Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Volume 2 Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Reason to fight (3)

「S-Say something…」

Muttering, Risty exposed her body and turned her arm behind. A pink lump on her brown skin is hard and shown towards Yuuto.

「I love you. I love you Yuuto」

Her shoulders are trembling. Risty turned her crying face to Yuuto.
The strongest female hero in the kingdom. The girl that you expect her to be now shows a frail expression, hot blood flowed in Yuuto’s chest.

Yuuto hugged Risty while asking whether he is qualified.
Risty opened her eyes wide from the unforeseen gentle magnanimity. Feeling the strong power from his arm late, Risty listened to Yuuto’s heartbeat in confusion.


She doesn’t even know if it’s okay to hug back. Yuuto whispered to the shaken Risty.

「Captain, let’s do it gently today」

Hearing Yuuto’s whisper, Risty’s heart jumped. It’s outside her expectations. Thinking that he’s plotting something, Risty stared at Yuuto’s face that’s in front of her.

「What’s wrong? You don’t want it?」
「I don’t hate it! I don’t hate it…but」

Why so sudden? Risty didn’t speak those out. If she asked, she feels that he’ll never say it again.
That’s why she muttered. Without knowing what to say, she said her honest feelings while being aware that what she’s going to say is strange.

「I do love Yuuto」

With her voice that won’t go back, Risty’s brown skin dyed red. Yuuto gasped.
Her thoughts are different from feelings. She doesn’t have time to think whether she shouldn’t have it, Risty’s body jumped to Yuuto’s chest.

Her breath was in disorder. While listening to the rough breathing of Risty that’s impossible to conceal, Yuuto reached out to Risty’s head.

「N, Yuutoo」

While patting her silky blonde hair, the spoiled voice of Risty reached his eardrum. Yuuto spoke to Risty while suppressing his pulse.

「I’ll do anything for today. What do you want?」

He wants to make her happy. Yuuto’s feelings reached Risty, her heartbeat grows faster too.

「Y-You’ll do anything?」
「Yes., anything. As long as I can do it」

Yuuto genly replied to Risty’s confirmation.
Surprisingly, Risty immediately caught Yuuto’s chest.

The lips that’s thought to be hesitating, it moved clearly.

「Kiss me. Like we’re lovers」

Though she’s blushing bashfully, she looked straight. Yuuto laughed and was surprised at the same time.
Risty saw that and her face looked uneasy.

「N-No good?」

She strongly gripped the jacket with her finger. She muttered sorry in her mind. Yuuto slowly piled up the lips of Risty that’s been worried with his own.

Then, he had his second kiss. Yuuto’s not confident whether he did it well.

Yuuto certainly felt the softness of the lips but tears ran down on Risty’s cheeks. He has no way of knowing it but Yuuto continues to kiss her strongly as Risty’s body harden.


Forcibly opening the lips, the tongue went in. Risty opened her eyes wide from the sudden shock.
She unintentionally lowered her face and stared at Yuuto with a surprised look.

「S-sorry. I suddenly」

Was he too impatient? Yuuto had his heart sound surprised. Yuuto had no experience except his first time with Asuka.
But, Yuuto curiously frowned to the appearance of panicking Risty.

「S-sorry. Maybe I was overdoing it. I-It’s not Yuuto’s fault for the tongue to hit」

Even though Risty’s face is already this red, Yuuto somehow feels uneasy. She’s perplexed instead of hating the tongue.
Indeed he thought, Yuuto asked Risty.

「Captain knows how to French kiss?」
「Fua!? French!? Ah, Yeah. I know. Isn’t that, uhm, a deep one?」

Risty’s eyes can’t settle down, Yuuto instinctively opened his mouth wide. Then, the ticklish feeling boiled in his chest.

「A French Kiss is when you kiss and put in your tongue」

As expected, Seeing Risty shake her shoulder, Yuuto brought his face close.
The lip take a long breath and Risty’s heart is throbbing fast.

「My and Captain’s tongue would twine」

Embarrassing. Her voice vanished and she averted her gaze from Yuuto.
Ignoring the shortcoming up until now, but Risty’s breath grew rougher as she’s feeling embarrassed from her ignorance.

(Twining tongues, eh? Yuuto, me? Why?)

But, not knowing how to intersect tongue, Risty body reacted. The hole where the plug is tightened and nectar overflowed on the hole in front.

(What should I do? I-I want to do it. I want to do lewd kiss with Yuuto)

Was that too lewd? Risty somehow understood.
Returning her glance to Yuuto slowly, Risty opened her mouth slightly.

「What should I do?」

Glancing at Risty’s tongue, Yuuto looked down shockingly.
While feeling his heart beating faster, Yuuto kissed Risty.

「…N!? N, Nmuu! Nn」

Risty shuts her eyes closely as the tongue was put in. The tip of Risty’s tongue has become hard and Yuuto poked it.

「N, Ah. Fua」

Risty felt relaxed as the tongues flicker. Yuuto pulled out his tongue to let the voice leak.

「Puha How was it? You don’t like it?」
「Ah, I’m okay. It feels strange but I might like this」

Risty fidgets and rubs her crotch. Seeing Risty’s wanting expression, Yuuto felt relied and overlapped the lips again.

「N, Chu. Ah…afu. It feels good, amu, nn」

This time, Risty was the one who entwined the tongues. It’s timid but it moves to seek pleasure.

(What’s this? I’m feeling light. Yuuto’s too close. Kiss feels great)

When she noticed, Risty is already lusting over Yuuto’s tongue.
Twining with the tongue, she’s pulling the lip like sucking.

「Nbu, N. Ah, ah」

Risty knows that it’s shameless. Still, her body feels a burning sensation that Risty’s head feels helpless when they stir up.

「Kissh, kissh feels good. Afu, Yuuto」
「N…It’s fine, you’re cute」

Yuuto traced Risty’s back as she’s looking at him with worried eyes. The embraced Risty curved and the finger lowered.

「It seems that you’re feeling it in your ass too」
「Ah, fuaa. Ah, because. Kiss, we’re kissing」

The plug was tapped by the finger. Risty’s consciousness is about to fly easily while being stimulated lightly by Yuuto.

「Na, ooo, Noooo~」

Risty herself wasn’t able to understand the pleasure that runs through her back. Risty scattered a splash and stared at Yuuto with a surprised face.

「Hyaa, ah, why? I-I became sensitive…」

While her feet was trembling, Risty was agitated from the thing that happened to her body. She knows that she’s sensitive but earlier was abnormal for her.

「Captain seems to like kissing. See」
「Nnn!? Nn, Nnnu!」

Putting the tongue in, Risty’s waist went up. While gently licking the tongue, Yuuto picked Risty’s clitoris.

「Nnnnnn!? Nnn!? Puha, Ah, afu!」

Risty lost power while jumping up trembling. Yuuto squeezed Risty’s clitoris while supporting her with both of his arms.

「Ah, ahii, nguuu!」

When he twist the other nipple, something went out from Risty’s crotch.
Seeing that, Yuuto increased the speed of stroking./

「Ah, ya, no good. Cumming, Nhii…aaaaaaaaa!」

A splash flew matching the rhythm of the stroke. Risty shook her head from feeling too much shame.

「Auuu, cumming, it’s coming out」
「Go on. I’ll be watching as Captain do it」

Saying that, Yuuto embraced Risty. Her legs was spread and her calf was lifted.
It’s not much of a posture but Risty’s body run up.

「Ah, afu, aaaa」

For one last push, Yuuto’s voice shake her eardrum.

「It’s cute, Risty」

That moment, Risty’s whole body reached climax

「Aguu, iguu…ah, aaaah, aguuuuu」

She went convulsing on Yuuto’s hand. Then, her incontincnce has flowed out and Risty embraced her heart helplessly.

「Au, aaaa Ohiko1, Ooooo」

Trembling to pleasure, Risty who had vacant eyes put power on her anus.

「Nfuu, oh, no…ohooooooo」

Hearing the sound of the anal plug that dropped on the floor, Yuuto gently embraced Risty.


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