Game World Reincarnation Chapter 0


I grasped the controller and clung to the screen before me.
I’m playing an open world game with a lot of freedom in the fantasy world by myself.

「Haa、the Demon King is so weakkkkk!!I fought barehanded while being naked and yet it was still an easy win」

This game’s degree of freedom stretches to having no upper limit for status. However, game balance isn’t bad.

「Haa、don’t become something pathetic。 」

Right. I seemed to overdid it.
When the game went on sale 12 years ago, I was a second year middle school student.
Now I’m a working adult.

I love games, I went through various games, but in the end I settled down in this game.
This game is only played by retro game lovers, yet I’m still playing it now.

Recently VRMMO is getting popular, but honestly it doesn’t fit me.
Because people gets over enthusiastic, and get lost in the boundary between game world and reality.
I’m scared to get accustomed to a light body.
I’m scared to hit a person.

I’m pretty much scared of the VR system. I doesn’t suit me.

With that being said, the old non-portable game machine for offline open world fantasy game
is what I’m playing.

「Haa。 It’d be preferable if I can completely step into the game world」

Not virtual world, but complete game world.
Well that’s not game world, but fantasy otherworld is what it should be called.

I heaved a sigh with that reckless remark while playing with the controller.
Tomorrow’s a holiday. Well let’s indulge in the game.

At that moment.


A pain throbbed inside my heart.
My consciousness became distant.

Ah, I don’t wanna die.
I was enjoying this life. I wanna play games more.
I wanna raise my status even more.
Next time I wanna one-shot the Maou.

Hahaha, my regrets are all about game.

I might have lied to myself until the very last moment. No, I’ve been lying.

The world shut down into darkness, I felt like my body’s swinging.

Where、is this?

『This is the interstice of worlds、your wish led you here。 』

Eh?Did I die?

『Yes。 You died of a heart attack。 』

I heard a voice. When was it, I’m quite sure it was before…

『You’re asking the God’s Stardust are you。 In a new world。 A new life。 And a new livinghood is waiting for you。
Now go』

A white light shone.

Right. I remembered now.
It’s from when I first played this game 12 years ago.
The opening at that time.

That’s right, it’s the narrator voice. It’s a famous seiyuu-san. (TN: Seiyuu = voice actor)

Then my consciousness once again vanished.