Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Volume 2 Chapter 29

Chapter 29: The Scarlet Girl (3)

「Oh, you really didn’t shave it」

To Asuka who’s thrusting out her white ass, Yuuto stares at it with great interest.
Poking it, Asuka’s back trembled.

「Hii. B-Because. I don’t get your hobby」

Saying that, Asuka nearly dies from the shame.
Sticking out her ass, she’s literally showing off her white ass and hole. However, the current state is special.

Yuuto seriously observes the red bush growing between Asuka’s groin.

「There’s really also hair around the anus of a woman isn’t it? Somehow, it looks lewd. …Or rather, isn’t Asuka-sama quite thick?」
「D-Don’t say it. Like hell I know, idiot」

Asuka’s breathing is rough but she’s still desperately trying to endure her consciousness from flying away.

(It’s seen, It’s being seen. Yuuto, the hair near my anus…his breath is reaching. It’s being seen…nuu)

The moment she thought of Yuuto seeing her sloppy body, Asuka’s insides shakes. While rubbing her erect nipples on the bed, Asuka slowly spread her legs.

As if hearing a sound, Asuka slowly opens her legs. Hearing the sound of Yuuto’s breathing, Asuka swallowed her saliva.

「More, look at me more. This time, just for today…I’ll show it」

The excitement of the duel still remains1 Saying that it’s only possible for this day, Asuka surrenders herself bit by bit.
Thrusting out her ass meat, Asuka readied herself and grasped it.

「L-Look. Please. Just you, It’s fine because it’s you」

She showed it. Her anus that’s not been used yet, Asuka spreads it in front of Yuuto.

「Hiu, Hyu. Ah, Aaah. Yuutoo, can you see it? can you see it?」
「Y-Yes, I can see it, I can see it」

Being called by Asuka, Yuuto had come to his senses. Though he’s being dragged by Asuka’s foolishness, Yuuto fires up himself in front of the beautiful woman.

「Really, what a shameless hero. Ass hair and armpit hair, aren’t they fresh? Don’t you think that it’s inexcusable for the person aiding you?」
「Uu. D-Don’t say it」

Asuka looks like she’s about to cry, her body had changed shame to excitement. Seeing her dripping with with love nectar, Asuka’s cheeks get even redder.

(Even though we shouldn’t do this. Even though it too much effort to look like a cool hero…Uu, buut)

Feeling that her body had come to love it completely, Asuka felt confused. But, just for Yuuto today, she recites in her heart, Asuka displayed her densely haired groin.

Not caring whatever happens, She spread open her ass flesh.

「I-I’m sorry. I, Asuka of the 『Scarlet Sky』has a hero with a bushy anus. I’m sorry for being lewwwwd!」
「Oooh, she said it. Asuka-sama is really a pervert」

When Yuuto stroked her wet genital, Asuka raised a small scream.

「Hiin. I-I’m not. I-I’m not a pervert. It’s you, it’s youuu」
「Yes, yes. Well, I’m fine being a pervert. Look, show me your armpit」

Asuka’s voice raises humidity, Yuuto instructed her to face him.
She feels embarrassed to face Yuuto but Asuka followed it. Going as far as possible, Yuuto firmly put on his mask of smile.

Even though she said she’s embarrassed, Asuka slowly turned around.
Seeing Yuuto’s smiling face, Asuka’s reason came off.

「Ah, Uu. L-Like this?」

Holding her arms behind her back, she displayed her hair in the armpit. Asuka breaths roughly as she got aroused from the side, Yuuto’s groin rise up.

「Very nice. It’s so lewd. …Asuka-sama, could you introduce yourself?」

White limbs. Yuuto’s cheeks loosens maliciously as he saw her completely erect long nipples.
Hearing Yuuto’s suggestion, Asuka felt her chest jumping out.

「Err, taht. …I-I can but」

As her heartbeat grows faster, Asuka thought about the meaning of his suggestion.
It’s like this in short. She considered Yuuto’s intention, Asuka was 「No, but,」she hesitated

Even though she can call herself with the title confidently. She’ll going to make it dirty herself.

However, feeling helpless from the temptation, Asuka’s insides beat harder.

(I-If it’s him. It’s fine if it’s Yuuto, right?)

The tens of thousands of cheers. The expectations sent to her. The admiration from the past. All of those pressure pushes Asuka’s back.
Yuuto’s smile says 「I’ll take responsibility」

「Please try it」

One last push. Yuuto’s plead made Asuka say 「It can’t be helped」as she lick her lip.

It can’t be helped. If she’s told by her own treasure tool, she can’t help it.

Asuka showed off her armpit and groin.

「A-Asuka of the 『Scarlet Sky』, 9th in the hero ranking …」

The moment he heard it, Yuuto felt chill from his back.

Asuka of the 『Scarlet Sky』2 That Scarlet Hero is right here.


He almost came instinctively just by looking. Seeing Yuuto pulls his waist in panic, Asuka gulped down her saliva.

(Yuuto is aroused. T-that much)

Though she’s feeling shame that she might die, by the fact that Yuuto is also excited, Asuka’s chest became hot.
This is the favor she admitted.

「N, Au. My nipples, Nuuu」

Asuka can no longer stop.
She wants him to embrace her. She’s not just ‘Asuka’ Asuka of the 『Scarlet Sky』wants to be embraced by Yuuto.

「Yuutooo. Lewd, let’s do lewd things. Please…」

Asuka pleads with watery eyes and both her nipples extend, Yuuto can do nothing but nod.


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