Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Volume 3 Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The beautiful third rank.


Trishulia Castle Accepting the certificate from the counter, Yuuto’s cheeks loosen instinctively.

Hero contribution certificate.
Yuuto Katsuragi-Sama
Your activities are praised and you’ll be given points.

Your ranking will go up this time.

「It’s raised quite well」

Yuuto’s not interested in rankings but he’s still happy to see his rank go up. Seeing the breakdown of the points, it’s not just him being Asuka’s attendant but also he’s evaluated from his individual work at the imperial guards.

「Ah, isn’t that amazing? Even the imperial guards are about to say about the sense of incompatibility」
「I-Is that so? Well, the ranking doesn’t really matter to me」

He suddenly said something Thunderbolt-like1. It’s embarrassing so Yuuto casually put away his certificate.

「Ooh, Yuuto and Asuka. That’s a certificate isn’t it? How’s it Yuuto? Didn’t it go up a lot?」

When the two is about to return, a familiar voice jumped into Yuuto’s ear.
Turning around, Risty is walking with a certificate on one hand.

「Ah, Captain. …Captain also got a certificate?

Yuuto curiously tilted his head towards the grinning Risty. When you go to Risty’s ranking, the order won’t fluctuate that much.
Since there’s no problem in the certificate in particular, Yuuto turned to the paper on Risty’s right hand with great interest.

「Ah you see. There’s no change in the ranking but there’s a change in the point dependent allowance. Since I have planned a big shopping, I checked the financial status」
「Oh, that feels like an adult isn’t it?」

Contrary to the hero job in the country, Yuuto’s face glow from Risty’s realistic talk.
Yuuto doesn’t even think about those kind of troublesome things.2

He’s living in Asuka’s mansion after all, even the maid is Asuka’s. For Yuuto, the salary he gets usually ends drunk and eaten by the end of the month.

「I don’t get tax and expenditures wellー」
「What? That’s no good, you have to do that properly. Even if you’re a hero, what’s taken will be taken」

Yuuto felt uneasy when he heard Risty. He actually leaves the appropriation of the expenditures to Sasha. Though he can say「Since she’s doing it well」he may still suffer unexpected loss.

「What a helpless guy. Okay, I’ll be teaching you. What about tonight? I’m off duty tomorrow after all」
「Eh? W-What should I do?」

Being urged by Risty, Yuuto’s heartbeat jumped. Speaking of, recently, Risty neglects expeditions recently.

However, Asuka frowned and broke in between the two people.

「It’s fine. I’ll be the one teaching Yuuto」

Asuka pushed Risty aside, growling like a dog.
Towards Asuka not hiding her blood thirst unlike usual, Risty narrowed her eyes.

「What’s wrong, Asuka? You shouldn’t have time for that」
「I’m telling you to not be aroused in front of the people」

Though she didn’t pull out the red sword like before, Asuka’s face is telling「I’m angry」

There’s no need to meddle with Yuuto.
It’s just that she can’t endure him being washed away in front of her. Furthermore there are people walking in the castle. Asuka growls as if she doesn’t want to be defeated.

「I thought of this for a long time. Speak frankly. Yuuto is treasure tool of me only」
「Oh? What a coincidence. I am Yuuto’s toy」

Risty made an unexpected return with a cool face and Asuka’s eyes turned narrow.
Seeing the dog tag on Asuka’s right hand, Risty laughed dauntlessly.

「It’s fine isn’t it? I also got wet when I saw your duel with Thunerbolt. I’ll play with you to the extent you won’t die…」
「Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Could you stop this bullshit!」

Yuuto shouted to force his way through Risty who’s stretching her hand on Risty’s 『Ruler of Sunrise』that’s on her waist.
Asuka and Risty’s eyes opened wide from Yuuto’s unusually loud voice.

「The fight with Thunderbolt-san was inevitable but I won’t let comrades fight again anymore! If you want it by all means then I won’t talk to anyone anymore!」

Risty’s mouth opened wide as Yuuto scolds her. Risty was teary eyed but Yuuto still emphasized his glance.

「I-I’m sorry Yuuto. D-D-Don’t throw me away. I’ll do anything」
「Daaaaa! That’s not it!」

The front of the counter got noisy so the surrounding people were 「What, What?」and looked at them
To be frank, there’s a strange rumor about Yuuto that begins to spread. No, it’s a off the mark rumor.

It can be said that Yuuto is bad for this and that but Yuuto has no intention to let it turn into a fight.
Friends mustn’t hurt each other.

「Eeeehn, that’s what he said. Blehー」
「Asuka-sama too! Aren’t you getting hot tempered?!」

Yuuto also shouted at Asuka who’s stirring up Risty with a strange face. As his relation with Asuka advances, The jealousy of Asuka increases.
This might be something joyous but they’re not lovers, Yuuto’s real feelings is also for everyone to get along.

「W-what? Why are you angry at me…Or rather, I absolutely have no problems even if you don’t talk to me ever again!」

Asuka looked the other way with her blushing face. Even Yuuto knows that so he frowned. Asuka isn’t his lover in particular.

「Yuuto, I’ll be troubled.」 So please be nice」
「Ah, you’re doing it again」

They screaming noisily in front of the counter. Yuuto was at his wits’ end as the gallery had gathered in the hallway of the castle.

「Oyaa? Isn’t that Risty?」

At that time. When Yuuto felt abandoning the two people he’s looking at, a voice of a fresh man was heard from the side.

「…N, who?」

The three noisy people stopped for a moment due to that voice. Yuuto tilts his head from the source of the voice and Asuka straightened her spin as soon as she saw the source of the voice. Risty frowned in hate.

An unexpected beautiful man was standing in front of the three people.

「You’re also beautiful today Risty. …Well, not as beautiful as me」

When Risty looked at him, the man absent-mindedly looked at the hand glass on his right hand. The man sighed and made a high pitched cheer.

Looking at it, the girls that are above 10th are surrounding a man and making a noise. The beautiful man on the hall was too late to notice Yuuto that’s surrounded by the women.

‘What the hell is with him?’, Yuuto looked up the suspicious looking handsome man.
He’s tall. Around 190cm. The man who keeps looking on the mirror is being watched by Yuuto vigilantly.

「Pergiman. You and the town girls again…」
「What’s with this brat?」
「Please don’t speak to Per-sama familiarly」
「Get out tiny breasts」
「Wait, what’s with that appearance? Slut?」
「Looks stupid. That can’t be called a child」

Risty called out to the man named Pergiman with a disgusted face. A crowd of girls pushed out Risty.

Not minding Risty that’s staggering, Pergiman still gazed at the mirror.

「…Beautiful. A charm magic is out of question」
「Kyaaaaaa! Per-sama murmuuuurrrreeed!!」
「Per-sama who worries about his own beauty is so wonderful!!」

The surrounding women screamed when they heard Pergiman speak. Asuka and Yuuto was shaken from the sudden scream.

「Kyaaaaa!! What’s wrong, Per-sama!?」
「Are you okay!?」

Pergiman’s body suddenly shook. The surrounding women caught him. The girls crowded, trying to take the role for themselves.

「D-Dangerous. Just a bit more and I won’t be able to run away from the labyrinth of my beauty…」
「Kyaaaaa! Dangerous!! That’s too dangerouuuus!!」3
「Me too, Please take me to your labyrinth!!」

‘Haahaaa’, Pergiman puts his hand on his face and his breathing turned rough. It’s like he’s tired from getting rid of a strong curse, that’s his expression.

「…Uuu, Yuutoo」

Staggering, Risty who’s been abused while ago rested on Yuuto. This time, Asuka looks at Risty with the look of sympathy.

「Even though I’m not a child」
「T-There. there. You got involved with losers」4

Yuuto pitifully patted Risty’s bitter head. What happened a while ago is too unjust.

「W-what the hell is that?」

Yuuto looks ahead, Pergiman
Light blue hair, his features are on a fearful degree. Slim and tall, he’s definitely a beauty.

However, he’s a bit…not

「I-I think he’s Pergiman-sama」

Asuka also looks at the blue ikemen with eyes that can’t believe. Therefore? What’s with that Pergiman? He looked at Risty this time.

Risty opened her mouth in disgust as Yuuto glanced at her.

「Simply put, he’s the Third in the hero rankings」

Yuuto let out a stupid voice as he didn’t get what Risty said for a moment.
He turned his face towards Pergiman.

「You see, My worry is that my beaufy can’t be seen directly. It’s frightening at the same time. If I can’t see myself in the mirror, then who will complete me?」
「H-He’s too intelectuaaaaaaaal!」
「Not just beauty, but he’s also intelligeeeeeeent!!」
「My eyes are burniiiiiiiingggg!5

Pergiman frowns as if he’s serious which made Yuuto open his mouth wide. He points at Pergiman.


Please make a mistake. That’s what in Yuuto’s heart while he speak.
Risty nodded towards the empty wish of Yuuto.

「He’s the third in the hero Rankings. 『Beautiful』Pergiman」

Hearing Risty, Asuka next to her was 「Ah, it’s like that」and made a wry face.

「E-Even though I looked forward to meeting him」
「Wait Captain Risty!! Does Hero Ranking mean collection of Perverts!?」

‘Asuka-sama had cried’, Yuuto protested to Risty. Risty objected.

「Or rather, Why are you staring at me!?!」

There’s nothing to believe anymore. He thought, then knocked Asuka’s back.

「This country is already done. I can only rely on Asuka-sama」
「Uu. I’ll do my best」

Risty called out 「Hey」to the two people

「W-well, Jokes aside. …Is he really that strong?」

Yuuto turned back to Risty and Risty corrects herself. By all means, Yuuto didn’t think that slender man would be stronger than Risty.

「Obviously. Well, I haven’t seen him fight firsthand」

Yuuto looked doubtful of Risty’s words.

「I heard that he has a unexpectedly beautiful sword skill. …That’s what he’s saying As a matter of fact, I don’t get it well」

It’s suspicious, Yuuto looked at Risty. Risty shrugged her shoulders.

「Don’t look at me like that. In the first place, I’m also hiding my ability. There’s only a few number of people who knows my seriousness. Well, if there’s something to say about him…」

Risty’s eyes turned to Pergiman. Lured by Risty, Yuuto and Asuka turned to the blue man among the women.

「Aaaa, how can this be!! If my nape is seen, they won’t look at my face as it’s too beautiful!!」
「Iyaaaaa, the dilemmaaaaaaaaaa!」
「The philosophical and worried Per-sama is also wonderfuuuuuul!!!」

The girls crowd around the man who falls casually. Seeing that spectacle, Risty spilled it out.,

「There’s no task he that guy had failed」

Hearing that, Yuuto swallowed his saliva.

The third in the Hero Rankings. Yuuto right now understood the different dimension of difference.

Yuuto swallowed his saliva and Pergiman’s glance turned suddenly.
Oya? Pergiman looked at Yuuto, then turned his eyes to Asuka.

Pergiman fell silent suddenly then Yuuto and Asuka’s body stiffened.
Pergiman casually approached Asuka and gazed at her face.

「Uhm…Is there something…」

Yuuto’s temple twitched due to those words and glance.
Asuka’s face dyed in confusion from the sudden praise.

Towards that sidelong glance of Asuka, Yuuto went ahead. He wants to say something as expected as his girl is being approached.

「You, what are you doing so sudden…」
「You, you’re also beautiful」7

Then, Yuuto was stiffened in confusion as the third rank looked at him.
Looking at the two of them alternately, Pergiman smiled happily.
The beauty can even pull out the soul of a man from Yuuto.

「I see, it’s beautiful when the two of you are together.8 Wonderful. Value each other」

Pergiman straightened himself after saying that one-sidedly. He glanced at Risty and muttered.

「Risty, you’ve become even more beautiful. …But, that beauty is dangerous. I hope you take care」

After giving Risty his warning, Pergiman turned his heels satisfied. After Pergiman left, the girls have chased him.

「…W-what the hell is with that?」

They sent off Pergiman dumbfoundedly, However, Yuuto fired himself again.


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