Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Volume 2 Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Reason to fight (5)

Thunderbolt had her pulse beating hard in happiness.

「kufu, fufu. Yuuto-kun, Yuuto-kun」

She’s being a lookout in the Trishulia Castle. Even if she’s looking over the town from the tower, Thunderbolt laughs as she feel the sound of her heartbeat.

Before he had entered the castle, she had been watching Yuuto entirely ever since he set foot on the capital.

He’s somehow sticking with Asuka today and he apparently came for Imperial Guards work today. But, she had also understood that Asuka would come.

「Yuuto-kun, coming all the way to the capital. …Just to come and meet me」

Thunderbolt’s cheeks loosened as she can’t think of anything else.
It’s the happiest time in her life.

「Yuuto-kun. I love you」

Thunderbolt rise to her feet slowly while whispering sweet words.
Her shift should be ending soon.

She has to dress and meet him by chance as he’s a shy man.
◆  ◆  ◆
「Iyaa, the princes was beautiful today as well. After all, I have a feeling that it’s a Hero thing to be in the meeting」

Asuka who finished the Imperial Troops regular meeting walked triumphantly on the hall of Trishulia castle.
Though it’s said to be a meeting of the imperial troops, it’s rare that princess Charlotte attended. Seeing the appearance of the princes up close, Asuka snuffled in excitement.

「I’ll look after the princess! It’s not captain Risty but it’s a duty of a knight. I feel motivated!」

Her training is going well recently too. After her fight with Risty in particular, Asuka felt that she’s actually growing somewhere.1

As a matter of fact the experience of near death fight to the limit with the captain of the imperial guards had made a huge development for Asuka as a Hero.

「I have to live up the name 『Skarlet Sky』given to me by the princess, I have to…hey, what’s going on?」

The enthusiastic Asuka looked at her side while frowning.
Yuuto is penetrating the silence with a serious look.

He’s been like that since a few days ago. It’s a calm face but it’s strange.
Asuka finally called out to Yuuto who’s clearly worried.

「What, something happened? Tell it to Asuka-sama」

It’s unusual for Yuuto to make that face. Asuka listened for Yuuto’s reply while making a slight joke.

Hearing Asuka’s question, Yuuto raised his face while sighing. 「Something on my face?」He said and Asuka laughed amazed.

Yuuto scratched his cheek.

「No, what to say. …I just wonder if it’s okay for me to be a hero」

Asuka opened her eyes wide due to that statement.

「Don’t everyone have various reasons to become a hero. Even Asuka-sama…but I have nothing. I’m just wondering if this is okay」

Yuuto thought about Risty’s past.
Her thoughts and justice is distorted but she’s still certainly a hero.

There’s no need to be perfect. However, Yuuto who has nothing looked at his right palm.

Asuka is the same. She was a young girl when the demons burnt her hometown. Her journey was never a bright and filled with glory.

On the other hand, he has nothing. He was just bored in life and died. Even the use of his godly ability is left to Asuka.

However at that time, Asuka opened her mouth and made a sound that echoes in the area.
Asuka laughs while holding her belly in tears.

「Pu, Hahaha! W-what the hell? It doesn’t suit you at all!」

Seeing Asuka laugh, Yuuto pouted. Being glared at, Asuka wiped her tears.

「Because, o-of all things, 『I wonder if it’s okay』Hihi! Shit, I’m dying!」

Asuka desperately tries to fix her breathing. Yuuto sent a frowning gaze.

But, after Asuka finished laughing, she slowly turned to Yuuto.
Yuuto held his breath when he saw the smile of Asuka.

「Idiot. Aren’t you my treasure tool? Don’t worry, I’ll be using you and be a proper hero. That’s why, don’t worry and be a lazy man」

Asuka told him to not force himself. Yuuto looked at Asuka surprised, he scratched his cheek as if giving up.

「I’m being no good」
「That’s right, no good. Fufufu, be thankful that I’m making use of you」

Stiking out her chest proudly, Yuuto expressed a smile to Asuka who returned unnaturally.

Giving thanks as he was told, Yuuto pat his chest that felt warm.
He still don’t know what he can do until now. ‘But, as long as I’m with this girl’, Yuuto had vowed once again in his heart.

「Oh, isn’t that Yuuto-kun and Asuka-san?」

When Yuuto placed his hand on his chest, a voice from ahead was heart.
Looking at it, It’s Thunderbolt wearing the eyemask waving towards here.

「Ah, It’s been a while」
「Fufu. It’s fine, you don’t have to be shy when visiting me since I’m okay anytime」

Thunderbolt smiled happily on Yuuto who bowed his head.
Of course, Thunderbolt has sensed that Yuuto had come to the castle. She waited for the regular meeting to be over and timed the walk on the hall.

(You, since when did you become friends with Thunderbolt-san?)
(ahahaha. That’s, things happened)

Asuka speaks to Yuuto secretly but such secret talk won’t get through Thunderbolt./ Aceepting the bloodshed, she turned to Asuka.

「Asuka-san, I have something to talk about」
「Eh? M-Me?」

Thunderbolt’s tone changed the atmosphere. Hearing that, Yuuto had a bad feeling.

Recalling what Risty had said, Yuuto tries to speak. But before Yuuto was able to speak a word of restrained, Thunderbolt had said it.

「Yuuto-kun and I are going out」2

Asuka opened her eyes wide and Yuuto’s mouth suddenly distorted.
Thunderbolt’s remark had spread throughout the entire place.

「…Going out?」

Asuka can’t understand the meaning of it. ‘What are you talking about?’, she inclined her head curiously.
Seeing that pitiful look of Asuka, Thunderbolt continued to speak.

「It’s also reasonable for you not to believe it. But, that’s true. Yuuto and I love each other」

Yuuto can no longer assemble himself. ‘What on hell is going go happen’ he thought. Not knowing why, Yuuto slowly looked up to Asuka’s face.

「…Yuuto, what does this mean?」

There’s a Hanya3 It’s a Hanya with a smile attached on it’s face.

「N-No. Even I, what is…」

He has something in mind. He did such a thing to Thunderbolt. However, how did they become lovers after doing that? Yuuto doesn’t get it at all.

Yuuto’s sweat flowed as Asuka looks at him smiling.

「Oh, what, it’s you guys. That’s quite unusual」

There’s a single hero who torn the bloodbath atmosphere drifting.

「Yuuto and Asuka, cheers for the meeting. The next would be next month, don’t forget it」

Yuuto turned his eyes for escape to Risty that finished cleaning up the meeting. Risty seems to know the circumstances.

Seeing the desperate face of Yuuto, Risty turned around and spoke up.
Looking at it, Asuka and Thunderbolt’s condition aren’t the usual. Seeing Asuka shoot out blood thirst, Risty clapped her hand.

「Oh right, Thunderbolt. You see, it seems that you’re misunderstanding that you’re going out with Yuuto」

Risty declared it with a blank smile and Yuuto’s eyes opened wide.
Having no way to stop it, Risty continued to talk to Thunderbolt like it’s a gossip.

「Well, I was done by him too. Yuuto seems to have approached you to take advantage of your weakness. Ahahaha, well it’s fine. Yuuto is friendly so he’ll be gentle even if you’re not lovers」

‘What a thing to say’, Yuuto felt chills on his spine. Then Asuka who guessed most of the circumstances, sent a glance to Thunderbolt.

「…No way」
「Ahaha, I know that feel. But it’s still too early to give up. Even if you’re not loversー」

Saying up to that, Thunderbolt had noticed blood boiling in her body. Her aura is abnormal.
Starting at Thunderbolt who’s having a black flicker, Risty slowly turned back to Yuuto.

「Did I say something bad?」
「What do you think?」

Looking at Yuuto and Asuka with eager expression, Risty’s sweat began to flow.
On the side, Thunderbolt began to tremble.

「U-Uhm. Thunderbolt-sa…」

He tried to call her timidly but Yuuto’s voice was interrupted by Thunderbolt.

「Is Risty’s words true?」

Hearing Thunderbolt’s voice, Yuuto’s body trembled. Asuka and Risty had foreseen danger in between the body of Yuuto and Thunderbolt.

「Err…Yes, it’s true」

He can’t afford to tell a lie. Yuuto confessed honestly. She spoke 「Is that so?」nodding small, Thunderbolt clenched her fist.

「…Was it a lie?」

Hearing Thunderbolt’s trembling voice, Yuuto returned a short reply.
He certainly did something terrible but he doesn’t remember lying. To begin with, Yuuto didn’t even say 「Let’s go out」

Without knowing what Thunderbolt refers to a lie, Yuuto put on a perplexed expression.

「Was it a lie to fool me when you said that I’m amazing?」

Yuuto understood why Thunderbolt was trembling.

Thunderbolt feels sad. It’s not from her misunderstanding. It’s not about Yuuto not loving her.

It’s just that she’s sad that those words were a lie.

「N-No! That wasn’t a lie!」

Yuuto shouted instinctively. He has to tell her this, Yuuto spoke out to the wounded girl.

「It’s true! I really think that Thunderbolt-san is amazing! I didn’t speak any lie that time!」

That’s right. He didn’t lie there.

Yuuto believes in his heart that he didn’t lie, Thunderbolt asked about the demon eyes within.

「Then, I…」

Saying up to that, Thunderbolt hesitated. That’s when she noticed the distance from the boy for the first time.
There’s a girl standing beside him. The place of his feelings is obvious.

Yuuto clenched his teeth as Thunderbolt stares at Asuka. But, there are things he must say.

「Thunderbolt-san. You are amazing. I really think you’re amazing」

Hearing Yuuto’s words, Thunderbolt loosened her fist. Smiling, Thunderbolt said「Then」, but Yuuto continued.

Yuuto clearly stated while being stared by Asuka and Risty.

「But, I believe that Asuka-sama is the strongest in the world. Above you, above anyone else, I believe that she’s the 『world’s strongest』」

Saying that, all of them were solidified.
Not just Thunderbolt, Asuka also opened her eyes speechless.

「W-w-w-w-w-what are you saying!!」

Asuka raised her voice in panic while having her face dyed red. Mixed emotions of embarrassment and joy well up inside Asuka.

Thunderbolt clenched her fist again as Yuuto continues to stare straight at her.

She somehow understood. Who he really looks at.

Different from her, a crimson swordsman who’s being spectacular.
Who he’s yearning for, is the bearer of the shining scarlet treasure tool.

A genuine hero that fights fair and square.


「Yuuto-kun, I love you」

Before Yuuto was able to react, Thunderbolt removed the ribbon on her hair.4

She threw it to Asuka.


It’s just a cloth without any power. But Asuka knows what the red cloth handed down to her means.

It’s something that’s also performed in earth.

Betting the pride and dignity, it’s a battle that determines the superiority of the soul.
「Asuka-san, I challenge you to a duel」
『Certain Hit』 Thunderbolt had decided to confront Asuka of the 『Scarlet Sky』for her own cherished feelings.


  1. Asuka’s perversion is growing
  2. Hahahahahahaha
  3. Dreadful face of a woman driven mad by jealousy
  4. What?! Dammit author, surprising us with stuff we never heard of before