X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Sometimes I like to be serious and rampage. I decided so I left the house feeling a bit excited.
I think that I’m quite strong but to be honest, I don’t know how strong I am.
I never experienced using my all in the end.

Thinking about it, it’s been the first time I pick a fight. The senpai I beat down yesterday is me picking a fight in a certain meaning but they’re the cause of the fight.

「I’ll get disliked again」

I muttered as I walk on the school road.
I rampaged. In short, I’m prepared to get into trouble. When there’s trouble, there would be people who’ll be afraid of me. Especially the schoolgirls are looking me with ‘Those eyes’
‘Those eyes’ That’s right, they’re looking at me like I’m a monster.

People are cautious of those who aren’t normal, they’re a creature that casts out.
Though I’ve been living with my ability hidden, the surroundings feel that I’m not normal.
Well, I wasn’t skilled in hiding it when I was a kid and the other cause is probably because I’ve been looking at women with bloodshot eyes.
But the biggest reason is that I can see things that shouldn’t be seen.

X-ray vision. It’s a power that can look through an obstruction.

Even the clothes that cover ones body. I was able to see through women’s clothes and see their naked body. But, it’s not just the clothes I can see through.
The wall, the door, the ceiling and the floors are all obstruction. If you put those away, things usually not seen can be seen.
For example, we assume that someone dropped an eraser on the other side of the wall. I saw it somehow and then I unconsciously said 「Speaking of which, you dropped your eraser right」to the one who dropped the eraser I’m sitting on my chair this whole time so I shouldn’t be able to see that.
Because it looks an ordinary daily thing, the borderline of normal for me and abnormal for others became ambiguous.
It’s just a trivial thing. My daily life is to see what’s happening on the other side of the wall. If they knew it, they’ll be treating me as a monster.

Then one day that I myself noticed that it’s abnormal.

An obstruction is held. I can see through the wall, door, ceiling and the floor. The pencil, and eraser inside the case, the toothbrush and glass was seen through. I lived with such convenience then I noticed that it’s abnormal.
The ground disappears when the floor is seen through. Normally, I won’t be able to move. But I can recognize the ground firmly.

There should be something there but my recognition contradicts.

The moment I noticed it, I understood that my own power is a dangerous thing.
My power isn’t something acquired. I don’t have memories before I became of age but I’m convinced that this is an inborn ability.

Inborn ability. It’s something that’s the same as five senses for human.

Humans have five fingers on the right hand and five on the left. They have also five fingers on right and left feet.
Though humans can freely manipulate 20 fingers in total, there’s no person who’d think of it as wonderful.
Not just the finger, but also the view they see with their eyes, the sound they hear through their ears, the scent they smell through the nose, the taste in their mouth. The information obtained from those are enormous. Humans handle such enormous information at the same time in an instant. It’s very amazing but humans don’t think that it is. After all, it’s something that they were born with.
Everyone has that ability obviously. That’s why no one’s surprised. But it’s not that they can deal with everything at the same time in the beginning.
People has no recollection when they were babies. Babies can’t talk It can’t walk. When it tries to move a finger, the five fingers move at the same time. In short, it can’t use it’s ability.
The child spends time to learn its ability steadily. It gets used to it. It becomes familiar with it. Doing that way, it’s possible to handle the ability freely soon.
It’s the same for my x-ray vision.
I have no memory if it it I’m sure that I’ve been using my x-ray vision since the start. I should be having a hard struggle if I can’t handle my ability. But I’ve spend long time and the ability is learned steadily.
That’s why I’m looking through things like I should be and I realized that the world and my perception contradicts, I was able to have my ordinary daily life.
Looking through the floor, I can perceive the humans walking downstairs.
Looking trough the ceiling, I can perceive the inside of the skirt of a girl so I lived my life very normal.
Looking through the door, even though I can see through the other side of the door, I open the door normally and pass through.
Speaking of how long before I noticed that it was abnormal, it took too much time. Because of that, everyone around me has disappeared.
It’s something trivial but my ability can obtain information that should never be known so easy. I thought that it’s the purpose of my ability. And that it’s a truly frightening ability
I must not take all of my strength. If I use my all, they’ll surely be frightened. I have persuaded myself and livedー.

「It’s a good opportunity to see how strong I am」

It’s not bad to understand my own strength and also I’m not the my former self anymore

「Well, it’ll go well」

Normal, just like a human, I’ll eliminate enemies by making good use of this ability. Humans can freely manipulate their feet and hands, that’s why I can also freely manipulate this ability. Furthermore, I’m able to apply restrictions to this ability.
If it’s the me right now, I can surely do it.
Furthermore, I don’t mind in particular even if I’m treated like a monster. Because something I obtained is obtained.
Arriving at the school gate, Asahina was standing next to the school gate.


Asahina was looking around restlessly then she run hastily when she saw me. Her face was so pale that it looks like it has no blood.

「Yuka! Yuka’s in danger!」

Asahina took my hand while shouting then she ran while pulling my hand.

「Just follow me!」

I tried thinking of what’s going on but Asahina doesn’t seem to want to listen to me and we left the school.
I don’t want to be late.

Asahina who run wholeheartedly stopped in front of the gate of a house with a Tomoe on it’s doorplate.
Asahina who sweats hard and breathes heavily looks at me without composure. She didn’t say anything and pulled my hand towards the gate. Then she pushed the interphone.

We were invited by someone that seems to be the mother and we entered the house.
That person that seems to be that Yuka’s mother seems to be sleep deprived, there’s a shadow suspending below her eyes that’s quite surprising.
Asahina talked to the one that seems to be the mother then she pulled me up to the second floor.

「She almost never returned home. No, it’s not returned, but I think she was almost not sent back」

Asahina pulled my hand and goes up the stairs, then muttered while clenching her teeth.
Almost unable to return. In short she was almost in a confinement situation by the men who raped her?
Must be nice. I want to violate Asahina until I get tired too.

「She came back yesterday. She was returned. Then she contacted me this morning. I’m sorry, she apologized while crying」

Arriving at the second floor, Asahina speaks while walking down the corridor. Her eyes were clearly bloodshot.
Asahina walks down the corridor while pulling my hand and then she stopped in front of the door.

「This is Yuka’sー」
「Shut up for a moment」

When I shut Asahina up, I looked “on the other side of the door”
I see.

「There’s no need for me to listen. I’m going to school. I don’t want to be late」
「Why don’t you do what you like? Later then」

I tried to shake Asahina’s restraints and walked down the corridor.

「Are you really a villain! I thought you were different!」

She shouted in grief. But I went down the stairs ignoring her.

The scene on the other side of the door: She’s hugging her knees on top of the bed in pajamas, that Yuka covered herself in blanket, shivering.
Her right eye is swelling to some degree and there’s a bruise on her cheek and lips.
When I penetrate the wall, I can’t penetrate the interior of a human body. However, I was able to understand even without that.
She’s been hit severely, kicked severely and was raped severely.
Perhaps the senpai I beat up made her an outlet.

「Asahina’s an idiot」

I muttered while looking up the house when I stopped at the gate of that Yuka’s house.
She intends to change show me that terrible spectacle of that Yuka and tries to make me mind it, but you can’t let a woman on that state to introduce to a man. It’s frightening on the contrary.
However, *Sigh*, she was a used goods but now a damaged goods.

「Now then」

There’s no problem even if there’s no information.

「The senpai I beat up yesterday were gentle people」

That’s why when a kohai ask them sincerely, they’ll spit out everything.
I began to walk towards the school while smiling from ear to ear.

Was Asahina in that Yuka’s house? She didn’t come to school even after the lunch break.
There’s no problem even if Asahina’s not here. Rather, it’s convenient that she’s not here.
Blood has obviously rushed into Asahina’s head this morning. Her state can be used by the Senpai after all. When it comes to it, she’ll just be an obstruction.

With that said, I went to meet the senpai I beat up.

The second year students has the school’s seal sticking in their uniform. That’s why the second year students are on the second floor so I walked down the corridor innocently.
After walking at the corridor several times, I found the student that has a gauze in the face.
The correct phrasing would be, his face severely trampled down. I was able to find him easily thanks to that.


I raised both of my arms with a smile then run towards senpai. 2


The senpai looked at my direction in bad mood but when he saw my face, his face paled instantly.

「I was looking for senpaiー!」

Senpai’s eyes opened wide and he was about to scream. But since there are surrounding students, Senpai was able to endure it somehow but he’s trembling in fear.
The beaten up and the one who beat them, those thoughts have vanished as they were beaten up one sidedly. Since it was done so one-sidedly, I guess they know that it’s absolutely impossible to defeat me.
Thus they’d like to call their allies but Senpai just continued to tremble without even trying to call companions.
It’s not impossible to call but rather they can’t.
Since if they call their companions, it’ll be found out that they were beaten up. They’ll found out that they were beaten one sidedly.
For them who usually swagger around and work delinquently, it’s a shame for them to be beaten by a kohai. If it was found out, it’s possible that they might be cut out from the delinquents.

「Senpai! I just want to ask something, do you have time!」

Looking at me with shaking eyes, the senpai in front of me retreats while slowly backing away in shivers, as the kohai sincerely asks in an obedient and polite tone.

「S-Shut up…」

The senpai that’s about to cry was still showing stubbornness.
As expected of a delinquent. Their obstinacy is unusual.,

「You want to be beaten again? Huh?」

I pressed the obstinate senpai and smiled from ear to ear.


And when I grabbed Senpai’s collar to raise him, senpai had a vanishing scream.

「Who’s the guy that did it to that Yuka? You? Speak. Or else I’ll beat you up just like yesterday? I’ll do it in front of your classmates」
「A, au…」

I raised my voice as I ask Senpai while gripping his collar and Senpai became ghastly pale as he raise a groan while trembling.
The surroundings got noisy. They haven’t heard what I said but the surroundings reacted to the situation where the kohai grips the senpai’s collar raising him.

「Hey you’re a first year right? What are you doing!」

Turning around when I heard the voice, there’s a random schoolboy that has a good bodybuild facing this direction.
His fighting power is around 15-18 I think. He’s probably on a sports club, moreover a combat sports one. His developed muscles is wrapped with faint faint flab. I think it’s judo club. He’s quite strong.
A big fish came out immediately? But Judo is it? This is quite a trouble.

「That’s not a worthy guy. If you want someone to play with then play with me」

The senpai with good build came in front of me and I glared at the Senpai I beat up, then he spoke while patting my shoulder.
I thought that he’d complain but it seems that the good build senpai is worried about me.
What’s this? Even though I wanted the commotion of me picking a fight get big.

「He’s the guy that uses overwhelming number to prey on victims. But don’t worry, it’s power is only in number advantage. He’s a normal weak guy that cries himself to sleep」

The hand of the senpai with good build moved around my shoulder and he hold it. Then he nodded while talking to himself.

「But however! If you start judo, it’s possible to defeat even the numbers! You’re a brave first year! You have the talent in judo! Now, join judo with me and let’s aim for the nationals together!」

The good build senpai who’s holding my shoulder raised a deep voice that can break the windows.
This person merely wants to invite people to Judo club.
Oh, speaking of which there’s one when I entered the school, a man in judo uniform that’s standing next on the schoolgate and calls out the fresh students and shouts like an idiot with 「You have the talent in Judo!」, is that this person?
Are the members not enough?

「I-I’ll think about it」
「Umu! Think very well about it! But I’m sure that you’ll be at the gate of Judo club! I know! Haahahaha!」

Hearing my word, the good build senpai laughs dynamically while tapping my shoulder.

「Then then, with that said…」

Having his purpose achieved, he decided to flee immediately as he sensed that it’ll become troublesome in some meaning.

「Come to me if you ever got in trouble!」

He ran away hastily but the bold voice echoes from the back.
Judo is bad. Judo is my natural enemy. Furthermore, that senpai with good build is quite strong.
It’s often said that they’re the soft and weak. Judo is about fighting by using the enemy’s power, it’s a counter with the worst compatibility against me. However, judo specializes in close combat. Even if you can perceive enemy’s movement before hand, it’s not important if caught. In addition you’d lose if you’re unable to resist as they have pinning techniques.
My ability shows terrible power depending on use but it’s not almighty at all.
If I know that my opponent knows judo before hand, I can make measures against it but the ending won’t change if I got caught. Specially their stranglehold is no joke. You’ll be dropping instantly. It’s the end if I lose consciousness. That’s why locking techniques are dangerous. Acute pain from the locking is also no joke.
If I learn judo then it’s no problem but I’m not a person that wants to think naively. That’s why it’s quite hard to enter clubs with physical activities.

After school, I finished preparing to leave and went out of the school.
When I was walking home, I noticed I’m being tailed by someone.
When I looked back there’s no one. If I can see normally.
There are several people hiding in the utility pole and walls. Some schoolboys wearing our uniform. I also saw the two senpai that I beat up yesterday.
I thought that the judo senpai obstructed us but it seems that I will be able to fish them according to schedule in some way or another.
The two from yesterday should’ve wanted to conceal that they were beaten down by the first year me. But I marched into the second year’s classrooms in the second floor so I was accused. Then they have no choice but to crush me somehow. Even if they humiliate themselves, they have no choise but to ask for people and crush me.
They were lured in without knowing that it’s my aim.
I who smiled from ear to ear walked off the school road and towards the area where there’s no people.
I’ll teach these Senpai. How fearful the power of seeing something that you can’t is.


  1. Notice me!
  2. This reminds me of ‘Tokyo Ravens’