X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 59


Chapter 59

I decided to go home now that the sun is set.
I’m also hungry.
With that said, I wrapped the shrimp Rikka with my uniform. Using the sleeves of my uniform, I shouldered her on my back.
It’s quite suspicious but it’s dark, and I have my ability, it’s okay to walk as long as I avoid the bright road.
That saidー.

「Should I bring her home?」

I hear a strange noise from behind and vibration transmitted on my back.
Rikka’s no longer raising a voice as she’s unconscious but her arm bone repeats breaking and healing as usual, her convulsions makes me feel uneasy.

She might die before I get home.

That said, I can’t remove her restraints.
The most fearful thing about Rikka is that she’s “purely strong”
It’s nearly impossible to give Rikka a fatal injury with my attack and yet, Rikka can easily kill me.
Taking it to the extreme, Rikka can kill me with one finger.
Rikka’s suffering from over exhaustion from her super-recovery ability but I must not underestimate her.
Relaxing my guard even for a moment can become deadly.
If Rikka dies then I’d be troubled with her dead body but my life is my priority.
Thinking like that, I rushed to the house in a hurry.

I chose the dark roads as much as possible and hurry home.
But what should I do? Even if I arrive home, the fundamental problem won’t be solved.
Rikka who keeps breaking and regenerating will consume energy until she’s incapacitated. She’ll die if I leave her alone.
Then should I remove her restraints? No that’s dangerous.
I can remove the restraint for a moment then bind her again when her injury has regenerated. If I do that, her super-recovery ability will be lifted however, Rikka will be given the chance to counterattack at the same time.
She can’t have a complete recovery without enough nourishments and sleep. But, it is enough threat if she can draw out even twenty percent of her power.
I can hold Rikka since her super-recovery is active.
That said, Rikka will die if her fracture-recovery just repeats itself.

Hmmm, this is troubling.

Can I suppress the energy consumption while letting the super-recovery remain active?
Rikka won’t die as long as the energy replenishment doesn’t exceed the consumption.
There’s a danger that Rikka might be able to take action if the energy replenishment exceeds the consumption but if her super-recovery is active, it’ll be accompanied with forced estrus and increased sensitivity. Then she won’t be able to move if I bind her and attack her with pleasure.

The problem is how to control her energy consumption while having the super-recovery active.

Looking at it, her super-recovery ability will cure mortal wounds in a flash. In short even if she gets intermittent wounds, it’ll regenerate when there’s a mistake in judgement. And when she completely recovers, her super-recovery will be lifted.
When her super-recovery is lifted, the forced estrus and the increased sensitivity will be lifted.
Once it has been released, I have to make Rikka suffer a fatal wound to make it active again but, if she escapes, it’s over.
To prevent it, I have to scratch Rikka at regular intervals for 24 hours.
That’s troublesome.

Hmm, is there a way to reduce the energy consumption and not allow her wounds to cure? There’s no way something that easy exisー

「Hm? Wait?」

There’s a way to not allow the wound to recover.
I played centipede piercing with the skilled centipedes a while ago, how about piercings?
Making a hole in her nipple or clitoris and make a foreign body pass through the hole.
If it’s a “normal human”, the hole would dry and heal like that. But, for Rikka who’s “not a normal human”?
Her super-recovery will try to heal those open holes. But the foreign substance will hinder the recovery. In that case, her super-recovery won’t be released.
Since the wound is small the energy consumption will be reduced, it’s worth a try.
Now that it’s decided, I should ask Yuka if she has ear piercings ready.
I stopped on a dark road and took out my phone. Then I remember that my phone is in the pocket of my uniform, I unloaded Rikka from my back for a moment.
Rikka’s wrapped in my uniform.
Rikka has her hands and feet bound like a shrimp, her eyes peel white and bubble foam from her mouth, and everytime her arm breaks, her body twitches.
She’s going to heaven soon.

「…Do your bestー」

Cheering on Rikka, I took out my phone from the pocket of the uniform wrapping Rikka.


I look at my screen and noticed that there’s an incoming call.
When I check it, one call from Marina and three calls from Yuka.
Mana came from about 30 minutes ago. And Yuka made a call immediately after, and twice with a ten minute interval.

I feel uneasy with this.

I left everything to Yuka. And I was sure that Yuka will do well.
It would be late to come home so it’s not strange for her to make a call. However, the first call came from Marina.
I left it to Yuka. That should’ve been known by Marina, then it should’ve been Yuka’s role to contact me. In relation to that, Marina won’t make a tantrum from that. But, it was Marina who first called. And three calls from Yuka after that.

There’s no doubt that something has happened.

I thought of calling Marina right away but I only received a call from Marina once. Afterwards, Yuka made three calls after that so I feel like I better contact Yuka.

I put my phone on my ear and waited for a while and it rang.
After several calls, the phone connected.

『Haa, haa, haa, haa』

I can hear rough breathing sounds from the other side. I can’t hear her voice but I was sure that it was Yuka.

『M-Mota-kun! I’m sorry! There’s a problem!』

Perhaps she’s running. Yuka speaks out with noise mixed with it.
She seems to be in a hurry. Even though I entrusted her everything, a problem has occurred so she’s in panic.

「Yuka-chan calm down. Let me tell you first, I won’t blame Yuka-chan even if there’s a problem」

If I just question torture Yuka who’s in panic, she’ll be unnecessarily upset. Therefore I speak as kind as possible.
But, I’m quite shaken too.

Kamuro Hizuki. Did she start moving already? If so, Rikka was just a “decoy”? Supposed that’s true, that means that I got caught in Kamuro Hizuki’s trap.

『I was an idiot! I was worried that Mota-kun’s coming home late so Yuu-chan lost her cool and said that you might’ve been killed by those guys so I explained the situation! Then Yuu-chan!』

Yuka’s breathing hard as she speaks desperately.

『She jumps out of the house and say I’m the one who’ll beat down Mota-kun!』

It seems that Asahina run away without permission.
What the hell, I thought Kamuro Hizuki started to move. That made me panic.
But, it’s dangerous for her to act alone.

『Marina-chan followed Yuu so I think it’s okay! But Yui-chan jumped off the house after Yuu-chan!』
「Oh, I see」

So the first call from Maina was that? She wanted to contact me when she followed Asahina who jumped out of the house.
But, as expected of Marina. Yuka was surely confused by Asahina recklessness. But, Marina chased after Asahina without hesitation.
I think Yuka has the highest specs among those girls but Yuka’s personality has been her shackles.
On the other hand, Marina’s flexibility to a sudden situation is unparalleled.
If Yuka remained in the house, there’s no problem even if she follows Asahina.
However, the sister jumped out of the house following her sister running out of control, then Yukina followed and jumped out of the house.
It’s impossible to stop Asahina’s recklessness. That idiot can’t obediently follow someone else. So Marina’s action of following Asahina is correct. About Lolihina and Yukina, Yuka could’ve stopped them. But, she didn’t stop them.
That’s why she’s shaken.

「Yuka-chan’s coming after Yukina?」
『Y-yes! I’m really sorry!』
「Oh, no it’s fine」

Although Yuka and Marina follows what I say properly, Asahina ruins everything. Therefore all the responsibility should be on Asahina.
That’s why it’s okay.
Marina will do something about Asahina. The problem is the loli duo.
One is a hardcore siscon.
The other is an idiot.
With her sister jumping out of the house, Lolihina is likely in a state of confusion. And the idiot chased Lolihina who’s in that state.
It’s the worst.

「Does the two have any objective?」
『I-I don’t know! I don’t know but it’s my fault so I will definitely look for them!』

You don’t know? Thenー.

「Yuka-chan, go back home」
「Let me tell you, I’m not telling Yuka to go home because she’s useless. You better do so in order to minimize the danger」

Yuka opposed what I said.
It was her fault that Asahina runaway, and she wasn’t able to stop the loli duo too. Therefore she wants to bring back the loli duo.
I can understand that but even though she doesn’t know where the loli duo has gone, it’s dangerous for Yuka to go alone.
Yuka has a troublesome character but her specs are high.
I can’t lose Yuka for the loli duo who can’t become a fighting force.

「Kamuro Hizuki is likely to have a dangerous power」
『Eh?! What do you meanー』
「Let’s talk about the details later. Anyway, go back home」

I tried to persuade Yuka but she doesn’t reply.
She’s trying to recover her own blunder. Her head is filled with that.
It can’t be helped. Should I change my persuasion method.

「Yuka-chan. I need Yuka-chan’s power. If you feel like helping me, then come back home」

When I asked that over the phone, the noise disappeared. Yuka has stopped running.
I can hear her rough breathing. Thenー.

『I-I understand…』

It was a vanishing voice but Yuka certainly said that.
It seems that I have convinced her.
But she must be mortified. Before I ended the call, I hear a faint sob.

「Now then」

I put my phone in my pocket and turn over my thought.
Yuka will be coming home so it’s fine and Maina will bring Asahina home. There’s the two loli girls, there’s no way to search them.
But, there’s no proof that Kamuro Hizuki has begun to move, and Lolihina has chased her sister. Then, if it goes well then she’ll join Marina at capturing Marina.

「Mental type ability is really hard…」

Asahina suddenly runs away. Is that really Asahina’s will?
It maybe possible that her spirit has been intervened and was suggested that she’d run away at a specific time.
I give up. I’m in a deadlock if it’s that kind of ability.
If it was that ability, Yuka and Marina who had something to do with Kamuro Hizuki in some way are acting like time bombs.
Or rather I made contact with Kamuro Hizuki too and I’m losing trust on myself.
I maybe overthinking it.
But, Asahina’s runaway was timed.

I attacked Kamuro Hizuki and took her consciousness away today. That was the biggest chance.
I never thought that Kamuro Hizuki has a special ability, and Rikka was there.
If I try to crush Kamuro Hizuki while fighting against Rikka, I might’ve lost.
Thinking about it, it’s great that I crushed Rikka.

But still, mental type ability? I don’t think I can win.

If I aim at Kamuro Hizuki, everything might settle around if I follow. But depending on Kamuro Hizuki’s mood, I can’t deny the possibility that Marina and Yuka get crushed. Thenー,

「I just hope that Kamuro Hizuki gets pregnant. I don’t have a problem fucking a beauty. But…」

I like to be the fucker but I’d rather die than get fucked. I want to violate beautiful women but totally disgusted on being violated.
Then, I need to find means to counter Kamuro Hizuki. I need information for that sake. And I was able to capture the loli for that information.
Then, it’s normal to interrogate her. No matter what means I use.

「You’re an idiot to challenge me to a fight. I don’t have the intent to hold back」

Muttering that, I put Rikka wrapped in my uniform on my back. Then I hurried home while choosing the darkest road as much as possible.

「Onee-sama! Onee-sama, where are you!」
「Hey hey, Yui, I bought three taiyaki!」
「Onee-sama! Where art thou Onee-samaa!」
「Hey hey Yui, I’ll give you one of the Taiyaki!」
「Onee-samaaa! Onee-sama doko desuka?!」
「Want to eat? Want to eat Taiyaki?」
「Onee-samaー! Where are you Onee-samaー!」
「Delish! Taiyaki’s delicious!」

Lolihina desperately raises her voice while wandering in the night and Yukina follows lolihina restlessly.
Who would’ve thought I’ll find them.
It’s lucky but this is troublesome.

「Please look for her too Senpai! If something happens to Onee-sama, what should I, what should I do!?」

Lolihina is confused as expected, she’s grasping Yukina with teary eyes.
Yukina’s being shouted at while holding her chest with both her hands but, she’s not shaken at all and she’s just eating taiyaki.

「Yui, you’re smart but you don’t have eyes on people」

Yukina holding a paper bag mutters towards Lolihina after eating the taiyaki. Then she took out a new taiyaki from the paper bag.
Yukina laughs as she take out the new taiyaki.
There’s not a fragment of nervousness in her.

「W-What do you mean by I don’t have eyes on people?! Are you insulting Onee-sama?! I won’t forgive you even if you’re a senior!」

Lolihina gets higher as she’s fanned by Yukina. But Yukina’s unconcerned at all. She just happily eat the taiyaki.
That taiyaki looks delicious…
Yukina just eats on taiyaki on her pace, gulped down the throat and swallowed down the taiyaki.

「Your nee-chan is an idiot. Furthermore, she’s a washboard」
「But, Marina-neechan has chased after that idiotic neesan. Don’t worry」
「Haa!? What is nothing to worry?!」
「You should become Marina-neechan’s friend. You and your nee-chan.」
「W-What do you mean by that?!」
「I wonder what? Anyway, Marina-neechan followed after her. She’s much safer than you searching. And your nee-chan will definitely come back」
「W-Why can you say that?」
「Let’s return to Motaro’s house. Then, Marina-neechan will come back with your nee-san, that will prove what I said is correct」
「I-I don’t get what you’re talking about!」
「It doesn’t mean anything. Even I don’t get it」
「Anyway, it’s okay as long as your nee-chan comes back right? Then let’s go back. If not, even if your nee-chan comes back, she’ll dash out of the house again if you’re not there」

Lolihina’s in state of confusion but it seems that she has been confused in another meaning because of Yukina’s incomprehensible persuasion. Thanks to that, her momentum is gone.
Yukina, she might have an unexpected “eye” Then, “Chance”, in short, I think the timing is good.
It must’ve been impossible to persuade Lolihina who jumped out of her house. Therefore Yukina just silently let Lolihina do what she wants? Then, she searched for the timing and persuaded her.
I thought that Yukina’s just an idiot but I feel like she’s the type that’s similar to Marina.
If she grows well, she might become a woman comparable to Marina.
If there’s a high possibility of her growing into a good woman in the future, it might not be bad to keep her.
Compared to that, Lolihina’s no good. She’s timid unlike her sister and yet she’s stubborn like her sister.
Her sister has the strength to keep up with me. And beyond that she wipes her own ass. Asahina has the strength.
But her sister is different. She’s timid and stubborn. She has no strength to stick with me, she can’t wipe her own ass either. That kind of type disturbs the loop. It’s the worst type that can’t take responsibility for throwing it out of order.
If there’s a merit, let’s just say that it’s her beautiful face.
She has a beautiful face that I regret throwing it away but when I think about risks and returns, I don’t need her.
Though I will put her under protection until the problem with Kamuro Hizuki settles down, I’ll stop concerning myself with her once it’s done.
At any rate, it’s lucky that I found Yukina and Lolihina.
Let’s join up with them and leave quickly.
I tried to close up with the two but quickly hid behind them.

Three men have entered the range of my ability.

The three men are on the same age as me judging from their appearance. They’re heading towards Yukina and Lolihina without hesitation.
Isn’t this troublesome? Give me a break. I’m shouldering Rikka on my back and there’s the loli duo in addition, it’s difficult to flee nor fight.

「One has blond hair and blue eyes and three braids. The other one has black eyes and black twintailed hair. And both of them are wearing black lily middle school uniform」
「It is as Yuka-chan said. Isn’t it the two of them?」
「Idiot! call Yuka “san” not “chan”! If Suzuhara-san knew that, he’ll beat you to death!」

I tilt my neck when I heard that.
They’re talking about Yuka’s name and that they’ll be killed by me.
Oh, could it be that these guys are from Shinozaki’s group?
I do remember the faces of the guys I crushed from the game center but I forgot the faces of the small fries.

「T-That girl over there. I’d like to ask you something」

The guy who looks like the leader among the three approaches the loli duo timidly.

「W-What’s with you! Do you intend to pick up Yui!? You’re going to pass through this 2nd-kyu in karate me!」

When called out, Yukina got alerted and raised her voice. Then, she took a posture. Lolihina tries to hide behind Yukina.
Lolihina’s really no good. It’s clearly visible that Yukina is trying to protect Lolihina. Even I knew it so Lolihina who’s with Yukina longer than me knows it as a matter of course.
But the opponent is three men. It’s not something Yukina can deal with.
Then, Lolihina should just take Yukina and run away. And yet, Yukina hides behind.
Hey, Lolihina. Yukina’s trying to protect you. In case of Yukina’s personality, you should be trying to help even if she’s trying to save you. You know that since you’re best friends.
Then, take Yukina and run away. If there’s no option of running away with Yukina, you should be making it.
If ever Yukina sacrificed herself to protect you, what will you do? Just cry? Cry and wait for help?
She looks good but unlike her sister, she’s a girl with no charm.

「P-Please don’t be surprised! We’re not your enemies!」
「We were contacted by Tamoe Yuka-san, we’re looking for Kibashiro Yukina-san and Asahina Yui-san!」
「I beg you, don’t say anything strange about us! If not…the cave cricketーUwaaaaaaaaaa! I’m sorry, I’m sorry I’m sorry, I’m sorryyyyyyyyyy!!」

One of the men desperately forces a smile to have Yukina relax her guard but one of the men made a crazy scream and crouched on the place while holding his head.

「N-No good! Misawa’s trauma!」
「C-Calm down MIsawa! The cave cricket won’t come! There’s no cave crickets! The cave cricket you’re seeing is just a hallucination!」

The two desperately call out the crouching man.
Oh, it’s the guys who ate cave crickets? It seems that he got traumatized.

「What’s with you! Are you making fun of cave crickets!? Even though they’re cute!」

Yukina snaps at a strange place.
Oh, speaking of which, she likes bugs.
Cave crickets look disgusting at first sight but they’re quite charming. Yukina’s opinion is not necessarily wrong.

「I’m keeping cave crickets at home! They’re super cute! I had five of them before but it has become fifty before I knew it! Then I let them go out of the house and mother scolded me!」

She’s bragging? Yukina sticks out her chest and her cheeks blush.

「Uwaaaaaaaa! An insect princess! An insect princesssssssssssss!!!」

Looking at Yukina who just said 50 cave crickets, the crouching man cried out like crazy.

「S-Saying that cave crickets are cute, as expected of someone concerned with Suzuhara-san…」
「Even though she’s a blonde haired blue eyed big tits beauty, she’s not half-done…」

The two men muttered while looking at Yukina then gulped down their throats.
Well, I don’t want to keep it.

「Suzuhara? Who’s that?」

Haering the mutter of the men, Yukina ilts her head.
Hey, it’s me, it’s me! They’re talking about me.

「H-Huh? You don’t know Suzuhara-san?」
「Are we mistaken? But the features are right and they’re wearing the black lily uniform」

Hearing Yukina, the two mutters with anxiety on their faces.
No, you guys are right. You didn’t make any mistakes.

「Sorry guys but my mind and body is only for Motaro! I’m going home and have sex with Motaro!」
「Motaro? Eh? What? What are you talking about?」
「I don’t know. Speaking of which, what us Suzuhara-san’s first name again?」
「Insect princes! The insect princes is angryyyyyyyyy!!」

The place has become chaotic because of Yukina.
I’d like to go out and settle it but, well fine.
I’m holding Rikka on my back, and it would be dangerous to be seen with Rikka by the loli duo.
The three men are moving from Yuka’s instructions and other members of Shinozaki’s group are running around.
Then, it’s okay to leave the loli duo to them.
I hurry back home quietly thinking like that.
If I take time for unecessary things, Rikka would be seriously in danger.
I can see Rikka behind with my ability but let’s stop talking about her. It’s that dangerous.
Well, it’s her own fault to challenge me to a fight.