X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 55

Chapter 55

The girl said that she’ll let me pick the location. That is very helpful butー

I can chose the place myself. That would mean that I can use the geography to my advantage. In short, ‘we’re going to fight so chose the location yourself’ That would be overwhelmingly advantageous.
But, there’s something I have to give priority over choosing a place.
That’s just uneasiness. But, I can’t ignore it.
If it really is as I imagined?

「I can’t think of a place without any people. If you have some then I’ll leave it to you」

I stopped and told the girl.

「Yeah, speaking of which, your house is far from school. Are you ignorant of the geography around here. But are you sure? I think you should pick a place that’s advantageous for yourself even if it’s impossible」

The girl stopped from my question shrugged her shoulders then said.
Well, the girl is right.
My ability depends on the location.
I can use my ability at any place but the effect changes depending on the place.
I’d like to avoid an open place like when I fought the man with a baton. In an open space without obstacles, I can’t show the usefulness of my ability to the fullest.
The ability to grasp space and penetrate all things except organic matter. There should be an obstacle to utilize this ability effectively.
Because it’s a “power where I can see through things unseeable”
That’s why, if I chose the location, I should look for a location where I can force my skill’s ability to the fullest.

「I’m at the age where I would be suspected if I’m together with a loli. I don’t want to wander so much」
「Oh, I see. Certainly, a man that doesn’t seem popular like you, it’s normal to be seen as suspicious when you’re someone with a very cute girl like me」

The girl consents to my word quickly. It’s great that she agrees, but that’s a word too much.
She may certainly a beauty. No, she’s a beauty I’m irritated so I can’t think of her as a beauty.
Also, I’m the only one who knows that you’re a beauty. The surroundings can’t judge whether you’re a beauty or not. You can only see her figure as a loli.
After all, she covers her eyes with a cap so her face isn’t seen.
That’s why there’s a lot of trouble when I bring a loli but I’ll deny the part saying I’m very cute”

「Right. Got it. I’ll chose a place that’s favorable for you」

I feel uneasy from the girl’s talk filled with confidence.
If it’s just arroganceーThat will explain the girl’s attitude.
Mostly because she’s hiding a big knife, but she also knows Yukina and Lolihina’s name. She also speaks as if she knows the location of my house.
As I expected, she has examined my identity and relationships thoroughly. And perhaps, she also “saw” my fight with the man with a police baton.
The light that shone on the man with a baton might’ve been this girl’s work.
Anyway, this one knows my “strength”
The guy with a baton was hit by a light, but the opponent is a self-alleged genius swordsman. That guy had a baton. Furthermore, I was unarmed. I put up a good fight so it’s obvious that “I’m stronger than normal” regardless of light.
Knowing that, the composure is strange.
Then, why does she have the composure. Why can she show an arrogant attitude.
If you think about it, that just means that “She’s sure that she can win no matter how disadvantaged she is”
When it comes to itー.

「Normally thinking, I would be the advantageous one in terms in physical terms. Isn’t that quite a lot of composure? No matter how much you think, I’m stronger than you. However, you’re so arrogant. Could it be that you’re an idiot?」

The girl who was trying to walk stopped and reacted from what I said.

「My victory is already settled」

The girl said, looked back up at me and grinned.

「There’s no way a carnivore would be beaten by a herbivore you know. I’m the hunter and you’re the hunted. Wild beasts don’t have fun hunting. They’re hunting to live. But, I’m a human. I’d like to have fun hunting as much as possible」

The girl talks uninterested as she floats a dreadful smile not matching her young face, capturing me with her ferocious eyes.
I can’t read her emotions from the flat voice but I felt something boiling up being desperately hold down.
It’s dying to hunt me. That sort of intent is appearing and disappearing.
Looking at that girl’s figure, my sense of discomfort changed to confidence.
Feelings of disgust and relief boil up from looking at a girl.
And the strong thought of being the same kind.
Who would’ve thought, but, if this girl’s “real sense” is the same as meー

ーーSpecial Ability holder

If she is, then I must investigate whatever is left behind.

「I did say I don’t mind it being advantageous to you. Hmm, let’s see…Then should I go to a place disadvantageous to me. Come with me」

The girl looked troubled for a while has said and walked ahead of me. I walked behind the girl and smiled as I looked at her back.

Thank you for getting caught up with my plan. I won’t hesitate to ogle at you then.

I switched to my ability while thinking so.

If this girl also has a special ability, I think it’s not a long distance type.
The reason would be she’s carrying a large knife.
Also, I can make other guesses with the knife she’s carrying.
It’s not a non-physical ability like myself but an ability specialized on CQC.
If so, it’s possible to investigate the human body capability through my ability.

The reason I made the girl chose the location. That is to make the girl walk in front of me.

X-ray ability needs me to be looking on the place I want to see unlike the space grasp ability. In that case, there’s a high possibility of making the other party suspect and be cautious. Also if this girl is an ability user, I must not let her know that I have a special ability as well.
My ability can still be used even if it’s exposed but that’s convenient if it’s not exposed.

We come out of the residential area from the guidance of the girl, we walk on the road without people.
Not knowing that I’m staring on the insides of the inside, the girl walking in front of me with composure is exposing her bare back to me.
I guess it’s possible for her to deal with a sudden attack from the back.
Based on that, I guessed the girl’s ability according to the information I obtained from my x-ray.
However, it’s dangerous to assume. I must not justify the girl’s ability as “that all” I should consider each and every possibilities.
Anyway, ah, I’m tired.
Since the effective range of my x-ray ability is very small, it’s very difficult to grasp the whole body. Even if I try to figure it out, I’ll need a lot of concentration and time.
In short, I’m tired.
But I got the information thanks to that.

I’m still not sure whether the girl is a special ability user or not. But there’s no mistake that she’s “Unique”

That’s what I understand from using my x-ray. That is the “Abnormality” of her muscles.
I’m not an expert, I can’t tell clearly how a girl’s muscle structure is, how abnormal it is, and what it stands for. But after seeing so many muscle tissues so far, I can say that this girl’s muscle structure is “Abnormal” without doubt.
It’s also possible to infer the girl’s ability from her muscle structure.

There’s roughly four points that makes this girl’s muscle structure different from the normal.
First, her muscles are abnormally developed to the extent that I hesitate to call it with just development.
Second, the fiber of the muscle tissue itself is different from the ordinary.
Third, the ligament that ties the joint is different from normal.
Fourth, her bones looks strange in the first place.

It was difficult to grasp the whole body because of the narrow range of the X-ray but these four points seems to be abnormal.
With that four points answers why the attitude of the girl has the absolute confidence even though it should be her body in overwhelming disadvantage.

A physical reinforcement type ability.

This is the exact opposite of me who’s using support specialized type ability. And the worst compatibility no normal thinking.
If my ability is from long to medium distance type it would’ve been different, but unfortunately, my ability is short range type.
If I’m fighting a person with a body strengthening ability within the range of my ability, it would be my disadvantage no matter how you think about it.
After all I’m just a normal human who can “See things you can’t see”
I would surely lose in a melee battle.
That’s what I’d usually think but I’m not probably in a disadvantage. On the contrary, my ability is probably something this girl avoids.
The reason is her character and temper.
If the girl isn’t overconfident with her ability, if she was tricky, cowardly and unfair, I will never win. But, she has absolute confidence in her ability and is sure that she will win without fail.
The essence of my ability is “grasp”
That is why I’m probably at the advantage.
However, the girl must not suspect that I have a special ability. If she does, the situation will definitely change and I will be on overwhelming disadvantage.
Well, I won’t know until I try, maybe I’ll win.
Maybe. It’s only a probability. I’m probably advantageous. Maybe I can win. That said, the possibility of losing is big.
But well, I can just run away if I lose.

With that saidー.

「Do you have a moment」

I stopped and called the girl walking ahead of me.


The girl called out has stopped, turned around, looked at me and tilts her head.

「There’s a forest just right there, should we go there?」

I pointed at the forest along the road and asked the girl.
I said I’ll let the girl chose the location but it’s not strange that I would suggest the girl a good place I have located.
Since I was able to obtain information with my x-ray ability, next would be securing geographical advantage.

「In the woods?」

The girl’s expression dimmed as she mutters while looking at the direction I pointed at.
Is she at disadvantage on the woods? I guess it’s better to say she’s at disadvantage.
It would be troublesome if she refuses.

「Can we not go in the woods?」

The girl says while having a gloomy expression
Is it that disadvantageous in the forest? Then, I must invite her to the woods by all means.
Will she chase after me if I run away? She’ll chase after me because of her character and temper.
Right. Should I try provoking her and escape in the forest?

「You’re quite confident but, could it be that you’re not good in the woods?」

I prepare myself to run to the forest while asking the girl with a grin.

「Fuu, yare yare. That’s not it. The forest is too advantageous for me. It won’t be fun to hunt you on that location, it’ll end immediately」

The girl leaks a sigh and shrugs her shoulders as she say that.
Oh, it’s the opposite. She’s skilled at fighting in the forest?
Then that’s convenient. A girl who’s becoming arrogant, if she gets even more arrogant, it would be more advantageous to me.
That’s itー.

「It’s basics that if you poke at the weak part, the confidence shows up」

When I muttered and sighed, the girl responded.

「Ah, no, I said that anywhere would fine so I just gave a suggestion. I’m the one who said that you should chose the location. Sorry for interrupting. Show me a place advantageous to you」

The girl bites my play dumb talk.
She didn’t like the word “A place advantageous to you”
Fufu, easy.

「I’m telling that for your sake. And yet, if you make fool of me furtherー」
「Are you going to say, you won’t forgive me? Even though your hobby is hunting people, should you be forgiving or not forgiving? It’s easy for you to not forgive because you’re angry. Anyway, I get it already. Just forget what I said and go to the place you like. I’m “different from you”, I’m fine anywhere」

Interrupting the girl’s words, I talked in a fluent attitude and a light tone as much as possible, I urged the girl to go ahead while looking down at her.
The girl turned to me with her both hands on the pocket of her yellow parka. Her atmosphere has changed completely.
You normally can’t confirm the expression of her eyes because she’s wearing a cap covering her eyes. But, it’s completely exposed with my ability.
The girl looks at me with cold eyes while trying to hide her smile. The face of the girl distorts and her eyes became bloodshot.

「You see, to be honest, I didn’t mean to hunt you seriously. I know that you will admit defeat and run away once you know my strength. Once I tell Hizuki that, Hizuki’s eyes should wake up. Though she says that she likes strong men, Hizuki has never invited a man to herself before. And yet…」

Gazing at me with bloodshot eyes, the girl talks with an irregularly distorted smile.

「As long as you admit defeat, Hizuki will definitely come back to me. Hizuki’s eyes are blinded. Seeing you similar to me, she’s misunderstanding it. I’m the one Hizuki really wants. Not you. You’re just a degraded copy of me. That’s why I thought of forgiving you if you escape. No, I wanted you to run away then be hunted disgracefully. But…」

Contrary to the kind voice of the girl, her nape is tingling.
It seems that I’ve provoked her wrath.

「It won’t chase you even if you run right now. But if you don’t run away “I won’t let go”」

Saying that, the girl begins to walk towards the forest.
I thought that she would take the bait with her personality and temper, but the strategy was more successful than I expected.
Underestimating me, becoming arrogant, and dulling her judgement from losing her temper.
Looking good.
Also, It seems that she’s depending on Kamuro Hizuki more than I expected.
That’s usable.
I go with the girl to the forest while hiding my grin in my heart.
I think you will regret it if you don’t calm down before you do something that can’t be undone.

The girl entered the forest, stopped, turned back and looked at me. Thenー.
She threw the cap covering her eyes and the black wig to the ground.
I know that her hair was white but I didn’t know the hairstyle because of the hat and the wig.
The snow-like white hair exposed, her forelock and side-hair are somewhat long but the back hair is a short boyish style.
It’s a charm that I agree at the person herself telling that she’s very cute. Still, the boyish hairstyle stands out from the charm.
I’m not flattering the girl but she’s certainly a beauty comparable to Yukina and Lolihina.
Contrary to her arrogant and ferocious personality, her appearance is too light. And the boyish look is intolerable.
It’s possible she has applied some correction because I like boyish look.
Anyway, she’s definitely a beauty.
It’s possible for the three of them to make a loli unit debut.
Black twin-tails cat eyes. Lolihina who’s a expected to be a tsundere type but is unexpectedly a Yamato Nadeshiko.
Blonde braids and blue eyed, beautiful breasts. Yukino is an innocent pretty girl if you omit her troublesome contents.
Snow white hair and red-eyes. Causing an atmosphere of misfortune, a Yangire murderer boyish beauty, err, I don’t know her name.
She covers her appearance nor character so it seems she’d be accepted by a wide range, they may seriously make a debut?
And I would be the manager by name and get only the money.
Yup, not bad.

「Fufu, stupefied? Could it be that you fell for me being too cute?」

Because I was staring at the girl seriously, the girl seems to have misunderstood and boasts herself.
There’s nothing to admire, I’ve seen everything from the start.

「Then, should I surprise you even more?」

Saying that, she puts her finger on her eye. Then took off her contact lenses.

「Red eyes are rare aren’t they? They are born lacking pigments. Would you get it if I say Albino? Albino are usually weak to UV rays but I’m special」

The girl speaks proudly while looking at me with her red eyes after removing the contacts from both eyes.
Special you say.
She probably wants to say that she’s okay even though normal ones are weak to UV rays.
As expected, the body strengthening ability is a bingo.

「Speaking of which, I haven’t introduced myself. My name is Rikka1. Hizuki gave me that name. My last name is Kamuro. I’m Hizuki’s sister-in-law」

Hee, a sister-in-law? She says she’s adopted but that makes me uneasy.
Isn’t it strange that she say Kamuro Hizuki gave her name? It’s as if she never had a name before that.
Have you been adopted when you were a baby? But from her way of speaking it seems its a nuance she remembers that Kamuro Hizuki named.
If her memory remains, she should already have a name already.
It’s not something to worry about but I’m curious.

「Do you know the meaning of Rikka? Rikka is written as six flowers. Six flowers, that means snow crystal. Snow crystal falling from the frozen moon. You see, I was born to protect Hizuki」

I’m not asking and yet the girl talks about it.
Sure sure, that’s great. But if she’s that important, is it okay to leave her leaning on the wall along the road?
Well, she left Kamuro Hizuki so there must be some other allies.

「Then, let’s begin hunting. But before that, a special service」

The girl smile as she says that, then she grabbed the hem of her yellow parka with both hands, raised it and threw it away.
What appears is a snow-like naked body tied up with leather belts.
Wow, Officer there’s a flasher here.

「Hee, you’re not feeling excited from seeing a naked woman. You don’t look like a popular guy so shouldn’t you be more surprised?」

The girl exposes her body dignified, as if admiring, but her mutters seem boring.
Was it Rikka? Sorry. I’ve already ogled at you.
Or rather, its lewdness is reduced by half if you’re too dignified. It’s more erotic if you steal a glance when it’s hidden with clothes.

「Well, I was joking about the service. This is my serious form. My clothes just hinder me」

Saying that, the girl smiled andーdisappeared.
Next, the wind blew.

Hey hey, this is no joke.

Though I said she disappeared, to be exact, Rikka went behind me with a “speed to the extent she disappear”
I expected her to be a physical reinforcement type ability but this is more than expected. It’s not just fast.
She’s fast that a “normal human kinetic vision” would think she really disappeared.

But, kuku, my ability is more than I thought.

It’s a speed that looks like she disappears normally. But I “clearly” see it.
No, should I say “I can grasp”?
It’s my first experience so I wasn’t that confident but it seems that I’m in more advantage than I thought.
My space grasp ability isn’t capturing the view. It can grasp everything within the range of the ability, 360 degrees, up down, left right. In short, no matter how fast you move, it’s impossible to escape from my “grasp”
There’s still two ways to escape if you want.
Coming out of the range of my ability or erasing one’s existence.

「Too surprised you can’t speak out? Or could it be that you don’t understand what happened?」

Rikka talks happily walk standing in a distance somewhat away behind me.
Oh, right. Should I be surprised here?


Raising a stupid voice, I looked around and turned back, then looked at Rikka with a surprised eye.
Rikka laughs happily while looking at me like that.
Fufu, that’s right, just get more arrogant.
Hey, Rikka-chan. You probably don’t understand why I struggled with the man with a baton.
The man with the baton was an “Ordinary man”
“Ordinary man” must scheme to become strong.
Economizing in order to allow the maximum attack at minimum movement, they must train repeatedly.
That was the baton guy.
Until they draw an attack, they relax themselves so it won’t be read when they will attack, they bet on the moment they find a gap.
It’s already too late when they think it works. Furthermore, it’s disadvantageous since I was in super-close combat.
That wasn’t a hard enemy.
And in exchange, Rikka-chan. You’re not refined. I will win no matter how much movement you waste.
Rikka-chan. Your ability and my ability have the worst compatibility.
Do you know? You’re too strong. That’s why you will lose.

「Too fast」

Rikka grins when I pretend to be surprised.
I may be defeated, or it maybe my win.


  1. リッカ