X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 52

Chapter 52

I felt quite terribly good and when I opened my eyes, my dim is darkened and a salmon pink and a red bean is reflected.
My penis feels terrific pleasure along with the sound of sucking.
Not knowing what’s going on, my body only feels pleasure while I look up the bright red bean and salmon pink color.
*Jupon*, my glans was exposed to air.
Then the glans was licked by something slimy.
Aah, it feels good.
Something soft is sticking and sucking the glans, it’s being hold in tightly by something slimy and soft.1
The glans is being swallowed deeper, it’s pulled out without being sucked then swallowed again.
Ooh, so good.


Finally returning to my consciousness, I used my ability immediately. Everything within the range has flowed into my brain as a result.
I’m lying down on the floor with a pussy exposed right above my face, Yuka’s holding my penis in her mouth and swings her head.
This is the so called 69 position.
That’s okay. That’s okay butー.

It’s already a morning when I saw the closed window on the other side.

I slept?

I slept.

Shit, I should be setting up strategies and yet, it’s already morning and I haven’t spoken to Asahina nor Marina yet.
I don’t have the room anymore. Anyway, I have to talk to Marina and Asahinaー
No, Asahina would’ve returned yesterday and I don’t know what happened to Yukina and Lolihina.
Thinking normally, Asahina, Lolihina and Yukina would’ve returned.
Dammit, that’s dangerous. If I fall behind and Kamuro Hizuki moved before I can explain the strategyー

「Zuchu, jurorororo, gubububu, guppoguppo, guppo guppo, gububu, jurororororo, guppo guppo guppo juzo juzozozozo」

The lewd wet sound echoes inside the room and my glans feels the full pleasure, I can do nothing but sigh.
Her pussy’s a masterpiece but Yuka’s fellatio is also the best.
If Yuka’s pussy is sticking so hard with my penis, her fellatio’s suction is extremely different. Furthermore, the pleasure doubles when she applies strength in sucking and it’s also unbearable when my penis is stroked.

Let’s cum once for the time being. Let’s talk after that.

I ejaculated inside Yuka’s mouth then she started the cleaning fellatio while I soak myself in the lingering pleasure. No, I didn’t make her. Yuka did the cleaning fellatio by herself.
The demon king that defeated me giving the best service in that state of mind is the best.

「Chupa, rerorero, chuchu, chupachupa, muchu♥」

Yuka who’s naked just like yesterday stand on all fours on the floor then she buried her face between my groin, she cleaned my penis with her mouth and tongue.


Though cleaning fellatio’s objective is to clean up after the ejaculation, this is surprisingly pleasant.
The glans and pole is being constricted then Yuka licks the sack deliberately. The terrific pleasure is produced by the refined tongue.
Furthermore, Yuka’s breasts is shaking every time she moves her face. That arouses me.
In other words, my penis got hard erect again.

「Aren’t you doing it well?」

Grinning, I mutter while looking down at Yuka, then I swing my penis.
Yuka who’s been cleaning my penis looks up at me then laughed.

「Mota-kun’s penis looks so delicious so I…♥」

Her cheeks blush as she looks up at me, Yuka speaks in a sweet voice.
Yuka fainted from climaxing too much last night but it seems that she had revived perfectly in one night. Furthermore, her spirit seems to be considerably stable.
She break through her hesitation and even if she hesitated after some time, Yuka would be all right.
I stretch my hands towards Yuka’s sides then pinched her erect nipples standing on the tip of her shaking breasts.
Yuka trembles when I pinched her nipples. The color of pleasure is clearly showing in her expression and yet, she’s not leaking a voice at all, she’s just a bit embarrassed and smiled.

That figure of Yuka is abnormally arousing.

Yuka before won’t be losing herself by just having her nipples pulled. But Yuka is different now.
Her will might be great but Yuka came right now. She’s constant before but her thoughts of serving me is too strong that she always thinks of herself secondly.
But yesterday, Yuka’s mind armor has been stripped. And she wants to have pleasure from my embrace instead of a service.
Yuka turned back on being determined to be an onahole but, she’s different in various meanings from before.
Nevertheless, as expected of her. She’s firmly enduring her nipples being pinched. Marina would’ve ahegao when her nipples is pinched though.

「You’re an onahole aren’t you? Then suck my penis quickly」

I ordered Yuka while stirring her nipples.
Yuka smiled without saying anything as she receive my instruction, she buried her face between my thighs as I sit down.
Then my glans is swallowed in by the meat hole.
Fuu, this is unbearable. Yuka’s fellatio is enough as a value. Furthermoreー.

「Nfu ♥ Kupokupo ♥ Juju Juzo juzo ♥ Nfuu ♥ gubububu ♥ Jupojupojupojupo ♥ 」

She’s sucking while swinging her head, swallowing the root in a dash, Yuka’s sucking the penis with changing speed.
I don’t think that her technique is different from before but her appearance is clearly unusual.
Her vermilion body is sweating profusely, and a lewd wet sound echoes as she suck my penis. A sweet pant is sometimes heard along with that sound. Then her body convulses faintly, love nectar drips from her pussy.
Yuka’s cumming while doing fellatio because I’m stirring both nipples.


When I pinched her nipples hard with my finger, Yuka trembled, leaked out a sweet groan and stopped moving for a moment. But she resumed her fellatio immediately.
She’s just an onahole even if you grope and made her cum. It’s the mere shadow of the former maou who became a maiden in love.
Yuka can no longer win against me.
Furthermore, Yuka never thought of winning against me in the first place so it’s just my selfish thought that I lost.

Anyway, it’s my own problem.

Yuka’s engrossed in sucking my penis to become a splendid onahole and my ultimate convenient woman. However, her movements becomes awkward every time I play with her nipples.
The feelings come out seeing that kind of Yuka.

An overwhelming superiority complex.

「Yuka-chan. I feel bad that it’s only me feeling it so can we go 69? I’m going to stir you hard」

I ask grinningly while stirring Yuka’s nipples.
Yuka stopped her fellatio and looked up tremblingly while having my penis inside her mouth. Then she looks up at me with wet eyes.
She knows. Yuka understands it.

If I stir her clitoris, she won’t be able to do a proper fellatio.

Yuka took off the penis while having moistened eyes, then she had a flirty smile floating.

「Y-Y-You see? Can, can I let Mota-kun cum at least once first?」

She then pleaded with a fawning voice.
If I attacked her clitoris when we shift to 69, Yuka won’t be able to do a proper fellatio. When it happens, she won’t be able to make me ejaculate.
For Yuka who decided to become a splendid onahole, it’s unforgivable for her to cum without making me ejaculate.
That’s why she wants me to ejaculate in the current state.
Very well. Butー.

「Then, use your hands」

Yuka tilts her head.
She must’ve thought that fellatio feels much better than handjob. And yet she doesn’t know why I’m asking for a handjob so she’s a bit confused.
Of course, fellatio is better than handjob. But my aim isn’t pleasure.

「Just hand is okay?」

Yuka raised her body though she’s confused and asked me.
Yuka’s expression looks insecure. She thought that I told her to do hanjob because I don’t like the fellatio.

「I just thought that a hanjob is good once in a while」

Yuka seems to have felt a bit relieved from my words.
It’s not that the fellatio was useless, it’s just a change of plans. She thinks that’s what I thought.
The idea is, well, not a bad guess.
Yuka who’s sitting like a lady stretched her right hand between my crotch.

「That’s not it」

Yuka trembled from my voice, her right hand stretching between my groin stiffened, then she looked up at me looking anxious.

「Sit like you’re shitting and open your legs, then stroke my penis.」

When I ordered Yuka that, she trembled and her complexion changed.
Fufu, as expected of Yuka. She already guessed it.

「C-Can I not go with normal fellatio?」

Yuka asked while having a cramped smile.


When I turn down Yuka’s request, she felt down but she sat down while her ears are red hot.
7Yuka who’s sitting on the floor looks down bashfully and then opened her legs slowly.
Yuka’s pussy became exposed, the large amount of love nectar is overflowing along with yesterday’s catastrophe.

「Then, I’ll have you make me cum once with a handjob」

I said that while grinning and Yuka who’s spreading her legs to the limit stretched her hand between my crotch. Then her congested clitoris that’s coming out of her skin, it’s flicked by the finger


Yuka trembled and pissed herself, she’s breathing roughly from her bright red face, she looked up at me with a troubled face.

「M-Mota-kun’s a bully ♥」

Then muttered.

「You don’t want to be teased?」

When I asked Yuka, I flicked the clitoris with my finger, then I pinched and kneaded it.

「Nn ♥ Fuu ♥ nku ♥」

Yuka’s leaking out a sweet voice as she convulse while having her clitoris fiddled from her wide open legs, she pisses herself as she shake her head.

「I-I want to be teased by Mota-kun a lot <3 B-But, for me to enjoy by myself…<3」

Yuka whispers in a sweet voice while breathing roughly and convulsing, she bites her lower lip with her whole strength then grips my penis with her right hand. Then, she began stroking it.
Wow, as expected of Yuka. Her techniques are amazing. But I’m better when it comes to hand stroking. 2
After all I stroked my own penis with my right hand before Maina and Yuka came along.
Yuka’s technique in handjob is high. It’s soft, polite, gentle and delicate. The smooth movement of the hand is harmonized.
But, it’s easy to cum if it’s rough.
Yuka knows it since she’s experienced but she’s not making me cum by force. She’s making me feel the best pleasure and cum with it. Thus she’s taking her time to please me delicately.
In short, it would become extremely disadvantageous when Yuka does handjob.

「Let’s see, let me stroke Yuka-chan’s erect clitoris then」

I grin as I say that then I pinch Yuka’s clitoris and began to stroke it.

「Kuhi <3」

Yuka leaks out a sweet voice and convulsed. It seems that she came lightly. The movement of her right hand has become awkward because of that.
But Yuka put power on her whole body, she bit her lower lip then she resumed her handjob while having huge sweat spouting on her body.
Fufufu I can still endure it. But what about Yuka-chan?
Oops, my left hand’s free. Then should I play with her nipple with my left hand?

「W-Wait <3」

When I stretch my left hand towards Yuka’s breasts while stroking her clitoris with the other, Yuka tried to stop me.


I tilted my head.


Yuka tries to deny my will in panic but it was a conditioned reflex. She thrust out her breasts obediently.
Though she’s shaking, Yuka has no room to deny my will.
This is unbearable.
Grinning, I gripped Yuka’s right breast’s nipple hardly with my left hand’s finger then I play with her clitoris at the same time.

「Ah <3 Kuu <3 Kuhi <3」

Yuka pisses herself while trembling.
She’s already gasping with just her clitoris being played, what more if her nipples are added? She’d be unable to bear it of course.
Her clitoris and nipples are abnormally erect and it’s worth playing. Also, the amount of love nectar dripping from her pussy is not a joke. There’s a puddle made on the floor.
Then, her handjob becomes awkward every time she twitches.
So fun. This is unbearable.
I leaned forward and stared at Yuka;s face while smirking.
Yuka quickly averted her gaze, leaked out a hot sigh then bites her lower lip while convulsing.

「D-Don’t stare that much…♡」

Then she pleaded in a shaking voice.
The penis that’s standing still got even more serious.
It’s wrapped in an extra bold blood vessel that’s swelling hard, it’s pulsing while leaking out a great number of precum.
The figure of a shy woman is the best, but Yuka’s bashfulness is exceptional.
Her body’s toyed with a lot of men, her whole body’s exploited, Yuka’s body and soul is tainted. That shy appearance of Yuka is nothing different from a shy girl.
It’s no different.

「Fu, fufu, fufufu. Are you embarrassed? Hey, Yuka-chan. Are you embarrassed that you’re trembling?」

I stare at Yuka’s face while playing with her nipples and clitoris.

「I-I’m sorry…♡」

Yuka twitches,leaks out love nectar as she piss herself, apologizes while looking away from me.
She tries to endure it desperately but the movement of her hand that’s stroking my penis has clearaly become awkward.
Currently, she’s going to cum by herself without making me cum with a hand job. For Yuka who decided to become the best Onahole, that’s something unforgivable.
Yuka’s writhing as she’s swallowed by the pleasure. Staring at Yuka’s face, I made my tongue wriggle.
Yuka’s eyes who saw me for a moment turned enchanted instantly.
I’m moving my tongue, wriggling. Yuka desperately wants to french kiss me.
Hora hora, I’m letting it out so suck it in.
I wriggled my tongue to provoke Yuka. Yuka who saw that swallowed her saliva.
Her silent defense continued, thenー.


Did she exceed her limit? Yuka bent forward and sucked in my tongue. Then her eyes melt away while she twine with my tongue.

Fufu, I won again.

The next moment of victory is already confirmedー.


The viscous white liquid was let out and an intense pleasure runs like electric current.

Eh? Huh? I came? Eh? Why?

「Nchu ♡ Amu ♡ Muchumuchu ♡ Jururu ♡」

My tongue’s being sucked and twined in ecstasy, Yuka’s eyes are getting white while swallowing down my saliva. Yuka’s right hand moved just faintly.
Fuck. I was too aroused to see Yuka’s bashful appearance that my penis went beyond the limit. And her weak stimulation down there ended me.
Fuu, it’s another draw again?

Afterwards, Yuka did a clean up fellatio, I made Yuka cum with the promised 69, then I ejaculated inside her mouth. I got horny once again after the cleanup fellatio so I thrust in my penis inside Yuka’s pussy and violated her in the end.
I thrust inside her womb in missionary position, Yuka suppresses her voice but her eyes whites out, she’s twitching abnormally as she clings to me, I pressed my lips against her and twined our tongues.
Yuka’s weakness is her pussy but her biggest weakness is a kiss.
Her pussy’s the best, she’s good at fellatio and hand jobs, her beautiful young body is so obscene and lewd, and yet she’s feeling shy.

“Could it be that Yuka’s the best girl?”

I thought.

Ejaculating four times already in the morning, I went out of the room with Yuka.
I completely forgot about it but I should be telling Asahina about my measures when I come into contact with Kamuro Hizuki.
I’ve thought of a lot of strategy but I slept before I was aware yesterday and I did a lot of lewd things with Yuka when I woke up, school time was near when I noticed.
Pulling Yuka’s hand to my own room, I stood in front of the door and used my ability to confirm the interior.
Though Asahina might’ve returned yesterday, Marina should be staying here.
I’ll ask Marina what she has talked about with Asahina yesterday else I can’t contact Asahina.
Furthermore, there’s also the thing about Yukina and Lolihina.
Dammit, even though we don’t have enough time.


However, a situation beyond my imagination had occurred in my room
Asahina’s sleeping peacefully on top of my bed.
Hey you shit, why are you sleeping on my bed without my permission? Or rather, why did you stay over? I don’t remember allowing you to stay overnight.
Furthermore, when I looked inside the blanket using my ability, Asahina’s wearing my pajamas.
She opened my closet without permission. Or rather, could it be that you also entered the bathroom without permission?
What the fuck? What a free bitch.3 Even though you’re just a huge pervert that loves taking it in her ass.
Asahinaa, I’ll definitely train you severely.
Anyway, leaving the fool aside, Marina’s laid down a futon and slept on the floor.
From where did you bring a futon? No, there’s an excess futon on the first floor. Therefore, it’s likely to be brought from the first floor’s guest room, but how did she bring it up?
You didn’t ask mother for it, did you? I let you in the house so mother won’t find out and yet everything would be spoiled if you asked her a futon.
Marina’s not that stupid so she might’ve brought it secretly at midnight.
Or she left it there. The problem is, “why did it come to this?”, that’s what I instinctively thought from the situation.
Inside Marina’s futon is Yukina and Lolihina. The two of them are clinging at Marina and they’re sleeping happily while making Marina’s breasts their pillow.
Hey bitch, that’s mine!
Well, Marina’s breasts is the best after all. It’s now wonder that they’re so happy.
However, why are you two sleeping with Marina? It’s strange no matter how you think. Rather, go home. Loli’s shouldn’t be staying overnight cheekily like that.
It’s too much unexpected to have them all sleep in my room.


Yuka who’s hands is held by me asked while peeping at my face.
She must be thinking that it’s strange since I’m just staring at the door.
Coming to my senses when I was called out by Yuka, I came up with a splendid idea at the same time.
There’s no need to be troubled with the unexpected situation. Or rather, isn’t this the ideal situation?
All of them should just skip classes today. Also if they’re clumped in my room, it would be much safer.
When all of the members are skipping class together, there would be some troubles but that’sー.

「Yuka-chan, I have a request」

Yuka’s here.
Yuka tilts her head when I called her out. Then I explained my strategy to Yuka.
Asahina, Marina, Yukina, Lolihina and then, Yuka. I’ll have them stay at my room for today and I’ll make contact with Kamuro Hizuki alone.
I intended for Marina to accompany me when I make contact with Kamuro Hizuki but the situation has changed when I heard Yuka’s report.
Yuka’s information is fragmented but there’s no doubt that Kamuro Hizuki is a dangerous woman. And if Marina got involved, perhaps Marina’s existence doesn’t matter in front of the true Kamuro Hizuki, the danger would only increase.
In short, it’s best to make contact with Kamuro Hizuki alone.
Dangerous things are dangerous but I can move freely because I’m alone.
I didn’t explain it to Yuka properly last time but I explained properly this time so I won’t make the same mistake.

「I’m worried, but…」

Hearing my explanation, Yuka mutters while looking up at me, butー.

「Un, I’ll do Mota-kun’s order. I’ll believe Mota-kun」

She clearly said it with a tightened expression.
There, there, good girl, that’s fine.
Yuka’s an excellent girl that behaves well when you give her an order.

「Leave this one to me. I’m a pro at skipping class after all」

Yuka added and smiled.
Yuka was Shinozaki’s toy so she would be absent from school when she’s called out.
In short, she became used to skipping classes.

「Also, what should we do with Sayaka-chan? I think we should call her in Mota-kun’s house because that’s a lot more convenient」

I was confused by Yuka’s words.
Sayaka? Eh? Who the fuck is that?

「Oh, err, it’s Kisaragi-san」

It seems that Yuka had guessed it and corrected herself.
Oh,4 Kisaragi. I completely forgot about her.
I think it’s better not to call her but Kisaragi’s still related to me even if it’s indirect. I can’t declare that she won’t be aimed at.
Should I be insecure no matter how little is it?

「Let’s see. It’ll help if you can do that」
「Un, got it, leave it to me」

Yuka nods at my word.
If Kisaragi’s called to my house, I can make contact with Kamuro Hizuki without worrying about anything.
Still, as expected of Yuka. As long as her ability and situation gears properly, there’s’ nothing as reassuring as this. Furthermore, her fellatio and pussy is the best.

「Then, I’m going to school and I’m leaving everything else to you」
「Un! Leave it to me!」

I say that while patting Yuka’s shoulder then I instantly paced to the first floor when I heard her response.

Entering the living room, Mother was sitting on the sofa absentmindedly.

「Ah, Mota, sorry」

Mother noticed me then stood up casually.

「Yui-chan and Setsuna-chan doesn’t sleep so easily so I’m lacking sleep…」

Mother’s went to the kitchen unsteadily while murmuring.
From the looks of it, it seems that she didn’t notice Asahina, Marina and Yuka.
Felling relieved, I told mother I don’t need breakfast and headed out of the house immediately.

Now then, time to meet Kamuro Hizuki. While I think I don’t ‘want to meet her, it’s also true that I’m curious what kind of person she is.
Kamuro Hizuki might be going to school excitedly right now.
Having such thoughts, I hurried towards the school.


  1. Wake up MC! You’re being eaten by a slime!
  2. It’s handjob but it sounds wrong to have a man say that he’s better in it, anyway, he’s telling that his masturbation is better
  3. It’s actually ‘yatsu’ – guy, fellow, thing
  4. Who lives in the pineapple under the sea