X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 57

Chapter 57

Slipping between the trees, kicking the dead leaves piled up, I ran with all my power.
At an abnormally impossible speed.

A suicidal act of running on bad ground while looking through the trees lined up.
Trees in a row. A tree branch appears suddenly. A hollow dent at the root of the tree concealed by the humus.
It’s impossible to run with all your strength when you turn your consciousness to it.

“Normally” though

It’s possible using my ability.

「Haa, haa, haa」

However, I’m not good at moving nor I like it. If it’s a movement about thrusting my dick inside a woman’s pussy, I love it. I guess thrusting and pulling out a vibrator on a woman’s pussy too.
It’s meaningless if you move without lewdness in it.
I want this killer tsungire loli to shut up and sleep in between Marina ang Yuka’s breasts.

Indeed an oppai sandwich.

Furthermore, it’s not just breasts. Incomparable to the chopping board this morning, it’s Marina’s kyonyuu and Yuka’s binyuu.
It’s cloud nine to be sleeping in between those boobs.
I did I not notice until now. Now that I came to think of it, I wanted to do it soon.

「Guh, Dammit!」

I hear Rikka’s voice.
Rikka’s pursuing me but her state is clearly strange.
The damage on her right arm is so serious that it’s almost impossible to make action. Her bones are definitely broken. Besides, there’s blood coming out of her mouth so there’s no doubt that her internal organs are damaged as well.
I’d like to check how much damage was made but I won’t be having a hard time if I can do it.
I require a direct line of sight on the body part I want to see through X-ray, and the scope of the ability is extremely narrow so it’s impossible to grasp everything in a moment. It would take time for me to examine.
In the first place, even if I use my x-ray ability, my space grasp ability will be forcibly cancelled.
I can’t release my space grasp ability under the current conditions.
That is why, though I can’t do anything but judge from her expression and the changes outside her body, the damage on Rikka seems to be more than I thought. Although she’s chasing me, she doesn’t look like she’s trying to attack, furthermore, her physical strength has clearly lagged behind.
No matter how high her ability value is, your physical strength will lower if you get in an injury, and it should be “painful” too.
Though sense of pain is a sense needed by body to know abnormalities, “acute pain” imposes restrictions in your ability. And you can’t “normally” run putting too much effort on it.
But still Rikka’s chasing me, well, she’s really a monster.

But that’s not my aim. I assumed that Rikka will follow me. No, it would be a problem if she doesn’t.

The emotion surpassing the “acute pain”
Rikka thinks that it was injured because of her own mistake not knowing that it was my plan, has no difference when injured.
Though she’s severely injred, she’s still looking down on me.
Rikka’s pride is too high so she can’t allow it.

In short, Rikka has forgotten herself. I guess she will be caught on the next trap successfully.

But I must not be optimistic., I can’t be distracted even for a moment to ensure my victory.

「Haa, haa, haa」

I was running all the time between the trees, consulting my own stamina, I suddenly stopped. Then I squat down and took a stance.

「Haa, haa, haa」

I breathe more than necessary while pretending to be alert of the surroundings.
Though I’ve run with all my strength, I still have some composure, but I must not let her realize I do.
I have to make her sense that I desperately run away but I reached my stamina limit and it’s impossible to escape. And that I became desperate and decided to counterattack Rikka.
That is the feeling I’d like her to think.
Actually, I decided to stand at this point since the start.
There’s an ideal space between trees and branches hanging from it. And the condition of the ground.
Root of the tree, stone, hollow. They are hidden well under the dead leaves.
This is my “den”
And my secret weapon. Flour bomb prepared for escape.
Rikka quite relies on her high values of her ability., This is why the flour bombs should be effective.
If I can invite her to self destruct once again, I can make her impossible to act anymore.
Though this isn’t very far away from the previous location, to act that I was escaping to the limit, I changed the route and run around.
Rikka might’ve noticed it if she was calm but her right arm and internal organs is damaged an in acute pain that she’s vomiting blood. And her anger that makes her lose herself.
It’s impossible to notice that in her state.

「I-Is the game of tag over?」

Rikka asks me while breathing roughly, far from me who’s protected by the trees on all sides.
Pale face and trembling body. Unusual amount of sweat spouts from her whole body and red liquid flows from the edge of her lip.
It’s possible that her internal organs are ruptured. I can’t make a conclusion since I can’t confirm it but, there’s no doubt that it caused internal bleeding in her body.

「What’s wrong? You look quite unwell. Shouldn’t you go to the hospital?」

Relaxing my whole body so I can respond to an attack wherever it comes from, I sharpen my consciousness to the limit then asked Rikka with a grin.
If she takes this provocationー.

「You’re right. This is really getting bad. I can’t move my body freely. My visibility’s growing dim. It seems that my body’s been badly damaged」

Rikka who’s holding her right arm with her left said while wiping her mouth with the back of her left hand.
And I feel that her red eyes were laughing as they look at me.

I feel chills running down my spine.

Strange, this is strange. Why is Rikka not getting provoked. If it was the prideful Rikka, she’ll get enraged from the provocation and attack., And yet, far from taking the provocation, she admits that the damage done to her was serious.
Is the damage that serious? No, if it is then she should be much more stubborn. And yet, she admit that the damage was serious?
Thinking about it, this means that she has a means to overcome the situation.
In short, it’s possible to reduce the damage?
Possible. If it was Rikka who has a body reinforcement type ability, it’s not strange for her to resilience beyond comprehension.

Could this be the worst possible development?

If, suppose that it really is. Rikka has “that ability”, it won’t be just a small trouble.

「Fufu, it’s funny. Who would’ve thought that I would use “This” on an opponent as low as you. But I can’t move if I don’t use this sooner. It makes me mad. It’s been a while since I felt this mad」

Grinning and laughing, Rikka raised her left hand while muttering to herself. Thenー.

「My body causes super-recovery when receiving a mortal wound. It consumes a huge amount of my stamina, it makes me abnormally hungry, I don’t want to use it but I’d rather do this than let you go」

Rikka says that while laughing then swing down her left hand.

「Gufu. Ah, ah」

Striking her abdomen with her snow-white left hand, fresh red blood has scattered.

「Ha, haha…I-I have to stir it. It’s internal organs you see? I-If not, I cannot receive a mortal wound. T-There are times when it’s inconvenient to speak since it’s too strong」

Unbelievable spectacle.
Rikka mutters while having a cramped smile and vomiting huge amounts of blood.
Echoes of water splashing around comes from her left hand stabbing her abdomen.
She’s sticking it. Her hand is stabbed in her belly.
I know that it’s real due to the large amount of blood coming out of her abdomen.
That’s okay. That’s okay but…

「Gaha. Ugu, gu…T-This thing hurts a lot. D-Do you understand?」

Saying that, she pulls out her hand stabbed in her abdomen.
A large amount of blood drips down. Furthermore, she didn’t just pull out her hand. She pulls out her pink internal organs from the abdomen spouting out blood.
Ugee. Too gross. Sorry but this isn’t my hobby.
That saidー.

「Are you an idiot?」

When I asked, Rikka looks surprised.
You gain super-recovery when you receive a mortal wound? That’s the worst. It’s the worst ability I can think off. But you see, I’m not a villain in power rangers. Do you think I would wait for the hero’s transformation to end?

「W-Wait a moー」

She has guessed my intention. Rikka who’s pulling out her intestines from her cut up abdomen tries to restrain me. Looking at Rikka’s faceー.


I performed a Yakuza kick.


Rikka who had her face kicked flew off interestingly.
Pulling out her “guts” gives “super” recovery? That’s funny.1

「I was in panic for the possibility of super recovery but it can’t be activated without a mortal injury. Then, get away from your enemy for the moment. Taking a fatal injury in front of your enemy’s eyes? It was so stupid I can’t even take a look. I’m so ashamed that I’m fighting an idiot like this seriously」

Saying that as I come out of my “den”, I approach Rikka who’s lying on the ground.

「W-Wait. Wait a moment. J-Just a bit more. It needs to be a bit more fatal. I-I want to fight you with all my strengthー
「Like I said, I’m not going to wait for you」

Rikka tries to crawl on the ground and tries to hold me away while desperately trying to run. I kicked Rikka like that.


Rikka raised a puppy like voice as she roll down the ground.
Yeah, it’s annoying. I even thought of making desperate measures. I was walking a rope without any lifelines. And yet it’s going have this foolish end.

「Ha, ha, ha, ha…O-Once this mortal wounds recovers, youー」
「You haven’t used that ability too much, have you? If you had received a mortal wound in the past, you would notice it. But, you never had a hard fight since before so you’re not used to it right? You haven’t used it in an actual fight. Furthermore, your enemy is in front of you」

I’m annoyed but I’m more amazed than anything.
Super recovery that only activates from a mortal injury.
Her right arms bone broke, and there are serious damage on her internal organs, and to top that, she cut her own abdomen.
Normally, it’s close to a mortal injury but she doesn’t understand herself properly.
Your body is hard to suffer fatal injuries. Your vitality is far superior. Furthermore, she cut off her belly without thinking.
Depending on the circumstances, the place where she cut her abdomen won’t be much of a damage. If you wanted to get a mortal wound, you have to properly understand your body and know how to definitely get a fatal injury.
However, if I left this alone, it will be a fatal wound. And it would be troublesome if she recover.
I have to break her heart completely before that happens.
But what should I do?
No matter how much strength she has, she has to be unable to move if I tie her up so she can’t muster strength. But there are no ropes.
I came unarmed to make contact with Kamuro Hizuki.
I never thought of fighting such a monster.
There’s three flour bombs prepared for escape.
I was going to use it on my battle against Rikka but it’s useless if it’s like this.

「Hm? Oh, you have something good in you」

I grin as I look at Rikka’s naked body as if licking it all over while stepping on Rikka’s head on the ground.
The leather belt tying up her naked body. This would be much stronger than a rope.

「D-Dammit. M-Move your feet away. I-I won’t forgive you for stepping on my head. I’ll never forgive you. Never. Never forgive you」

Rikka seems to be frustrated being trampled on the ground by me, tears overflow while she vomits blood.
I guess she never experienced being stepped on her head. Thenー

「Sorry, Actually, I stepped on a dog’s shit today, with the shoes I’m stepping on your head」

I haven’t stepped on dog’s shit but, I lied to give damage to Rikka.

「U, uuu, R-Remember this. I won’t forgive you. I will never forgive you…!」

Rikka who seems to be seriously injured in her heart more than I thought lets out her anger with a shaking voice while sobbing.
But, even though her abdomen is torn up and she’s bleeding out a lot, she’s doing well on speaking out a lot. That’s some unexpected vitality.
Could it be that her ability is a cockroach type?
She still has a room before a fatal wound in this state.
I’m glad that Rikka’s an idiot, she’s not using her ability to fight and win. If Rikka understands her own ability and fought calmly, there was no chance of me winning.
That is how rich Rikka’s ability is.

「You’ll never forgive me? That’s my line. I will take my time to teach you what happens if you take a fight with me. No matter how much you beg for forgiveness, “I will never forgive you” I will torment you until your heart breaks」

I spit out and kicked Rikka’s face, Rikka rolled down and I stepped on her tiny and white back.
She can hardly move but she has the same life force as a cockroach. Being careless for a moment may become fatal.

「D-Dammit, dammit, you, someone like you…」

Rikka mutters her grudge while crying. Ignoring Rikka, I removed the leather belt and stepped on her back.
Rikka’s pride is torn to pieces. But it would be troublesome if she escapes from here.
If her health is restored, she will attack regardless of appearance.
She might forget to think and become just a murderer.
I would seriously die if that’s the case.
Therefore I need to break Rikka’s heart thoroughly here.
To the extent she can’t resist again. To the extent that she’d be disabled.

I used the leather belt that binds Rikka’s naked body and tied up her arms.

「Ku, Ah, aga」

Spouting out sweat on her whole body, her face is distorted, Rikka leaks out a groan.
Her right arm is bent the wrong way. I know that it’s broken but it seems much more messy than expected.
The shock he has collided with the tree was that dreadful.
Well, it’s not just her right arm, it seems that there are other bones broken too.
She did well running with this.
I used the rest of the belt to tie up both her hands and ankles of her feet. Then, I pulled the belt forcibly.

「Ga, aga, igigi」

Her feet were lifted by the belt and Rikka has become a prawn curve.
Both her arms and feet are tied up behind her.
With this, she can’t move no matter how much effort she exerts.

「D-Do you intend to torture me? D-Do as you want. No matter how horrible your torture is, my heart won’t break. Kill me if you’re afraid of revenge. There’s no other choice if you want to get away from me」

The prawn curve Rikka desperately speaks sharply but, her voice is trembling.
Someone who doesn’t think they will lose will be like this when they do.
I even advised you that there are no absolutes you know? Based on the possibility that you would be defeated, don’t give up about winning. Then you should think about measures when you lose.
That is a match.

「Don’t worry. I won’t do such a horrible thing. I’m kind to beautiful girls」

I say that and laugh, Rikka who’s already bleeding a lot has her face become even paler, she’s trembling in tears.
Hm? What’s wrong? I said that I would be kind didn’t I? Don’t be so scared. Aren’t you making it look like I’m making a very dark smile?
I look down at Rikka while showing a smile then took off my school uniform.

「Please wait for a while. I will be capturing wonderful “friends” I’m sure you will love」

Rikka’s trembling become violent when I said that.
She might be scared but that might just be shock from loosing too much blood.
If what Rikka has said is correct, her super recovery should start now.
Should I hurry up in case of emergency?
But well, super recovery must be a forbidden move for Rikka. It’s usually impossible to recover from mortal wounds. If she makes it possible, then the energy consumption is extraordinary.
In short, even if she recovers, it won’t be perfect. Her skill and physical strength should decrease sharply.
But, I have to be in a hurry.
I decided to look for Rikka’s “friends” she’ll love while having that thought.

I wanted to see it at least once. A naked beauty being crawled around by pill bug, wood lice, centipede, earthworm, and caterpillars

Fortunately, there are a lot of insects on the pile of dead leaves.
I have to get as much as possible so I can have enjoy it to her heart’s content.
Well, I make my uniform as a pouch and I’ll fill that pouch a lot.
Oh right. Should I put Rikka on a good hollow and fill it with insects? Like an insect bath.
Rikka crying out inside the bath with a swarm of insects. The pill bug, wood lice, centipede, and earthworms would probably enter her holes.
If this goes bad then her mind might really collapse.
Shit. I got an erection from imagining it.


  1. Both of them are read as Chou