X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 85


Chapter 85

I shoulder Asahina who has severe injuries and decided to go to the insect user’s house to give her medical treatment.
Rikka said that she’ll carry Asahina but I refused.
Rikka has a better physical strength than me so normally, you’d ask Asahina to carry her so she can be treated immediately.
I know that but I decided to carry her.

Why am I not heading to my house but to the insect user’s house? That is because the insect needed for Asahina’s treatment in the basement of the insect user’s house.
Hearing that from the insect user, I noticed a new weak point of hers.
The insect user uses insects. You can’t just make it pop in and out like magic. And there are restrictions on how many she can use at the same time so she needs to own a house to keep the spare insects.
If she can manipulate a large amount of insects at a time, moving them would be easy. But, the insect user is limited to manipulating three insects at a time. Furthermore, insects have catastrophic mobility. To maintain those insects, she needs materials to produce new insects.
Therefore she needs a base, then hide herself in a human town where there’s a lot of materials, she needs a “surface face” so she won’t be doubted by her surroundings.
In short, the insect user cannot frequently change base, and there’s a huge risk whenever she moves.
I thought that the insect user’s ability is highly convenient and versatile style but there’s a lot of faults as expected.

The insect user went down underground.

「Lie down that girl then take off all her clothes」

The insect user orders as soon as we enter the basement

「I don’t trust you」

Rikka who’s walking ahead of me said calmly while glaring at the insect user.
She’s calm if you just heard her voice but Rikka’s mind is burning in fire.
If ever the insect user shows a suspicious attitude, she won’t hesitate to cut her.

「Your opinion is justifiable. It’s foolish to believe someone who was just an enemy a while ago that easily. But, your master asked to save this girl named Asahina. And I’m the only one who can do it」

Rikka stares at the insect user with cold eyes then she answered with a fearless smile on her face.

「I know. I get it」

Rikka returned calmly.
She understands this situation precisely. Asahina needs the insect user’s power to save Asahina.
That said, she can’t just easily show an opportunity by trusting the insect user
Also, it’s possible that she’ll use Asahina as a shield to threaten us.
Therefore Rikka’s warning the insect user.
She prioritizes her master’s safety, even if that is her master’s wish, in case of emergency, she’ll abandon Asahina and cut down the insect user.
I thought that Rikka somewhat looks like Kazahana.

「Fufu, scary」

Saying that, the insect user turned her back to Rikka then goes deep inside the room.

「I liked this girl named Asahina. I intend to help her even if I’m not asked」

Walking as she say that, she enters to the depths of the room.

「Well, she’s not lying」

I lay down Asahina on the table in the middle of the room then call Rikka as I turn around to beckon her.
Rikka turned red for a moment when she saw me beckon her but she approached me quickly while fidgeting.

「You’re not wrong. You’re fine as you are, Rikka」

I pat Rikka’s head when she closed up to me.
Rikka who has her head patter closed her eyes happily then she snuggles up to me.
Her body that’s already in head and her spirit driven by sexual urges. Rikka twists that forcibly so she can serve me.
Rikka wants a reward sooner but I need her to endure it for a bit more.

I took off Asahina’s uniform then she’s naked as her underwear is already gone.
I’m looking through using my ability, Asahina’s whole body is bruised by internal bleeding. Her four ribs are broken too but fortunately, it doesn’t stick to her internal organs. But, there’s no mistake that this is a serious injury.
A delicate body without any waste. Her physical strength seems to be high but she’s not muscular at all. A girl who just does normal exercise. That’s how it feels.
Such a body received that much attacks, it’s laughable.
No, it’s the opposite.
Asahina’s body doesn’t have the defensive power to receive such attacks. She’s actually broken. And yet, she took all of the attacks head on then kept advancing.
Kamuro Hizuki did well fighting fighting such a monster, is what I would like to say.

「Kept you waiting huh?」

Along with the rattling sound, the insect user came back from the interior room.
The cause of the sound is the insect user’s cart. There’s a water tank on top of that cart.

「…Isn’t it different from what we talked about?」

I instinctively muttered when I saw the object in the water tank.
Though it was said to be a nematode-like insect inserted in the anus, the one in the water tank looks like a slug, no, it’s a soft body that’s like a sea slug.
A black huge sea slug with black bumps on it’s body. Its whole black body is overall covered with viscous liquid. But, the tip of the protrusion has a red, yellow fluorescent color. I can only see it as dangerous. Or rather, is that an insect? That’s a very doubtful creature

「Hm? This isn’t the insect inserted to the anus. It’s the insect used as an aid to repair the body of this girl」

Answering my answer, the insect user came near me while pushing the rattling cart then she nodded when she’s next to me.

「As I mentioned earlier, these body restoration insect isn’t universal. It takes time for them to insert the anus and lay eggs. Meanwhile, if her injury proves fatal, they won’t be able to help restoring her body. It’ll take half a day for her body to recover completely. If her condition changes suddenly during the restoration, the possibility of her death can’t be denied」
「I see. So you need this insect as an aid?」

The insect user nodded to my words.
Asahina needs something like a life support so that she won’t die during the restoration. So it’s that grotesque insect in the aquarium.
Rather than an insect, I can only see it as a sea creature.

「However, this aid isn’t versatile. It’s just raising the possibility, it’s not absolute. Also, there are side effects on this aid」

This sea slug has side effects?
Well, it looks dangerous when you look at it. Especially the florescent color on the points.
There are a lot of poisonous insects with fluorescent color.

「I have no choice but to believe you」

Rikka reacts from what I said.
Belive. Those words are dangerous.
That means I want Asahina to be saved, and that also says that Asahina has a worth as a hostage.

「Demi-human lass. You’re free to belive or not but I don’t intend to go against him」
「I’m saying that I’m not believing you! Even if I have to go against Master’s commands, once I feel something out of place, then I will kill you even without evidence」

Rikka screamed at the insect user then pulled out the knife on her back.

「Do what you want」

Though Rikka shouts and took out her knife, the insect user doesn’t look wary in particular, she answered with a smile in her face.

「Was it Suzuhara? If you want this Asahina to be saved then you should better stop the acts of this demi-human lass」

Glared by Rikka, the insect user turned her eyes to me.

「It’s true that I want Asahina to be saved but I also accept Rikka’s actions. If that’s what Rikka thinks then there’s no need to stop her」

Answering her, the insect user leaked a sigh then shrugged her shoulders.

「Is what he said, demi-human lass. Your master seems to have trusted you quite greatly」
「D-Don’t talk to Master!」

Rikka repels those words but her ears are red.
The insect user learned how to handle Rikka.
As far as I can see in her mind, it seems that she doesn’t intend to entrap us but it’s dangerous.
I thought that the insect user is an impulsive idiot but, she seems to be more clever than I thought.
It is as Rikka says, I better not relax my guard.

「That said, the insect for the body restoration is this」

The insect user thrust her hands on the pocket of her black robe then took out something from it, she smiled and showed it to me. It was a capsule with a size as big as a quail’s egg.
Capsule containing earthworm like creatures. However, it seems they’re much longer than ordinary earthworms.

「The parent insect is the one in this capsule. The parent will lay eggs on the human body but it will die while laying eggs. Then, the baby born will different from the parent. In short, the mother will create another kind of insect inside the body. It’s a different insect so it naturally won’t become like it’s parent when it grows up. Furthermore, since the young one hatched and had it’s lifetime in it’s host, it’s impossible to take it out and transplant it to other bodies.

I don’t get it at all. Even when I read at the insect user’s mind, it’s only filled with expert knowledge and I don’t get it at all.

「You don’t get it?」
「If the larva doesn’t become the parent, then how do you make a parent?」

Oh, I see. Even when the parasite lay eggs, it’ll be a totally different insect, then the newborn won’t become it’s parent. Furthermore, the parent will die after it lays eggs. In that case, the parent insect won’t be naturally generated. Thus, it can only be produced artificially

「Then it needs an engineer to produce the parent insect」
「That’s right」

The insect user smiled and nodded at what I said.

「Also, though the insect is easy to handle, it’s a frightening one at the same time. Normally, insects can be manipulated by insect users but this insect can’t be controlled by anyone. We can only insert the capsule to the subject. Do you know how scary it is?」

The insect user is smiling but she erased it and spoke seriously.
Anyone can use it? It’s certainly a threat.

「It means that anyone can get a body that’s close to immortality?」
「No, the side effects aren’t that incomplete. No matter how near immortality your body is, it’s meaningless if your spirit breaks」
「Oh, I see」

There’s no problems for the insect user who have resistance, but when you use it on other people’s body.

「it’s the opposite?」
「That’s right. If you use this insect, it’s possible to destroy the spirit and maintain only the body in a perfect state. Furthermore, though she accumulates urine, she won’t excrete stool. This insect uses human feces as it’s energy source. IN short, it’s possible to create meat dolls with high performance. Everyone’s easy, it means」

Oh, I see. If you use the effects on the contrary, you can create perfect flesh dolls by destroying their spirits.
Furthermore, they restore automatically when they’re damaged, they’ll sell for high prices.

「It’s an insect that can easily exploit everyone」
「That’s how it is. Therefore it’s not an insect we can use at ease」

The insect user nods at my question

「Therefore, it’s an only parent limited use insect」
「In short, it’s an expensive insect」
「That’s right」

I see, I see. It means that she’s selling me favor.
You’re a clever one. But, easy to understand.

「I’m one of the insect user that can generate this insect. However, it was self-taught in my case」

I thought that she’s trying to sell favor but she confessed that she could refine that insect faster than I could peek at her mind.
If the rarity is lost then the income will be reduced. And yet, why are you confessing a secret you should hide?
I thought she’s planning something but I was convinced when I peeked at her mind.
I see. So that’s how it is.

「It’s self taught. If this failed, that, sorry」

The insect user looked up at me while saying that.
It seems she wants to make an excuse in case she fails.

The insect user climbed on the naked Asahina then instructed me to open her legs.
Rikka doesn’t seem to be in good humor as the insect user orders me but she just puff her cheeks and glare at the insect user without saying anything.
She has judged that I won’t be pleased if she complains to the insectuser.
As told by the insect user, I grasped Asahina’s legs and opened it.
Since she lost consciousness, I can’t read Asahina’s mind. That’s fine but her pussy’s overflowing with love nectar in this situation.
I can’t say anything but “as expected”

「Then, I’ll put it in」

The insect user wedges herself in between Asahina’s legs then she turned up and looked at me and spoke.
Once inserted, there’s no turning back.

「Yeah, do it」

Nodding at her, the insect user nodded as well. Then, she pressed the capsule with the insect inside Asahina’s anus and pushed it in.
The capsule opened the anus open and inserts. At the moment the capsule reached the maximum diameter, it was swallowed whole


The insect user who pushed the capsule mutters with a serious look. I peeked at her mind then withdrew my gaze.

ーW-What’s with this girl’s anus? Even though the capsule’s size is quite large, it was easily swallowed. It doesn’t look like that the constrictor is broken, I can’t see any particular problems. And yet, why is it so flexible?

The capsule as large as a quail egg was easily swallowed than what she thought, the insect user is confused.
I think that’s because Asahina developed it herself.

「No way」

The insect user got surprised and looked at me.
No no, it’s not me. I stole Asahina’s virginity but I never touched her anus.


The insect user raises a suggestive voice while looking up at me.
Like I said, it’s not me. I didn’t do that to her.
I’d like to say it but I think she’ll just think it’s an excuse rather than believing, also, Asahina’s mine. I don’t mind even if she misunderstands.

「As I’ve said earlier, this insect user will make her unable to excrete stool. But, the anus nor it’s surrounding function won’t be lost. Therefore, it’s possible to excrete artificially」

The insect user explains while staring at the anus, then she averts her face while blushing.
Looking at her mind, I understood what she’s thinking.
Oh, I see.
It seems that the insect user is also into Anal. No, it’s not just the insect user but most of her clan are into anal.
The reason is the insect kept in their body.
The insect inserted in Asahina’s anus uses human feces as their energy. Therefore, the person who keeps that insect in their body won’t excrete.
You may think that it’s convenient that you don’t need to excrete but it’s not that simple.
Excretion is an essential act for animals, therefore there’s a pleasure for excretion. Furthermore, it’s deeply carved into instincts.
In short, the desire to excrete grows stronger.
Well, you can understand the feeling if you can’t do it.
To satisfy that desire, those who had the insect in their body will have a high probability of running a simulated excretion, in short, it’s highly likely for them to oppress their anus.
Speaking of which, I can’t find any feces on the intestine of the insect user.
The insect kept in her body seems to be different from the one inserted in Asahina’s body but it seems that they both make you unable to excrete.
Because of that, the insect user seems to like to tease her anus.
By the way, the insect user and Asahina seems to be able to piss.


Staring down at the insect user, I raised my voice as suggestive as possible.
She averts her shaking eyes from me, blushed, then twitched.
The insect user who thought that I have developed Asahina’s ass seems to have her desire to have her anus teased inflated in a dash.
Obscene and immoral acts come into the mind of the insect user one after another.
She wants the pleasure of pseudo excretion. She’s driven by the impulse.

「A-Anyway, I’ve inserted the insect. We just have to attach the aid insect then we’ll wait until she’s recovered」

The insect user can’t calm down, she speaks in a trembling voice with her ears turned red. The insect user’s anus is twitching, wanting to put in anything. Her heart is filled with the desire to have her anus dominated.
Proportional to it, the insect user shows a change in her body.
Her young nipple and clitoris are clearly erect. Her pale skin is burning up, her smooth pussy is overflowing with a large amount of love nectar.
It’s similar to Rikka’s sexual excitement.
Those with body reinforcement ability may have a vigorous sexual desire.
But the insect user doesn’t seem that I have realized it, she desperately pretends to be calm, she asked me to put Asahina who’s lying down to the water tank.
Well, I don’t want to know it so I’ll pretend to not know.
As instructed by the insect user, I brought the lying down Asahina to the water tank.

「H-H-Here, we place Asahina to a near state of death with the insect」
「It stinks of female」

Rikka who’s been silent until now sniffs her nose then muttered. Hearing Rikka’s mutter, the insect user twitched then her face turned teary eyed.
Rikka’s senses are sharper than humans. It seems that she felt that the insect user is in heat.

「W-W-W-What are you talking about! A-Are you saying that I’d like to have my anus be teased by that man!? That’s absurd! There’s no way that’s the case!」

The insect user’s face turned red and she objected more than necessary.
Heey, your real thoughts are leaking out.

「O-O-Or rather, you demi-human lass! You must be the one that’s in heat! Even though you’re a lewd bitch who just want to be loved by that man!」
「Un, that’s right. Those who think that I just want to be loved by Master all the time is a mongrel」
「Nuo! You can say that normally!? Also, you’re calling me a dog?! Now then, do you want to suffer!?」
「That doesn’t matter to you. Also, don’t talk to me lightly. I’ll kill you」
「What’s with you! You originally should be belittled by me! I’ll kill you!」

Rikka speaks indifferently, then the insect user raises an angry voice while showing a red face.

「Kill? Me? Oh, that’s interesting. If you can then show it」

Rikka grins then pulled out the large knife from her back.

「You’ve said it lass! My principle is to take up any provocations!」

Though we’re in the middle of Asahina’s treatment, Rikka has fanned and made the insect user forgot herself, she stood up with a red face and looked at Rikka.
Rikka fans the insect user and she rode it.
Why did Rikka fuel the insect user? It’s a very childish reason.

ーI can’t manipulate insects but I’m useful to Master!

Only the insect user can save Asahina. That’s why Rikka was just silent but she’s not pleased with the insect user. Furthermore, it seems that her jealousy exploded because only the insect user and I were talking.
I’m relieved to see Rikka.
When the growth is too fast, the mind can’t catch up with that growth, it’ll become distorted.
No matter how strong she is, Rikka’s still young. Therefore she needs to be pampered.
Rikka’s depending on me but at the same time she cares about me more than anyone.
An opponent she can fight with all of her power.
There’s not a lot of people who can fight Rikka at full power. Therefore she competes with the insect user. In a sense, Rikka and the insect user are outstandingly compatible.
I’d like them to fight as much as they want but I’d like to concentrate on Asahina’s treatment for now.
But, if I scold Rikka right now, Rikka can’t fight the insect user anymore.
Hmm, this is hard.
I’m sure that Marina and Yuka would make this settle well.

「I don’t trust you
「I don’t want to be trusted by you

Rikka holds her large knife in a combat stance then, the insect user shouts in anger while standing on the table, looking down at Rikka.
It’s really an explosive moment. If I don’t stop it, they’ll definitely start a fight.
Okay, let’s see. Let’s fool them in this case.

「Rikka, once Asahina’s treatment is done, let’s take a bath. Could you wash my back?」

The two twitched from my mutter.

「When you finish washing my body then I’ll wash yours

Grinning, I say that while looking at Rikka on the side, Rikka turned red in an instant then she turned flustered.

「Y-You can’t, Master! I can’t let Master wash this dirty mongrel body of mine!」

Rikka who’s just a jump away from the insect user speaks out desperately with her blushing face as she swing her right hand.
Rikka, stop swinging your knife, it’s dangerous. I’ll die if I get grazed.

「What are you saying? I’m not saying I have to. I want to. I’d like to carefully wash your loli obscene body’s every corner then wash the depths of your hole and enjoy it without reserve. And yet, you are saying that you don’t want it? Are you denying your master’s wish?」

Asking Rikka back, I heard a metal sound. Rikka dropped her knife.

「I-I-I-I-I’m very sorry! This mongrel turned her blade to her master!」

Though she’s blushing, Rikka kneeled in a hurry and then desperately apologized while trembling.
Rikka should be fine with this now. What’s left is…
Sending the insect user a glance, she’s looking at Rikka with jealousy as she stand up in the table in daze.

ーA-A man, a genuine man washing your body? I’m sure it won’t end with just washing. He’ll do this and that. I can’t, no good, I must not lose myself. I have abandoned being a woman when I made a contract with the insect in my womb. Also, there’s no way a man would have sex with a woman with an insect in her body.

Looking enviously at Rikka, the insect user felt down.

「Tamamushi, I feel bad that you’re depressed but could you finish Asahina’s treatment quickly?」

Asking the insect user, she twitched then she glared at me with her red face and teary eyes.

「I-I’m not deppressed!! Are you making fun of my male drought for thirty years?!」

The insect user screams while looking like her blazing red face is about to cry.
Don’t say male drought for thirty years. Also, regardless of your age, you definitely look like a loli.

Though the insect user is sulking, it has worked out and it seems that she silently dealt with Asahina.
Rikka on the other hand looks down on the defenseless insect user then she holds down her laughter.
The insect user who’s being laughed at looked at Rikka then clicked her tongue, but she continued working without saying anything.

「Originally, this insect isn’t used for treatment」

Taking out the sea slug insect from the water tank, she placed it on Asahina’s body then muttered in bad mood.

「This is a lewd insect. An insect that absorbs human energy. It sucks up energy, then injects poison to the human body so they won’t resist. As a result, the human would be on a suspended animation. Then it’ll suck energy as much as possible, this insect give energy and keep the body maintained so it could keep sucking for as long as possible」

I see. That’s quite a bad insect. But, it means you can use it in reverse.
In short, this will keep Asahina alive until her treatment is over.

「However, as I’ve said earlier, this insect has side effects. This extends its tentacles to the brain and make humans have a dream. In the case the human doesn’t revive from the suspended animation, they will see what they seek as a dream and they’ll be prevented from waking up. In shortー」
「Even if Asahina has recovered, if she’s caught in the dream then there’s a danger that she won’t wake up?」
「That’s right」

The insect user nodded to my answer.
A dream she wishes to see? Furthermore, her body is maintained.
A dreamlike world where there’s no suffering.
But, once you get caught, you might not wake up.
However, that’s for the normal ones.

「Asahina should be fine. Especially when it comes to mental stuffs」
「I think so too. Therefore…」

The insect user nodded at my words but she didn’t make herself clear, there’s a color of worry in her eyes.

ーThis girl, just like Kamuro HIzui, she wants Suzuhara. But this girl isn’t honest. Therefore it’s dangerous for her to see the dream of her desires. Because her heart is strong and not honest, the risk of her being caught in the dream is high.

Looking at her mind, I got it.
Asahina’s dream. That is Asahina’s ideal.
Because she’s not usually honest, she might be taken by her ideal world?
No, I feel like Asahina’s not honest even in her dream.
But the risk in this case is huge. If it’ll be done with the restoration insect then I don’t need to be bothered by the risk.

「Is there any way where we don’t use that insect?」
「Of course, even without using this insect, the possibility of her restoration will be succesful. But, looking at the damage on her face, I can’t deny the possibility of her brain being damaged. In other words, you can say that her condition can take a sudden turn. Therefore I judged that her life should be sustained even if forced」
「I see」

Since I don’t have medicinal knowledge, even if I look through Asahina’s body, I can’t make a proper judgement. All the more in the brain.

「Also, if the damage on the brain is too severe, there are cases where even this restoration insect can’t do anything. It’s possible to repair the brain but the restored brain won’t work normally」
「Is that how it is?」
「Umu. This insect can’t treat people with dead brain」

Brain dead’s no good? Though it’s said to be versatile, she said that it’s impossible to help a person who received a fatal injury.

「But this lewd insect is different. This lewd insect has no ability to repair the human body but in exchange, it’s a brain expert. The lewd insect maintains the human body, it extends it’s tentacles to the brain to make the human dream so it can suck energy」
「So it’s familiar on how to tamper with the brain?」
「That’s right. Even if the brain is impaired, the lewd insect will do it’s best to assist the brain’s activity. Meanwhile, the restoration insect will repair the body perfectly. Therefore, I’d like to use the lewd insect even if it means taking the risk」

Hearing her words, I thought I can’t do anything. Then, I shouldn’t just interfere and leave this to the expert.

「I’ll leave this to you」
「I will definitely save this girl even if you don’t tell me. This girl is strong. She’s different from me who fell to the darkness. Therefore, I have to help her」

The insect user’s mind who answered my question is overflowing with various thoughts.
To fulfil her dream of helping the weak, she took a forbidden method, ran away as she became a subject to kill. Then she fell into the darkness and went on a road going the opposite of her dream.
What will happen if it was Asahina?
Looking at how Asahina fights, the insect user seems to have asked herself in repeat.
The answer the insect user gave isー

Whatever happens, Asahina didn’t run away. She thought that there’s no absolutes in this world but if it was Asahina, she’ll never run away.

That’s the answer the insect user gave out.
Even if she’s turned away at the gate, Asahina won’t put her hands on any forbidden methods and just break through the gate. Asahina never thought of opening the gate. If there’s a gate in front of her, she’ll just destroy it and advance. But that’s rarely a foolish thing to execute.
The insect user felt envious of Asahina and longed for her.
If she had met this fool earlier, then she might not have fallen into darkness.
That’s what the insect user thinks.

「I will definitely save this girl. But, I don’t think I want to atone」

Hearing that mutter, Rikka puffed her cheeks then averted her face.
Rikka saw Asahina’s battle. She can understand the insect user’s feelings, that’s why she’s sulky, but she can’t complain.

The soft creature reaches Asahina’s abdomen.
The huge sea slug like insect that’s slimy and has projections on it’s whole body responds in the insect user’s mutter then began to move its projections in its body. Then he projection extends. Then the countless tips of the tentacles open up and a wart like fold appeared.
Lewd insect. I agree that it’s obscene.
The insect user continues her mutters while staring at the insect.
The insect moving its countless tentacles brought it to Asahina’s body.
Obviously, her nipple and clitoris too.
After a while, Asahina’s body who’s not moving at all starts to twitch, her pale skin that lost blood tinged in red and sweat on the surface.

「The connection to the brain is completed safely. This girl is now in her ideal world. What’s left is to wait」

Fuu, leaking out a sigh, the insect user wipes the sweat on her forehead and spoke to me.

「That said, I’m a bit curious, you don’t seem to be afraid of insects」

Is she tired? The insect user sits down on the table then asked me.

「Hm? Oh, well, I’m not afraid of them in particular」

I answered while folding my arms.
I never really cared about it but speaking of which, I didn’t think of insects as scary.
I don’t think of anything about the huge grotesque insect the insect user controls.

「This girl named Asahina is likely the same but just what are you? Just what kind of lifestyle made a human like you?」

What kind of lifestyle? Are you saying that I’m strange? What’s with you? That’s rude?
Well, I myself don’t think I’m decent.

「There’s something I’m curious about. Could you come to my library later?」

Saying that, the insect use jumps from the table then goes to the back room.

ーIt’s really strange. I’m not good with the insect’s fine movements. It has always been the case. I was a talentless dropout from insect manipulators. And yet…

The insect user thinks as such while walking.

ーThat man’s ability is similar to heavenly eye. But it’s different. The ability value is too low in everything in the heavenly eye sense. On the other hand, his ability isn’t a suppressed behavior. Besides, there are no signs of mental breakdown seen from those who have heavenly eye.

The insect user who never thought that I can read minds continue to mutter in her mind why she’s curious about me.

ーI need to investigate the documents but that man, he might have the opposite of the heavenly eye, the “earth eye” If that’s certainly the case then I can see why his range is narrow. That also explains the increase in ability value. Also, though I thought that the demi-human lass was a mutant but it would be different when the person with earth eye is by her side. But, earth eye is more rare than heavenly eye. To encounter that ability use by chance…

Chigan?1 What’s that? Are you mistaking it for a molester?2

ーEither way, I shouldn’t part from that man. I’ll examine his surroundings and if there’s someone who awakened to a unique ability afterwards, it’ll be an evidence that he has earth eye.

Those who awakened their unique ability? Those will be by my side…
Then, Marina and Yuka came up in my mind.
Thinking about it, the ability of them before and now have increased several magnitudes.
No no, they just had the talent since the start.
Marina wasn’t able to demonstrate her ability because of Shinozaki, Yuka shut her heart because she was Shinozaki’s toy. But, since their environment changed, their ability that was originally with them come out to surface.
But, I’m curious about the flower I saw inside Yuka.
I certainly saw a bud blossoming inside Yuka.
Did she acquire an ability? Those words and the blooming flower in Yuka overlaps.

ーHeavenly eye’s opposite, earth eyes. Though it’s awfully restricted, it’s an ability to bring distortion to fixed events. The ultimate support ability that can lead hearts to cut through the future. Near those who were called heroes are always someone with an earth eye. If that man is one, then I wonder if I can start over.

The insect user stopped then wiped the tears on her eyes, then laughed to ridicule herself.

ーEverything’s too late. The crime I have committed will never disappear.

The insect user mutters in her mind then she goes back to the back room.


My laughter’s welling up.
I don’t know if it was chigan or chikan3 but I don’t care about that.
She seems to be worthy to bully.

「Master ♡ You’re making an amazing face ♡」

Turning my eyes to the voice I heard, Rikka’s looking up at me with a red face then she looks up at me with moist eyes.

「It’s a bad face isn’t it?」

When I asked Rikka, she fidgets looking up at me.

「It makes me wet ♡ I love that face of Master ♡」

She said.
Exactly as she said, Rikka’s slippery pussy has turned outrageous.
Getting aroused from my bad face, Rikka’s really a pervert though she’s a loli.
Well, that’s why she’s cute.


  1. Earth eye is read as Chigan
  2. Chikan
  3. Earth eye or molester