Yuka averts her gaze from me, tears accumulate in her eye makes it even more watery, she’s biting her lip while trembling as she look on the other side.

「M-Mota-kun, why are you staying silent? Why are you just looking silently? D-Don’t look at me so much…」

Is she embarrassed so much she wants to die? Yuka cries and begs for to be spared. Frail and fleeting, that innocent appearance is unbearable.
Yuka forgets herself with her desiring lust on me, the mask she’s been using to conceal her heart has been taken off.
What’s remaining is the true Yuka.
No matter how gruesome the bullying she had received, no matter how mean were the acts to defile her, she’s a weak girl that laughs it off without saying anything.
But Yuka was given the power to endure because she can’t ask help from anyone.
That power to endure starts to fade away now.

「M-Mota-kun, I stripped so can you embrace me? Embrace me like you did a while ago, hey?」

Looking at me with her teary eyes, Yuka requests me whisperingly while fidgeting. Looking at that Yuka, I feel abnormal delight and thrill.
She’s covering her breasts with her right arm. Then her left hand is covering her groin. But it’s meaningless to hide it with my ability.
Though I can’t penetrate the human body with my space grasp ability, I can smoothly understand what’s on the surface of the body. The nipple and pussy are exposed even if she covers it with an iron plate.
Her nipples are so hard as if it’s going to explode.
Her clitoris is swelling red and pushing out of the skin.
Then, her obscene meat hole has indecent mucous coming out as it twitches.
The pussy right under Yuka who’s sitting womanly. A puddle of love nectar that overflowed from her pussy is created.
Her body ripens so much from seeking me.
That’s not an act. Yuka desires me from the bottom of her heart and is feeling shy from the bottom of her heart.
She’s feeling shame from how weak she is. She’s feeling shame from seeing her defiled self. But she’s pleasured from seeing herself.
Yuka who throw off all of the armors she had in her heart is an embodiment of masochism.
It’s rooted at Yuka that she strongly thinks that she’s defiled.
That’s why Yuka doesn’t sincerely seek me when she declared top Marina that she’ll steal me away.
But, she’s demanding me.
Yuka’s seeking me from the bottom of her heart while looking down on herself.
She looks down on her defiled self but she’s feeling pleasure and arousal from seeing herself like that.
Ogling play is best suited for Yuka.

「M-Mota-kun, I-I’m already…」

Yuka mutters then she raised the wrists hiding her breasts and groin then it started moving.

「Don’t move」

I ordered only one thing to Yuka while I sit down on the floor and ogle at her.,
Yuka trembled and she looks at me with her eyes overflowing with tears, she trembles as she bite her lip.
Yuka looks like she’s about to cry but my eyes can’t be deceived.
Yuka leaked a sigh for a brief instant. And her expression loosened faintly.
Yuka’s feeling uneasy because I’m being silent but she felt relieved when she received an order from me.
Order. That’s what makes Yuka relieved.

「I-I’ll listen to whatever Mota-kun orders!」

Yuka who’s sitting on the floor mutters in a trembling voice that would vanish away, then she looks at me fluttering. Thenー.

Her forefinger on her left hand moved faintly.

Yuka’s left hand is covering her groin. Then that forefinger moved faintly.
Normally, that kind of small movement won’t be noticed. But it’s possible to notice with my ability.
Yuka gropes her swelling red clitoris that’s dashing out of the skin with the tip of her forefinger while concealing her pussy with her left hand. No, is it better to say scratching instead of groping?
The small pain will feel a little pleasant.
That said, I’m not just merely ogling at her. I realized that now’s the time to take Yuka down so I’m using the two abilities to look for Yuka’s weakness.
Even though the space grasp cannot penetrate the human body, it can smoothly understand the outside of the body. That’s why I can capture her without missing a slight movement.
I’ve searched for Yuka’s weakness until now but Yuka has her whole body sensitive so I can’t find those with the characteristic of a weak point. In addition, X-ray ability that can see through the human body smoothly has become extremely small so I’m in a deadlock state.

But it’s different now.

I can capture the faint twitching in the surface of the body that can’t be seen by a normal eye.
Because of the extreme arousal, Yuka’s body is convulsing faintly in some places.
I find where the part causing such convulsions and I switch my ability to confirm the inside.,
Though the useful range of X-ray is small, if I can make an educated guess then I can use it effectively.
The outside of the body convulses faintly then the inside part convulses faintly too then that place has a higher sensitivity than the other parts. Though it’s thought that the weak point is there, as a result of confirming Yuka’s whole body with best of care, I discovered the difference of the state of the internal and external of the body.
The outside is convulsing faintly but the inside is convulsing violently like a storm.
There’s no doubt. That’s the weak point.
I finally found Yuka’s weak point.
I was able to find one weak point. That’sー.

Her pussy.

I examined Yuka’s pussy a lot of times until now but it didn’t show any reaction different from the others. But it’s clearly showing an abnormal reaction now. Furthermore, her weak points are different from Marina’s.
Marina’s pussy has three weak points but they’re all small points like an eye of a needle. On the other side, Yuka’s pussy has her entrance to the uterus and all around her womb convulsing abnormally and violently.
It didn’t show any abnormality before but why is it being abnormal now?
Perhaps it’s a mental thing but the it’s an abnormal change.
Even though she’s being aroused, why did she show this much change?
There’s only one thing I know. That’sー.

Yuka’s pussy has become dangerous.

And another one. Should I say change or a sense of unease?
It must be my imagination but I feel that the position of her womb is different. I somewhat feel that the position is lowered somehow.
Well, that’s fine I guess?
Anyway, I was able to discover the weak point. I can already make Yuka sloppily ahegao anytime anywhere.
Thus, should I enjoy it?
Yuka will show it for the first time, the shame, the honor, the dignity, she’ll throw everything that makes her a human and will show a sloppy and womanly ahegao. I’ll stickily and thoroughly enjoy the process to make her cum.


Laughing, I called Yuka while giving a flirtatious glance.
My smile and flirtatious glance has no value but it’s effective on Yuka. Maybe.


Yuka who’s fidgeting as she play with her clitoris had trembled big when I called out her name then she answered while her face burns in crimson red.


Was it because she’s in a hurry? Yuka had her nail scratch her clitoris because of her big tremble, she leaked out a sweet scream, trembled and leaked out piss.
This much reaction from just the clitoris. Furthermore, she’s the one playing with it.
She even climaxed whited out and pissed with just a kiss a while ago, what would happen if I caress her then?
Furthermore, if I pierce her weak point with my penisー.
I want to see Yuka’s ahegao but I must endure. What’s important is the process. The process till the end of the line is supreme.,
That’s the start to see the end.
The promised victory.
It’s an absolutely advantageous situation so I’ll enjoy Yuka gradually collapsing.

「I’ve got a request for Yuka, are you okay with it?」

I mutter while looking at Yuka with anxious flirtatious glance with a smile.

「U-Un! Unun! I’ll do anything!?」

She raised her waist and Yuka voiced out while nodding a lot of times. Then she looks at me with moist eyes and a pink colored heart seems to surface in it.
Yuka’s still hiding her breasts and pussy with her head even in this state. No, I think she’s hiding it much more than earlier.
Her embarrassment swells out even more if she’s thinking of me. If I can put it into words then this would be appropriate.

A maiden in love.

That’s right, Yuka’s no longer an onahole. She’s not a no-will meat onahole that exists to be used anymore.
Yuka’s desire is telling me that.

「I want to see the deepest of the deepest, if possible the womb if Yuka-chan, can’t I?」

I ask Yuka while having a smile then Yuka had a smile on her whole face.
Yuka tried to stand up, her boiling red body has colored even redder, she applied power in her hands that’s hiding her breasts and pussy then she trembled.
Even though Yuka’s having a smile on her whole face, Yuka had a twitching face.
Yuka had no trouble showing the inside of her pussy until now. But Yuka right now is surely unbearably embarrassed.
And Yuka can’t even understand it herself.
Because I told her to show the inside of her pussy, she needs to open her pussy and show it. But she can’t.
She’s having a cramped smile, tears accumulate in her eyes, she’s holding her breasts and groin strongly, Yuka’s just flustered.
It’s like a different person from the Yuka before.
Feeling in confusion just on having to show the inside of her pussy, it’s not Yuka-like.
It’s as if she’s an innocent young girl who’s never showed her body to a man.

「This is a request not an order. So I won’t force youー」
「I-I’ll show it!」

Yuka raised her voice to interrupt my mutter, then her boiling crimson voice tightens.

「I-If you’re fine with my pussy then I’ll show it no matter how many times!」

Then she shouted as she tries to stand up. Butー.

「Fuu, u, kuh」

She raised her waist but Yuka fell down on the surface and she groaned.
Unease, arousal, embarrassment and tension. Those feelings entangle with each other too much that she can’t put power on her waist because she’s fluctuating too much. Furthermore, because she’s hiding her breasts and pussy with her hands, she can’t use it.
The story would end if she just stopped hiding her breasts and pussy but she can’t do it.

「U, Uuuu…」

Whenever her waist floats, an obscene wet sound is heard when she falls.
The obscene love nectar that overflowed from her pussy is making a puddle below her. The puddle is so viscous that every time her her ass separates then every time her ass falls and sticks to the floor, it’s making a sticky lewd wet sound.
It seems that Yuka’s helplessly embarrassed. She’s upset that she’s about to cry.,
Also, when she tries to stand, the indecent puddle on the floor would be seen by me. That’s seems to be embarrassing.
I can see everything though.

「You really don’t need to force yourseー」
「W-wait! I-I’ll show it right now!」

Yuka panics from my words and she desperately spoke up. Then she separate the left hand that’s hiding her groin, she’s shutting her legs tight so the pussy can’t be seen then she extends her left hand sideways.
The uniform set of Yuka is beautifully folded on the tip of her stretched left hand. Then Yuka gripped the shirt on the set and spread it under her ass.
That’s too much of an obvious action for trying to hide something. But, she still wants to hide her love nectar.
This, this innocent girl is that Yuka.
The demon king, the incarnation of sex that I fear as I’m unable to capture.
Then she’s like this.
Ku, kuku, kukuku…

Haahahaha! I can’t stop laughing!

I desperately endured those thoughts and I watch Yuka with a flirtatious glance while having a thin smile.
Yuka concealed the puddle with her shirt somehow, then she looked at me while having a red laughing face.
She’s thinking she can fool me by laughing?
If she does then Yuka’s ability to judge calmly is lost.
Yuka who’s hiding her groin with her left hand, slowly stood up while still hiding her breasts with her right hand.
But she can’t stand because her knees are trembling.
I did nothing and just watched Yuka’s action because it’s dangerous to fan her further.,
Yuka tries to stand up somehow while her body and knees are shaking, she then timidly approached me. Then she stands in front of me while hiding her breasts and groin with her hand, then she’s looking down with her ears red.
The trembling of her knees doesn’t stop. And though you normally can’t see it because she shuts her thighs, I can see the love nectar that’s overflowing from her.
The dripping love nectar goes along her thighs and reaches her ankle.


She’s standing naked in front of me, hiding her breasts and groin with her hands, Yuka’s looking down bright red and she raises a shaking voice.

「T-That…H-How should I…show it?」

Yuka asks while looking down.
She’s asking on how to show it? In short, she’s asking how to show the inside of her pussy.
A silly question. It’s obvious that you’ll open your pussy with both of your hands. Even Yuka, no, if it’s Yuka, there’s no need to ask this kind of foolish question. And yet she asked.
She must be embarrassed. She’s embarrassed so she wants to be ordered.

Very well. I’ll be giving you an order then.

「Can you stand bowlegged and open your pussy to the limit with both of your hands? I’ll look from under Yuka-chan’s groin so I can see the deepest part of the open pussy」

I smiled while giving her an order.
Yuka nodded while still looking down. But she can’t answer with her voice and she only takes action.
Though it’s embarrassing, her pussy will be peeked from below. Just how embarrassing is it?
Yuka nodded a lot of times, was my order heard and understood? But she’s not moving aside from nodding.
Furthermore, sweat is rapidly spouted from her whole flushed body and her breathing is disturbed.
Yuka can’t move. Yuka can’t move, she’s just trembling.

「U, Uuu, uuuuuu…」

Has she exceeded her limit? Yuka bites her lip, trembles as her face turns burning red, tears overflow and she cried.

「You don’t want it that much?」

When I asked Yuka, she refused with a hum and shaking her head as she’s biting her lip.
I know. I know that she doesn’t dislike it.
Yuka wants to show me the deepest part of her pussy right now. But she can’t.
Why she can’t do it? I know. I know, that’s whyー.

「Then, why can’t you show it?」

I asked.
Say it. Yuka, say it. Say what I want to hear.
Now, say it. Say it.
She’s been defiled from her mouth to her whole body so I’ve been waiting for those words to leak.
Say it. Say it Yuka. Now, now, now, now, say it.


Yuka who’s trembling while in tears, spoke in a vanishing voice.
I opened my eyes wide, I felt my face distort in delight, I’m feeling so much excitement that I might ejaculate at any moment, I swallowed my saliva.
Say it. Say it Yuka. The words that aren’t matched on you who are defiled.

「It’s embarrassing」

The trembling whisper that’s vanishing invades my ear and pierced my brain.
The word of embarrassment from the bottom of her heart.
Those are the words of a maiden that has fallen to onahole.
She’s a defiled girl but, she’s saying “Embarrassing” with bright red face as if she’s an innocent maiden.
I realized that moment that I had finally defeated the maou.
No matter how terrific her sexual techniques is, Yuk’s already reduced to an ordinary innocent maiden.
This is my turn now.