Yandere Chapter 8

Chapter 8: The sadist beauty and The little girl

「W-what is it? Watashihara」
「Tomorrow, are you free?」
「Tomorrow? Isn’t it holiday tomorrow?」
「That’s why, are you free?」
Mima harshly pressed the question on him.
「I’m free. Since it’s holiday」
「Is that so」

After a short while.  Mima keeps looking down at Nozomu with a grim expression.
「I said……. What is it?」
「Will you go out with me?」
「……. Ha?」
「I said, will you go out with me?」
「Go out you say…… What does that mean?」
「Tomorrow, I must go to a place with a bit bad public order. Go with me」

「Place with a bad public order you say…… You’re talking about Japanese domestic right?」
「That’s right. Chouginryuu district」
「Chouginryuu district? Isn’t it within walking distance」
Chouginryuu District is the name of a shopping district in front of the station in this area.
「That’s right. Is it bad?」
「It’s such a place even an elementary student can go alone」
「I’m not an elementary student. I’m a girl in marriageable age. It’s dangerous to go there myself」

When he refutes here and there, it seems to becoming bothersome. In reality, many groups of delinquents are certainly hanging out around Chiyougintruu district quite often. If a beautiful girl like Mima passes through, the probably of being skirt-chase is high.

「Okay, I’ll go with you. What time?」
「11 AM. In front the station’s ticket gate. Good?」
「Before lunch? On a holiday?」
「That’s right. Is there a problem?」
「……. No, It’s okay. Got it. 11 AM, In front the station’s ticket gate, right?」
「That’s right. Thank you」

Another brief silence. Mima is still looking down at Nozomu who’s in front of her.
「Is there anything else?」
「What a stylish bento」
「I-Is that so……」
「Whose work?」
「…… I made it myself」1
「Is that so」
Mima went out of the classroom gallantly, fluttering her hair.

The boy sitting to his right muttered.
「It’s sure a shuraba 2
「Ha? Why?」
「That Watashihara, she stared at that black heart in your bento with some dreadful eyes. I’m certain that you’ll be questioned tomorrow」
「That can’t be……」
「Moreover, you. ‘I made it mysel’ my ass, why did you use such obvious lie? There’s no doubt that you’re pouring oil into fire」
「Don’t say such depressing thing……」

The black heart aside, his sister’s”bento made with love” was delicious.
Afternoon classes, only fragmented memories are left now.
Somehow the classes today were finished.

When he goes out of the classroom, he felt a sharp glance from Mima who’s in front of the next classroom. He advanced through the hallway in a trot, shaking off the glance of Mima.

The way home was brilliantly crowded with girls who were walking towards the station. There were of course also boys, but everyone was walking quietly and didn’t stand out.
When he passed through Mensu High School, high school girls mixed in and soon it became more gorgeous.

When he walked for a little while, a girl trio who were happily walking 20 meters ahead caught his eyes. They were wearing the uniform of Mensu High School. The girl in the center, is half a head taller than the girls on her left and right. About 165 centimeters. Her long black hair was beautiful.

It’s his sister. His sister was leaving the school while chatting with her classmates.
He tried to call her, but hesitated for an instant, then gave up. It’s troublesome to be introduced to the girls on the left and right. He kept the distance while looking from afar.

His sister, who half a day ago had sex and slept with him, now seems to look a lot like an adult. However now, when he looked at the appearance of her wearing uniform and in high spirits chatting with her classmates in that way, his sister is just a 17 year old girl after all, that’s his true feelings.

The sister who’s a high school girl, and himself the middle school studen, did they really have sex……。
That incident might have only been just a dream. Is what he felt like.

He was called by a childish voice from behind. When he looked back, a girl with twin tail was running from about 20 meter behind him.
(Who is she again……)
Though see looked like an elementary student, she was wearing a middle school uniform.

The little girl who caught up is breathing roughly. He watched over her appearance for a while. Small build, cheerful and open-hearted eyes, she’s lovely.
(Really though, who is she again……)

Her breath seemed to have calmed down a little.
「Yamai-senpai! Yes, here!」
The little girl presented the enveloped that she’s holding with both hands.
「What is this?」
「An invitation-desu!」
「Saturday next week, please come!」
「To where?」
「The Halloween party that is organized by Student Council. It’s going to be in the school gym!」
Come to think of it, there seems to be this kind of event every year.

「If possible, please come in costume」
「Costume? That’s impossible」
「Then it’s okay. Please come with ordinary clothes. It’s okay with plain clothes」
「Ah, is that so. I’ll think about it」
「Please come by all means」

「……. I mean, you, who are you again?」
「Hirori Kei of Second year class A. I’m the chairman of general affairs of the student council」
「Hirori Kei? General affairs chairman? ……. Where did I met you again?」
「I’ve always looking at senpai from the back but……」
「From the back?」
「Senpai, since you’re popular」
「That’s right」
「Is that so……」

Her appearance is strangely young and he could feel something strange about her presence. However, her manner and speech may probably be called ordinary within the girls around Nozomu.
「Then, I’m looking forward to it! Good-bye!」
The girl who introduce herself as Hirori Kei turned around and ran towards the school.
(What the hell, that person……)

On the envelop he was handed, something like this was written.
『Dear Yamai Nozomu-senpai            On behalf of the Student Council, Hirori Kei』
A red heart was drawn after her name.
He opened the enveloped and peeked inside. One ticket by which appears to be an output from colored printer was included.
『Organized by Student Council      Annual Halloween Party』

Another piece of paper. There’s a gorgeous girly paper letter. He took it out and opened it.
『To Yamai-senpai. Please come to the part by all means. I’m looking forward to it.
I’ve always looked at senpai’s figure from the hallway……』
When he read that much.
A voice was heard close to his ear.

「Fuun……。 Aren’t you also being aimed at by underclassmen」
He turned around with a start.
His sister was standing there with a hollow expression. Her eyes were fixed on looking at the letter that he was holding.
His back muscles trembled.


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  2. Bloodbath, fighting scene