X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 80


Chapter 80

According to Kazahana’s information, it seems that the insect user is lurking in a single house at the corner of the residential area.
No, instead of lurking, it seems that she’s living as a normal person on surface.
Since she’s manipulating insects, I had the image of her lurking on the forest or something.

「The enemy manipulates powerful insects. It’s dangerous to approach carelessly」

Kazahana wearing a black knit dress talks to me with a tense look.
The knit dress Kazahana’s wearing is what Marina left over.
Kazahana’s somewhat taller and has bigger tits than Rikka. But, compared to Marina, she’s quite delicate and short. And her breasts are smaller.
When Marina wore the knit dress, it sticks to her skin and it’s short in length so it’s quite lewd but when Kazahana wears it, it’s too big for her.
The special lewdness is ruined.
I think it would be just perfect if Yukina wears it.
That saidー.

「No, let’s approach carelessly」

Surprised from what I said, Kazahana spoke in surprise.

「This is just my guess but Kamuro Hizuki can’t be saved anymore」

Giving Kazahana a side glance while muttering so, her face turned gloomy.
Kazahana knows the insect user more than me. Of course, she understands what I’m trying to say.

「Kazahana, you were saved because of your super-recovery. Normal people would’ve definitely died. In other words, Kamuro Hizuki will die even if we try to save her with the same method」

Muttering further, Kazahana paused and nodded.
The insect user has taken Kamuro Hizuki as hostage and let Kazahana go to play. They probably like to play in an absolutely favorable situation.
Then, it’s natural to take countermeasures on an absolutely advantageous situation to be overturned.
In other words, there should be insect embedded in Kamuro Hizuki’s body just like Kazahana.
It’s impossible to disable or remove the insect the same way we did with Kazahana.

「But, I did say that I’ll help Kamuro Hizuki」

Kazahana who’s hanging her head looks up at me powerfully.
Kazahana intends to save Kamuro Hizuki’s life but she thought she can’t save her life. But still, she abandoned her master and didn’t feel like giving up.
She wants Kamuro Hizuki to be released from the curse of the insect user even if her life can’t be saved. That is Kazahana’s wish.

「It would be convenient for me if Kamuro Hizuki dies however」
「Ah, no! If you can save her life then by all means, please!」

Shaken, Kazahana doubts what I say but she desperately pleads, wanting to save Kamuro Hizuki’s life.

「We need the enemy to recognize us as a strong enemy so that they think that the hostage would be valuable」

By destroying the insect digging in Kazahana’s heart, we made the opponent wary of us. But, they’re still underestimating us. Also, if we go rescue Kamuro Hizuki, it’ll prove that she has a worth as a hostage, in that case, the advantageous situation for the insect user won’t be overturned.
Then, allow me to use that.

「There’s the method of making the insect user surrender and let her remove the insect inside Kamuro Hizuki but that’s almost impossible」
「Then, there’s no choice but to use the not-normal method?」
「Not normal method?」

Kazahana tilts her head.
It’s impossible to save Kamuro Hizuki who’s taken a hostage with an honest method. After all, there’s a bomb embedded in Kamuro Hizuki’s body.
Then, we can just use an unfair method.

「There’s no need to hide. We’ll be heading straight and crush them」

Muttering so while grinning, Kazahana looked at me dumbfounded.


Looking at Kazahana, Rikka desperately hides her laugh but it still leaks out.

「Nee-san ♡ Nee-san wasn’t able to save Hizuki ♡ That’s why you cling to Master ♡ Then, stop thinking ♡ If you wish for master’s help, then worries are just standing in your way ♡ Hesitation is just a hindrance♡」

Rikka talks to Kazahana giggling. That Rikka was somewhat erotic.
I instinctively swallowed my saliva.

「T-True, it is definitely as you say, Rikka. Sorry」

Kazahana’s eyes opened wide from what Rikka said then she apologized honestly.

「No it’s okay ♡ I can understand that you’re unbearably worried about Hizuki ♡ Also, I’m the one troubled because nee-san is superior」

Kazahana tilts her head from Rikka’s mutter.

ーNee-san’s pussy is much more developed than me, Master might feel better using Nee-san’s pussy ♡ It can’t be helped if Master liked Nee-san’s pussy but, I just have to earn points by being useful top Master, even if I lose as a dog with my pussy, I won’t lose my place.

Thinking so, Rikka nods by herself then she looks at me.
Oh, so Kazahana’s pussy that good?
Well, true, Rikka’s pussy is too tight that it’s hard to get through. Furthermore, it doesn’t spread.
Kazahana on the other hand is more mature than Rikka even though she’s very young. Then the size of her pussy should be larger than Rikka. But still it should be tight, it’s not as tight as Rikka but it’s possible to have a quite good tightness.
Then, it’s man’s nature to test it out butー

「Kazahana’s a customer. I will fuck you after we clean up the insect user」

Feeling my dick getting erect inside my pants again, I pat Rikka’s head and stroke it.

「Wan ♡」

Having her head stroked by me, Rikka squeals like a dog happily with her heart while having her face dyed red.

「…Hauu ♡」

Kazahana who’s looking at the smiling Rikka points her index finger in her mouth and raised a sad cry.
Kazahana’s animal ears and tail are hanging down.

ーI want to be patted too ♡

She mutters in her mind.
Rikka likes to be given head pats but it seems that Kazahana is the same.
Well, she’s a dog. No, their base is a wolf but it’s still the same.

We decided to rally at once, Kazahana leads us to the house where the insect user is hiding.

Night residential area. There’s quite a lot of blind spots but that’s not a problem for me at all. Or rather, it may be possible in the forest where the ground is soil but the residential area is a lump of people. In fact, the insects are much more restricted than in the forest.
For example, the concrete walls or the asphalt ground. If you have to act avoiding that, the route for attack will be limited.
But still, that’s enough to be a threat normally, but it’s a boring situation for me.

「The first one arrived immediately」

Muttering as we walk in the residential street, Kazahana and Rikka walking beside me instantly shifts to battle stations.

「Kazahana, don’t get away from me. Rikka will intercept it」

The two responded and held their weapons.
Kazahana holds a small knife and taking a backhand grip. Then she stands to protect me.
Rikka pulls up the hem of the yellow parka she’s wearing and took a small box fixed to her thighs.
The contents of the small box fixed in Rikka’s thighs areー Nails.
The insect that dug Kazahana’s heart can be disabled with an awl. In other words, it proves that physical attack is effective.
In the first place, it might’ve been possible with Rikka’s strength, that doesn’t matter.
Anyhow, Rikka took the interceptor duty.

「There’s a large caterpillar on the shadow of the telephone pole to the front left」

A huge caterpillar is reflected on my sight. It’s total length is around 30cm and it’s completely fat. Such a huge one is heading to us at the center of the road totteringly.
It’s moving with quite the mobility.

「Small caterpillars are packed up in the caterpillar. Perhaps, it’s a mechanism that makes the small caterpillars when attacked. Countless small caterpillars are filled with liquid. Perhaps, it’s poison. The countless number of small caterpillars jump out to the target injecting poison」

Is it an interception insect.
Hmm, thinking about it, the mobility isn’t needed for that caterpillar.
Since it only needs to explode on the target, it doesn’t matter even if the movement is dull. Instead, let it jump from the shade and have it explode remotely when the target approaches.
But, it’s nothing but useless when found out.
Also, it would be impossible to manipulate the number of small caterpillars packed up inside the huge one.
If it jumps out and sticks, it might inject poison indiscriminately.
In short, these small caterpillars are in auto. Also, I only see it moving simply.

「There’s no meaning if it explodes at short distance. It’s possible to destroy it if you attack from long distance」
「Y-You know that much?」

Kazahana seems to be surprised hearing my reasoning, she asks me without looking backwards.
Well, my ability is specialized on that kind of stuff.

「Rikka, shoot a bunch of nails from a position ten meters away. The aim is the center. Can you do it?」
「Yes! No problem!」

Rikka who received my instructions replied then swing her right hand at the same time.
Her right hand slashed the wind. Next momentー
The huge caterpillar heading towards us while hiding in the utility pole was blown up.
Then countless small caterpillars and green liquid splatters.
As expected, the small caterpillar bombs have no individual will, they just desperately inject liquid on the place it stick to.
Then, they withered up after injection.

「…I-It is as Suzuhara-sama says, you can deal with it easily but that insect now was a troublesome one」

Kazahana speaks up while having a cramped face.
Well yeah. The insect just now doesn’t need mobility. It’s a type of insect that becomes to late when you notice it’s approach. Furthermore, it would’ve been over if you attack it when it’s close, perhaps it’s possible to let it explode at short distance.
Let the bug just now stand by and remotely explode it when the objective passes through. That would be checkmate.

「Am I took weak? Am I weaker than I thought?」

Kazahana speaks in a trembling voice, unable to hide her unrest.
Since I dealt with it too easily she seems to have lost confidence about her strength.

「No, no, you’re strong enough. Well, it’s a matter of compatibility. Insects have the worst compatibility for close combat type but I’m the natural enemy of insects」

My ability specializes in detection and support. My power isn’t a big deal but it’s a threat when you include a power unit.

「My role is to support. The protagonists will be you girls and I’m just a supporting role. That’s the real value of my ability. You’re strong enough. And I’m weak. Therefore, you have to fight while protecting me, but if I add my power, it’ll become the strongest. But, it’s not invincible. That’s why don’t relax your guard」
「In short, Master is the strongest ♡」
「Rikka, be a good girl and listen to other people’s talk」
「Yes ♡ I heard Master’s every word」

Rikka seems to be dying to praise me by all means.
Well, Rikka just wnats to praise me, she understands what I’m saying.

「S-Suzuhara-sama. Just how much can you see?…」

In contrast to Rikka who’s praising me happily, Kazahana asks in a fearful voice.
Just how much can I see?
Well you seeー

「Your nipples are here!」

I raised my voice and poked the tip of Kazahana’s breasts on top of her clothes with both of my index fingers.
I feel something squishy.


Kazahana screamed then hides her breasts with both hands, then she jumps back.
Then she blushed, turned teary eyed, and breathed heavily.
Fufu, Kazahana, you’ve got some quite nice tits there. It’s hugely different from someone flat.

「Look? I touched your nipples even when you’re wearing clothes right? That much」

Saying that as I puff my chest, Kazahana groans.

「C-Can’t you just tell it straightforward?」
「Then it’s like this. My power is to that extent」

Laughing while answering Kazahana’s question, Kazahana puffed her cheeks and glared up at me.
She looks angry but her ears are twitching and her tail is swaying violently, it’s expressing Kazahana’s feelings that I don’t need to read her mind.

ーSuzuhara-sama’s a person that’s cunning that’s why he’s strong.

Glaring at me while puffing her cheeks, she thinks that in her mind.


Rikka interrupts suddenly and then stands in front of me and Kazahana.

「R-Rikka’s nipples, where are they!」

She puts her hand on her hips then desperately stretch her chest, speaking out with teary eyes.
It seems that she got impatient when she saw me poking Kazahana’s nipple.

「W-Where is Rikka’s nipple!」

Rikka speaks out again then she desperately pushes her chest as if she’s going to cry any moment now.
She doesn’t mind her sister being embraced by me but it seems that she’s scared that I might get stolen by her sister.

「Hmm? Rikka’s nipple? Huh? I can’t see it」

Playing dumb, I approach Rikka then insert my hands on Rikka’s yellow parka.

「Ah ♡」

Rikka twitched then raised a sweet voice.

「Huh? Where’s Rikka’s nipples?」

Playing dumb, I rub Rikka’s smooth skin then massage her right breast with my hand, I play with Rikka’s clitoris with my other hand.

「Nn♡ Ah ♡ Kuhi ♡」

Rikka raises a sweet voice while twitching, suddenly whites out.
Oh, this is more than I thought.
It seems that her estrus won’t go away unless I inject sperm in her womb so just cumming is meaningless. But, even if it isn’t physically effective, it is meaningful mentally.

「Huh? I found something that’s like a nipple but isn’t this slimy?」
「Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡」

Teasing her clitoris wet with love nectar, I ask Rikka but it seems that she has passed away and not in this world anymore.
I thought of playing with Rikka a bit more but I should better make her cum with all her might.
Thinking so, I slipped my finger from her erect clitoris directly to her urethra.

「Ah ♡」

Rikka twitched as a result and then whited out and screamed like a beast.
Hey, cum to the fullest.
Putting relentless force in my arm, I thrust my finger her urethra and inserts it at once.,

「Ooooo ♡」

Rikka twitches intensely when I stick the finger to the root then she raised a sweet beastly scream, her legs trembled then she sticks out her tongue without minding her saliva dripping out.
I lower my face to Rikka then stole her lips that sticks her tongue out. Then I thrust my fingers sticking to the root of her urethra violently.


Rikka unable to do anything but raise a muffled sweet scream since her mouth is sealed up, her circuit blows up, her eyes white out, make a wet sound as she suck my tongue, she gently twines our tongue. Then she caresses my dick over my pants.
That’s amazing. Rikka’s different from what she was before. Even though she’s climaxing from having her urethra, her weak point being attacked, she doesn’t forget serving me but her gesture is gentle.

Oh I see. I had a big misunderstanding.

Because of the forced estrus and sensitivity increase, Rikka’s always frustrated. But, Rikka can’t release her lust with what she wants.
It must be hard to endure the terrific lust but that doesn’t matter for Rikka.
She needs me. That is everything for Rikka.
Even though she knows it.
Releasing our lips from each other, Rikka sticks out her tongue, she moves her tongue round and round as if seeking my tongue that twined with it a while ago. Then, Rikka’s young hands stroke my dick across my pants, she’s gently and delicately loving it from the bottom of her heart.


Calling out Rikka’s name, I grabbed the body piercing attached to her nipples with my left hand, pulled it then thrust my right hand finger in Rikka’s urethra.


Just like when she first activated her super-recovery ability, Rikka screams sweetly, forgetting herself. That’s how much the pleasure storms in her.
But, even if I attack Rikka’s weak point, her urethra, she’s still trying to serve me.
And yet, though I have the ability to read minds, I forgot what Rikka really wants.
I can’t laugh at Kamuro Hizuki who’s played around by this ability

「You’re my only cute bitch. I’ll never hand you to anyone. Stay with me forever. That’s an order. If you break it, I’ll kill you. I may be weak and you may be strong but I’ll kill you by all means. No matter how unfair it will be, I will kill you who betrayed me. That’s how I need you」

Pulling the body piercing attached to her nipples at the same time, while rubbing her urethra with my finger, I speak to Rikka.
Rikka’s head have hot droplets passing through her cheek.


Rikka twitches more than abnormal, her knees are shaking and she grabs my clothes with her hands.


Rikka’s sweet scream echoes in the night residential area.
The dogs bark in response to Rikka’s scream and the residential area seems to be surprised and started making noise.
Oops, that’s dangerous.
But, I have my ability so I know who’s watching over hear so I can easily get in blind spots.
Thinking so, I pull out my finger from Rikka’s urethra who’s eyes are whited out, then piss accumulated blew out of her urethra in a dash. Rikka seems to have reached a severe climax but she’s clenching her teeth and suppressing her voice while convulsing abnormally.
I lift Rikka then moved on the blind spot I saw and then looked at Kazahana standing up.
Wearing a black knit dress, and her naked body is almost exposed, her whole body is flushed as she massage her left breast with her right hand fingers, playing with her erect nipples, then teasing her erect clitoris with her other hand.
Her eyes looks enchanted and her face looks ecstatic. Then, her saliva drips lewdly.
She’s not just drooling saliva but her slippery pussy also drools love nectar.
She completely forget herself but her ears and tail are hanging down.
Rikka in front of herself is attacked by me and reached climax even without taking semen in her womb, she has forgotten herself and started masturbating but her feelings were dyed with pain.

ーJust one. Just once is fine, I want to dry asking out to be done that hotly and violently…

It seems that she’s completely in heat even though it’s held back by pain.
I didn’t intend to show off.
I feel a bit sorry about her but I also think “as expected”

Rikka’s scream caused some commotion but it’s convenient in some meaning.
The other party is selling demi-humans like Rikka on the back but they’re ordinary people on the surface.
Because of that, it has become impossible to move insects selfishly because the public eye will notice.
In that respect, I can grasp the surrounding situation and move from blind spot to blind spot.
The residents are coming out but nobody has recognized us by moving outside of their view.
On the other hand, the insects controlled by the insect user are three close to us, but they’re larger than normal insects so they’re lurking behind the shadows in stand by because of it.
I guess since their insect got destroyed twice, they must’ve snapped. Then they sent out a large number of insects in one shot.
It seems it has backfired.
In that case, the next would be small insects, as expected, there’s three moths looking strange invading my ability.
There’s small stone-like object in the insect body, so I know it immediately no matter how small they are.
When I check the large insects on stand by, it seems they completely stopped moving.
In order to send the new insects, she separates her consciousness from the large ones, as expected, the insect user can’t manipulate a large number of insects at once.
Well, this might be a trap to make me think that.
They should just send insects to intercept without minding the number that can be operated.

「Rikka, There’s two moths looking irregular at 11o’clock. It’s colored brown, but there’s a black skull drawn on it’s wings. A similar moth on 2o’clock. The distance is 8 meters. It’s possible to see with your eyesight」
「Certainly. Even if you tell me it’s features, it’s possible to see since it’s dark」
「Okay. It’s a good exercise to intercept with nail bullets. Aim at the center of the body. Since you may fail, shoot the nail bullet straight」

Receiving my instructions, Rikka swings her hand towards the darkness.
Apart from the wind noise generated by swinging her hands, the nail bullet slashes the darkness.
Ooh, she shot with both hands. Furthermore, it’s a nail bullet shot at a speed of sound wasn’t it?

「How many did you shoot? It’s too fast to confirm」
「That’s amazing」

Did she fire twelve at the same time? That’s on the same level as machine gun you know. Furthermore, the power is equal to a rifle.

「Nine hit the mark? It seems that six of them have penetrated the center of the moth. Well done」

The nail shot is too fast it’s uncontrollable. But, it’s possible to check the bullets that penetrated the moth.

「Thank you very much!」

Rikka’s delighted by my praise.
Rikka’s honestly happy but she didn’t mind the amazingness of what she accomplished.
Twelve nail bullets. In short, it’s six on each hand. Shooting with both hands at the same time, the three moth that were dancing in the darkness were eight meters ahead. That’s amazing but among the twelve nail bullets, nine hit and six of them were made to focus on the center of the two of the three moths.
It’s dangerous. This is no longer a weapon.


Rikka’s performance is too high that Kazahana who’s sitting next to me speaks to me in fear, her ears and tail is dropping down.

「W-What should I do…」

I’m not the only one that’s surprised from Rikka’s too high perfomance. Kazahana’s also surprised and shocked. Then, it seems that she’s depressed that she can’t find her own role.

「You’re a shield」
「B-But, Rikka’s too much than enough…」

It seems that watching Rikka reaching climax from my attack and see her high performance, she completely got depressed.
Furthermore, she’s the elder sister. I can agree that she’s feeling down.

「Kazahana, you’re good at using your power. That’s why I have you by my side. And, you’re a shield. Think about it. Frequent use of shield means inferiority. It’s better if I don’t use it. But, it’ll be indispensable if it’s used. That’s why you should be confident」

I try to talk to raise Kazahana’s morale but it seems that she’s still down.
Hmm, I’m not good with this. I don’t know what to say.

「I-I do wish to to help too however…」

Kazahana murmurs while hanging her head. Rikka who’s looking at Kazahana stopped being frolic and looks at her depressed sister.

「Nee-san. If you’re not motivated, how about you go home?」

She said with a straight face.
Hey hey, Kazahana has the ability beyond humans. We should act together to raise the chances of winning.
Also, Kazahana’s here so Rikka can attack without hesitation.

「Master is the strongest. Nee-san was left to guard my strongest master. To be honest, defense is much more important than attack. If he didn’t accept Nee-san, it should be my role to protect Master. Think about it and if you are still depressed, then go disappear」

Kazahana’s ears stands up from Rikka’s serious look.

「Master perhaps think that nee-san and my power are rivals. It’s frustrating but Nee-san’s much more calm than me, and have a good judgement. It’s frustrating, it’s really frustrating but when I think that Nee-san is protecting Master, it makes me feel at ease」

Rikka mutters in bad mood, Kazahana who’s in tears trembling calls Rikka’s name while her tail sways.
Oh, that Rikka stants up in front of her sister.
I think that the previous Rikka antagonizes Kazahana but Rikka now is on an obviously different dimension. Rikka understands that. And yet, Rikka makes her sister stand.
Well, for Rikka, Kazahana is the strongest being and a wall she couldn’t overcome. She doesn’t want to see Kazahana look weak.

「You’re right, I was foolish. My head is filled by Suzuhara-sama’s penis that it made me crazy」
「It can’t be helped. Master’s penis is amazing after all ♡」
「Yeah ♡ The shape that’s bulging out of his pants ♡ Thinking that thing sticked inside Rikka, it makes me feel frustrated and bitter. I feel miserable for thinking that…」

Somehow, the topic changed to my dick.
If Kazahana’s morale raises then that’s fine.

「Hm? Oh, found it」

After convincing her somehow, we walk briskly then I caught Kamuro Hizuki within my ability.
I don’t know who the insect user is but I do know Kamuro Hizuki.

「What’s that? Is that the insect user?」

Kamuro Hizuki appears to be caught in the basement of a house. It seems that she’s tied up but, standing beside her is a girl with silver hair and green eyes wearing an obviously suspicious black robe.
It’s a girl younger than Rikka in worst case scenario, cute face is distorted in anger.

「Rikka, how does the insect user you know look like?」
「Old woman. I just saw it for a moment. I think Nee-san is much more knowledgeable about it」

Old woman? Then this gal’s different from the one that killed Rikka’s mother? I seriously thought it’s the same person.

「What about Kazahana?」
「S-Sorry. I thought that it’s not needed to explain the insect user before…」

Kazahana speaks seeming sorry while giving me an upward glance with her ears dropping down.
The information on the insect user has nothing to do with this time. Kazahana thought of that so I can’t get the information even if I look in her mind.
The ability to read minds isn’t that versatile.

「Kazahana, just give me a rough outline. Which is stronger, the insect user you encountered before or this insect user?」
「Ah, that is…」

When I ask her, Kazahana hesitates to speak in confusion.

ーThe insect user from before is better on the technical side. But, the current insect user is much more dangerous in terms of manipulating powerful bugs. In terms of the risk of the insects, this insect user is much worse but in terms of how cunning and dangerous it is, the former insect user we encountered before is much worse.

Kazahana compares the insect users’ danger inside her mind then she gave an answer.
That’s enough. While you’re working out the answer in worry, they’ve turned rivals.
No, that’s wrong. That’s not it. It seems that the current insects seems to have higher performance this time but the insect user that Kazahana and Rikka encountered before might’ve been stronger.
I saw it in an instant.
I saw the mother in Kazahana’s heart.
Just like Kazahana, it’s a woman with red eye, white hair, animal ears and tail.
A woman fighting madly to death to protect small girls.
I saw it for a moment but I understood it.
The strength of mother protecting her daughters.

「Your mother seems to be weak but it seems that she’s stronger than anyone else. In the end, she lost though」

Kazahana opened her eyes wide from what I said.

「W-Why do you know?」
「Though she lost, your mother fought even though her heart stopped? Isn’t that a good mother? Isn’t that a splendid end. Isn’t that an important memory」

Even though blood comes out from the holes in her body, the woman still fights.
Just like Kazahana, the insect is buried in her heart and it was destroyed. She might’ve taken an attack from a poison insect. Perhaps, her brain was eaten.
But she stood up. That woman was standing and fighting.

「Your mother is a woman I definitely don’t want to antagonize」

Saying as I laugh, Kazahana looks stunned, then she folds her knees and bow her head with her knee on the floor.

「I feel obliged for your best compliment for mother」

She said.
I’m not praising her. That was just the truth.
It was that guy who beat such a woman. It was such a frightening experience.
Compared to that, the opponent this time is just a fool that relies on the insects’ performance. Furthermore, she’s a brat.
But, even though she’s a brat, I won’t show mercy.

「The opponent is in the basement. It seems that her mind is filled of intercepting, no running away. Alsoー」

Kamuro Hizuki however, there’s no insect buried in her heart just like Kazahana’s. Instead, there’s a huge eelworm-thing in her intestine.
If there’s a danger of instant death, it would be troublesome if the hostage dies. That’s why she stick the insect in the internal organ instead.

「It seems that she thinks that she’s in immovable advantage since she has a hostage. Kuku, I wish using a hostage as threat is effective」

Do you really think that threats will work on an enemy that heads straight knowing that there’s a hostage?
Well, do your best.
With that saidー

「Rikka,it’s that house. In the garden, there’s a huge insect that’s like a drone beetle, and a huge dragonfly with scissor like mouth lurking around. Then on the other side of the entrance, a giant caterpillar similar from earlier is on standby. But, they can’t deal with your speed. It’s possible to deal with them with just nail bullets. Do it」

Receiving my instructions, Rikka responds loudly then ran like the wind.
Then, she shoot out countless nail bullets.
With the attack that can already be called a bullet hell, the insects lurking in the garden weren’t able to intercept.
Rikka’s eyes caught the insects lurking the garden, attacked them precisely and pierced them relentlessly.
Arriving at the caterpillar on the other side of the entrance, the door penetrated by the nail bullet turned to a honeycomb then exploded meaninglessly.
The green fluid and countless small caterpillars waft in sorrow.
It was too easy and useless death.
But still, the opponent is an idiot.
The insect with high casualty ability is deployed at the inside of the door.
Enough about the insects on the garden, did the enemy think that I’d open the door and enter inside foolishly?
Furthermore, is she valuing the performance? She’s only using the big insects.
In addition, I can’t find anything that seems to be a trap inside the house.
She must be overconfident.
The insect holding Kamuro Hizuki probably doesn’t have a mind.
Kazahana might not have taken the insect in account either.
Or rather, it’s impossible to notice it.
It’s an ability that can be thought to be invulnerable normally. Insect attack.
That’s why she’s just slacking off with this ability but there’s not a single way to deal with an enemy that can see through it.

「There’s an insect buried under Kamuro Hizuki’s body. But, don’t mind it and let’s go in. Perhaps, Kamuro Hizuki will be saved if you move to my instructions. That’s just a chance however」

Rikka replies without hesitation.
Kazahana’s expression clouded for a moment butー


She certainly nodded with a tightened expression

「Okay, let’s go」

When I begin to walk, Rikka who’s taking the lead broke the door. There’s no hesitation on her action at all.
She understands that there will be no interception if I don’t say anything.
Rikka’s reading is correct.
The insect user stops her excessive interception and goes to the underground room.
She thinks that she’ll never lose as long as she has Kamuro Hizuki at her hand butー

What does she intend to do if I abandon Kamuro Hizuki?