X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 64


Chapter 64

Rikka’s scream ecoes in the room, cold sweat goes through her spine.


The exposed young naked body is attacked by sex tools, she’s convulsing with her eyes whiting out and vigorously spouting out piss. Rikka desperately begs for forgiveness.

「O”ne”ka”ii ♡ O”ne”ka”i”shi”ha”suuuu♡ Mo”uni”to”to”kankouzhi”ha”se”n♡Hankoushi”ha”se”n”kara”a”aaaaaaaaaaa♡」2

Her cry of submission echoes in the room.
Is Rikka’s heart already broken? Orー

「S-Somehow she looks she’s apologizing?」

Asahina’s sitting on the floor behind me, grabbed my uniform, making a complicated expression, asked while pulling it.


Both her hands and legs are bound to make a shrimp shape, even so, she bounces like a fish on the floor while spouting piss continuously.
Rikka’s right arm has recovered but, the body piercing strategy bore fruit, her super-recovery isn’t lifted yet. Because of that, the side effects aren’t lifted as well.
Then, Rikka’s whole body is attacked by sex tools. Asahina installed those sex tools. And that’s the result.

「S-She’s asking us to kill her you know?」

Pulling my uniform, Asahina asks having a confused expression.
She did say that she set the vibrators connected to the body piercing installed in the nipple and clitoris to double the vibration. Then there’s a lot of sex tools installed in her anus. On the other hand, her pussy’s untouched.
Even if I confirm inside Rikka’s body, it’s impossible to distinguish her weak point. No, right now, “all” is her weak point.
Forced estrus and heightened sensitivity for the whole body.
If that happens, what will happen to the erogenous zones where the sensitivity is usually high?
Will it become uniform? Or will the sensitivity of the erogenous zone rise in particular?
I want to check it but the fluctuation in Rikka’s body is too violent that I can’t distinguish.
But, it’s possible go make a guess.

ーForced estrus.

Taking a look at the dictionary; estrus, it’s the sexual instinct to leave descendants. In short, it’s an impulse to seek fertilization. Her pussy needs a dick.
In short, Rikka desperately wants a dick inside her pussy. And yet, her pussy remains untouched.
The instinctive urge of wanting fertilization s forcibly raised, furthermore the sensitivity of her whole body is rapidly rising but her pussy is ignored.

Asahina who loves to be done in the ass has ignored the pussy.

If she’s asking to be fertilized due to the forced estrus, isn’t it rude to torture her ignoring by her pussy?
Asahina has accomplished it naturally.
Asahina loves it in her anus than her pussy, rather she doesn’t want it in her pussy, it is Asahina who seriously think that she’d rather want to have two anuses, so she had made Rikka suffer more than expected.


A sweet scream echoes in the room clearly. But I understand that it’s not pleasure.
Within the pleasure that would make her crazy, she can’t eliminate the strong impulse to fertilize.
It’s already a living hell.
She can only keep cumming.

「I-Is that a lie?」

Asahina mutters to herself?

「I-Is she trying to fool us? Pretending to be crazy while trying to unlock the binds? Is that an act to make us lower our guard and close up to release the binds?」

I grinned from Asahina’s mutter.
Asahina’s calm. She’s quite shaken but judging from her remark, it looks like she’s seeking all possibilities.
She’s not feeling relieved to see Rikka crying and begging for forgiveness, she doubts that it might be a trap.
That’s good. No matter how advantageous you are, the other party is a monster beyond human knowledge. Show just a small gap and the situation will reverse.



Rikka who’s jumping on the ground like a fish spits mucous from her pussy like pissing, her wide open eyes are bloodshot, and she’s sticking out her tongue.


Raising a sorrowful and sweet groan, Rikka clenched her teeth. She’s not just clenching her teeth. She’s clenching her teeth with her tongue sticking out.
There’s red liquid coming out of her pink lips.
She can’t endure it I guess. She has really exceeded her limit. Rikka’s trying to bite her tongue to cut her life.
But due to the successive climax, she can’t have more power than she thought. Although she was able to bite the tongue enough to overflow with blood, she can’t bite it completely.


What waits for Rikka who can’t bite her tongue is infinite despair.
Her super-recovery restores her injured tongue.
An ability that won’t let her die. Depending on the situation, you won’t die even if you want to.
But, that said, Rikka who’s in the pleasure hell that she thought it’ll be easier to bite her tongue has able to keep her consciousness.
I think it’s amazing that she’s not fainting…

What if she wants to faint but she can’t?

Then, why was she unconscious a while ago? She didn’t return to her consciousness even when I pierced her nipple and clitoris and torn it apart.
Even if she wanted to faint but she can’t, then why did she lose consciousness a while ago?

「Ability of a wild animal…I guess?」

Asahina raised her voice when I mutter that.

「Let’s leave her for now」

Turning back, I looked at Asahina then said. Asahina tilts her head.

「Let’s leave her alone for now and test whether she’d die or not」

Asahina raised her voice.
Rikka’s “about to die” earlier But she didn’t die. Why? Was it because the energy was resupplied in time?
I wonder. I wonder if I just made it in time.

「How does animals spend winter?」
「What? What’s with the sudden question?」
「There’s only a few food in winter. But it doesn’t mean that there’s none. Animals that can surpass with few food work hard to live.」
「Y-You’re right. I think they do their best in living」
「Then, what about those who can’t survive with little food? Large animals who needs large quantity of energy to maintain their body. A bear for example」
「Bear? Eh? If I recall, bears do hibernate?」
「Yes, they hibernate」

By hibernating, they put themselves on the state of suspended animation to reduce their energy consumption in the winter season where the food is low.
What if Rikka had the same ability?
She was about to die earlier. That’s why Rikka was trying to enter the state of suspended animation That’s probably done automatically due to the physical condition, regardless of her will.
After all, Rikka who tries to cut her tongue to die didn’t enter the suspended animation.
If she’s able to reach suspended animation by her own will, she can’t get out of the pleasure hell. But she tried to kill herself without doing that. From her actions, I can only think that the hibernation ability is automatically invoked regardless of the will of the person.
And it activates only when she’s exhausted of energy.

「H-Hey, won’t it be a problem if she dies?」
「Yeah, it will」
「T-Then, isn’t it dangerous to leave her alone?」
「It’s a problem if she dies but it’s not a problem if she doesn’t die」
「What’s that?」

Hearing what I say, Asahina stares at me.
If I leave Rikka and have her energy exhausted, she’ll enter the suspended animation state so it’s okay.
I would like to get information about Kamuro Hizuki but when I saw her getting revived instantly as soon as I gave her nutrition, that intent has disappeared.
Rikka’s too dangerous. It’s wise if she just enters the suspended animation state.


Because of Rikka’s scream, it seems that Yuka who’s been masturbating on the next room has noticed something unusual. She’s placing her ears on the wall and investigating the situation.
I don’t care if she knows what’s going on but it’s not good to be with Asahina. It’s not a problem if we’re three including Marina but it’s a problem if I’m alone with Asahina.
Yuka is a bullied person who has no friends. Asahina who had a shitty personality is surrounded because of her useless charisma but she didn’t have a friend who she can talk frankly.
And the two of them are now best friends. Asahina depends on Yuka in particular.
That’s why I think of breaking Asahina’s heart by ravishing Yuka in front of her but, not now.

Yuka doesn’t know that Asahina has gone upstairs. And she shouldn’t be aware of who’s in my room because she was crazily masturbating. That’s why she’s placing her ears on the wall and checking the situation here.
She can hear Rikka’s screams. Because of those screams, my voice and Asahina’s are erased.
But if she hears a voice of a girl screaming in my room, Yuka will think of the high possibility of me being there. But, she doesn’t think of me being together with Asahina.

If ever Yuka knows that Asahina and I are in the room alone.

Yuka won’t say anything. She won’t but, her attitude towards Asahina may change. And Asahina who depends on Yuka may sense the change in Yuka.

I have to confront Kamuro Hizuki. I need everyone to be united for that, I can’t cause unnecessary friction.
Especially leaving Asahina and Yuka in an awkward state even if they’re alone. Even though I bypassed it, it would be disadvantageous if they divide themselves on purpose.

In the meantime, Rikka’s screams grow smaller then her voice ceased shortly afterwards.
Rikka was severely convulsing that much but, she’s now twitching bit by bit and leaks out pee.
Even though her nutritiuon was replenished, it was only few. Furthermore, her super-recovery isn’t cancelled due to the body piercing, and she’s cumming from the attacks of the sex tools.
It’s normal that her energy will dry up immediately.
She’ll probably die if left alone but there’s a possibility that she’ll hibernate.
This is a convenient situation to figure it out.
That saidー.

「Asahina, let’s go to the other room
「Eh? Why?
「Who cares. You’re a slave aren’t you? Just follow the orders of your master」

Hearing my order, Asahina’s face looks like in a bad mood.
No, don’t be like that. Weren’t you the one who said you’ll follow orders? Take responsibility for your own words.

「Just come!」

Pulling Asahina’s ears, she raised a sweet voice with her dyed red cheeks as she walked tiptoe.
She’s obviously pleased./
What the hell. Though I don’t like masochistic women, the malice is boiling up. And, sense of defeat.
I feel like I lose if I torment her.

「Ah♡ Wait ♡ Not that strong ♡」

Asahina who’s ears are pulled is breathing roughly, fidgeting her thighs, and has her ass twitching.
As far as I can see, it was only just a light pulling of her ears.
Just pulling her up made her pink colored nipples on the tip of her breasts are somewhat swollen erect that you can play with it, I can see her clitoris like it’s the tip of her underwear.
Her pussy that has no hair is wet that it makes a big stain in her panty, it’s twitching, too sloppy.
And as for her anus, it opens and closes like a fish’ mouth, it desperately says that it wants anything as long as it could pierce it.

「Don’t cum from having your ears pulled」

Feeling amazed, I mutter while staring at Asahina.

「H-Haa!? Are you a baka?! Just how am I cumming!? I’m sure your eyes are rotten!?」

Asahina who had her ears pulled, standing on tiptoes, blushing cheeks, and breathing hardly, her ass is twitching, her pigeon toed knees are shaking, raised her voice with her cheeks dyed red.

My eyes are rotten, you say.

Your clitoris and nipples are hard erect, pussy’s dripping with love nectar, and anus opening and closing, how dare you say that insolently.
My admiration is beyond the anger.


Taking away my fingers from Asahina’s ear, she raised a sweet and sad voice.

「Haa ♡ Haa ♡ Haa ♡」

Although Asahina’s knees gave in, she was able to endure falling somehow and held her knees with both hands. Then she glared at me while bending forward.

「H-Hmm. Is your punishment that much? That’s too light it makes me laugh. If it’s only that much, you won’t break my heart forever」

Grabbing her shaking knees, Asahina looks up at me while bending forward, then provokes me while grinning her red face.

Summarizing Asahina’s words, please be a stricter master, I guess.

Seeing me tear up Rikka’s nipple and clitoris and get attacked by sex tools in front of her, Asahina’s masochistic heart is stimulated that her anus is aching for it.

It’s my first time thinking that I don’t want to attack a woman like this.

「Fufu, if you’re frustrated that you’re unable to make me cry, come at me!」

Asahina raised herself, while her knees are shaking, she shows a faint smile, she’s beckoning with her palm face up as if provoking her enemies.

「Asahina, you’re a good girl so come here」

Feeling amazed and somewhat sorry, I called Asahina as kind a spossible.
She’s a cat. Having a beautiful look and pedigree, her self-esteem is on abnormally high level but her head is a super-idiotic cat. I have to be kind to her.

「Eh? C-Come? What’s with you? You suddenly want me now? Baka♡ You’re really a Baka♡」

Asahina fidgets while red to her ears, she stares at me while putting her right hand to her mouth. She approached but she didn’t do it straight. She purposely made detour while approaching.
Cats won’t come easily when you call them. Even if they come, they’re not interested, they’re not interested in you, but, they will come close in a roundabout way on purpose. She’s the same.

「U-U-Uhm…this fell♡」

Asahina who came to me after taking her time, fidgets while taking out her right hand to me. The awl is in her right hand.
She’s saying that it fell so she took it but she’s probably saying to stab her nipple and clitoris.
Asahina, Asahina, I don’t have that kind of habit. It’s just necessary for Rikka but I don’t want to wound women if it’s not needed.
I think that making women ahegao is much worth.
Truth to be told, I don’t like piercings. Women are best on their birthday suit.
That’s why, Asahina, I’d be troubled if you expect it.

「Hey, let’s go」

Saying that, I grasped Asahina with my right hand and walked out of the room.

「Cum!? You’re already cumming?! We haven’t done anything yet!? You have it pent up that much?! Geez, you’re a Baka ♡」5

Asahina seems to be grumbling something but I went out of the room ignoring it.


  1. She’s saying sorry
  2. She’s saying that she won’t do it agian
  3. She’s saying that she’s scared of pain, that she wants to die
  4. Die, I want to die, Kill me, she says.
  5. Iku. Yup, it means go and cum