X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 9

Chapter 9

「I’m Tamoe. Tamoe Yuka」

That Yuka had introduced herself while she walks back from me.
I forced Yuka to offer her body as compensation of me saving Asahina. Then she introduced herself in a behaved manner. Her head must have some loose screws.
Suiting her image, I can understand why those men bullied and violated her.

「What about you? Can you tell me your name?」

Yuka said while raising her pace then she linked both hand from my back and looked up to me. Her huge breasts jiggle because she thrust out her hand and link it. Then she raised my mood with her upturned eyes. I instinctively swallowed my saliva in that appearance.
This girls looks cute but her actions are cute too. Furthermore, she’s not just cute but she also arouse my sadism. The more I think so because there’s a bandage on her right eye. Because of that, I instinctively thought of tormenting her.
It’s natural I guess. I can see the aim. If she’s a natural airhead, then the senpai also can’t bear it.
Dammit, those Senpais got some delicious things. Who took her virginity? I felt a bit angry.


Ah, I want to do her soon. I answered Yuka while having such thoughts.


Yuka muttered my family name and when she looked at me with earnest expression, I lowered my head while walking.

「You’ll definitely protect Asahina-san right?」

She appealed to me.
‘I want you to protect Asahina-san’ That is to say if she accepted the condition I presented, it’s like making her accept the terms and conditions.1
Though I said that she can decide after I protected Asahina, it seems that she has made the decision accept it before she sees it.
That’s how she easily believes so I can lie and violate her as I like.
Aside from that, It’ll be troublesome if Asahina arrives before us. She’ll only be an obstruction. I better go ahead and defeat the delinquents immediately.

「Where’s the assigned location?」

Yuka on my back stopped when I asked her a question.

「The game station in the downtown」

She answered.


I tilted my head as I stopped and look where Yuka is pointing.
Game Station downtown? Well, I’m fine with that.

「Not the other side?」

I asked while looking at where Yuka’s poinging.

「Yes. Not the other side but this side」

Yuka nodded and pointed from my back again.
Wait a moment. Give me a minute. I’m fine if she’s being summoned on the game station downtown. Not that butー.

「Then, then, where is Asahina heading?」

That’s right. Asahina certainly went forward. The opposite direction of the downtown.

「I-I don’t know but she may have some business to go?」

Yuka tilts her head and says that she doesn’t know.
She doesn’t have the atmosphere of postponing the matter with the delinquents because she has some business. She fully intend to rush at the delinquents with the resolution to die.
Wait? Could it be?…

「Yuka-chan, you didn’t tell Asahina where the location is?」

When I asked, Yuka tilted her head then her mouth became a triangle.

「I didn’t!」

Then shouted.
I thought so.
That girl rushed without knowing what direction to go?
Asahina, where the hell do you intend to go?

I took Yuka and looked for Asahina.
Though there are some light leaking out from the windows of the houses, the darkness doens’t change. It’s normally hard to look for Asahina under this extreme condition.
But I have good eyesight regardless of day and night. I can grasp the environment even if it’s pitch black. Even I don’t know why I can see well in the dark but there’s no helping it because I can.

「C-can I call her!?」

Yuka who led me as she run desperately, asked.
Her big tits jiggle as a result of her run. I’d get aroused normally but I’m using my ability to look for Asahina so the “Contents” of her big tits are disgustingly on view.
Haa, geez, I’m glad if this ability didn’t evolve and can just see through clothes.
I want to see her jiggling tits but I don’t want to see something gross. But I look unconsciously every time her big tits shake.

「Why don’t stop the idea of making a call?」

Wanting to see the jiggling breast by all means, I replied to her while looking at the grotesque stuff.


Yuka asked again.
Why? Isn’t that obvious?

「I think Asahina won’t be stopped even if she’s found. That’s why she won’t come even if you call her, and you can’t tell her the location even if she does. However, if she noticed that we’re looking for her she’ll probably get cautious」

I can find her even she’s hidden but, it’s easier to find her walking on the road.

「Ah, I see, I get it」

I somehow convinced Yuka and she was able to think with her mind a bit.

I know the direction where Asahina’s heading so if go through the sideways, I think I’ll find her immediately.
Then, I found immediately Asahina as guessed.

「W-What should I do…?」

Crouching on the corner of the road, Asahina anxiously muttered. Yuka and I hid ourselves behind the utility pole.

「I dashed without knowing the destination…」

Asahina muttered in worry and leaked out a sigh.
Asahina looks smart on the outside. But looking closely, she’s going to school with a vibrator in her anus, got easily raped by me, bought three orders of ice cream even she can’t eat it all.
Then, she dashed out without knowing the destination, and now crouching on the corner of the road feeling anxious.
Could it be that she’s an idiot?

「Please don’t think of Asahina-san as a fool!」

Yuka whispered in me who’s having a tense face.
Ah, it’s spilling out in my face? No, no matter how you think she’s an idiot.

「Even if I contact Yuka…She won’t tell me obediently. I can look for it by myself but I have no clue where to start…」

Asahina grumbles as she manipulate the phone while crouching, she hang her head and leaked a sigh. I looked at that kind of Asahina and then she stood up as she might’ve thought of something. Inhaling a big breath, she pat her small breasts that’s like a chopping board.

「I’m here! I won’t run or hide! Come out!」

Opening her eyes wide, Asahina shouted. The sound echoes in the residential area then the surprised dogs made a bark.
She got ashamed of her own shout? Ashina’s fidgeting.
What the hell is she doing? What does she want to do?

「P-Please don’t think of Asahina as an idiot!」

Yuka scolds me whisperingly while she looks up angrily.
Yuka feels that she has a debt of gratitude with Asahina after all. She betrayed Asahina yet she forgave her. It can’t be just called a true friend, Yuka might become a believer of Asahina. It seems that she intend to protect Asahina thoroughly.
But you, do you really think that? Isn’t she an idiot? Hey.
Well fine. It’s convenient for me if Yuka depends on Asahina. If Yuka depends on Asahina on some degree, I can use Asahina as pretext and do anything with Yuka.

「Yuka didn’t betray me! She only wants to be with me! That’s why I must go! I have to be together with Yuka! But I don’t know where’s the destinatioooon!」

Asahina shouts while trampling the ground. Seeing that Asahina, Yukas eyes are wet while blushing. Then, the house dogs kept barking in reaction to Asahina’s shout.

「In the first place it’s wrong to keep this Asahina Yuu waiting! Come out! Come out! I told you I’m not going to run or hide so you should come and pick me up!」

Asahina shouts with her face dyed red, she breathed hard after she stopped shouting. She squat then hugged her knees.

「I finally made a friend yet, why do I always have to…」

Then she grumbled shaking.

「Shut up」

Was she overcome with feelings? Yuka tried to run towards Asahina but I held her back and closed her mouth using my hand. Then gripped her tits during the confusion.
Shit, it’s squishy. Tits are really amazing.

「Yuka-chan, listen」

Anyway, you want to go to Asahina? Not minding her breast getting massaged, I whispered to the raging Yuka.

「I’ll leave Asahina to Yuka-chan. I’m going to crush the delinquents right now so I want you to take care of that idiot for the time being. Isn’t it dangerous to leave an idiot unattended?」

Yuka struggles but she stopped acting violently when she heard my words. However, she reacts to the word ‘That idiot’ and glared at me.

「Also, I want you to keep me a secret. If you do that idiot might rampage and it’ll become troublesome」

As I persuade her, the word ‘That idiot’ makes her react, I’m sure Yuka’s scowling at me. But she nodded.
Confirming that Yuka’s nodding, I separate my hand.
Ah, tits are dangerous. The fluffy feeling is dangerous. I want to massage it directly.

「Would you be fine alone?」

Thinking that she’d rush to Asahina immediately, Yuka went back to me and asked anxiously.
Is she worrying at the man who’d make her a sex friend in exchange of saving Asahina? Just how good natured are you?

「I’ll take care」

Don’t overdo it.
Answering Yuka with a smile, Yuka nodded and left me then she ran towards Asahina. But she topped.

「I’ll do everything if you really will protect Asahina-san. Howeverー」

Ashina turned towards me.

「However if you didn’t protect her, I, won’t forgive you」

Leaving that message, Yuka run towards Asahina. I grinned while looking at Yuka’s back and went towards the game station in the downtown.
Feel relieved. I’ll definitely protect her. In exchange, I’m looking forward to the doubled reward.


  1. Things that people don’t read