X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Passing through the back alley, I entered the woods.

There are three points to take when fighting against a large number of people.
One is the geographical advantage. For that reason, I decided this place before the fight, it’s necessary to invite them there.
Second would be is that you shouldn’t let the large number of people attack all at once. No matter how I anticipate the enemy’s movements, it’s only for a moment. I have to take that chance moment and attack yet it’s impossible to cope with a simultaneous attack from a large number of people at the same time. Therefore, the geographical advantage.
Third is that I mustn’t damage my fist. It’ll become overwhelmingly disadvantageous if I hurt my fist. And even if the fist is comparatively hard, it’s easy to break. I heard that when a human bone hits with all of its power, it’s fist might get broken. That’s why it’s necessary to avoid the bone getting hit as much as possible but it can’t be said when the situation needs it. That’s why it’s necessary to protect the fist.
If you take this three points, the possibility of getting defeated lowers endlessly.

I stopped when I advanced in the depths of the forest, then put my hand in the pocket of my uniform. Then I took out a fingerless glove. It’s something that reeks of chuunibyou but since it can protect the finger when used, it’s convenient.
The moment I took out the fingerless glove, I heard steps from the back.

「Hey hey, he took out a glove. Isn’t he getting into it?」

I turned around to the voice I heard, then there’s a man with blond hair that looks at me while having a vulgar smile. There are around five behind that man. Then there’s the two senpai that I beat up yesterday too.
Six people in total. That’s what you normally think but there are three men that detoured while hiding themselves in the trees of the forsest. Nine people in total.
It’s no use even if you hide from me. Or rather, it’s convenient for me if you hide. That’s why I pretend not to notice so they won’t notice that they’re at disadvantage.
Then, the blond man taking the lead and looking proud is out of the question. He only looks so self important yet so weak. No, it’s not always true that they’re weak if they’re physically inferior. Looking strong and merciless, this guy uses unfair means calmly to win. That’s how he fight.
The blonde man might be able to do “It” but that’s out of the question since he’s fundamentally weak.
The strongest in this groupー.

Is the man standing behind the two senpai I beat up yesterday.

The black haired man with a medium build. He looks a normal man at a glance but his muscular quality is different from the surrounding men. And the beating of his heart is gentle. He’s not excited in the situation where they would start lynching just one lone man.
This guy is certainly the leader of the group.

「Stand back Takenaka」

The man with a medium height and build who was standing quietly called out the blonde man when he saw me getting ready for battle.

「That guy’s the one who flawlessly knocked down Kinoshita and Makihara. Also his face changed when he saw me. That guy knows」

The medium build man said and stepped forward. It seems that he’s not underestimating me with his remark. Yet he’s not shaking.
This guy’s the one who sent the other three on a detour?
The judo senpai is much stronger in terms of strength but it’s a different story when it comes to fighting without limits.

「W-what is it Shinozaki? You’re scared of a first year? Furthermore that weak looking guy?」

When he was pulled back, the blonde man provoked the medium build man. Asking if he’s scared, the one actually scared is the blond man.
The medium build man doesn’t seem to belittle me as he made a cautious remark. The blond man must’ve been scared with that.

「Let’s talk later. Don’t be careless. Let’s finish this immediately」

Saying that, the man with a medium build took out a relatively short stick from his back.
Short stick. It seems to be an iron pipe that’s easy to swing. Furthermore, it has a tape rolled in it to not make it slip.
You intend to hit me with that? That’s cruel. Furthermore, you’re going to use all of your power to knock me down from the beginning? Well, this might be dangerous. Thenー.


I put my right hand on my pocket and took “it” out and threw it towards the medium build man.

「Get away!」

The medium build man shouted But only the medium build man was able to react and the others were dumbfounded.
Then a fog of white powder was spread around. I threw a pouch of wheat flour. The surroundings became white because of that.

「You intend to run away!? I won’t let you run!」
「Stop it Takenaka! That guy doesn’t intend to runー」

The blonde man raised a cry and an iron bar and run towards me. The medium build man tried to stop the blond man but he wasn’t able to stop him because the vision is fogged.

「First one」

The flour spreads out like fog. Inside the pure white view, I hammered my fist on the stomach of the blond man.
Even if you can’t see me, you’re completely visible to me.


The blond man jumped triumphantly but because his power is half-hearted, the power of the blow in his stomach is doubled. Furthermore, the hunted becomes the hunter. Because the counter caught him off guard, my fist almost dug half.

「Kahyuu, Hyuu」

Throwing up a weird sigh, I slipped the collapsing blond man. His in pain that can almost make him faint and in addition his breathing is hard so he probably won’t be able to move for the time being.
Now then, how many can be done with this flour strategy?
I immediately went away from the collapsing blond man and aimed at the medium build man but it seems that it has gave up and fell backwards.
I have no choice but to fight that guy. Wellー.

「Second one」

I moved to the man closes to me and lightly poked his head.


The man raised a small scream when his head was poked with his vision not clear, he then guarded his head. And his stomach hasー.


My right finger thrusting in.
It’s easy to make the stomach as a target and the fist won’t be hurt easily since it’s soft. I’m using the fingerless glove so I have no worries but it’s necessary to make assurance. Also the solar plexus is where the vital points that can make an opponent faint in a blow.


When I turned my gaze on the voice I heard, the pure white view is clearing up and the medium build man tried to run away.
There’s two knocked down. There are still seven people remaining. Furthermore the surprise attack flour strategy can’t be used twice. They should normally regain their balance and beat me up but the medium build man chose to run away immediately. Furthermore, he abandoned his companions.
It judged that he won’t be able to escape if he doesn’t try to. That guy has an excellent ability to evade danger and he’s also quick-witted.
I don’t want to let him go if possible but I’ll have a delayed start so it’s useless to run after him.
He’s much more troublesome opponent than I thought.

「Hey, what’s wrong?」

The three men who detoured and should’ve made a pincer attack has seen the flour strategy and their schedule changed. They rushed into me while shouting.

「You’re unfair! You’re throwing powder and hindering vision!」

When the powder fog cleared up, there’s a man who stared at me with bloodshot eyes and then answered back.
Unfair? I’d like to tell the guys who tried to lynch me with numbers. Well, it’s certainly unfair.
This guys, even though they’re okay using unfair means, they criticize when the opponent is using unfair means against them.

「Isn’t Takenaka done for?! What happened to Shinozaki!」
「Eh? Shinozaki? Huh!?」

The three rushes over. One of them shouted and the other man who’s asked about the surroundings raised a stupid voice.
They seem to have finally noticed that the leader has escaped when they were asked.

「T-This person is really dangerous. We shouldn’t have tried to lay our hands against him…」

One of the two of the senpai I beat up yesterday raised his shaking voice in freight. There’s only two people down and yet the trauma from yesterday came back to them.
Oh, it’s now less three people since the leader escaped.

「Shut up you shit! Don’t get scared with just a first year!」

The man is enraged on the frightened senpai. It seems that the leader of the three men who made the detour and pincer me is second place on the strength of the group. This one’s certainly stronger than the blonde guy.
He’s strong so the man with medium build is the leader of the group, but the role of the command is divided into two, it’s a mistake. The the medium build man is the leader of the main force and also the leader of the other force then they’d probably able to make a good fight. It’s a mistake to put the blonde man as a subleader of the main force.

「Anyway let’s use numbers to press himー」

The leader of the other force tried to command the confused members to beat me down but I’m not so good natured to wait for him to finish his command.

「Do consultations beforehand Reflect on it」

When I draw closer to the leader of detached corpse in a flash, I gave him a straight while teaching him to reflect.


It took a little time until I caught him off guard but I pressed him, the leader of the other force clicked its tongue while jumping back then avoided my attack.

「Don’t go idle! You should just do it with all members!」

Firmly taking a defensive posture, the leader of the other force motivated the others. His words and attitude are coarse, it’s not wrong to say it. However the people around can’t move.
The lack of the leader in the main unit is a big loss. Then, let’s confuse them more.

「You’re saying ‘Shit, dammit’ since earlier, do you want an insect from the restroom?」

Provoking the leader of the other force, I moved sideways when I confirmed that there’s a blood vessel appearing on the surface of his temple.

「T-This motherfuckeeeer!」

The leader of the other force raised an interesting roar as he took the provocation then he rushed towards me.
They don’t know why I have lured them “here”
The leader of the main force escaped immediately maybe because he noticed that I lured them.

「Die you fuckeeeeeeer!」

The leader of the other force rushed towards me and threw a right fist while shouting in anger.


But his right fist changed course immediately. It’s because I hid behind the tree. Only idiots would hit a tree with full strength. But because of thatー.

「Here you go」

A strange sound echoes and the leader of the other force raised a weird scream.
My feet goes between the groin of the bending forward leader of the other force. Like kicking soccer ball, I kicked it up with my toe using all of my power.


Is that a scream? He’s raising a strange voice like he’s making me laugh at all, the leader of the other force crumbles.
Did I overdo it? Maybe his balls are destroyed.
Well, there are two balls so it’s fine I guess.
Holding his groin using both hands, he crouched like caterpillar in a leaf, the leader of the other force convulses.
It’s the most effective attack against men. That’s a bull’s-eye. When he takes this, it’s impossible to get back in short time. No matter how you strengthen your body, no matter how tough is your will, only this will make you helpless.

「W-Wha-What the hell. Just what on earth is he?…」

I heard a mutter.
When the leader of the other force was done disappointingly, the remaining five are in extreme confusion.
I thought of rampaging but this guys are no good. I even intentionally lured them “Here”

A place where there’s a lot of obstacles, the one with the best compatibility with my ability. It’s easy to disperse the enemies when there’s a lot of obstacles and I can naturally disappear from enemy’s sight if I hide my body. But I can check my enemies visually.
It’s fine even for a moment. Just hiding my body for a moment. If the opponent hesitates with just that, the chance is created. I end it by catching them off guard.

「What would you do? There’s no meaning to continue further? Why don’t we talk and make peace?」

I said while approaching the remaining fiveー.


I drive my fist on the stomach of the man that’s easiest to reach.
I looked down on the collapsing man then looked up to the four remaining men. Then I smiled.

「Just kidding. I won’t let one of you go. Especially the two from yesterday. I’ll beat you up more than yesterday. Because it seems that you’re not reflecting at all」
「Ah, Aaa…」
「T-That’s why I told you to stop it…」

The two shuddered at my words.
There are still four of them remaining. Compared to that, I’m alone. But I’m the one in advantage in this location.
I decided to rampage yet, I feel depressed from the incomplete combustion.
I have no choice but to have hard expectations by reverse aiming on the leader of the main unit that escaped immediately.

There are eight men sitting straight naked no top of the dead leaves formed on the ground. No, is it seven? The leader of the other force who received a soccer ball kick on his balls has his eyes peeled white and collapsed. Furthermore, naked.
I hold my phone towards those men and took photos.
Ah, geez, it’s not interesting to take pictures of naked men. Rather, I don’t want to save this disgusting images. But, I need to grasp their weakness.

「U, Uu…」

Hiding their groin using both hands, the men looked down while groaning. The two from yesterday are crying.
They haven’t reflected on it, it seems that the pill bug they have eaten is making effect. Or rather, I never expected them to eat it so I pulled back a bit.
You won’t normally eat it even if you’re told to do so. I won’t eat it.

「Then, it’s about the guy who did it to that Yuka, is her weakness grasped by you guys?」

When I asked, several of them trembled. But no one opened their mouths.

「Want to eat pill bug? Or would you prefer wood lice?」

Smiling, I asked while tilting my head. There are lots of pill bug and wood lice around the fallen leaves after all.

「I-I’ll talk!」
「I’ll talk so stop it!」
「Stop with the wood lice! I beg of you!」
「I don’t want wood lice! I don’t want to eat wood lice anymore!」

Several of them had their face paled and raised a grieving cry. Especially the two people who ate the pill bug are desperate.
The wood lice’s effect is tremendous. If it’s a camel cricket, it’s much more effective.
Those are dangerous. Camel cricket are dangerous. Those are fucking disgusting.

Thanks to the effect of wood lice, I was able to gather information everything about that Yuka. And the contents of their talk are truly foolish.
It seems that their aim was Asahina. I understood it to some extent yesterday.
They somehow want to get Asahina as her looks are good but it seems that Asahina’s cocky attitude is the reason why they put out their hands. Then they got that Yuka beforehand.
Yuka became obedient as she tried to stop the Senpai somehow. She’s been called and she followed. Then she was gangbanged.
They took a lot of obscene images and videos and they threatened that Yuka, she became those Senpai’s toy.
She seems to be resisting at first but it seems that she start to give up after some time. Knowing that they’d be gentle if she entice them, she took the lead and open her legs.
Did they forgot their objective on the meanwhile? Or was it the cause of that one being resented in return?
That Yuka sold Asahina. She tried to sell Asahina to defend herself.
Asahina wants to save that Yuka who received the tormenting instead of her. That Yuka had said that she’ll return the favor to Asahina one day.
Returning the favor somehow turned into returning har,. Furthermore, she wasn’t asked but poked her nose into it by herself.
What a foolish story.
By the way, it seems that the two who used violence on that Yuka is the two from yesterday as expected.

「Want to eat wood lice?」
「N-No way! I don’t want wood lice!」
「I don’t want to eat! I don’t want to eat that!」

When I present the wood lice to the two of them, they refused while crying. The other man avert their trembling face.

「You don’t want to eat?」
「I don’t want to eat! I don’t want to eat that!」
「I’ll eat pill bug! So please spare me from wood lice!」

The two men that’s shaking their heads to my question desperately appealed to be spared from wood lice.
I see. Thenー.

「Let’s look for a camel cricketー」
「I’m fine with wood lice! I’ll eat the wood lice!」
「Please stop the camel cricket! Please stop it!」

Even though they said that they don’t want to eat it that much earlier, the two of them started to say that they want to eat wood lie, the other men turned pale and trembled, then they accepted the wood lice I presented.
I took pictures of the two with my phone.
The image of them eating wood lice while naked. If this comes into light, the delinquent life of these guys would end.
By the way, camel cricket is truly the strongest. I’m also saved as I don’t want to touch that thing. That’s the only one I can’t win against.