X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Bidding farewell to the delinquents, I returned home and went out immediately after changing clothes.

I’m heading towards that Yuka’s house.
The leader who escaped is stronger than those delinquents. Furthermore, he’s calm, careful, and cunning. He’s that kind of leader so I’m expecting for him to take measures.
Since he escaped immediately, I can judge that he’s not going to charge directly if he has no winning chance. But it’s hard to think that he’d withdraw so easily now that they sent delinquents. I’m sure that he’d try some other means.
Then, how would I get crushed.
The answer is easy. Adjust the war potential and pierce my weakness. For example, securing some person that’s related to me.
Why did I pick a fight with the delinquents? Investigating the cause, it’ll arrive at that Yuka and Asahina.
I moved for Asahina and that Yuka. When it comes to it, they’ll use Asahina and that Yuka as hostage. So it’s possible to crush me if that Yuka and Asahina is secured. Then that Yuka is easy to find as she’s their toy.
The leader is clever. It should’ve judged that it’s easy if she’s secured. In short it’s likely that he’ll move by the end of the day.
With that said, I decided to keep watch on the side that Yuka.

「However, my ability is truly unfair…」

I arrived at that Yuka’s house and muttered while looking around.
The houses in the quiet residential area are lined up. I can grasp the event happening in the house just by standing in the way. The event behind the obstacle called wall.
Looking from a different perspective, I can hide myself and completely understand the situation in the surroundings.
Taking intelligence while the body is completely hidden? There’s a limit in being unfair. But it’s simple. It’s a very simple ability.
If I want to obtain a special ability, it would be like making a flame out of my hand or generate electricity or shooting out water like bullets or flying to the sky using wind. Those abilities are cooler.
My ability is simple compared to that.
Being able to see things that normal humans can’t see. Just that. Furthermore, my ability can be done with science somehow. For instance, electric waves, heat perception, or X-ray. If you use those, my power in my ability can be gained by a normal people too.
My ability can be reproduced with the help of science, that’s the degree. My physical ability doesn’t improve at all.
However they absolutely need to use machinery when they try to reproduce my ability with the help of science. Furthermore if you improve the accuracy, it needs an equipment that corresponds to it.
X-ray, CT, MRI. The more they raise the accuracy, the larger the equipment needed.
But I have nothing in my hands, furthermore, I can take information in high accuracy.
It’s simple but it’s an ability that’s much more dangerous than making flame from hand.

I hid myself from the wall of that Yuka’s house and checked inside.
That Yuka is still inside the room. I can’t see Asahina. She probably came home. Or perhaps she’s still inside the house and she’s outside the range where I can detect her with my ability.
My x-ray ability has a vague part. It’s useful range varies on the day. Though it’s stable in short distance, the number of obstacles it can pass through is different by daily. Perhaps I think that the effective range changes with my physical and mental condition.

It’s been two hours since I’ve began to lie and wait. The sun sets and the area has become completely dark.

「Err, Shiritori, Apple[Ringo], Gorrila[Gorira], Camel[Rakuda], Ostrich[Danchou], Shit[Unko], Anus[Koumon] Ah, I got an ‘N’ end」1

I’ve got too much time that I played shiritori with myself.

「Another round. Err, Shiritori, Squirrel[Risu], Watermelon[Suika], Canary[Kanaria], Angler[Ankou], Shit[Unko], Anus[Koumon]. Ah, I got N again」

No good, whenever shit comes, I want to say anus by all means. It’s something that has transcended the victory and defeat. Something makes me do that.


Then, that Yuka had curled herself up on top of the bed moved.
That Yuka operated her phone while trembling, she dropped the cover blanket, got off the bed and began to take off her pajama.
I’m sure that it’s the call of the leader of the delinquent group.
That Yuka on the other side of the wall is doing a nude show. Since I’m seeing through the wall of the house, I can’t see the internal organs of that Yuka.
That Yuka who has a bandage rolled in her right eye starts unbuttoning the pajama andー.


That Yuka’s jacket falls in the floor. Then her big tits came into view. There’s some bruise on her jiggling big breast here and there but it causes my inner sadism to be excited.
There are bruises and bandages put in every other part of her body.
The girl covered in bruises and bandages somewhat makes me feel something emotional.
Still, the senpai who did it to her are quite flashy. But because of that, the pill bug, wood lice, and camel cricket in the endー Blergh, I felt nauseous remembering it.

「That girl has a good body…」

I pulled myself together and looked at that Yuka. That Yuka, took off her trousers while half naked.
Her tits are big and thighs are tight. Then the curve of her waist and the swell of her ass. And her thighs are plump in addition.
Her face is lovely and childish and her semi long hair is colored black. Her body is obscene nevertheless. I understand their feeling of taking her instead of threatening Asahina.
Asahina’s cuteness is on top but she’s flat chested. It’s not just small. Asahina’s a chopping board. Because it’s like that in the present, she’s hopeless in future. Compared to that, Yuka is…

「But she’s a used goods. Used goods. Hmmm, Used goods is a bit」

I’d like a new one if anything. But that Yuka has a lewd body. It charming if you just remove that she’s already used. It needs a talent to give her up.
While worrying, Yuka had gone out of the room after changing. I lost that Yuka because of that.
I can only see the distance in the room facing the wall.

「Wait! I beg you to wait! You mustn’t go! Wait a minute Yuka!」

Asahina’s voice is heard. She’s still in the house. Did she wait on the corridor from morning without entering the room?
Pausing a moment, the door in the house opened and that Yuka came out. Asahina run after her.

「You mustn’t go! You know what’s going to happen to you right!? You should break off with those people!」

Asahina desperately shouted while gripping that Yuka’s arm silently.

「Break off?」

Yuka who stopped muttered it, then shook off Asahina’s hand.

「That’s funny How do I cut them off?」

Hearing that Yuka’s muttering, Asahina’s face paled as she tilt her head.

「If I can run then I already did! I can’t run away so I don’t have a choice but to go!」

That Yuka looked at Asahina with her eyes that lost it’s light and said, she then smiled.

「Asahina-san’s fine isn’t she? You have someone to protect you right?」

That Yuka looked at Asahina with a cramped smile then she pressed on. Asahina gradually retreated from the pressure that Yuka makes.
The person that protects her, is that me?
That Yuka sold Asahina. Then, Asahina should’ve been violated by those Senpai. But I broke into it and beat down those Senpai. From that Yuka who saw that sees it as Asahina being protected.
Well, I was protecting her consequently but I fully intended to throw Asahina that time.

「Hey, why? Why is Asahina-san protected? Why’s no one protecting me? Why? Hey, why?」

Asahina who’s being pressed by that Yuka retreats.
Even if I protected her, Asahina’s raped too. By me.

「Why do they have to look me with those eyes! My breasts were fondled by unknown men, my nipples were pulled, penises thrust in from my front and back, I was made worn clothes that are so shameful I want to die, they took pictures and videos, they beat me up if I don’t say It feels good or I’m glad! I don’t it! Isn’t it obvious that I don’t want it anymore! But I have no choice but to go!」

That Yuka had tears running down her cheek, she shouted like a madman. Asahina can’t retort to those words.
Looking at the door, I see the one that seems to the mother on the other side.
A child is a child and a parent is a parent. She cried unmoving when she understood the situation of her daughter to some degree.
She might’ve known that her daughter is being threatened. If the obscene images were exposed to the public, she likely thinks that the future of her daughter would end. Her appearance in the eyes of society?
Foolish. If she really thinks of her daughter then she should’ve reported to the police quickly or move somewhere far away.
Well, moving to a distant place isn’t that easy.

「It’s all Asahina’s fault! It should have been Asahina-san! It’s all Asahina-san’s fault! If you want to stop me then Asahina should go as a scapegoat!」

Her angry voice echoes. She poked her head even though it’s not asked, so she’s not passing the responsibility? Well, humans are like that.
That Yuka breathes heavily as she cry. The echoes of that Yuka’s angry voice lingers. The echoes disappear then the area became silent.

「Got it」

A voice was heard among the silence.


That Yuka tilted her head in confusion. Asahina looked straight to that Yuka’s eyes.

「I’ll become the scapegoat. No, that’s not it. This is my repayment. This will be the repayment for all of the things I’ve selfishly done until now. Yuka, you didn’t do anything wrong. It’s as you said, you’re just a victim. It’s my fault」

Staring straight at that Yuka, Asahina spoke indifferently. But there’s extraordinary resolution felt in her voice. Speaking vividly, Asahina’s heart is beating calmly. I can feel it. That Yuka’s been the one overwhelmed this time.

「You stay in the house」

Saying that, Asahina began to walk


The surprised Yuka gripped the hand of Asahina that began to walk.

「You can’t go! Nothing is solved even if Asahina-san goes! You’ll just end up in a similar situation as me!」
「I don’t mind it」

Asahina who was stopped muttered and that Yuka looked puzzled.
Asahina slowly looked back and caressed that Yuka’s cheeks wet with tears then she made a soft smile.

「I haven’t given you my thanks yet」
「I thank you when you said that you’ll return the favor」
「Yuka, you are a true friend since the first. I finally noticed that. I can’t protect you. However, I’m going to the place where you are now」

Asahina spoke out while smiling softly, then she embraced Yuka.
Yuka’s eyes opened wide and her tears overflowed.

「It was hard right? It was painful. But it’s fine already. It won’t solve anything but I’ll be with you from now on. Yuka, you’re no longer alone」

Embracing that Yuka, Asahina whispered on her ears and parted from that Yuka. Then she turned her heel smiling and began to walk.
Asahina’s no longer smiling when she turned back from that Yuka and began to walk. She glared the darkness ahead to death then advanced to the darkness without question.

「W-Why don’t you call for help!? Why are you not calling that person?!」

That Yuka shouts at the back of Asahina that’s walking towards the darkness. Hearing the shout, Asahina stopped.

「I don’t know such a villain」

Asahina muttered without turning around, she then began to walk into darkness again and her figure disappeared in the dark.


Standing, that Yuka muttered while watching Asahina’s figure in the darkness.

「Please. Please. Someone, someone protect Asahina-san…」

It’s amazing that Yuka’s been seeking salvation from others this late. Why don’t you do something not somebody? Call the police.
But well, that’s why I can use her. She has a lewd body even if used goods, her face is also cute./

「I can but I have conditions, what would you do? Yuka-chan?」

I who was hiding the whole time spoke to that Yuka while showing up.


Suddenly appearing, that Yuka who saw me raised a surprised voice.

「Y-You’re from that time…」

Then she muttered.

「I hope you don’t misunderstand but I didn’t protect Asahina. I can’t just stomach Senpai that time so I beat them up. I don’t mind whatever happened to Asahina」

It’s not interesting to have Asahina get violated by other men so I’m justifying my lie. It’s better to say that to get Yuka.

「Y-You’re strong aren’t you?」
「Yup, I am」
「Protect Asahina-san」
「Okay. But I told you I have conditions right?」
「I’ll do anything. I’ll do anything, that’s why…」

Yuka approached me and clung to me crying.
With her quite young and cute face and semi long black hair. Contrary to the alluring eyes of Asahina, this girl has a gentle atmosphere. And her tits are big.
I think she’s quite lovely but looking at her closely, I think it’s not bad.
Furthermore, she said she’ll do anything right? A good answer. It’s indeed a model answer.

「Become my sex friend and I’ll help Asahina」

Saying that, I made my forefinger poke Yuka’s tits.
Holy! I poked her tits on mood but the squish feels wonderful. As expected big breasts are better.
Hearing my words, Yuka who’s having her breast poked glared at me for a moment.
In the end, I’m the worst who wants your body. I’m the same kind as the men who raped your body severely. She probably thinks that. Fufu, that’s right.

「You know sexfriend right? I’ll be using your pussy as I like. If I think I want to do it then you’ll open your legs with pleasure. In short I’ll be banging you. Yuka-chan will be banged by me. That kind of relationship」

I poke her squishy breasts from top of her clothes and asked while grinning.

「I-I know…」

Without even resisting the breast poking, that Yuka answered in a whisper while looking down trembling.
Ooh, she gets it. Well that’s obvious. She’s senpai’s onahole after all.

「I won’t sell Yuka-chan to other men. You’ll be my exclusive sex friend. I’ll throw you away completely if I get tired of it. I’ll play with you until I get tired. It’s completely better than being raped as one likes by a number of men right?」

Being violated by only one man is considerably different from being violated by two or more men, I guess. If she accepts my condition, then Asahina would be protected.
But even if it’s better, it’s still not different from being violated.

「Can…I really believe in you?」

That Yuka who was looking down looked up straight to my eyes. It’s no wonder that she’d doubt. After all she’s been driven into corner because she didn’t doubt. If she believes me immediately, then she’d be a helpless fool.

「Well, you can judge after seeing the result」
「Whether I can properly protect Asahina. I don’t mind if you judge after you’ve seen it. However, I won’t protect Asahina if you decline. Are you fine with that?」

I turned back after saying so and began to walk briskly.

「W-wait! I’ll go too!」

Yuka run after me as expected.
She’s considerably a foolish and good natured person.. Furthermore, she’s simple and obedient. If I show her that I can protect Asahina, she’ll go along with my condition in all probabilities.
Easy. This is why you became the toy of the Senpai. And will be fucked by me.


  1. For those who don’t know, Shiritori is a word game played by two or more people where they say a word and the next player has to speak up a word that starts with the last letter of the previous word said, the game ends if a player speaks a word that ends in N(ン) Click here for more information