X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 66


Chapter 66

I lie down on my room’s bed holding my head with my arms as I look at the ceiling.
The ceiling’s reflected in my view. I can only see the ceiling.
Having released my ability, the world has only become my “sight” But, I was attacked by an abnormal anxiety, I realized how much I rely on my ability.
As my ability evolves, the convenience dramatically improves and the willpower consumption is suppressed, making it possible to use it continuously for a long time.

But, it’s not infinite. It’s limited.

Even though my ability has a good fuel consumption, the ability has evolved and so is the fuel consumption. But, it only improved, it didn’t stop consuming willpower at all.
If I use my ability, it’ll consume my mental power and the limit will come sooner or later.
It’s possible to restore it by taking a rest if the limit comes but that’s not easy.
For example, when you take classes at school, you consume mental power when you concentrate. But, you’ll recover if you rest. But, there’s a limit to things.
The more you consume the more time it will take to recover. If I consume more than the limit, the recovery will take longer too.
Then, how long is it before I reach the limit of my ability?
The answer is “I don’t know”
There’s no clear usage restrictions in my ability.
No matter how much I use it, I can’t say I have experienced being unable to use my ability anymore.
In other words, I have never used the ability to the limit.
Then what happens if I use my ability to the limit?
I can’t conclude it without experience but what if I can’t use my ability?
Just what’s the interval until I can reactivate it?
Ten minutes? An hour? A day?
Even if it’s just 30 minutes, what will happen if I got attack on the time I can’t use my ability at all?
It’s over.
In other words, if I get cocky because it’s convenient, I might experience pain.

And today, I used my ability to the limit for the first time.

I just lifted my abilities a while ago but as soon as that happens, I felt a strange fatigue I never felt so far.
I think that the ability can be used if I think of using it. But, I’m horribly tired and can’t concentrate.
Though I needed to take a rest until my mental power recovers, I can’t settle down.

The ability to see and understand everything within the range.

It’s too convenient that I relied on it before I knew it.
When I release that ability, I come to a narrow world.
Even though my sight exists, I feel uneasy as if I can’t see anything.
I want to activate my ability immediately but I will be confronting Kamuro Hizuki tomorrow. However, if I use my ability which is on it’s limit, it would be the worst if I can’t use it.
I know that but the anxiousness in the state where I have my ability cancelled is unbearable.

Humans are creatures depending on convenience. And they can’t get away once they depend on it once.

「Shit, I feel sleepy but I can’t sleep…」

I thought of sleeping immediately if I lay down on the bed but the insecurity struck my heart, I can’t feel sleepy at all. Furthermore, I feel so weary to move even a finger.

「Am I scared?」

There’s a small gap on the closed curtain.
Is there someone on the other side of the curtain?
On the other side of the wall? Beyond the door? In the ceiling? Under the floor?
There’s no blind spot when I use my ability. But, it’s filled with blind spots now.
I have to turn my eyes if I want to see something and it’ll be impossible to look at something if you change your line of sight.
Even though that’s the “normal” for humans, my unease is unbearable.
I turn my eyes while lying down on the bed and I see Rikka lying on the floor.
Far from losing consciousness, Rikka’s nor making any movement that you won’t know if she’s breathing or not.
She’s certainly living when I checked her with my ability. But all of her body functions are declining that it seems that she’s hibernating.

Rikka’s alive. But, she’s in a state where she can’t be active. However, if I can’t confirm Rikka’s insides with my ability, I feel uneasy if it’s really working.

If I use my ability then I can understand Rikka’s state perfectly but I don’t know anything if I do not use it.
It should be fine. There’s body piercing attached to her nipples and clitoris so it’s impossible to cure the wounds and the condition of her super-recovery won’t cancelled indefinitely.
If she consumes more energy when she’s exhausted, she’ll surely die. Therefore Rikka’s in a state of suspended animation.
Rikka shouldn’t wake up until she replenishes her energy.
That should be the case, and yet. I know it and yet. Iー

「Fufu, though I’m troubled moving, I’m trembling」

I feel my body trembling without permission, it’s too miserable that it makes me laugh.
Then, I heard a faint sound and felt nervousness.
I turn my eyes on the door but I can’t see the other side.

「No way…」

I feel chill attacking my whole body.
I just reacted reflexively to the sound I just heard. But, I can’t see who’s on the other side of the door.

That’s impossible.

My ability is like my limbs. It was the power I have since I was born.
Therefore, no matter how much I try to refrain using it, I will use it reflextively
That should be the case and yet, I can’t see the other side.

Thinking that it’s impossible, I try to activate my ability but I can’t do it.

I thought that I was close to my limit but did I exceed my limit already?
It’s not holding back my ability but a state it’s not usable.
Knowing that, cold sweat comes out from my whole body.

「Who’s there!」

I forcibly raised my weary body and shouted at the door.
My vision becomes abnormally narrow that the beating of my heart and my rough breathing becomes annoying to my ear.
My whole body spouts out cold sweat without permission.
I’m scared. I’m scared of not seeing, not knowing.
Was I this weak?
Asahina, didn’t fear even when she saw Rikka’s ability even though she doesn’t have one.
And yet, here I am. I’m calm because I can see. I’m a small fry just because I can’t see.

「U-Uhm, it’s me, Marina」

Hearing the voice from the other side, I felt relieved.

「U-Uhm, everyone’s asleep, then, I wasn’t able to so I thought that Suzuhara-san might still be awake, am I causing trouble?」

I can hear Marina’s voice from the other side of the door.
Even though it’s Marina’s usual voice, nothing has changed and yet it feels somewhat nostalgic.

「U-Uhm…Can I enter?」

Marina asks from the other side of the door.
I feel relieved but the unease doesn’t go off.
Marina should be there but I can’t see her.
The voice is Marina but is it really Marina? Such stupid worry crosses my mind.


Able to make a reply somehow, I hear the sound of the doorknob being turned. Then, the door opens.
Who appears is, Marina of course.
Then I finally felt relieved.


Marina has entered the room then tilts her head as she look at me.

「W-What’s wrong!? Are you feeling unwell?!」

Marina’s soft expression stiffens immediately then she runs up to me as she shout.
Unwell? I certainly feel the worst but am I that unwell in your eyes right now?
Marina’s huge tits are swinging around as she run, she kneeled on the bed and looked at my face with an anxious expression.
The reddish brown looking at me, and the fragrant smell tickles my nose.
Her chestnut colored hair has a darker tint than usual. I took a while to notice that the reason was because her hair is wet.
She just came out of bath.
Everyone’s asleep but she can’t sleep is what she say but it’s actually different?
She took a bath to clean up her body before coming to meet me. In other words, her aim is that but, she doesn’t want it to be notice so she made excuses.
In other words, it’s night crawling.
Seriously, Marina has gotten quite erotic.

「It’s nothing at all」

Answering Marina, I stroke Marina’s worried face with my fingers.
Marina uses make up before but recently, she’s only putting on lipstick. Because of that, her cheap-look I felt before has disappeared.
Or rather, why is she putting on lipstick after bath? Is her lips dry? Or maybeー
Because her hair is wet, and her wet hair looks dark, Marina looks younger than usual.
Asahina has said it but, Marina’s the oldest woman I know. She’s the tallest, hugest breasts, and the most obscene body.
Marina’s stickling to her ponytail or ringlet curls hairdo.
Marina doesn’t go against my orders but, she doesn’t stop using her ringlet curls no matter how much I tell her.
But, her hair after bath is tied up ponytail as usual, it’s flowing smoothly.
That must be one of he reasons why she looks younger than usual.

「It suits you better if you don’t use ringlet curls」

Stroking Marina’s cheeks with my finger, I speak then touch her wet hair.

「My body grows up faster and yet my face feels young. That’s somewhat unbalanced, feeling uneasy with that, I tied up my hair…」
「You wanted to be an adult?」

Marina nods at my words, her cheeks blushed in embarrassment then she looked away from me.
No, you have a noticeable huge tits, and plump but tight waist. And you have a THICC ass and thighs.
Your body is too obscene that eyes will be attracted to that direction, but they would feel her face is too young for her body.
A body perfect as a woman and a face that’s immature.
It seems to be a complex for Marina.
Therefore she desperately coils her hair and push herself to the limit.
You probably won’t say she’s a peerless beauty but whoever you ask, they’ll say that she’s a cute beauty.
Saying that the balance is off because of her young face and obscene body, it’s a small worry if you ask me. But it’s a big problem for Maina.

「Wait, that’s not it!」

Marina who’s cheeks are blushing as she look away at me causing an erotic atmosphere, looked at me then raised her voice.

「You look pale, you’re sweating a lot, are you okay!?」

Saying that, Marina bends forward the touch my forehead with her right hand.


Marina’s eyes opened wide when she touched my forehead.


She mutters.
Cold? Is my body temperature low? I don’t get it but now that she say it, I can’t help but feel cold. But, I’m gushing out sweat.

「A-Anyway, let’s wipe off your sweat! Sweat takes your body temperature away!」

Marina looks in panic speaks while looking around. She must be looking for a towel to wipe off my sweat. But, she stood up realizing that there’s none.

「I’m getting a towelー」

Does she intend to take the towel in the bathroom? Marina stood up but, she stopped moving out of the room. Then, she looked at me.

「We should wipe the sweat immediately!」

Marina speaks out while looking at me, she grabbed the hem, of her black knit dress she’s wearing then rolled it up swiftly.
It seems that she decided to wipe my body with the clothes she’s wearing instead of towel.
I don’t care about that butー


Her two huge bulges bounce intensely.
Marina’s prided tits became exposed due to her rolling up her knit dress.

That’s right, everything up to her nipples.

I got startled unintentionally.
Normally, I can see the other side of her clothes with my ability. But now I can’t use my ability, I can only see what my eyes can.
That’s why I never knew that Marina wasn’t wearing anything under her knit dress.

That’s right, nothing.

It’s not just her breasts exposed but her plump thighs and crotch, and everything beyond that is exposed.

In other words, she’s naked.

「Please take off your clothes! I’m wiping your sweat!」

Marina doesn’t mind even if she’s naked, she grabbed my hands and forcibly lifted it up while speaking. And when I have my hands raised up, she grabbed my clothing then raised it to strip me off.
I’m naked on my upper body and Marina who’s everything is exposed has her tits shaking.

「Your body is so cold! You have to wipe the sweat and warm it up!」

Touching up my chest, Marina speaks with her face turned pale, she begins to wipe my body with her knit dress while her huge tits shake.
She’s desperately wiping it so her huge breasts hits my body.
I feel cold but I feel a certain part of my body getting rapidly hot.

It’s extremely fresh.

I can see things that should be seen and I can only see what I can see.
What’s there is the usual Marina and yet, Marina’s the only one reflected in my sight.
Her ponytail hair has a darker tint than usual and it’s much more obedient as it’s not a ringlet curl.
Because her hair looks darker, I thought that her thin colored reddish brown eye is impressive.
A lovely childish face.
Similarly, her neck and collarbone looks fair and soft. It vividly shows that her body has no waste.
And yet, her breasts that’s called useless grows heavily and a pink nipple is standing up in the middle of her large areola.
Though her constricted waist doesn’t seem useless, her ass swell by drawing an arc from her thin waist and her thighs extending it is also plump.
Looking at Marina in my sight is much more obscene, bewitching, and charming more than when I see everything.
Looking at Marina, even though I’m bothered to move even a single finger a moment ago, power is rising from somewhere.

Lust. That’s a proof Marina arouses me.

「Do you sleep naked?」

I ask Marina who’s desperately wiping my body with her knit dress.


Marina stopped moving then looked at me. She tilts her head then looked down at her body.
Marina stiffens. Then Marina’s ears, no, her whole body turned red instantly.


Marina screamed then hid her breasts under her hands and closed her thighs.
It seems that she didn’t notice she was naked.
Also, this reaction.
Why was Marina not wearing anything under the knit dress?
Of course, it’s to make it easy for me to do that.
So I can play with her nipples immediately.
So I can immediately tease her clitoris.
And, so I can easily pierce my penis inside her pussy.
I grinned then looked at Marina who’s hugging her own body in embarrassment.
She’s looking down but she has noticed my stare as if licking her all over, her red body turned even redder then her body fidgets.
Normally, I can see how excited Marina is, how erect her nipple and clitoris is, and how wet is her pussy. But now, I can only see with my eyes. Butー.

I know that Marina wants me more than usual.

I understood it for the first time. You can’t see it so what you can see has a worth.

「Marina, what’s wrong? Weren’t you wiping my body?」

Asking her while grinning? Marina who’s embracing herself twitched.

「Y-Yes ♡」

After a brief silence, Marina answered in a sweet voice then lowered her hands bashfully.
As a result, her large breasts shook and became exposed.
The pink nipples standing on the tip of the huge swell is slightly bigger than before.

「Haa♡ Haa♡ Haa♡」

Sweat comes out of Marina’s flushed skin and she took her knit dress while breathing roughly. Then she looks down on me who’s lying down then she started to wipe my body while her breasts are swaying.
Ogling at Marina, I put my hands on my pants then lowered it.


Marina raised a sweet scream when my penis jumped out.
The glans is swelling and it’s thick blood vessel is showing up to the surface, it’s pulsating.

「Could you wipe this one too?」

Asking Marina while grinning, I certainly felt her swallowing her saliva.

「Y-Yes ♡」

Then, she replied in a sweet voice, bent her body and buried her face between my crotch.
The feeling of fatigue that attacked my whole body has disappeared like they were just a lie.
I may be able to use my ability right now.
But, I stopped.
In a world where I can only see what’s on my sight, it’s not bad to make love with Marina who’s the only one in my sights.
While tasting the meat wrapping my glans, I grin as I thought of that.