X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 87

‭X-ray is More Than I Thought 87‬

‭Leaning over the bed in Tamamushi’s first floor bedroom, I confirm the unconscious Asahina is still breathing. ‬

‭Asahina woke up once, but quickly passed out. ‬

‭For the suddenly unconscious Asahina the side effects were less than expected, so I thought something must have happened to the healing parasites, I immediately called Tamamushi. ‬

‭And it has reached the present. ‬

‭”There is no waste in this girl’s intestine, even after defecating there should be some remaining…” growls Tamamushi with folded arms, while she is examining Asahina lying in bed. ‬

‭It seems strange that there is no feces in the intestine. That is probably because Asahina uses enema regularly. ‬

‭”This girl has lost consciousness because there is no feces, the energy source of the healing parasites. To conserve energy, they are in a state of hibernation. She should wake up if she consumes nutrients and feces builds up.” Tamamushi looks up at me and says, while sitting in the chair and examining the body of Asahina. ‬

‭So, there is no problem? ‬

‭Rikka also shifts to a state of hibernation when energy consumption is too great, and this appears to be similar to that. ‬

‭It seems to be alright even though she suddenly lost consciousness. ‬

‭In that case, I’ll send Rikka to the kitchen. This will help to suppress the bad energy between her and Tamamushi and keep them apart. Tamamushi is the cause of the problem, so ill have her surrender the ingredients in her kitchen.‬

‭It will be safe this way, if Rikka and Tamamushi are together they may quarrel. ‬

‭I don’t care if they want to fight, but I’ll stop it before it starts, and causes a serious problem in Asahina’s unconscious body. I don’t particularly care what happens to Asahina, but if she dies all my effort so far will have been in vain. ‬

‭Besides, I owe a debt to Tamamushi, and Asahina owes that same debt to me. ‬

‭I absolutely have to pay back my debt. ‬
‭Of course I will collect that debt back from Asahina’s body. Therefore I decided to keep Rikka and Tamamushi separate so that unnecessary problems won’t occur. ‬

‭”Having lost consciousness is not particularly problematic. However that should not be the case with the other side effects. This girl should still be suffering considerably, even with her strong willpower. It is definitely impossible for her to be this calm and relaxed.” ‬

‭Tamamushi says this definitively with a tight expression. I told Tamamushi about how Asahina acted when she woke up, and this is how she responds. Yet even though it is impossible, Asahina was indeed nonchalant. ‬

‭”Could it be because she had just woken up?” ‬

‭”It is impossible. The girl woke up before repairs are complete which means that the body is clogged with active healing parasites.”‬

‭”So the side effects were insignificant because the energy source was exhausted?”‬

‭”The side effects are somewhat lessened, since many of the parasites will lay dormant to suppress energy consumption. Even if the side effects are lessened somewhat, it still is beyond what a normal human should be able to endure.”‬

‭Tamamushi still maintains that it is impossible for Asanina to be calm and nonchalant. If the experts say it is so, it must be so. But the fact still remains that Asahina was relaxed. So, is there something abnormal with Asahina’s body?‬

‭”Is there a method to determine if she is abnormal?”‬

‭”There is a simple method. You just need to injure the girl’s body and measure the time it takes to repair. Thus you can gain an understanding of the level of parasitic activity.” ‬

‭I see. If the parasites are working properly, the wound will properly heal as well. ‬

‭”Anyway, that is something to test when she is awake. But for now it is best to prioritize replenishing her energy.” ‬

‭”I see, very well.” ‬

‭I think Tamamushi knows what is best, so I nod in agreement. ‬

‭”How do we replenish her energy?” ‬

‭The thought suddenly came to me, so I ask Tamamushi. Since Asahina is unconscious, we need some method to make her consume energy. ‬

‭Since the parasite constantly consumes energy from the host, it is necessary for the host to consume energy, though the need is slowed by the larvae which makes the host have their ideal dream. ‬

‭I have already had more than enough of that stupid fucking dream. I want to use some different method if at all possible. ‬

‭”Hmm, with an intravenous drip it is easy to build up urine, but on the other hand feces is more difficult to build up.” ‬

‭”Can’t we directly insert nutrients into her anus?” ‬

‭”It would be of no use, the parasites feed on feces, not undigested nutrients. Therefore it will not be effective to stick food up her anus.”‬

‭Tamamushi shakes her head in denial of my suggestion. So it is not good to inject food directly into the anus? I thought it would be a good idea since the contents of the intestine was used as an energy source. ‬

‭”Oh, there is a way to make her ingest nutrition. it will take some time until the food turns into feces, but there is nothing to be done about that.” ‬

‭”I see, very well. I will leave it up to you.” ‬

‭”Yes, please leave it to me.” ‬

‭Tamamushi nods, and I nod back. ‬

‭”You can leave this to me, so why not go get some sleep? To ask you to sleep at the enemy’s house may be an unreasonable request, but I no longer feel hostility toward you.”‬

‭I laughed at her when she said this, and shrugged my shoulders. ‬

‭”I trust that you do not hold any hostility toward me, but not enough to go to sleep. I will remain cautious.” ‬

‭”That is reasonable. No, you are right, my mistake. I am no longer hostile, nonetheless, I would be troubled if you were to trust me immediately.”‬

‭I laugh at Tamamushi with a wry grin. ‬

‭”Anyway you can take a bath and let me sweat it out. If you enter with that demi-human girl, even if I’m attacked by insects, I will be able to cope with it.” ‬

‭Tamamushi giggles, and I laugh deeply at the irony of her words. Even if I’m attacked by insects, she said. ‬

‭”This may be my first time to talk and laugh with anybody.” ‬

‭Tamamushi tilts her head curiously when i said that with a laugh. ‬

‭”Is that so?”‬

‭”Oh, Ive been hated since long ago. I never had a decent conversation with anyone, let alone laughing together. What a rip-off.” ‬

‭”That is surprising. No, it is common to alienate those how are different from the accepted norm. Well, people with power are often lonely. In my case I was lonely because I was not talented.” ‬

‭Tamamushi tilts her head and laughs sadly. Those with power are alienated, and those without power are alienated. The world is pretty messed up. ‬

‭”It is best to be ordinary.” ‬

‭”Yeah, yeah, ordinary is the best.” ‬

‭”Then there is nothing to be done about it. Regardless of how you think, it out of the ordinary.” ‬

‭”Haha, well, its hopeless, it’s all hopeless.”  ‬

‭Seeing me shrug my shoulders and nod while laughing, Tamamushi giggles and wiped tears from the corner of her eye with her finger. ‬

‭”When I think about it, it has been a long time since i have talked to and laughed with anybody.” ‬

‭Laughing with tears in the corners of her eyes, she looked very grown up, contrary to her youthful appearance. ‬

‭She is someone who has lived for thirty years. I still look more adult of course. ‬

‭Leaving all that aside, I’ll clean my sweat in the bath. I should also reward Rikka. ‬

‭”Well, I’ll be taking a bath.” ‬

‭Waving my hand, I raise my voice as I start walking out of the room. Then, suddenly remembering something, I stop and turn around. And I approach Tamamushi. ‬

‭”I nearly forgot. I owe you for helping out Asahina. If there is something I can do for you, say it. If I am able i will lend a hand. Consider what you want until then.” ‬

‭After lightly slapping the shoulder of Tamamushi, I head in the direction of Rikka to go take that bath.‬

‭But what could be the cause of the abnormal side effects of Asahina? As I was walk down the hallway i ask myself this, remembering my anxiety. ‬

‭By the way, Tamamushi said that she was self-taught. So she may fail. In that regard there is a cause for concern.‬

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