Yandere Chapter 7

Chapter 7:  Bento filled with love

With their eyes still closed, his sister used his arm as a pillow with their lips still touching. His sister’s hard nipples are pressed to his chest. Wrapped up in his sister’s breaths, he quickly fell asleep.

Immediately after, it instantly became morning.
His sister’s voice was heard.
「Nozomu. Wake up. Nee, Nozomu」

When he opened his eyes, his sister was licking his mouth with a〈peropero〉. The cat he used to keep a long time ago, every morning it would wake him up by licking his mouth just like this.
「U……, Nee-chan……」
「Ah. You’re awake? You’re going to be late?」

His sister is looking at his face while kneeling on the side of the bed.
She’s already wearing her high school uniform.
Navy Blue blazer. White blouse. Red tie ribbon. Above the knee checkered skirt. One piece black spats as a counter-measure for pachira (Showing underwear). Black knee socks.
It’s an uniform of an ordinary high school girl, but when his honor student sister wears it, it’s strangely erotic.

His sister is grinning.
「You, your sleeping face, is cute」
「D-did you see it?」
「Well, we slept together. And, since awhile ago, I’ve been trying desperately to wake you up.」
「T-that is, thank you.」
If he doesn’t get out of the house in the next 5 minutes, he’ll be late.

「Sorry but, I’ll be leaving first.」
「Eh? Ahh……」
「There’s a mini test first thing in the morning, So I have to leave a little early.」
「Is that so. Then, take care」
「Un. I’m off.」

His sister brings her face closer, their lips overlapped.
Two, three seconds later, she separates her lips making a chuu sound and stood up.
She waved her right hand lightly and went out of the room with a smiling face.

( Somehow, Nee-chan seems happy)
His sister’s personality is bright by nature. But, she isn’t a high spirited girl who goes to school grinning in such way.

(I wonder if something happened……. Tte, there’s a ton. )
No matter how he recalls it, that was not a dream. It’s reality. Certainly last night, his sister’s virginity was taken. At the same time, he also graduated from being a virgin. And, he perfectly came inside three times.
(We did something amazing huh…….)

Now’s not the time to indulge in thought.
He changed into his uniform in a hurry. Navy blue blazer, white dress shirt, gray pants. It’s probably passable as a uniform of a public middle school.

Brushing Teeth, washing his face and breakfast. He dashes out of the house without doing everything.
As he got out of the front door, he was called by his mother.
「Nozomu! Bento!」
「Ahh, No good. I forgot」
He hurriedly turned back and received the bento from his mother.

「Hitomi made the bento today. Even your share」
「Nee-chan did?」
「That’s right. She said it was as thanks for yesterday」
Certainly his sister, being the case that she’s an honor student, she’s also pretty decent at cooking. But, a slight uneasiness remains.

Such uneasiness probably appeared in his expression. His mother seems to have guessed.
「Ufufu. It’s alright. I saw it but, it’s quite proper bento. It’s probably more delicious than my bento. It’s filled with love. hihihi」

「I-is that so」
「I wonder if I should have that child make this everyday from now on. Then, that would help me.」
It’s also almost time for his mother to be at work.

「Not good. I’m going to be late. Later, Kaa-san」
「Take care」
He tossed the bento that his sister made into his bag and started to run.

The commute to school in this area is very convenient. If it’s fast walking, It would take 10 minutes to his sister’s high school and 15 minutes to Nozomu’s middle school. The high school is on the school route on the way to the middle school.

His sister is a graduate from the same school Nozomu attends. Two years ago, they went together to the same place every day. Though it’s rare for them to go and come home from school together.

The Mensu high school that his sister goes to is the best preparatory school among the public high schools in the area. 1 Nozomu’s adequate grades are fine, if he did his best a little, it’s possible for him to enter Mensu high school.

He hurries to his middle school while glancing sideways to the high school building. Somewhere in one of those school buildings, his sister is already sitting at her desk.
(Didn’t she talk about mini test……. Do your best, Nee-chan)

His consciousness was hazy during the morning classes, just like that, it finished. Anyway, he’s sleepy. It was fortunate that there was no test or physical education kind of thing. 2

His whole body is still covered by his sister’s bodily fluids. His sister’s scent drift from his neck. Embracing his sister onto his bosom the whole time, is really a mysterious feeling.

As one would expect, he was worried, he asked his desk neighbor to his right.
「Though I didn’t take a bath last night, do I smell?」
「Eh? Well……. Let me see」
That guy, bring his face close and sniff with his nose.

「How is it? Do I smell?」
「No, you don’t smell in particular. If I have to say something, do you use shampoo for women?」
I said, I didn’t take a bath.

Just to be sure, I also asked the girl behind him.
「How is it? Do I smell?」
「Kyahaha! If I try to smell the scent of Yamai-kun, won’t I be beaten to death by other girls! Kyahaha!」
The girls of the class dropped their chopsticks and burst out laughing. 3 Just asking was pointless.
Anyway, it’s seems that I’m worrying about it too much.

Lunch time.
He takes out the bento box from the bag and put it on the desk. The exterior is the same as always.
Timidly, he opened the lid.
At first glance, it was a normal well-balance bento. In general, he felt relieved.
However, The shape of the seasoning seaweed that had been put at the center part of the white rice was the problem.

「Hoo. It’s a heart shape. Is it that bento filled with love thing? Did you mother make it? or perhaps, your girlfriend?」
The boy sitting on the right, looked into the bento before he became aware.
「D-don’t joke around. It’s the same as ghost photography. It’s just looks like that by chance」
It was a painful excuse. Though certainly, it was heart shaped.
(What’s the meaning of this, Nee-chan……)

He looked at the black heart in the center of the bento dumbfoundedly.
Suddenly, he felt a sharp glance from the corridor. He tried to turn around.

Watashihara Mima is standing there. She’s standing still at the other side of the rear door of the classroom, she’s staring at Nozomu’s back with a grim expression.

Their eyes met. He instinctively averted his eyes.
(Whats with her……)
When he’s watched with such an expression, he feels like he did something guilty. However, it might not have any meaning. That is the usual expression of Mima.

Beautiful honor student. Long black hair. Big eyes. Slender style. Mima has a lot common points with his sister.
The big difference is their personalities. As for Mima, she has quite the strict personality. Perhaps, the so called 「Extreme Sadist」.

In Nozomu’s standard, His sister has slightly higher girl power than Mima. Though their appearance are equal, Mima exceeds in personality aspect. In Nozomu’s sense, something like beautiful girls shouldn’t have such intense personalities.

So, Nozomu is not a masochist. Probably, the true character of Nozomu is probably a「Super Sadist」. Perhaps because of the hindrance of daily life, the manifestation of his real nature might be controlled instinctively.
Such a「Super Sadistic」 Nozomu somehow feels good conquering a 「Sadist」 woman sadistically. Because, previously, when he jeered at and made her cry, he remembered having an indescribable pleasant feeling.

As such, Nozomu was conscious of Mima.
That is why now, he probably felt guilty. In order not to make eye contact with Mima, he fixedly looked at the black heart inside the bento box.

He felt a presence of a person standing in front of him.
He looked up.
「U-Uwa! Watashihara, just when……」
Mima entered the classroom, she stood in from of him.
She looks down with a grim expression.

  1. Funny thing, Mensu can mean, Menstruation
  2. presumably just today
  3. conflicted on whether its 1 or more girls laughing