X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 53

Chapter 53

Kamuro Hizuki at least has one companion.

No, should I say at worst?

It’s highly likely that Kamuro Hizuki sent out a mail to Marina to lure her out but I can’t throw out the other possibilities.
She kidnapped Marina but since Shinozaki stalked her, Kamuro Hizuki can’t make any criminal act.
Also, it’s difficult for a single person to kidnap a person. When it comes to it, it’s’ possible that she had more than two people doing the act.
Then there’s the policeman’s club man who fought with me. That man talked about being approached by a black haired girl. I was sure that it was Kamuro Hizuki but after I heard Yuka’s story, Kamuro Hizuki isn’t the type that would let her hands get dirty. Thus, the black haired girl who approached the man with the policeman’s club isn’t Kamuro Hizuki, I can’t deny the possibility that it’s her companion.
Trying to come to conclusion based from this information, I can guess that Kamuro Hizuki has at least one or two people accompanying her.
Because that’s the least possible number of companions, it’s possible for her to have more than company more than that.

With that said, it’s better to make some preparations before I come in contact with Kamuro Hizuki.

For example, when it comes to weapons, I came unarmed this time.
There’s three reasons for that.
First, Kamuro Hizuki didn’t come to crush me with full power.
I was in an overwhelmingly disadvantageous state when Marina’s kidnapped but Kamuro Hizuki prepared two men instead.
If she wanted to crush me then Kamuro Hizuki will hit me with an overwhelming fighting power difference quickly before I get cautious of her. But she didn’t.
Second, she returned Marina unharmed.
Third, she did a self introduction. Thus I should also introduce myself too.
There’s no need for weapons when you’re just going to introduce yourself.
That’s the current state so I’m filled with the intent to run away. I want to learn information about the enemy if possible but I’ll run away immediately if I judged it to be dangerous. That’s why everything else is unnecessary when I’m going to run away.

The important one is the escape route.

It’s fine to just make contact this time. Then it’s fine if I can just run away safely.
With that said, I prepared three flour bombs.
My ability and smoke screen have the best compatibility. If I can take off the sight of my enemy, I can run away easily.
I better be agile when I have to escape. That’s why three flour bombs is enough.

The location is what’s next.

A location with an escape course with a lot of obstacles and poor visibility.
Closed spaces are out of the question. Places with a lot of walls are no good. When it comes to it, the woods is the best.
If I obstruct their eyes with the floor bomb and escape by weaving myselv through the woods, it would be near impossible to catch me.
I can see through any kinds of traps and if I invited my enemy to an advantageous location for me, I don’t need to worry about traps.

The problem is how will I invite Kamuro Hizuki.

Well, I’ll probably be okay. I came to contact Kamuro Hizuki by myself.
Alone and unarmed.
Though they’ll be cautious, the other side is on an overwhelming advantage. Thus it’s easy for them to let me pick the place.
If they become unreasonable, I’ll just stop the discussion.
I don’t need to make contact with Kamuro Hizuki in a disadvantageous situation. Since the other side gave their greetings, I’m only returning it.
Though the other side gave their greetings selfishly, I have to return it politely. Thus I have to meet them to some extent.

What I have to be careful of is the surprise attack from Kamuro Hizuki’s companions.

That’s also probably okay.
I kept using my ability after I left the house. Therefore I can get all the information of the people who entered the range of my ability.
I’ll be able to understand if someone’s armed and when they show a suspicious movement, I can run away immediately.
But I’m seeing bastard’s body even though I don’t want to see it because I’m using my ability.
Seriously, even though I finally enjoyed Yuka, I’m now feeling shit.
But, what’s most convenient with my ability is that it has no restrictions in usage.
I can keep using it for the whole day if I intend to, I can just sleep when I get tired.
The fatigues goes bigger when I concentrate to the limit but that’s unrelated to my ability, everyone gets tired when they concentrate. That’s the same.
In other words, there’s hardly a limit using it normally and it’s the same when you concentrate at school lessons.
Concentration returns if you take rest for at least five minutes.
The fault is, well it has no offensive capability.
I’d be glad if only I can interfere with the mind of the target that enters the range of my ability.
I can brainwash if I can interfere with the mind, and it’s possible to increase the sensitivity of the erogenous zones.
Mind interference ability. Must be nice to have that. I get excited just thinking about it.
That said, greed is endless and x-ray ability has it’s own good too.

I have arrived at the school gate while having such thoughts. I’ve seen a person reflected in my view and I almost laughed instinctively.

I thought that they might come.

That person standing on the front gate looks at me then bowed her head. Then smiled.
It’s a too pure and carefree smile. I felt chill on by back when I saw that smile
Sweat runs along my cheek.

This one’s really dangerous.

There’s no change in her appearance. She’s the long black haired orthodox beauty.
But her atmosphere is different. I can agree that Shinozaki got scared of her.
It’s better if it feels it has madness. But there’s not one bit of insanity from her smile.
As far as I know, Yukina can show a smile near to that smiling face.
A pure an innocent smile. But, she’s different from Yukina.
Yukina’s a kid an ignorant. A smile made by an ignorant fool. If you turn it the other way around, there’s nothing but ignorance and stupidity from that smile.
She’s able to make that smile even though she kidnapped Marina.
I swallowed my saliva as I feel a strange chill, I feel my heart feels uplifted.
I better not get involved with her. I should not get involved with “that” by any means. Howeverー.

No good, I can’t suppress my boiling curiousity. I want to know the true nature of that smile.

When I noticed, I was walking towards “her”
My feet doesn’t stop.
Like an apple separated from the hand is dropping because of gravity, my body selfishly drawn in to her.


That woman is clearly drawing me in.
The woman stares at me as I approach her step by step. Kamuro Hizuki.
Not just the whole face. Kamuro Hizuki has a transparent thin smile.
Regret spreads in my heart as I approach her step by step.
I should’ve brought Marina after all.

「Hello.1 Oh, we met already once so should I say, how do you do?[somemashite]」

When I stopped in front of Kamuro Hizuki, she spoke up to me looking up while having such a transparent smile.
A sweet soft voice. Her voice is transparent just like her smile. And yet,, it stickily twines like a starch syrup.

「Second year class four, Kamuro Hizuki. You might be surprised from being called suddenly but I fell in love with you at first sight. Suzuhara Motaro-san Will you please go out with me if you don’t mind?」

Placing her right hand to her chest, she looks up at me with blushing cheeks then speaks up those things.
Her long black hair is so glossy like lacquer, her black drooping eyes looks gentle. And her snowy white skin.
She looks gentle, pure and innocent beauty at a glance. I felt that before but this one is clearly different from then.

I felt a faint atmosphere before but I completely left it off.

Normal but strange. It has that kind of contradiction.
And a big swell seems to deny her seemingly pure and innocent atmosphere pushes up her uniform. Furthermore her skirt is rather short so it exposes her plump white thigh without regret.
Kamuro Hizuki is completely naked with my ability but I can see her underwear at the same time.
Her underwear are both white. But it’s not just white.
It has lace and embroidery added, even though it looks pure and innocent, it looks stimulating somehow.
It’s like a diligent girl who’s trying to push herself to the limit even for a bit. That’s the impression.

When I switch my ability, I clearly confirmed a certain thing.


Who would thought that she’s a virgin. It’s too surprising.
I look down at Kamuro Hizuki silently and she looks up at me while blushing..


Then Kamuro Hizuki suddenly raised a small voice. Then her right foot took a step forward and she looks up at me bashfully, she grabbed the hem of my uniform with her right hand.

「I-I don’t have experience with men. I don’t have a first love either. You might be the first one I fell in love with. That’s why I want to say it first…」

Kamuro Hizuki speaks while looking up at me frequently as she still holds the hem of my uniform, she made another half step and pressed her breasts against me.

「M-Men likes lewd things don’t they? I don’t have any experience but I don’t mind it as long as Suzuhara-san demands it. I don’t mind it even if we do it today. I just want to say that so please do as you please」

Kamuro Hazuki says something so bold bashfully
I would be glad if it was just an act but this one’s really serious in one way or another. As a proof, Kamuro Hizuki’s heartbeat is beating intensely from feeling excited and uplift.
Is it really excitement and uplift?
I can’t read minds of people. That’s why, if Kamuro Hizuki’s statement is a lie, I won’t be able to make sure of the feelings from the intense heartbeat.
There’s no evidence butー.

Perhaps, everything Kamuro Hizuki said is true.

She might have fallen in love with me at first time seriously. It’s most likely that I’m also her first love. Then her innocent and pure smile surely is genuine too.
That’s whyー.

「What’s your goal…?」

I never met someone like her. I don’t get what she’s thinking at all.
No, I know. The person herself talked about it too, she wants to have me. However, that’s not it, just what does she wants to do when she have me?
What is she seeing ahead when she has me? What is she hoping for?
That’s what I don’t get at all.

「I like strong men」

Kamuro Hizuki has a transparent smile as she answers my question bashfully.

「I want to bear the child of a strong man」

She added.
Her remark is foo far apart from her bashful behavior.
Those are words men wouldn’t expect to hear from an unknown woman.

「I’m fine just making a child. I will raise the child myself」

What’s with her?
She’s seriously saying it…I think That’s why it’s abnormal. But I don’t feel a clear abnormality. The counterbalance of the abnormality and the transparent smile and embarrassment makes it even more abnormal.

「Sorry but I have a girlfriend」
「I know. I don’t mind. That doesn’t matter to me」

Kamuro Hizuki immediately replied to my answer then she grasped my hand while looking up at me.

「Even if you have a lover, that doesn’t make a reason for me to give up on you. I was only slow to meet you. If you want me to become your lover, I don’t have no problems with it at all. I’ll make an effort so I can be. But if you have someone you love then it can’t be helped. I’ll resign myself if so. But I’m not going to give up until I understood that I have to give up. Did I say anything wrong?」

Kamuro Hizuki looks up straight at me, clenching my hand and forcing her breasts to me as she speak.

「No, there’s nothing wrong with it」

Make an effort if you want something. Give up after you’ve done you’ve tried at least. There’s nothing wrong with what Kamuro Hizuki said.

「Right. Suzuhara Motarou-san. I thought that you would say that」

Saying that, Kamuro Hizuki smiled. My skin felt goosebumps when I saw that transparent smile.
The murder intent Yuka held onto Marina. It has the same feeling like that time but I don’t feel any frenzy at all.
What’s with her?
It seems that Shinozaki’s thought of her being eerie is on the mark.
I can’t find any words other than eerie.

「Suzuhara Motarou-san. I’ll give you my virginity. I’ll offer all of my firsts to you. But, please don’t misunderstand. Even if everything is deprived from me, I won’t make any constraints at you at all. If you throw me away then that just means that I’m not charming enough. It’s my fault if I’m thrown away. Even if you abandon me, you’re not at fault at all. It’s all my fault」

My sweat and goosebumps doesn’t stop from the voice that’s too transparent.
Her black jewel eyes looks at me. Genuine black with no impurities at all. I don’t feel any negative feelings from those eyes at all.

「Are you human?」

She kidnapped Marina and sent a man to attack me. And the purpose of that Kamuro Hizuki is to have me. She surely won’t chose the means for that reason. And yet why can she smile? Why does that kind of smile exist.

「Eh? I’m human. Huh? Is there something strange with me?」

Saying that, Kamuro Hizuki tilted her head.
Hearing those words, I felt my face getting stiff.
She’s not pretending. She’s seriously thinking that. That she’s a “normal human”.
Oh, I see, she’s that kind of human?
It’s humans who decides what’s good and evil after all. Someone decided it selfishly. A large number of humans had decided it selfishly for a long time. Ethics, morality, and common sense.
Those ethics, morality, and common sense is rubbed since birth and humans are tied up with those chains. That’s normal.

「Are you special?」

Asking that, Kamuro Hizuki raised a foolish voice then tilted her head.

「Are you a special human?」

While feeling an endless amount of cold sweat spouting out, I asked Kamuro Hizuki again.

「E-err…I don’t get it but aren’t humans special because they’re different individually. Is it in that meaning? Eh? huh? S-Sorry. I really don’t get it」

Kamuro Hizuki answered incoherently in confusion then she looks apologetic.
As expected. She’s’ not thinking of herself as special at all.
That she’s different from others. That she’s a special human. That she’s right and the others are wrong. Isn’t that kind of thinking and act a psyco?
She understands ethics, morality and common sense, and she’s not bound by chains, she’s the type that does things by instinct.
No good. Don’t get related with this girl. She’s different. She’s not a “Normal scum” like me.
A much wild than a human, a beast obedient to it’s instinct. That’s her.

「I want to talk to you a bit more」

I can’t be involved with her. I persuade myself again and again but those are the words that came out of my mouth.

「Ah, Y-Yes. I’ll be glad to. I’m glad that I’m invited by Suzuhara-san」

Kamuro Hizuki blushed while smiling, she moved next to me and linked arms.

「A-Are we going to do lewd things? I’m prepared so I’ll be fine. Please do as you like」

Then she whispered in a sweet transparent voice and pressed her breasts against my arm.
Dangerous. This is dangerous. I know that it’s dangerous but I can’t stop.

「Then, let’s go to a place where there’s no one」

Saying that, Kamuro Hizuki smiled and began to walk. Being urged by Kamuro Hizuki, I also began to walk.2


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