X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 84


Asahina wins the match.
If this continues, Asahina will definitely die.

Illuminated by the moonlight, Asahina’s face captured the raised fist.
Her right eye is closed. Her nose is broken. Her cheeks and jaw is crushed.
It’s possible to grasp the structure of human body perfectly with my ability. Kamuro Hizuki who has the ability that surpasses me can perfectly grasp the structure of human body as well.
In short, even though she’s a weak fragile woman, she can easily destroy human bodies.
She only has to drive her fist at the best angle on a fragile spot.
Also, she can anticipate the enemy’s movement. It’s possible to make a perfect counter.
As a result, though she’s fragile and weak, her fist changes to an iron hammer that destroys human bodies.

「Haa, haa, haa」

Kamuro Hizuki who’s breathing heavily, glares at Asahina with her eyes shaking, then she raised her bloody fist.


Muttering so, Kamuro Hizuki looked down at Asahina with an insane eye, she lifts the corner of her mouth and gave a terrible smile. Then she swings down her fist without mercy.
Asahina who’s moving feebly was hit by her fist.
An exquisite counter bursts into Asahina’s right eye, a dry sound echoes.
Was Asahina’s face destroyed or Kamuro Hizuki’s fist crushed?
I can’t judge it since my ability can’t reach Asahina and Kamuro Hizuki but it’s probably both.

「Hyahahaha! Your eyeballs are crushed! Your right eye can’t see light again! You won’t see Suzuhara-kun again! It’s too late! It’s too late for you」

She laughs like crazy, no, she’s already crazy. Kamuro Hizuki raises a frenzied smile, she raised her fist while shouting then swings it down without hesitation.
Asahina who’s about to collapse pulls her legs and moves forward, then thrusts her fist slowly.
Taking the fist to her face, Asahina’s blood and sweat splatters.
Her skin is torn, bones broken, her face is swelling abnormally.
Asahina’s beautiful face turned ugly without the shadow of what it was before.

「T-Thirty-six. I told you that it’s by turns and yet you’re cheating. I-It’s my turn next」

Asahina raised herself then spoke in fragments, then she stick out her fist.
Kamuro Hizuki dodges the punch that was too weak. Then she rotates around, using the momentum, she knocks Asahina with her elbow.
A dark red liquid splatters on the ground along with a cracking sound.

「Isn’t that obvious! I can see everything! I can see all! Hyahahahaha! I should’ve done this from the start! I can kill you easily! A fair and square one on one fight! It’s my win as long as you die!」

A crazy laughter can be heard.
Asahina staggers, she tries to raise her body, dragging her feet forward. Then she thrusts her fist.

「D-Didn’t I say that it’s my turn?」

Asahina’s fist cuts air.
Unable to endure even a weak thrust of her fist, Asahina tips off balance then Kamuro Hizuki knees her abdomen.


Her body folded to an angle, she leaked a groan, her cheeks inflated then she spewed a large amount of blood.
The best counter from the best timing.
It wasn’t just a knee to the abdomen. Where and how to break it? She attacks completely comprehending that.
Asahina, her internal organs ruptured.
Each of the blow destroys Asahina for sure.


A scream echoes.
Though Asahina’s body is folded to an angle, bleeding a lot from her mouth, still, she’s laughing. Kamuro Hizuki who saw her left eye twitched then screamed.

「Stop with those eyes! Don’t look at me with those eyes! Don’t laugh! Don’t come! Why don’t you die already! Die die die! Die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die!」

Kamuro Hizuki swings down her fist while shouting.
The right fist drives to Asahina’s face then the left hits the chin. Then her knee hits Asahina’s abdomen who’s about to collapse. In addition, an elbow smashes the crown of Asahina’s brain.
Asahina whited out then fell down to her knees.
But, Asahina stayed without falling, she looked at Kamuro Hizuki with her whited out left eye.
Those eyes doesn’t know decline, her smile never disappears.

「Even though I sent back twofold, you increased it four more. D-Didn’t I tell you it’s on turns? You challenged me so follow the rules」

Asahina murmurs while spitting blood then thrust her fist towards Kamuro Hizuki.
Asahina thrusts her fist even when it’s not strange for her to collapse. That is too weak that Kamuro Hizuki’s elbow beaten down that fist.
A perfect counterー
Asahina’s fist collapsed then her wrist broke.

「It’s my win. You will die here」

Destroying Asahina’s right hand, Kamuro Hizuki shows a ruthless smile while saying so.
Everyone here understands it.
If this continues, Asahina will definitely die in the near future. But, it’s Asahina’s win.
Asahina didn’t step back. On the contrary, she didn’t dodge Kamuro Hizuki’s attacks and just advanced gradually.
On the other hand, Kamuro Hizuki has dodged all of Asahina’s attacks and countered all of it in a perfect timing.
Kamuro Hizuki should be the one pushing. Kamuro Hizuki should is at an overwhelming advantage. Even so, Kamuro Hizuki retreats as if she’s frightened, she’s being cornered.
No, it’s not “As if” She’s frightened.
Kamuro Hizuki is being cornered because she can see.
Asahina doesn’t have a future where she retreats.
I’m sure Kamuro Hizuki only sees the future of her defeat.

「C-Can we leave it like this?」

The insect user standing next to me looks up with her shaking eyes then asked in a trembling voice.

「I-If this continues, was it Asahina? That girl will win. But she’ll definitely die. That doesn’t matter. I have nothing to do with the girl named Asahina. But…」

Saying that, the insect user gulps her throat then looked at Kamuro Hizuki while sweat goes along her cheek.

「If the girl named Asahina wins, Kamuro Hizuki will never win again. She can’t win against someone who died. You should know what that means」

I know what she’s trying to say.
Even if Asahina dies, destroyed by Kamuro Hizuki, Asahina’s win won’t be shaken.
Asahina will surely not retreat and collapse leaning forward.
What will Kamuro Hizuki, who intends to destroy and kill Asahina think if Asahina falls forward?
What will she gain from dodging Asahina’s attack, destroy her one-sidedly.
She won’t gain anything. Far from that, she’ll lose everything.
She’ll live with that fear in her.
She’ll live under the fear of Asahina’s shadow who never goes back, who just keep moving forward.
Only Asahina can wipe out that fear. But if Asahina dies, nobody can open Kamuro HIzuki’s heart anymore.
It’s impossible even for Kazahana.
If that happens, Kamuro Hizuki will surely get out of control.
I know that butー

「Do you think you can stop that?」

Asking the insect user, she looks up at me then her mouth looks doubtful.

「I know. This is a fight that must be stopped. It’s not a fight that outsiders can interfere in. I know that much. But, but, if this Kamuro Hizuki gets out of control, my life would be in danger」

The insect user worries about her life.
She’s really an honest one.

「Don’t worry. There’s already a plan set up to stop Kamuro Hizuki」

The insect user was able to feel composure from what I said, then she folds her arms arrogantly as she spectate.
You turn so fast as soon as I tell you your life isn’t in danger.
Really, she looks small but she’s small inside too. She’s different from Yukina.
Even though she’s already 30 when you round off here age.
Amazed thinking so, I look at Rikka.
Rikka standing ahead to protect me look at my eyes and nodded. I nod to answer Rikka then looked at Kazahana.
Kazahana who’s watching the fight of the two from some place far away took our glance and nodded.
This fight can’t be stopped. Nobody in this place has the right to stop this fight.
Above that, Asahina doesn’t wish for it.
But, when we’re unable to stop it and Kamuro Hizuki went out of control, it’ll be our responsibility for not stopping it.
Kazahana and Rikka intends to challenge Kamuro Hizuki with resolution when she goes out of control. And surely, it’s possible for Kazahana and Rikka to kill Kamuro Hizuki.
No matter how amazing her ability is, Kamuro Hizuki is the same as me, her body is just a human.
It’s possible for Rikka and Kazahana to kill Kamuro Hizuki.
Then, Kazahana and Rikka who killed Kamuro Hizuki will kill themselves.
Kazahana’s master and Rikka’s former master. They can’t live their life knowing that they killed Kamuro Hizuki.
Kazahana and Rikka will surely kill themselves.
But, that won’t feel fine.
I feel sorry for Rikka and Kazahana but I myself will do what I want.
But once they know it, Rikka and Kazahana will stop me.
Sorry. I will betray you girls.

Kamuro Hizuki. If she wants me that much then fine. I’ll give you this life. However, I’m not interested in you who lost to you who lost to Rikka and get out of control.
I’ll show you, Before your eyes. I’ll die along with Asahina.
If she witness me die along with Asahina, kukuku, you’ll definitely turn crippled.
Serves you right.
I really feel sorry for Kazahana and Rikka but that’s the best way to settle it.

「Oh, it’s about time I get tired. I feel sleepy. I still have a lot of things I want to try though」

Asahina who doesn’t have just her right eye but her left eye collapsing murmurs to herself, then her ugly swollen face grins.
What a face, Asahina. You had the worst personality so you only had your looks, you know? And yet looking like a mess like that, there’s nothing good at you anymore.
There’s no man in the world that would look at you.
Because, you’re a foolish woman who has looks.
Then, I’ll die together with you. Therefore, go on and dash.

「Ah, aaah, aaaaah!」

Kamuro Hizuki whose both fists are dripping with blood, she raised a frightened trembling voice and retreats with her shaking eyes.
The stubborn Asahina drags her legs forward to chase Kamuro Hizuki.


A mad scream echoes in the night sky where the moon floats.

「Kazahana! Kill this woman! This match is my win! You understand when you see this woman’s miserable figure! There’s no need for me to make the killing blow! It’s not worth it! Kazahana, kill her! It’s an order! Kill this woman right now!」

It was a miserable appeal.
Kamuro Hizuki understands that she lost and ran away.
It’s Asahina’s win.

「Hizuki, I can’t do that」

Kazahana who’s watching over the two throw off Kamuro HIzuki’s appeal.

「Hizuki, don’t run away. It’s okay to lose. It’s okay to put your knees on the ground. I’ll be with you. I’ll always be with you forever」

Those words coming out of Kazahana can’t shake Kamuro Hizuki’s heart.
But, Kamuro Hizuki knows.
She knows that Kazahana’s words is the truth.


Asahina pushed out her fist while she’s about to collapse.
That weak fist hit Kamuro Hizuki’s cheeks.

「Fu, fufu, I-I hit, I hit him. I finally hit you. I said that one shot is a shot even if it doesn’t hit, as expected I’d like to hit at least once」

Asahina say that happily then she broke to her knees and leaned on Kamuro Hizuki. Then, she collapsed falling forward.
Pushing herself forward to the very end, Asahina fell forward to the ground.
Kamuro Hizuki’s cheeks has the blood of Asahina from the crushed fist that hit her.
Kamuro Hizuki touched her cheek gently, her eyes overflowed with tears then those tears run down her cheeks.
Asahina collapsed and Kamuro Hizuki’s standing unhurt.
But, Asahina won.

「Kazahana, I lost, didn’t I?」

Kamuro Hizuki mutters.

「Yeah, it was a complete defeat. You lost so you can stand up and advance to win That woman before you will accept your challenge no matter how many times you do it. That woman will never run, you know that more than anyone. Then, you should just move forward to win. You can lose as much as you want. You can lose until you win」

Kazahana stares at Kamuro Hizuki with kind eyes, she speaks with a gentle voice as she approach her.
Kamuro Hizuki looked up at the sky, looked at the moon floating in the night sky then let her tears flow on her cheeks.

「It’s a lie that I’m not scared. It’s a lie that I’m not hesitating. I’m scared of Asahina Yuu, I’m in doubt. BUt, fufu, what an obstinate one. It makes me laugh」

Kamuro Hizuki mutters as she stare at the moon, supported by Kazahana, she looks at me slowly

「I’ll come back」

Saying that, Kamuro Hizuki smiled.

「What? You’re coming back?」

I leaked out a sigh then asked that question while scratching my head. Kamuro Hizuki laughed when I asked that.

「Yes, this time, I will challenge her fair and square. Asahina-san told me to do as I like」

I shrugged my shoulders.

「Then that’s fine. I don’t hate that kind of women」

I say that while grinning, then Kamuro Hizuki show a self ridiculing smile.

「It was so easy and yet, why didn’t I notice it. I was the selfish one here」
「I don’t deny it but Asahina’s selfish, no doubt」
「But, she’s straightforwardly selfish」
「Well yeah. She’s selfishly straight」
「Furthermore, she doesn’t bend nor break」
「Things too hard are easy to break but there are exceptions」
「You’re right」

Kamuro Hizuki laughs from what I said, she looks like a normal girl.

「She’s quite in a bad spot but can I leave Asahina-san to you?」
「Yeah, that’s what I intend to do. In the first place, it’s Asahina’s fault. It’s Asahina’s fault for being stupid. It’s not something you have to mind」
「Thank you very much」

Kamuro Hizuki asked me apologetically, when she hear my answer, she bowed her head deeply. Then she raised her face with a smile, and looked at Rikka.

「I’ll take your sister, she’s my only friend」
「Hizuki, sorry, I can’t go with you」
「It’s okay. Protect Suzuhara-kun. If not, I can’t come to challenge again」

Rikka nodded at Kamuro Hizuki. Kamuro Hizuki returned a nod then looked at me sideways. Not saying anything, she turned back to me and walked being supported by Kazahana. Then, she left the place without turning back.

「Now then」

I leak out a sigh as I approach Asahina who’s lying on the ground, then I kneeled.

「This is horrible」

It’s too cruel to see.

「It’s a very dangerous situation」

Rikka squat next to me then mutter while looking down at Asahina.
It is as Rikka says, she’ll die if we don’t take her to the hospital soon. Alsoー

「She can’t go back to what she was before」

The bones on her fist and wrist is broken seriously. Also, the damage on her internal organs are quite a lot, especially, her face looks horrible.
The bones on her nose, cheeks, jaw, and teeth are broken. Then her eyes, both eyes are dead. Her eyeballs are destroyed, these can’t be cured anymore.
Well, I have better eyes than people. Asahina’s eyes are fish like, she won’t mind it even if her she goes blind.
There’s no meaning to think ahead. Anyway, let’s go to the hospital first.

「Should I cure her?」

When I try to carry Asahina, I tilt my voice from the voice I heard from behind.
Cure? This? Seriously?

「Though it’s impossible to restore it in an instant like my body, hmm, let’s see. This much injury can be restored in half a day」
「Umu, seriously」

When I turned back and asked the insect user, she replied as if it’s natural.

「However, the restoration uses insects, that, you see, it’s quite」

The insect user looks at me then hesitates to speak.
I take a look in her mind then understood.
Wow, seriously? Spare me from that.

「A special insect invades the anus and lay eggs inside. Then, a restoration insect would be hatched on the destroyed part. Since it’s an insect developed to repair human body, it’s a convenient insect that will restore the internal organs by itself. It feels like a modern Nano machine treatment. However, it’ll repair arbitrarily, it’s impossible to control it」
「In short, once you put it in your body…」
「Umu, it’s impossible to take out There’s a method to take out by incision but the incubated eggs hatches in numbers. Furthermore, it lays eggs after it grows. Even if you incise and take it out, it’ll increase again if one remains. Furthermore, the young one’s are handworkers. Even when the restoration ends, it’ll continue to creep inside the body looking for wounds and scratches. It’s hell for those not used to it. It’s a major insect that any insect user keep in their body」

I became full just listening to her talk.

「Also, let me tell you, it’s not versatile. It can’t revive a dead man, and it’s over if the subject dies during the restoration. It’s not as strong as the insect I keep in my womb. But, if you use that insect, this girl’s body will be restored for sure. She’ll definitely survive. Also, she’ll look more beautiful than what she was before. Her skin will become specially bouncy. Her breast will puff out a little too」

Her breast will swell? Then I can’t all her Pechahina anymore!

「Well, there are individual difference in boobs」
「I-I see」

Individual difference I’d like them to not swell. Else, I can’t make fun of Asahina anymore.

「but, it’s not a treatment highly recommended for the common. The small one’s use body fluids to repair wounds, but their body fluids have a strong aphrodisiac effect. Furthermore, it’ll be accompanied by a frightening itch. It’s a side effect. There’s no problem for the insect users since we have resistance but for normal people, it’s different. The human body is always hurt. As soon as the repair is over, the young insects will gather at the minor wounds and cure it. For example, nipples and clitoris, they have invisible scratches even if they look fine. A small number of small insects will gather in those places. As a result, it’ll create an enormous pleasure and itching. It’s no problem for insect user that were born with it but, it’ll make common people go insane. She’ll be attacked by a crazy pleasure and fierce itching」

To summarize what the insect user said, though her wound is healed, it has side effects with it, furthermore, it’s impossible to take out the insects even if her wounds are healed, then you have to continue fighting the side effects produced by the insects.
In short, Asahina will always be attacked by the insects and she’ll breathe heavily forever.
I’m disgusted about the idea of keeping an insect inside your body but it’s nor my body, also, watching Asahina who struggles from the pleasure and itching is interestingー*cough, cough* if it’s to save Asahina, then it’s inevitable.

「Though it’s not recommended, this girl’s willpower is not half-assed」
「Please! Do it! I’d like to save Asahina!」
「Really? It’s not a bad insect but you can’t do anything to it after using it once. I’ll be troubled if you asked me to stop half-way because she’s going crazy. There’s really nothing you can do」
「No problem! Asahina should be able to endure it! Do it! Rather, use it generously!」
「Well, if you say that then I will」

The insect user nods at my words.

「Oh right. I forgot to say it」

Saying that, the insect user tapped her hand as if she remembered something.

「Let me tell you just in case. The insect will be attached to the flesh forever. In short, it doesn’t move to other bodies. Therefore, there’s no danger of infection by contact」

Oh, I see. You won’t get infected even if you touch her?
In short, it’s safe to stick my dick inside Asahina’s pussy.
Furthermore, if I pierce my dick in and out of her pussy, her pussy will be wounded then the insects will concentrate there.
The side effect of the insects are a powerful aphrodisiac and a terrible itching.
Or rather, won’t her pussy be amazing with this?

「Do it! Don’t hesitate and do it!」
「Well finer, even though it’s dangerous for common people, you look happy for some reason」
「Are you an idiot! Can you see me being delighted! I’m so worried about Asahina so much that I’m asking you to save Asahina with all my heart!」
「…Well, fine」

I held the insect user’s shoulder, shake her while I raise my voice then she mutters while looking at me.
Hey hey, don’t misunderstand it. I just want Asahina to be saved.
I’m not thinking that it’s interesting at all.