X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 60


Chapter 60

When I arrive home, I stand at the entrance and thought.

It’s something really important but, speaking of which, I completely forgot about mother.

Because Asahina run away, Marina chased after Asahina, Lolihina chased after Asahina, Yukina chased after Lolihina and, Yuka chased after the loli duo. Because of that, it’s a bit, no, it’s quite a big fuss.

The mother doesn’t me ask that much, or rather she doesn’t involve herself. But she’ll be asking after this much. She’ll surely ask.

Oh troubles.
Even though just that is a bother, Rikka’s existence gets even more troublesome.

「Let’s throw her away somewhere.」

No no, she’ll die if I leave her alone and it’ll become a commotion if she does. Thenー.

「I better cover it up」

Muttering as such, I felt Rikka trembling wrapped in my uniform.
I just noticed it but Rikka’s been twitching since earlier. She’s unconscious in the first place, the timing just matched by chance.
Also, well, I was just half-joking

Half, yeah.

Anyway, what should I do?
I have to do something on the Rikka who’s about to reach the heaven any moment as soon as possible. However, if I enter the house and mother finds out, she’ll definitely make a fuss. It’s likely to become the worst case scenario.
Right now, Yuka and mother should be at home. Yuka chased the loli duo but she came back as I instructed.
I thought of having Yuka attract mother’s attention but, I stopped.
Yuka can read my thoughts and she’s maybe drawing mother’s attention already. And yet if I contact her at a bad time, even though Yuka’s already distracting her, it might be ruined.

That said, I should praise Yuka when I see her.
She must’ve been flustered at the unexpected situation but she has contacted Shinozaki group to move.
What an amazing judgement.

With that said, I moved from the front door to the garden, hid Rikka at the edge and tried to enter the house looking innocent.
Then, I turned around instinctively.
There a girl who come inside the reach of my ability.
Yuka is heading towards me on steady footsteps.
She hasn’t come back home?
That was dangerous. If Yuka hasn’t come back then that means that only mother is at home. And if I came in the house, I might’ve been questioned by mother.


Yuka walking on the road has found me entering the house and said. Thenー.

「I’m soryyyyyyyyyyyy!!!」

Yuka rushes over apologizing while in tears.
No, you don’t need to apologize.
Having such thoughts, I hugged the rushing Yuka.

「Even though, even though you trusted me. Even though you were expecting from me. I, I have…Uwaaaaaaaaaan!」

Clinging to me, Yuka buries her face to my chest, she’s crying out her emotions, that’s very unlike her.
She must’ve wanted to meet my expectations. But she wasn’t.
Yuka who holds down her emotions and always wear a calm face, is now crying with her emotions exposed. That must be the degree of the shock.
Even though I took the trouble to stabilize her heart, this is no good. If I leave this alone, she’ll return to the previous Yuka, no, she might go lower than before.
Even though I got a good woman. To recover all my efforts and gain profit, I have to restore Yuka’s vitality.
However, I must not pamper her. Yuka who’s a trait of a bullied girl isn’t used to being pampered. She’ll be pleased if I praise her but she’ll still be anxious.
I forgave her even though she made a mistake. I was kind even though she made a mistake. That means that nothing was expected from her. She’ll think she’s irrelevant.
She might just fall into negative thoughts.
For the types like Yuka, she has to be scolded from her mistakes and be punished.
Relief from atonement. Yuka needs that.

「Yuka-chan can do it if she wants to. You have the talent and ability. I know that. That’s why I was expecting from Yuka-chan, but a mistake is a mistake. I will be punishing you」

I say while embracing Yuka, she’s trembling but she looked up and answered.
Her cheek is wet with tears, Yuka’s showing up a smile even though she’s leaking sobs.

「Please punish me as harsh as possible, please」

Then she begs while sobbing.
Yuka did nothing wrong in this case. I’m the one who’s at fault
I knew that the “current” Yuka can’t deal with any unforeseen circumstances. And that Yuka isn’t good at commanding people.
Yuka’s obviously the staff type, the right person in this case was Marina. But, Marina has been given the role to persuade Asahina. That said, I had no choice but to leave the overall leadership to Yuka. And I thought that Yuka will do well in case something unexpected happens.
In short, this case was an error in my hopeful thoughts, Yuka was just in bad luck. On the contrary, Yuka has contacted Shinozki and others and took responsibility for it. Thus, it’s unreasonable to give Yuka a punishment. Therefore I am quite reluctant but, if I forgive her without punishing her, Yuka will become useless.

「Got it. I’ll punish you harshly. I’ll give a punishment Yuka-chan will never be able to endure」

I persuade Yuka who’s clinging and looking up at me.

「Yes ♡ Yuka will endure it even if you burn her to death ♡」

Yuka say with her cheeks blushing, eyes moist and breathing turning rough.
You’ll die if you’re burned. Only Rikka can endure that.
Or rather, I maybe a savage but I never thought that far.
Am I that horrible in Yuka’s mind?


The burn to death probably means Yuka’s determination even if she receives such a savage torture.

「Y-Yuka-chan. I’m the one who decides the punishment. And yet, you’re trying to order me what punishment I should give?…Aren’t you being cheeky?」

Yuka’s heart is throbbing as she has the resolution to accept such savage torture, so I try to hold her down.
It would be troublesome if she expects too much.

「Y-You’re right ♡ trying to order Mota-kun, I’m such an idiot ♡ Please punish this cheeky Yuka who’s trying to order Mota-kun ♡」

Yuka breathes heavily while pestering me to punish her.
This is quite bad. I might’ve flipped her switch.
W-Well, Yuka can say anything but I’m the one deciding. I won’t make her complain.

「A-Anyway, let’s go in the house」

Yuka nods from my instructions, part from me and took my hand.
Though she’s very docile, she glances at me from time to time. Furthermore, I can see Yuka’s naked body with my ability and it has gotten serious.
I love tormenting women, I love making them go ahegao, but I don’t like torture that much And yet it feels slightly complicated when she expects too much.

That said, Kamuro Hizuki crosses my mind.
Is Yuka being manipulated by Kamuro Hizuki? I can’t decide it at all.
No, she really got me. I can’t beat with my hands if I can’t make the judgement.
Kamuro Hizuki. She’s really a troublesome existence.

I enter the house with Yuka and tried to go up the second floor without being noticed by mother.
Even if she doesn’t notice it now, I might be called by mother later.
I have to think of an excuse for the trouble caused by Asahina.
But, an excuse…
She might’ve not cared if it was just Marina and Yuka but, Asahina, Lolihina and Yukina adds to the two. Five women come out of the house.
Why is there so many women at home. It’s difficult to make an excuse for that.
I leak a sigh while thinking of that.


I can’t “see” the living room from the entrance before but, thanks to the wider range of my ability, I can “see” the living room


There’s an unknown woman sitting on the living room sofa. Mother is sitting on the sofa facing the woman.
Mother’s guest…not. She’s wearing our school uniform, she’s my guest. But, who’s that woman.

「Mota-kun, what’s wrong?」

Yuka who’s holding my hand looked up at me who stopped and asked.

「No, you see…」

I was distracted by the woman sitting on the sofa in the living room, I came to my senses from Yuka’s voice, I looked at her and shook my head.
Why is an unknown woman with my mother…
Hm? Wait a moment. I feel I’ve seen that woman…


「Yuka-chan. Can you go upstairs first?」
「Eh? Ah, un, sure」

Yuka’s eyes are shaking when I asked her but she nodded obediently.
I want to punish her quickly but she can’t resist my order, something like that.
Yuka goes upstairs while sending my glances.
You want punishment that much? You can’t endure it already? It’s okay. I’ll be punishing you properly.
I tell Yuka with a glance, then she nodded with her cheeks blushing, did it go through her? She goes to my room on the second floor.
Then she’ll wait in my room for my appearance looking restless.
I thought that she can’t calm down because she wants to be punished quickly but she really look strange no matter how you look at it.
She’s looking at the same place while wandering around the room.
The thing Yuka is looking at isー.

The Suzuhara doll Marina has forced to me.

You can have it if you want it. Or rather, I would love if you take it.
Yuka wandering in the room gradually approaches the Suzuhara doll. Then she looked around with her face turned red, then she took the Suzuhara doll.
Yuka, she can’t hold it anymore then she intends to masturbate with the Suzuhara doll.
The Suzuhara doll doesn’t seem visually motivating but in fact, it’s a high-performance masturbation doll loaded with numerous sex tools.
Is she feeling guilt from reaching out on something Marina has made, Yuka who’s face is blushing teary-eyed, hides the Suzuhara doll inside her uniform like an honor student awkwardly trying to shoplift. Then she ran out of the room.
I can hear the sound of Yuka running on the second floor corridor.
Yuka runs while holding down her stomach with both hands towards the next vacant room.
Yuka came inside the vacant room, looked around the dark room after she closed the door then stroked her chest in relief. Thenー.

ーMarina-chan, sorry

Yuka’s lips moved faintly and I feel her saying that.
I can’t still use lip reading yet but judging from Yuka’s behavior and appearance, I thought of the possibility of her speaking those words. That’s how I was able to read her lips.
Yuka who apologized to Yuka took out the Suzuhara doll, looked around and looked at Suzuhara doll. Thenー.

Yuka closed her eyes and kissed the Suzuhara doll held by both her hands.

Releasing her lips immediately after, Yuka surveys the vicinity in panic.
It’s a dark room where no one else should be there. There’s no one else so there’s no need to worry being seen by anyone else.
Thinking so, Yuka stares at the Suzuhara doll with a blushing face and moved her lips gently.

ーI love you

It was short but I was able to read because the movement of the lip was easy to understand.
Yuka confessed her love to the doll, after confirming that there’s nobody else in the dark room again, she felt relieved. She kisses the Suzuhara doll multiple times after letting out a loose expression. The kisses intensifies gradually, andー.

Yuka separates her right hand from the Suzuhara doll and stretches it inside her skirt while repeatedly kissing the Suzuhara doll.

I can’t hear the sound from the second floor. But, I feel like I can hear the lewd wet sounds coming from the lewd meat hole her right hand finger’s inserting in.
Stirring her meat hole with her fingers, she keeps kissing the Suzuhara doll intensely.
I was sure that she’d use the Suzuhara doll as a sexual tool but Yuka’s only kissing it.
Even if it’s just a doll, she’s saying that she doesn’t want to use me as a tool.
Even though nobody’s looking, Yuka doesn’t forget to respect me.
When I noticed, my dick is already rock hard.
Seriously, it can’t be helped. If you show me that, won’t it make me want to tease you?
But before thatー.

I erased my presence and stand in front of the door that leads to the living room. Then I place my ear on the door.

A woman sitting on the sofa. I thought it was someone but it was Kisaragi. I completely forgot her existence but speaking of which, Yuka has said that she called her over.
But, I thought that everyone went out of the house, Kisaragi remained. Furthermore, she’s alone with mother.
Was she late? Or she remained on purpose? Either way, she’s caught by mother.
It’s the worst. It can be saved if Marina or Yuka was caught but, the one who’s not usable is the one caught.
Well, she’s caught because she’s useless.

I swallow my saliva while listening in the room.

Mother is staring at Kisaragi with a grim expression.
There’s suddenly a large number of women coming out of the house. It’s normal to ask explanation about the situation. And the one being asked is Kisaragi.
I can’t expect anything but that said, I can’t just take out Kisaragi.
If I do that, I would be caught instead.

『Sayaka-chan, was it?』

Mother speaks while staring at Kisaragi.
What should I do? What should I better do? If this doesn’t go well, I might not be able to call Marina and Yuka to my house anymore.
Kisaragi, please. I’m not expecting anything but don’t say anything unnecessary. Also, please escape somehow.

『Are you sure about that?』

Mother asks Kisaragi.
What are you talking about? Did you say something unnecessary. Dammit, it’s the worst.

『Yes, mother, it’s true』

Kisaragi looks dignified for some reason and answered mother’s question with a nod.
Kisaragi is an Asahina believer. If she knows that I raped asahina, she’ll crush me.
I don’t think Asahina will be revealing that she’s been raped by me based fro her personality but it should be easy to understand that she hates me. Then, Kisaragi should hate me too.
Also, Yuka who’s Asahina’s best friend, is facing a hostile relationship with Marina. Marina is supposed to be in a relationship with me so it’s normal to say that I’m Kisaragi’s enemy.
Forgetting it and having Kisaragi invited to the house, it’s the worst choice.
I should take measures even if she’s summoned.
Yuka called her over but I’m the one who allowed it.
I have invited her to my house. I should’ve thought about it and decided better.

『Suzuhara-kun is…』

Kisaragi smiled and muttered. Mother has gulped her throat looking at Kisaragi.
What are you saying, Kisaragi.,
Shit, a dark horse has come in.

『Suzuhara-kun is elected as the executive committee for the school festival!』

Hearing what Kisaragi has said, mother raised her voice.

Hm? School festival? What?

『U-Uhm, Mota’s elected as the executive committee for the school festival…』
『Mother, this is the 28th time.』
『S-Sorry. I can’t believe it no matter how many times I hear it…』

Hearing it 28 times, did she explain that I’m elected as the executive committee for the school festival? And every time she explains it mother gets surprised?
Well, it would really be surprising if I become the executive committee.
There’s no way I who’s treated like a monster, no friends, and a complete rebel would take such a position.
Therefore mother’s surprise is normal, what is Kisaragi talking about? I don’t remember being an executive committee at the school festival.

『Furthermore, there’s still more, mother. Suzuhara-kun isn’t just the executive committee. There’s two executive committee members elected from each class of each year. And for each year, a supervisor is selected, Suzuhara-kun was selected as the first year’s supervisor!』

Mother’s shocked from Kisaragi’s explanation, she can’t breathe from the shock that she holds down her chest with her hands.

『Mother, this explanation is also the 28th time』
『S-Sorry. I was already surprised by the executive committee but I can’t believe that he’ll be chosen as the supervisor…」

It seems that the same exchange has been happening all this time.
I thought that the the half-truths have been exposed to mother but it seems to be different from what I expected. But still, where did they get the executive committee talk? Or rather, what is Kisaragi thinking?
What is she planning?

『T-Then, Marina-chan and Yuka-chan, and Asahina-san. And those girls tooー.』
『Yes mother. We’re all members of the executive committee elected from our classes and gather at Suzuhara-kun’s house. Since each person has their circumstances, not all members can gather. Also, Yuuki-senpai is a second year but, she’s not in good terms with Suzuhara-kun so she’s helping Suzuhara-kun as an adviser and assistant』

Kisaragi explains through mother’s question indifferently. Hearing that, I understand what Kisaragi intends.
I don’t know why but, Kisaragi is making an excuse for the huge number of women in the house.

『Also, about Asahina-san, she’s actually announced candidacy as the supervisor. However, Suzuhara-kun was chosen so I think she’s frustrated. That’s why they often fight…』
『I-Is that so? So that’s why Asahina-san is…』
『Yes, I’m sorry for causing troubles』
『T-That’s, it’s okay』

Mother has been completely tricked by Kisaragi’s wheedling, Kisaragi bows her head feeling apologetic.

『Suzuhara-kun and Asahina-san will continue to fight I think. But, it’s definitely not bad. They have the motivation to fight after all. They’re serious. And if they collide with each other multiple times, I’m sure that it will be a wonderful school festival』
『Yn, un, it is as Sayaka-chan says. But to think that Mota is seriously working on a school event. Furthermore, he was selected as the supervisor…』

Mother seems to be completely coaxed by Kisaragi.
But still, it’s surprising. Kisaragi who’s an Asahina believer is protecting me. I wonder who gave her instructions?
Marina? But Marina and Asahina are in hostile relationship, Also, Marina’s busy on persuading Asahina.
Then Yujka? But if Yuka gave instructions to Kisaragi, she’ll likely to report to me.
Hmmm, I don’t know.
I don’t know but it helps me that it was able to work out peacefully.
Thinking as such, I erased my presence and went up to the second floor.
I never considered Kisaragi but she’s usable more than I thought.
No, the one who instructed Kisaragi was the one who did well but it’s good enough that it was carried out.
Well, Kisaragi has become the replacement when Asahina has fallen down. I was sure that she’s easy to use but, something was raised up.
Let’s correct our evaluation.