Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Volume 2 Final Chapter

£Final Chapter: Scarlet Girl (5)

Recalling the love affair yesterday, Yuuto cleared his throat.

「Err, that. Nice weather」
「R-Right. Nice weather」

Asuka who walks next to him also answered awkwardly.

They had done it five times after that. It’s the best record of Yuuto that day.

(Awkwardー. What the hell? It’s so awkward. What’s going on?)

Having the last night her cross in her mind, Asuka shook her face.
Did she get on the her feelings and was washed away by the mood? Anyway, she fawned over him to her heart’s content yesterday.

She shook her waist on top of Yuuto, kissed, did in front and back, again and again.

Furthermore she kept calling Yuuto’s name in the midst of it, Asuka’s face warped.

(Isn’t that? What to call it, aren’t we like lovers? No good. That’s no good. It’s too embarrassing)

The master and treasure tool. She has to make that clear, Asuka tightened her spirit.

「It’s not like I like your or anything like that」
「Eh? Ah, Yes」

Asuka said then Yuuto replied short. Yuuto before would be depressed but she’s wondering if it’s okay now.

The girl he gives his heart to, piled up the body. Hoping more than that is already a luxury.

With his face completely loose, Yuuto looked at the hallway of the castle absent-mindedly.

「It’s only Asuka-sama today right?」
「Right. You can kill time somewhere. Let’s buy snacks when we return」

Asuka is the one called for business today. There’s no need for Yuuto to come but Yuuto isn’t as troublesome as before.

「Right. Should we go to Asuka-sama’s favorite store?」

Imagining the shopping at return, Yuuto smiled. Asuka’s breathing was clogged because of that expression.

Scratching her cheeks, Asuka pouted and replied.

「T-Today, you see. …Don’t go to Captain okay?」

Hearing the slender voice, Yuuto’s heart jumped out. That’s his intention even if he’s not told but It’s the first time Asuka is finding fault at Yuuto’s female relationships.

Feeling that she’s finding fault at him, Yuuto shook his arm in panic.

「N-No I won’t! There’s no way I can go!」

Catching the glimpse of the panicking Yuuto, Asuka looked away bashfully.

「It’s not like I mind who you meet or go out with. Just for today, I want you to remember me」

Saying that, Asuka waved her right hand and said 「Later」 Yuuto absent-mindedly sent off Asuka’s back that’s advancing bashfully.


His delayed answer didn’t reach Asuka who disappeared at the corridor of the castle.

「Oh, Yuuto-kun. What a coincidence1

When Asuka’s back disappeared at the corner, a voice called out Yuuto from the back.
Turning back, Thunderbolt is walking towards Yuuto.

「Ah, Thunderbolt-san. It’s been a while」

Of course it’s not a coincidence but she timed when to call out Yuuto but Yuuto has no way of knowing so he bowed.

Looking at Thunderbolt’s left arm, Yuuto spoke in a worried tone.

「Uhm…How’s your wound?」
「Fufu, it’s fine. It still hurts but it’ll heal completely after a few days」

Thunderbolt raised her left arm while smiling at Yuuto. Showing her palm to tell that there’s no problem, Yuuto felt relieved.

「I’m glad. I was worried」

Those words made Thunderbolt’s cheek blush. Applying her hand to her waist bashfully, Thunderbolt turned her eyes over the eyemask.

「Can you come with me for a bit?」

Thunderbolt’s glance can be seen through but Yuuto nodded with a smile.

◆  ◆  ◆

「It’s my treat today. Drink as much as you like」
「Ah, Yes. Itadakimasu」

It’s a luxury restaurant in the capital. Thunderbolt sits on the table facing him, Yuuto paid his attention to the fleeting glance.

He thought that they’ll surely just talk in the lounge of the castle but he’s already in such a place when he noticed. Worrying about the time meeting with Asuka, Yuuto sits down on the chair in front of Thunderbolt and put the glass on his mouth.

「Uuun, it’s a good grape. This is quite good. The scent and the taste is also good」
「Does Thunderbolt come to this shop often?」

Yuuto called out Thunderbolt as she enjoy the taste and the color of the wine.
This store is a high-class store where most noble go to. Risty once said that she want to go here, Yuuto recalled.

Even with the wage of a single digit hero, it’s a store where you can come at moment’s notice. Thunderbolt puffed her chest as she answer Yuuto’s question.

「Oh well. I come here often. After all it’s a restaurant that a hero like me can come. It has to be a first class」
「Hee, isn’t that amazing. I’m weak to liquor so I respect you in that」

Being praised by Yuuto, Thunderbolt clenched her fist under the table.2 Of course, it’s a secret that she used all of her savings.

「I-Is that so? Yuuto-kun is weak to alcohol. I see. Fuun」

Suppressing down the dark feelings boiling in her chest, Thunderbolt continued to drink the wine. Honestly, she doesn’t get the taste well.

Though Thunderbolt’s five senses is far from an ordinary person because of her perception ability, it’s a different talk when it comes to a gourmet.

The price of the wine is close to her monthly salary, the structural component isn’t even slightly different from the 「Wine」from the wine on the public bar.

It’s similar. For the woman who lives in perception that goes far more than a person’s limit, All in this world looks similar because she’s living in both micro and macro.


But today’s wine certainly feels different from the usual, Thunderbolt narrowed her eyes. She「had a hunch」for the first time, she looked at the color of the shine in the glass.

Expressing the words of thanks for Thunderbolt, Yuuto pressed the silence without understanding what is being pointed out.

The smiling Thunderbolt felt a little embarrassed but she felt happy when she remembered that moment.

「Thank you for telling me good luck」

Those were just a remark of support. Yuuto’s voice is the only one who turned towards her during that fierce fight.

「You see, after the duel, my evaluation didn’t change basically. A coward and cheater. For someone who didn’t come to personally see the battle, I was just stupid for challenging Asuka-san rashly and suffered a crushing defeat」

Yuuto heard the words coming out from Thunderbolt.
It is so. Certainly that battle won’t make the people who didn’t come to see Thunderbolt the correct way. However that’s a temporary and limited thing.

She threatened Asuka, or she played a trick. Those completely untrue rumors would be flowing among the people who didn’t see the duel.

「But you see, It’s fine. I can still hear it. I can feel all of it using my demon eyes. The handful of encouragements. Like you that time」

Thunderbolt clenched her fist. Since when was it? Hearing the voice of the world is nothing but frightening. Since when was it? A smile that’s reaching out for her name.

Thunderbolt looked ahead. She can understand it over the eye mask. The most important person in her world.

「Yuuto-kun, I love you. I’m helplessly in love with all of you」

Thunderbolt’s eyes looks at him firmly, Yuuto’s eyes opened wide and his breath was taken away.

Before Yuuto could move his mouth to reply, Thunderbolt continued.

「I know that you won’t turn back. I also know who you’re thinking with. …Still, I just want to say, I love you」

Thunderbolt’s head slowly lowered, Yuuto somehow was able to squeeze his voice, he inhaled.

However, Thunderbolt smiled at Yuuto who can’t let it out at the very end.

「I can work hard right? I want to be your first」

Just how much is the order and point minded? Though he says that she’s not interested, she kept staring at the newspaper every week.

It’s because she isn’t. Just that. It’s to praise herself.

But, it’s different now. She doesn’t want to lose the next ranking from the bottom of her heart.

「I won’t lose this time」

To whom? Yuuto instinctively scratched his cheek as the declaration isn’t something he can ask from.

「She’s strong you know?」

Yuuto only told that much to Thunderbolt.
Thunderbolt nodded, and said 「I know」with a smile

He scolded his heart for beating faster from that brilliance, Yuuto put the glass to his mouth.


Those are the honest feelings that came out. ,

◆  ◆  ◆

「Asuka-san is being delayed. Should we order a meal? What does Yuuto-kun like?」
「N-No. I’m fine with what Thunderbolt-san likes」

Thunderbolt proposes while looking at the menu, Yuuto swing both his hands to decline. As he’s being given a treat, he shouldn’t be choosy.

「Is that so? You don’t have to hold back. Right, Yuuto-kun had fish yesterday so meat would be nice3
「Ah, yes. Meat is fine」

Yuuto nodded but he tilted his head as he feels something out-of-place.

「Speaking of which, Yuuto-kun, you were up late yesterday. Aren’t you sleepy」
「Eh? I-I’m fine though」

At that time, Yuuto finally noticed what is out-of-place. Sweat flowed though his back, Yuuto timidly asked Thunderbolt.

「Eerr, that. …You’re peeping at me?」

At that moment, Thunderbolt’s face was 「Shit」and time stopped. Awawa, Thunderbolt shook both her hands.

「T-That’s not it! I’m not peeping! Yuuto-kun, what are you saying? Also. I-It’s wrong!」

Seeing Thunderbolt getting obviously flustered, Yuuto smiled unconsciously.
Seeing Yuuto’s smile, Thunderbolt made an excuse in panic.

「But it’s fine! That, I-I didn’t look at you doing it with Asuka-san… I only watched you sleeping and taking bath!」

Seeing Thunderbolt’s blushing face, Yuuto scratched his cheek. He’s thankful that she didn’t watch him do it with Asuka. Yuuto smiled at Thunderbolt and told her that it’s fine.

「If it’s just me then it’s fine. I’m a bit embarrassed though. I don’t particularly mind if it’s Thunderbolt-san」

Yuuto laughed and Thunderbolt’s mouth opened wide.
It’s not a good-natured ability. Yuuto who accepted it, Thunderbolt stared at him with hot eyes.

「Y-You don’t hate it?」
「I don’t」

Thunderbolt’s insides became hot. Thunderbolt’s heartbeat had a banging sound, from Yuuto’s smile.

Though she’s usually peeping, Yuuto’s daily life came into Thunderbolt’s mind. Thinking that she’s been refraining up until now, the embankment bursts and overflowed.

「As expected, I-I really love Yuuto-kun…Mukyuu4
「Wait!? Thunderbolt-san!?」

Having too much happiness and excitement, Thunderbolt bleed from her nose and collapsed on her chair.

◆  ◆  ◆

「I was surprised. When I thought that you were late for the meet up, you showed up shouldering Thunderbolt-san」
「Ahahaha, Sorry. I can’t just leave her like that」

What happened afterwards was trouble. He took out and nursed Thunderbolt that’s after having a bloody face, and Yuuto took charge of the fee for the time being.

(My money this month just flew away5 But, it’s too uncool for me to charge Thunderbolt-san)

It can’t be helped, Yuuto sighed. Then, he looked at Thunderbolt that’s sleeping happily on the bench.

「Or rather, what were you doing?…Could it be?」
「I-It’s not! She just invited me for a meal!」

Seeing Yuuto in panic, Asuka narrowed her eyebrows.
She thought that he’s not telling a lie but, there’s obviously something after she saw Thunderbolt’s expression.

「By the way, Thunderbolt-san said it. That she was glad to fight Asuka-san」
「N? I-Is that so? Right, I’m the same…I am glad」

She’s embarrassed, however Asuka gladly returned to Yuuto.
Though she wondered what would happen at the duel at first, when it ended, she was glad.

「After becoming a hero, I fought hard and felt glad that this happened」

Her thoughts finally reached the one who she admired before. However, the road is still continues from there.

Both parties don’t know what the impertinent one is thinking, Asuka quietly looked at the view.

The last night’s fever still remains inside her body.

「Please take care of me from now on」

The girl presented her right hand and the boy who came from the otherworld grasped it.
Seeing his face looks a bit embarrassed, the girl looked at him happily.

「B-Best regards」

The journey of the two people hadn’t ended yet.


  1. There’s no coincidental meeting with Thunderbolt.
  2. Thunderbolt’s mind: “Yes!”
  3. Hahahahahaha, goddammit Thunderbolt
  4. Patchouli!?
  5. I know that feeling Yuuto, I know that feeling too well