X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 54

Chapter 54

That girl resembles me too much.

A girl wearing a navy blue cap, yellow hooded parka and sneakers on bare foot.
She’s only wearing a yellow parka. She doesn’t have anything under at all.
No, it’s misleading to say that.
The girl’s naked body is wrapped around by a leather belt.
A leather belt tying up a cross on her small chest and on her thin waist and crotch.
The girl’s tied up naked as if she’s punishing herself. There’s a scabbard fixed on the back by the belt. Then there’s a considerably big knife put in the sheath.
It looks like her whole body is tied up with an SM tool at first glance but it seems to be an holster to hold a knife in some way.
But well, the binds of her body is too much for just a holster.
The figure of the girl who tied up her whole body with a leather belt is like a beast chained around forcibly.

It’s the opposite of Kamuro Hizuki.

「It seems that someone’s tailing me, could it be that Kamuro Hizuki knows her? or could it be my fan? I’m troubled if it’s the latter. I’m being troubled with women lately. especially with lolis this time」

Grinning, I asked the girl who’s standing in silence.

「Please don’t say something so unkind. I’m not boasting but I’m a rare beauty you know? Please 」

The girl lowered her cap to her eyes and shoved both hands on her pocket then answered in an easy going tone.
A rarely seen beauty you say? You’re quite a narcissist to say it by yourself. But I agree that she’s a beauty, and her arrogant behavior doesn’t tickle my nose strangely. But, it’s annoying.
She’s an annoying girl but easier to understand more than Kamuro Hizuki.

「You don’t have tits」
「You know where it stings don’t you? But, I’m at least a B-cup」
「We have a blonde loli big tits though」
「Oh, Yukina? That girl’s cute」
「We also have a black haired, black-slit-eyed twin-tail flat loli too」
「Asahina Yuu’s little sister isn’t it? Was it Yui? That girl’s cute too. Well, my cuteness doesn’t change though」
「That’s an amazing confidence」
「It’s the truth so it’s inevitable」

The girl just shrugs and answers my question in an easygoing manner.
I lead her by using Yukina and Lolihina’s features but the girl spoke the name of the two easily. There’s no need to hide it?
Is her age the same as Yukina and Lolihina? I guess it’s a bit younger.
She’s quite a loli but her attitude doesn’t seem so.

「Then, what’s the matter?」

When I asked the girl, she had a floating grin under the cap that’s covering her face.

「The girl you beat down unconscious is an important friend of mine. There’s no way I’d be silent if you hit my friend, would I?」

The girl answered while grinning.
Kamuro Hizuki is sitting on the ground leaning against the wall along the road.

「I just thought that she’s too heavy for me. So I let her sleep」
「I don’t care about your circumstances. You hit my best friend. That’s enough reason to beat you up」

The girl answers back uninterested from my words.
What best friend? Even though you don’t care about the reason.
Pardon me from trouble but right now this girl’s presence is pleasant.
Kamuro Hizuki is eccentric in every meaning. It’s impossible to understand such a guy. I’m going crazy just by being with her.
On the other hand, the girl with a knife carried on her back is very easy to understand.
It’s like a stray dog that’s hungry to the limit that saw a feast, those thoughts are transmitted keenly.
It’s a dangerous loli no matter what you think but she’s not an impossible to decipher existence like Kamuro Hizuki. The girl recognizes me as a prey and will eat me.
It’s the same as my thoughts of wanting to eat and doing as I please with a beautiful girl.
It’s such an easy to understand emotion.

I noticed this girl’s presence when Kamuro Hizuki and I left the school.

A small girl caught within the range of my ability.
The girl’s not thinking but just following the same direction with us.
Anyway, she’s wearing a hooded parka. She’s naked inside that parka, moreover, she’s bound by a leather belt. There’s a sheath fixed on her back by the belt and there’s a knife put on the sheath.
It’s obviously a suspicious character, she’s Kamuro Hizuki’s companion no matter how you think.
Kamuro Hizuki however doesn’t mind showing her back at all, she clings to my arm, presses her breasts and walks while we’re linked arms.
Is she pretending that she doesn’t know? Or could it be that she didn’t notice a companion is tailing her?
I tried to investigate the surroundings for a while but it’s just one girl tailing us.

The girl keeps away from us and tails us in secret.

I, who wasn’t able to resist Kamuro Hizuki’s invitation, came to senses because of that girl’s existence.
The girl wearing a cap covering her eyes hides herself and is watching my back.
It’s normally impossible to look at the girl’s eye when the visor of the cap covers it. Or rather, there’s no way to see the girl from the back if she’s tailing us from behind.
That’s the convenience of my ability. There’s no need to look back and there’s no meaning to hide one’s face with a mask.
Unlike Kamuro Hizuki, it was an easy to understand eyes. It’s a ferocious eye that seems to jump out any moment.
Compared to Kamuro Hizuki’s transparent eyes where I can feel eeriness, her easy to understand eyes are pleasant.
The black pair of eyes watches me. Eyes of a violent and fierce stray dog.
The space grasp can’t look inside the human body. In case of inorganic substance, it’s possible to penetrate inside but I can only catch the surface of organic matter.
Then, it if there’s no “it” in the surface?
Her black eyes is a lie. I can see red eyes ahead of that. The eyes are just black because of a contact lens.
Also, the black hair under the hat is a lie too. There’s white hair under the black hair. It’s black hair because there’s a wig covering it.
The girl is originally having a red eyes and gray hair. And her skin is abnormally white.
The girl who approached the man with the policeman’s club has a black hair according to him. He was fooled by putting on a wig even though it’s really not black.


I called Kamuro Hizuki and stopped.


Kamuro Hizuki who’s humming as she walk while crossing her arms with mine looks at me and tilted her head.

「Why did you change residence?」

When I asked her, Kamuro Hizuki’s expression became cloudy.

「Why do you know that?」

Kamuro Hizuki tightens her hold with my arm and spoke out her doubt obediently.

「Well, sources」

Trying to be a fool from Kamuro Hizuki’s question, Kamuro Hizuki leaked out a sigh while looking at me. Then she smiled.

「I love strong men. I don’t care about the appearance. I want strong. That’s my only requirement. I want to be embraced by a strong man, receive his sperm, and give birth to a strong child」

Kamuro Hizuki speaks out in a sweet transparent voice while having a transparent smile.

「There were a lot of men who tried to get me. No matter how ugly, they only have to be strong. I love strong men. However, regrettably, I can’t find a strong man that easy. That’s why I tried it. I must ascertain the strength of the men who try to court me. Then I’ll give birth to a baby from the man who won. How’s it? It’s reasonable isn’t it?」

I can’t help but feel chills from Kamuro Hizuki talking like it’s natural.
Reasonable. It certainly is.
In a natutal world, it’s obvious that women would be attracted by strong men.
Men fight with each other and the one who wins will obtain the woman and leave the a strong gene as much as possible.
The weak will be weeded out and the strong will succeed the next generation.
Surely, that’s natural on all living beings on this earth except for humans.

「You seduced men and let them fight? And whenever it becomes a problem, you repeat transferring schools」

Asking Kamuro Hizuki, she had a sullen expression as she look at me.
Oh, so she can make that face too.

「Just to tell you, you are the first man I seduced by myself. Other than you, I never tried to seduce any man until now. Men fought selfishly and destroyed themselves selfishly」

I’m honestly surprised from Kamuro Hizuki’s words.
If what Kamuro Hizuki saying is true, then the cause of problem isn’t her. Rather they caused problems over themselves selfishly and she was a victim that was forced to transfer.

「When I had a look at you, I thought that you’re different from the men until now. The strength I’m thinking of is the excellence to survive. Surviving by using any kind of means. Someone who will survive no matter how unfair or underhanded they are. You are a person who can do it. That’s what my intuition tells me」

Kamuro Hizuki speaks while blushing as she clings to me.

「My womb seeks your sperm. I want to give birth to a strong child. And I’m sure that a baby produced by your sperm will be strong」

Kamuro Hizuki whispers in a sweet voice while clinging to me.
She’s really not a human. No, she said that she was but she might be a humane person more than anyone.
She, Kamuro Hizuki is really just a woman faithful to her instinct.
She’s just a woman who’s extremely natural to the world.
But, that’s why she can charm men. Her pheromone scatters and attracts men, makes the men fight to ascertain who’s strong and will dedicate her everything the survivor without any hesitation.
Similarly, I, as a man would also be charmed too.
However, the sense of discomfort swells out.
She kidnapped Marina and let a man attack me.
I might be convinced if she say that it was to confirm my strength but it’s probably different.
This girl, Kamuro Hizuki’s thoughts is simple. I can’t think that she’ll do something like that.
Then, should I ask her leading questions?

「It’s about the kidnapping case of Marina, but.」

Kamuro Hizuki raised her face when I spoke then she looks at me with her transparent black eyes confused.

「Marina-san? She’s a wonderful woman. I think that she’s a very passionate and strong woman. I think she’s a suitable woman to be given with your sperm and give birth to a strong baby. I hope she gets pregnant soon and give birth to one or many strong babies」

Kamuro Hizuki speaks of it as if it’s something natural.
As expected. She doesn’t think of eliminating other women. Harem isn’t something rare in a natural world.
A lot of women would gather around a strong male and a strong gene would be left to the future generations.
Lion would be a model for that. Females gather around one male lion and would make a child. Furthermore, hunting and child care is a female duty, the male’s duty is to fight other males and continue to show off strength.
It’s the end if they lose. If he lost to other males, the females would simply switch mate. That’s not all. The male who becomes the new master would kill all of the children of the defeated male. The females would accept it as a matter of course and would try to make a stronger child.
It can be displayed as cruel for humans but the lion continues to have a strong gene that way and they continue to be the king of the grassland.
That’s the kind of thought Kamuro Hizuki have. And for Kamuro Hizuki, Marina is a suitable woman to accept my sperm.
For Kamuro Hizuki, it’s not a big problem for Marina to be with me.
Marina’s by my side to leave a strong gene. That’s just normal for Kamuro Hizuki.
There’s no problem even if Marina is there. What’s important for Kamuro Hizuki is only to obtain my sperm and get pregnant, the others doesn’t matter.
Then why Marina was kidnapped?
That’s easy. Someone else did it.

「It seems that you’re not the one I need to talk to」

Grinning, I switched my ability and penetrated Kamuro Hizuki’s stomach. Thenー.
I accurately drive my fist on the penetrated stomach.


Kamuro Hizuki raised her groan as her eyes open wide, she breaks to her knees and fell down.
Kamuro Hizuki fainted too quickly.
She’s quite a dangerous existence but that doesn’t mean she’s strong. She’s just a female beast that’s faithful to her instinct.
When I made Kamuro Hizuki lean on the wall along the road, I stood and looked back.

「Come out you kidnapper」

Then I called out towards the utility pole a bit further away.

「You noticed. I was being good at killing my presence though」

I heard a high childish voice and a girl appeared from the shade of the utility pole.
Sorry. I have an unfair ability so it’s useless to hide.

「You’re cruel. Hitting the stomach of a beautiful woman such as Mizuki without any mercy. Or rather, you’re the lowest for hitting a girl calmly」

The girl covering her eyes with a navy blue cap and wearing a yellow hooded parka spoke while putting both of her hands on her pocket.
It’s impossible to know her expression behind the visor normally. But I can see it.
She’s having such a happy face while saying that I’m the lowest.

「It was you who sent the invitation to me」

I thought that it was strange by all means. I thought that it was so hard to understaand.
The sender of the invitation is very much like me. However I felt something out of place when I encountered Kamuro Hizuki.
There’s some parts where Kamuro Hizuki resembles me. But it’s different. Our base isn’t the same at all.
The one resembling me isー

「It’s easy to understand isn’t it? I thought there’s no need to threaten you」

Hearing the words of the girl, I grinned unintentionally.
As expected. It’s her. She’s the main culprit.

「What’s your objective?」

When I asked her, she laughed.

「I’m Hizuki’s guard. Hizuki is my only friend. It’s my role to remove the flies gathering around Hizuki」

The girl plays dumb.

「The hell is with guard? You’re just a trash who’s filling her desires by using her friend as a bait」

When I asked the girl while grinning, the girl smirked.

「I felt extremely unpleasant when I first saw you. It was the first time I felt so disgusted looking at someone」
「What a coincidence. I’m also unable to stomach you」

The girl speaks while smirking and I speak while laughing.

「You’re a waste that doesn’t chose the means to fill your desire」
「You’re a waste that doesn’t chose the means to eat women」
「You’re more a scum」
「No no, you’re the worst scum」
「I’m aware that I’m a scum, at least less scum than you」
「I’m such a cute girl. Just that alone makes me less of a scum than you」
「Appearance doesn’t matter」
「It does. Cuteness is justice after all」
「You’re really a scum」
「Not as much as you」

We laugh as we berate each other
Yup, I’m disgusted. Absolutely disgusting. However, I feel relieved.

「Kamuro Hizuki’s a trouble. I don’t know how to deal with her. I feel at ease with an easier to understand scum like you」
「Well thanks. As for me, it helps that i don’t need to have mercy on someone who’s a natural scum like you」
「If you’re asking who needs mercy then it’s you」
「That’s regrettable. I’m going easy on opponents that are boring」

The girl shrugs her shoulders from my tsukkomi.
What an impudent girl. Dammit, I’m getting irritated with a child. I now think that Yukina’s cuter.
That said, I finally understood why this girl returned Marina without any injury.
That’s because it has a profit.

「Kamuro Hizuki is just a bait for preys for you. It would be a problem if you make a hand on your own prey. The prey would be lost if it becomes a problem. That’s why you make a hand on the other side and satisfy you desire with just cause. You’re enjoying hunting quietly so it won’t become a problem」

Men comes near Kamuro Hizuki. Just being there attracts men. Using that girl, she enjoyed hunting the harmful insects gathered.
However, the world isn’t so generous to let you have your own way. Problems will happen and you’d be unable to move if it becomes a commotion. Thus, it’s needed to make an environment so that the prey won’t make an uproar.
And Kamuro Hizuki enables that.
The men who are trying to obtain Kamuro Hizuki drives recklessly and fight each other selfishly. Taking that to the advantage, she’ll going to steal the prey from the side.
The hunted guy will keep quiet out of the debt that he meddled with Kamuro Hizuki.
It’s exactly the same method of how I obtained Marina.
Vigilantly preparing for hunting a prey. Hunt as much on one round so there’s no commotion created.
It was not affection that made me take Marina. It was because it was convenient. That’s all.

「What you said is mostly correct. But, I won’t deny it. However, can I correct one point?」

The girl who admits my words are mostly correct but it seems that she has something she can’t agree on.

「It’s true that Hizuki’s my important friend. Hizuki said that I’m a humane person. She told me that it’s not wrong to follow one’s instincts. The rules set by the humans aren’t just appropriate」

I agreed with the words of the girl.

「There’s only one who can understand you, is what you mean?」
「Yup, that’s right. I like hunting but it’s true that I want to protect Hizuki」
「I see. I’m not that kind of person」
「That’s unfortunate You have bad luck」
「Right. You were lucky and I was unfortunate」

I don’t like Kamuro Hizuki. But that’s because I’ve changed.
If I had met Kamuro Hizuki before Marina and Yuka, I might’ve been attracted obediently.
I who’s not understood by anyone would surely be accepted by Kamuro Hizuki.
However, the present me don’t need Kamuro Hizuki.
But I did need Kamuro Hizuki before. I wanted an existence that can understand me. And yet Kamuro Hizuki didn’t appear before me, she spent it with this girl.
I was unfortunate. I do admit that. That’s whyー.

「That makes me don’t like you more」
「Then what would you do?」
「Because I’m cute?」
「Because I don’t like you」
「I see. Thenー」

The girl smiled from my words and put power on both of her hands that’s inside the pocket of the parka. Then she stopped in front of me and looked up.

「We’re both having the same opinion」
「Well yeah」

I answered nodding to the girl.
I want to rape her and break her heart.
The girl wants to hunt me as her prey.
Certainly, we’re both having the same opinion.

「The location?」
「It’s fine as long as there’s no one」
「That’s an amazing confidence」
「Well yeah. I’m quite strong after all」
「Is that so? Then why don’t you fuck Kamuro Hizuki? She likes strong people after all」
「Sadly, I can’t make children with Hizuki because I’m a cute girl」
「That’s sarcastic Don’t answer back seriously」
「I know, I just answered seriously」
「In short, you’re answering sarcasm with sarcasm?」
「Well yeah」
「I really don’t like you」
「Then one of us has to disappear」

I’m irritated with her way of speaking but it makes me feel relieved somewhere.
The cause of my irritation is surely because we’re the same kind of person. She resembles me a lot.

「Then, let’s go」

When I call out the girl and began to walk, the girl nodded and followed me in small steps.
It’s the first time in my life I wanted to crush someone without any meaning. And I’m sure she’s the same.
After all we’re the same kind.