X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 76


Chapter 76


Hearing a rustling noise, Yuka popped out of the bushes.


Dumbfounded, I raised a stupid voice instinctively.

「Your onahole you can use anytime anywhere! Thank you for using Yuka~!」

Yuka clings to me while saying that then she took my hand.

「H-Hey, wait」

I’m running confused as if I’m being dragged by Yuka who’s holding my hand.
Why is Yuka here?
I was in the open space in the woods with Asahina earlier so I head to the school building through the animal trail.
I sent Yuka a mail but she asked me where I was so I told her to wait as I’ll meet her in the classroom.
In short, I didn’t tell Yuka my location.
And yet, Yuka’s in the woods.
Could it be that she followed me?
I can peek at Yuka’s mind with my ability but I want to ask her before that.
Perhaps she followed me but, I want to know what kind of answer Yuka will say.

「Y-Yuka-chan, why are you in this place?」

I ask Yuka who’s running ahead and dragging my hand.
Yuka stopped then turned around while still grabbing my hand, then she looked up at me with a blushing face.

「W-Want to know?」

Yuka asks bashfully while fidgeting.


Looking at Yuka who’s starting up at me bashfully, I instinctively swallowed my saliva.
Because I was just with the cheeky Asahina earlier, the shy Yuka seems strangely cute and it got me excited somehow.

「You want me to say it by all means?」

Yuka who asked again stared up at me with moist eyes and blushing cheeks, thenー

「Then, please take a look」

Saying that, Yuka raised up her skirt slowly.
Her white plump thighs gradually becomes exposed. I can’t help but swallow my saliva from that strange sexiness.
It’s completely different from Asahina’s thin and small thighs. This is exactly a womanly thighs.
Yuka raises her skirt even further. Then her hairless slit appears.


What lewdness. Even though it’s both hairless, the lewdness is different from Asahina’s smooth pussy.
Her erect clitoris congests out of her skin, it’s pleading to be teased.
Beneath is her reddish pink slit, wriggling obscenely, leaking out a large amount of love nectar.
I want to put it in. I want to thrust my dick inside that obscene meat hole.
I got it pent up because of Asahina but I didn’t think that it was this much.
I unbearably want to do it and let it out.
Also, I know the greatness of this hole. And I know that she’ll happily present her meat hole if I say I want to put it in.
Perhaps I think that it’s most definitely the case.

「I saw Yuu-chan chasing Mota-kun, I chased out of jealousy and run after the two of you unsightly. And I witnessed your lewd act in the open area in the woods, I was aroused while jealous, I played with my obscene and lewd pussy with my fingers and comforted myself」

Yuka honestly confesses everything while exposing her obscene wet pussy.
I believe for it to be true without using my ability.

「I-I, you see, I thought I don’t want to lose against Marina-chan but actually, it’s inevitable to lose, I noticed it. Butー」

Yuka speaks while exposing her pussy to me, she breathes in then looked straight to my face.

「I owe Yuu-chan, I betrayed her yet she saved me. I will never forget that. But, I won’t forgive Yuu-chan who takes a cruel attitude towards Mota-kun. Marina-chan emits an aura from her whole body desperately devoting herself to Mota-kun so I can withdraw. But, if she’s taking such attitude, there’s no way I will back down!」

Yuka tightens her expression.

「And yet, even though she’s taking such a cruel attitude, watching Mota-kun teasing Yuu-chan, I’m so frustrated, mortified, annoyed, vexed, I’m helplessly frustrated but also so aroused, I can’t endure it, then…I push my finger to my dirty pussy and scoop it out, and came again and again without leaking my voice. Watching Mota-kun playing with Yuu-chan, I came over and over again while feeling frustration. I even peed while on it」

Breathing roughly, looking at me with her tight yet blushing expression, Yuka confesses that she masturbated while watching me tease Asahina and came multiple times, and that she even peed incidentally.
That is too obscene, too lewd, filled with too much desires, it’s too crazy and yet she looks so pure.

「Yuka-chan, hit me」

Yuka’s eyes opened wide when I say that.
I was trying to use Yuka to corner Asahina.
Yuka is my onahole so I can do whatever I want to Yuka.
But, I can’t settle down by all means.
I’m helplessly annoyed at myself who tried to use Yuka as a tool.

「I’m ordering you. Hit me」
「Hit me with the intent to kill me. If you don’t, I will abandon you right now」

Yuka backed away from my words, her eyes are shaking.
This is how I should use Yuka.
Because I can’t settle down, I will force Yuka to beat me.
That is to my own convenience.
Then, if Yuka hits me, that’s a debt.

「I-I want to stay with Mota-kun, I will hit you with all my best」

Yuka who confirmed my nod, breathes in heavily then glared at me. Then she raised her right handー

Along with the dry sound, is the pain running on my cheek.

Is that your best? No, Yuka surely cut corners. Yuka is that kind of woman.
Weaker than anyone, she’s a woman that’s too kind for everyone.
Seriously, even though I told her to hit me with the intent to kill.
But well, I feel somewhat refreshed.
Wiping my lip with the back of my hand, I look at Yuka who’s about trembling and about to cry and I grinned.
I will stop using Yuka to corner Asahina.
I’ll do the opposite.
I will show to Asahina how I’m having fun with Yuka.
Not using Yuka as a tool but use Asahina as a tool.
It feels the same way but it’s quite different on the mental aspect.
Now that I decided thatー

「A-Are you okay? Did it hurt?」

Yuka who’s about to cry stretches her trembling right hand and touched my cheek. I caught her hand then hugged her.

「I want to have sex with Yuka-chan right now but there’s no good place to go to」

Yuka who’s embraced by me whispering in her ear, raised a surprised voice from what I said.

「U-Un! I do know! I know a lot! I’ve used a lot of places!」

Saying that, Yuka hold my hand and run in a hurry.
She knows a lot of places to fuck. She has used those places.
Saying those words calmly, Yuka speaks how defiled she is.
You’re not defiled. You’re much more pure than the women everywhere.
I want to say that but I stopped.
Yuka won’t accept any words I try to say about that.
Also, it’s true that Yuka’s defiled. Yuka knows that more than anyone else.
If I tell Yuka that she’s not, she’ll surely blame herself.
Asking herself why she’s defiled.
She’d want to return time.
Before she got defiled.
She’ll surely blame herself with such thoughts.

Yuka headed to the gym equipment room behind the gymnasium.
There’s an equipment room in the gym as well but the equipment room for the tools used in the ground is on the outside.
Yuka went around the back of the gym equipment room.

「The entrance is locked but there’s a loophole on the back」

Saying that Yuka let go of my hand and moved the plywood leaning against the wall of the room.
Then a hole where you can pass by crawling appears.

「I-It would be bad if there’s someone inside so I will go first」

Yuka who looks quite impatient said while making a blushing face then got on all fours.
I hold Yuka’s shoulder and let her back down.

「Are you making a fool out of me?」

You’re saying that you’ll enter to confirm if there’s someone inside?
Making the man wait and the woman check out?

「N-No, I’m not」

Yuka seems to think that I was offended so she desperately denies it with teary eyes.

「I said it badly. I know that you’re not making fun of me. But that’s not it, why are you trying to protect me? Do I seem to be weak?」

Hearing my question, Yuka twitched.
I can read Yuka’s mind if I use my ability but I want to hear the answer from Yuka’s mouth.

「I-I don’t. I don’t think that Mota-kun is weak. But…」

Yuka paused, looked down, fixed her hands on her chest, trembling.
Thinking that I should wait here, I looked at Yuka without saying anything.
After a while, Yuka inhales then looked up straight at me.

「I’m scared of Mota-kun」

Yuka nods when I ask back.
Yuka’s scared of me? I didn’t mean to scare her but well, it’s not unnatural to be afraid of me.
But, why are you protecting me when you’re scared of me?

「When you saved me, when you fought with Rikka-chan, with Kamuro Hizuki, Mota-kun was alone. Mota-kun is strong so he comes back but what if you lose? Mota-kun isn’t an optimist so you always think of the time you will lose, right? But you go alone. I’m really scared at the thought that you’ll never come back again…」

Holding her hands in her chest, Yuka looks straight at me and speaks while trembling. I feel my heartbeat jumping from what she said.

I can’t retort.

「Mota-kun talks little and looks at us properly. You punished Marina-chan for my sake and allowed me to be treated equally. Marina-chan being loved the most is just from her charm. You chose Marina-chan after treating us as equals. I can’t complain. No, looking at Marina-chan getting cuter, I honestly think that this is to be expected from the girl Mota-kun chose. But, but you see…」

Yuka who speaks looking at me has a miserable smile floating on her cheeks.

「Although Mota-kun is looking at us, you don’t say anything. It’s very hard isn’t it? You lived in harsh thoughts, didn’t you? And yet, you don’t even make a complain」

Painful past?
I think I lived a tough life so far but…
My suffering isn’t a big deal. Compared to Yuka’s suffering, it’s just like an unlucky day.

「Compared to Yuka-chan, my hardship isn’t a big dealー」
「No! That’s not it!」

Yuka interrupts my words.

「Don’t compare people’s hardships! Even if it’s trivial for me but there are much more painful things than Mota-kun dying! It’s the opposite! It is hard! It’s harsh! I thought of dying multiple times! But, even though it was that painful, it’s not painful anymore! I honestly think that I’m glad I’m alive from the bottom of my heart! I’m scared of now and the next day! I’m unbearably afraid waiting for the next day! Do you know why?! If the next day comes, I’ll lose another day I can spend my time with Mota-kun!」

Yuka appeals like crazy clings to me.

「I’m afraid on the someday that will definitely come. Thinking that we’re not invading Mota-kun’s heart deeply as he doesn’t complain around. Always thinking that you’ll be fine even if I suddenly disappear one day. Even if I disappear, you’ll just spend your daily life without change, that’s why you’re not saying something. Thinking that’s the case, I’m scared. I’m unbearably afraid that day may come tomorrow…I don’t want Mota-kun not coming back…!」

Clinging to me, muttering as she tremble, Yuka desperately sticks to me as if saying she’ll never let me go.
Disappearing someday?
True. I can’t deny that.
No, it’s funny that I can’t deny it.
During my fight with Rikka, even when I confronted Kamuro Hizukui, I thought that it doesn’t matter if I don’t come back.
I give up. I really can’t retort to this.

「Then can I complain for a bit?」

Hugging Yuka who’s clinging to me, I mutter.

「Well, I don’t think it’s a big deal but I thought that I wasn’t supposed to be born. That it’s my fault for being born. Well, should I say that I have no place to stay. Then, you see. It’s just that」

I helped out a bullied guy in the past.
I had an ulterior motive.
If I use the bullied child, I thought that I might be able to make a friend.
That’s why I helped him out.
I beat up those bullies.
There were around 10 people. Then I beat them all up alone.
I can’t use my ability as good as now so I didn’t overwhelm them.
I was beaten and kicked. But, it became my victory eventually.
I knocked down the bullies then approached the bullied.
Then, selfishly thinking that we became friends, I lent him my hand.
I can’t forget his eyes that time.
He’s looking at me in fright as if he’s looking at a devil.
Thinking about it now, I was stupid.
I could’ve done it better. But, I didn’t have the calm that time.
I just thought about defeating my enemy anyway.
Against ten people, furthermore, they’re people who enjoy bullying people, I won against those.
If I beat those bullies, the bullied one will think that I’m much more dangerous than those guys.
Normally, it’s the natural thing.
After that, I stopped trying to make friends.

「I just want to sit down on a bench, eat ice cream, make a worthless talk and laugh. I want to make a side trip with a friend and be scolded by mother for coming late. It’s foolish isn’t it? I had such a trivial worry」

Saying that, I grab Yuka’s shoulders and separate her from clinging.

「Hey, laugh. Laugh at this scum who’s strayed from the right path because of a trivial worry. 7Laugh at the loser who can do nothing but bark. Laugh a the scum insect who wants to die quickly, he jumped at fire by himself. It is as Yuka-chan says. I didn’t want to be born, I wanted to disappear. That is why I love being on the edge of life and death. I think that I’ll feel better with this」

Holding Yuka’s shoulders, I speak as I look down at her.
I knew. I’m not talking to Yuka. I’m talking to myself.

「I see」

Yuka looks up at me with her cheeks wet with tears, then she smiled.

「I think I finally understand. Why is Mota-kun attracted to Yuu-chan」

Yuka looks up at me with a smile, holds my hand grabbing her shoulders gently then pile up quietly.

「Surely, Yuu-chan is the first person who became an equal for the first time in Mota-kun’s life」

Hearing her say that, I want to say it’s wrong but I can’t speak up.
I that so? I wonder if that’s the case? I don’t understand it myself.
But, when I reconsider it, at that time, when Asahina was reborn from being broken, she asked me to treat her ice cream. Then, we sat on a bench together and she licked the ice cream with a bold attitude.
Although I raped her and broke her, I thought that she’s interesting.

「Fufu, I have to thank Yuu-chan」

Surprised at Yuka who suddenly laughed, Yuka squeezed her in the gap. Then she stretched herself, draw her face close until our lips almost touch.

「I understand how how Mota-kun fell for her. Knowing how to make you fall down, you’re a boy that’s easy to fall in love ♡
「Marina-chan have done it naturally but I’m a calculative one. I can take a few steps ahead♡」

Narrowing her eyes, Yuka shows a bewitching smile.
Making me fall? What is she saying?

「Suzuhara Motarou-kun. You’re my boyfriend」
「I maybe dirty but I also have the right to be happy」
「I don’t care who you have sex with. But, Mota-kun, you’re my boyfriend starting today. I don’t mind if you refuse. I just decided that you’re my boyfriend」

Confused at Yuka’s sudden change, she looks up at me linking arms then laughs with a fascinating smile.
What’s suddenly going on? Act? But if it’s an act, what’s with this act? What does this act mean?
But, I wonder why. My heart is beating so fast.

「I’m so stupid. Even though Mota-kun took the trouble to be equal with me, I pulled out myself. The difference between Marina-chan and I is whether to step forward or not. But, Marina-chan hasn’t stepped out yet. She’s desperately chasing Mota-kun’s back. But, I’m different. I don’t follow your back」

Yuka adds further, she speaks while our lips touch each other.

「It may be sudden but I’ll stay next to you ♡ by force ♡」

Saying that, Yuka kisses me then hold my hand.

「Hey, Mota-kun, let’s have sex. I desperately want Mota-kun’s penis ♡ From now on, if you feel you want to have sex then just say it honestly ♡ After all, Mota-kun is my boyfriend ♡」

Yuka proceeds to talk selfishly without hearing my opinion then she pulls my hand.

「Let’s go inside ♡ I’ll make you feel a lot of pleasure ♡」

Showing a smile on her whole face, Yuka pulls my hands.
I’m not using my ability and yet I saw something.
That is too unrealistic.
I can see a big bud in Yuka.
A pink bud who’s tip is pink colored is about to blossom.
I saw that and understood.
It’s something I always thought.
Yuka perhaps, no, definitely has an overwhelming potential.
Because of her bullied character and the sexual assault done by men, the budding talent was hindered from opening.
But if that sleeping talent blossoms, it’ll surely be amazing.
And now, it’s finallyー

The bud starts to open.

Even though she’s much more defiled than anyone, she’s much more gentle, purer than anyone.
A large flower opens.
It was born in the mud, raised in the mud that’s why it’s the most beautiful when it blooms.
Yuka who’s smiling with her whole face blooms like a large pink flower, that was just beautiful.

The inside of the equipment room smells moldy.
There’s a large mat placed at the center of the room.
It’s the mat used for high jump landing.
Yuka pulls my hand heading straight to the mat, rides on the mat then pulled me so that I pin her down.
Hanging over Yuka, I took her lips without saying anything then put my hands in the uniform she’s wearing and massaged her large soft breasts.

「Fu ♡ Nn♡」

Even if I covet her lips, rub her breasts and nipple with my fingers, she’s not showing any intense reactions like Marina but Yuka’s absorbed in putting my tongue in her mouth.
The obscene wet sound echoes in the room.
I want to put it in right nnow. I want to insert my angry dick inside Yuka. Then I’ll swing my waist like crazy, I want to defile Yuka completely.
This girl won’t get defiled no matter how much you do.

「Were you fucked here too?」

Our lips part but our tongues still twine, I ask Yuka.
I put my hands inside her uniform, rubbed her breasts as I want and playing with her nipples, Yuka twitches and let out hot sighs.

「Un. I was raped her multiple times that I can’t count」

Yuka lets out a smile while rolling over her tongue lewdly.

「In what way?」

I asked further.
I can read Yuka’s mind with my ability. But I want to hear it from her mouth.
I want Yuka to confess everything to me.

「Do you want to know?」

Yuka keeps saying that she’s defiled. But, Yuka who’s asking me is like a different person.

「Are you afraid to say it?」

Asking her like that, Yuka smiles looking teary eyed.

「My boyfriend isn’t a man of a poor caliber that he will hate me from something that much」

Hearing Yuka’s answer, my dick stands up.

「I don’t need to know the contents. Knowing everything I will hate you? What a foolish way of thinking, I just want to know」

Answering her, Yuka who’s trembling as her nipples are played with laughs.

「I thought so ♡」

Her face turned red, sweating faintly, Yuka smiles like a mischievous child.
Is this really Yuka?
Is this the Yuka who’s not confident about herself, afraid to take a step forward, keeps saying that she’s defiled as if cursing herself, and the one that will stay with me even if she’s treated like an onahole?
Does that Yuka can make such a provocative smile?
I feel a pleasant sensation like a chill rushing through my spine.

「I see. If you know then there’s no problem, right?」

Yuka tilts her head when I smile and say that.
I pull my hands that are inside Yuka’s uniform and grasped her feet to set up her body.

「Eh!? Wait!? Mota-kun!?」

Yuka raised a shaking voice resembling a cry when her feet is suddenly grabbed. I ignore Yuka then lift her grasped feet.


Yuka who’s legs are lifted and pressed on both sides of her head raised a muffled scream.
Both her feet are pressed against the side of her head. This is the so-called Manguri1
Yuka’s skirt is completely rolled up and her lewd part is exposed.
Yuka who’s not wearing an underwear has her lewd pussy overflowing with love nectar and anus that’s twitching exposed.


That was a serious scream.
Yuka who’s pussy is exposed has a stiff expression and she covers it with both of her hands.
Looking at me with her tongue out, she realized what I’m trying to do.

「Yuka-chan, let go」
「Yuka-chan, I’m telling you to move your hands away!」
「Never! I’ll never allow that!」

Covering her pussy with both hands, Yuka screams in refusal and then she became silent when I asked.
For some reason Yuka hates it, I know it even without the use of my ability to see her mind.
But, just as Yuka refuses it, I also deny Yuka’s refusal.


When I call her that, Yuka twitched.

「H-Here, my pussy is a hole filled by a lot of men. It’s a hole that swallowed a lot of men’s desires. I was forced at first but it wasn’t painful halfway. My pussy and anus, I was pleased as both of my holes were pierced. There’s no way I can let Mota-kun lick such a dirty place」

Desperately hiding her pussy, Yuka speaks in a trembling voice the words I thought.
Yuka herself knows it.
I won’t settle with just that much.
But, that said, she can’t explain it immediately.
That’s why it’s okay.
Yuka had that pussy so I want to lick it.
Not just lick it but suck up the deepest part of it.

「Please. I beg you. I don’t want it by all means」
「It’s just a used hole. It’s a hole that’s been played a lot. A hole exposed to a large number of men, and opened it voluntarily to those men, accept, panted, overflowed with a lot of semen, then laughed as they finger it. There’s no way I can let Mota-kun lick such a defiled place. Please, I beg you. Please spare me from that」

Holding her pussy, Yuka begs for pardon while crying.
I know. I know that Yuka seriously begs for it.
But, if I pull out here, I’m sure that Yuka’s blooming flower with all effort will die.

「Yuka, you’re dirty」

Hearing those words, Yuka twitched.

「But, that’s okay」

Saying those words Yuka silently let her tears overflow.

「The flower I like is a bud in the mud, a large flower when it blooms. It grew up in the mud that’s why it blooms much more beautiful than any other flowers. It’s dirty that’s why it blooms beautifully. I like that kind of flower」

I felt Yuka’s body relaxing from those words.

「It’s actually a lie. It’s not that I don’t want you to lick it because it’s dirty. If you do that, I won’t be able to stop my love for you. I’ll want all of you, and may even kill you」

It’s a lie. Yuka said.
Everything Yuka says is true.
She wouldn’t want me to lick up her dirty hole.
But on top of that, if she learns that I will accept everything, she’ll no longer be able to stop.
That also is true.

「Oh, okay」

As I answer, both hands covering her pussy fell down.
And Yuka who’s shedding tears, smiled.

「I thought you’ll say that ♡」

Along with those words, I licked her obscene hole overflowing with love nectar.

「Aaaah ♡ I love you ♡ Aaaaaah ♡ I love youuuuu ♡ I don’t want to hand you to anyone ♡ If you’re gonna get taken by someone, I’ll kill you and kill myself ♡」

Licking her pussy, I pierce her hole with my tongue, sucked up her clitoris, put my finger in her anus and Yuka raised a sweet voice with an ecstatic look.

「Aaah ♡ It feels good ♡ It’s like heaven ♡ I’m satisfied ♡ But I want more ♡ I want more of Mota-kun I’m dying ♡」

Yuka draws power from her whole body and continue to raise a sweet voice that’s really melting away.
Her eyes lost focus, it just stares into space.
Looking at Yuka, I twist my tongue inside her meat hole that’s overflowing with endless amount of love nectar. Then I push pull my fingers piercing her anus.
Yuka’s thighs tremble along with her twitching anus.

「Having fun aren’t we?」

Hearing that voice suddenly, Yuka’s eyes moved.
Looking at the voice I hear, Marina’s sitting holding her knees next to me.
S-Since when?…


Yuka mutters while looking at Marina with her eyes that lost light.

「I might kill you. If you don’t want that then give me Mota-kun」

Yuka smiles while maintaining her lewd posture, then she raised a chilly voice.
I feel the pleasure running in my spine.
Good, really good. Yuka right now is the best and the most beautiful.
Marina who’s holding her cheeks with both hands while looking down at Yuka accepts the chilling glance head on then she smiled.

「You finally feel that way. I’m anxious about Yuka-chan recently. You always back down and think selfishly」

Yuka had a cramped expression when she heard Marina’s words.

「I’m being crushed by the sense of guilt. I want to settle things with you properly and yet you backed down on your own. But now you seem like you feel like it so I’m relieved」

Marina speaks in a soft tone while smiling. But, I feel something extraordinary from that smile.

「I’m relieved too. As expected, Marina-chan is a strong enemy」

Yuka smiles with sweat on her cheeks while still on a lewd position.
Speaking of which, Marina was tried to be killed by Yuka once.
After that experience, Yuka still declares respect to Marina, I thought that it won’t pass as a threat.


The two look at each other and nods.

「As best friends」

Saying that, Marina stretches her right hand.

「As greatest enemies」

Saying that, Yuka stretches her right hand and hold Marina’s right hand firmly.

「Which girlfriend is suitable for him?」
「It’s a match!」

Then the two began their own game.

It’s a game they started without my permission but even I don’t intend to hand over the initiative.

「Yuka stand in front of me, naked. Marina, paizuri fellatio.」

Ordered by me, the two begin to move energetically.
I sit on top of the mat, Yuka spreads her naked legs in front of me then Yuka who let out her huge tits from her uniform got on all fours and bury her face in my crotch.
Yuka’s lewd pussy in front of me. I suck her erect clitoris, raised both my hands and tease both her nipples with my fingers.

「Ah ♡ Aaah ♡ Jururu ♡ It feels good ♡ Teasing my nipples feels goooood ♡」

Straddling on Marina who’s face is buried on my crotch, I such Yuka’s clitoris, played with both of her nipples, she pants, put her hands on her sides and sticks out her waist.

「Nchu ♡ Rerorero ♡ Juru ♡ Gubububu ♡ Juppo juppo juppo ♡ Juzozozoozozozozo♡」

On the other hand, Marina holds my dick with her prided huge tits, crawls her tongue licking my glans, put it in her mouth and begin to shake her head making a lewd wet sound.
I’m receiving Marina’s paizuri fellatio while I have a side dish by licking Yuka’s naked pussy and fiddling her nipples making her pant.
This is unbearable.

「Aaaahn ♡ I want to lick too ♡ I want to suck suck Mota-kun’s dick ♡」

Yuka who leaks out lewd love nectar while twitching is envious of Marina who’s sucking my dick.
Hearing that, Marina makes a noise taking my glans out then strokes the rod with her right hand. Then she looks up at Yuka.

「Then, want to switch? I want to have my pussy licked by Suzuhara-kun though ♡」
「Yaan ♡」
「Then his dick’s mine ♡」
「Yaan ♡」
「Fufu, the selfish Yuka-san is very cute ♡」
「T-Thank you ♡」

Making an exchange, complimenting each other.
Weren’t they fighting? Well, it doesn’t matter as long as it feels good.
Yuka who’s dripping saliva as I lick her pussy and play with her nipples. Then I feel pleasure from Marina’s paizuri fellatio while I use Yuka as the material.
The game is the side dish showdown.
One becomes my side dish and the other serves my dick and make me ejaculate. It’s a competition of time.
It’ll be hard to ejaculate if the number of ejaculation increases so it’s much more advantageous for the first side dish. In short, Yuka’s in an overwhelming advantage.
But, if Marina who’s at disadvantage wins, Yuka won’t be able to make any complains. and Marina handed the first side dish position to Yuka. That must’ve given a lot of pressure for Yuka. Normally, she’ll demonstrate her full power and Yuka has the skills to be the best side dish but, it seems that she has no choice but to mind Marina and furthermore, Yuka’s being cornered because I’m licking her pussy.

「Cumming ♡ I’m cumming again ♡ Aaah ♡ I have to be Mota-kun’s side dish and yet, I just keep on cumming ♡ But this feels goooooooooood ♡」

Yuka twitches while drooling as her clitoris is sucked up by me, played with her nipples.
That figure becomes my side dish.


Aroused by Yuka’s writhing figure, I gave my first ejaculation to Marina’s paizuri fellatio.

Next roundー

「Suzuhara-kun, please take a look ♡」

Marina who stands up in front of me in her uniform exposes her huge tits from her uniform, pulls her right nipple with her fingers then open up her own pussy with her hand.


The pleasure gushes out of my glans reaches my brain and got finished instantly.
The cause is Marina’s strategy using the lewdness of her clothing, andー

「S-Shit! I gave out a serious fellatio!」

It’s due to Yuka’s excellent service technique.
As expected, Yuka’s fellatio is amazing.
Saying that, the game ended with Marina’s victory.

「The winner will have the dick inside her pussy ♡」

Saying that, Marina gets on all fours on the mat, stick out her ass towards me then opens her pussy with her finger.

「Gunununu! I won’t lose next time!」

Yuka looks frustrated but having fun.
I activate my ability while looking at Yuka.

ーAs expected, I’m no match against Marina-chan

Yuka mutters in her heart.
Though her talent bloomed, it’s been hold down for a long time so it won’t be released easily.

「The fellatio match was Yuka’s win」

I say while pushing down Yuka, both of them raised a surprised voice.


Yuka clings to me, speaks out happily, then slides my dick in her pussy, she tightens it up.
Shit. Yuka’s pussy is really on a different dimension.

「Wai!? I think that’s cheating!」

Marina speaks out her reproach.
Pleased to be embraced by an unskilled man like me, she blames when she’s not.
Even though she’s a beauty that can chose her own man, she’s definitely strange.

「Marina, since you win the game, you get a french kiss」
「Eh?! Yaay ♡」
「Aah! No kisses! No kisses!!!」

Marina feels overjoyed by my words but when I embraced her and pressed our lips, she puts her tongue in my mouth.
Then Yuka speaks out her reproach when she saw that.

「I also want a kissーNaa♡」

Yuka’s frustrated but when I pierce my dick deeper, she raised a sweet voice and twitched.
I’m piercing Yuka’s pussy and twine tongue with Marina.
I immediately finished from that amazing sexual feeling then I thrust my dick inside Marina’s pussy after it and twine my tongue with Yuka while swinging my waist violently.
Marina’s eyes whited out twitching as I pierce her pussy.
I blow out my white liquid inside her pussy and twine my tongue with Yuka while her eyes whited out.
In the end, they both fainted and ended with victory.
Fufu, don’t make light of my libido.
That said, I feel like I’m forgetting something but who cares.


  1. いわゆるまんぐり返し。