Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Volume 3 Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Scarlet and Brown (Middle Part)

Asuka desperately endured the wave of shame that extends to her whole body.

「What? Don’t look so much」

Both her hands are behind her head and her body is shaking while breathing roughly.
Every time she moves up and down her dog tag at her neck makes noise.

(Ah, no good. My nipples are standing…)

Her nipples are firmly erect that even an onlooker can see.
While feeling the chill of the ring, half of Asuka’s nipples jump out with increased hardness.

「What’s wrong? Are you feeling aroused from being seen?」
「T-That’s not true. …nuu」

Spreading her legs apart, she moved her body up and down.
Asuka makes an excuse to persuade herself that this is just a training as her body feel hot.

An underwear with a hole. Her nipples are dashing out there and the genitals are also except from the lower hole.
Right below Asuka is love nectar that’s starting to drip and collect.

「Aaah~, your armpit is bushy as usual. It’s specially hallow so should we force out the hair down under?」
「Hyuu, B-because」

Asuka’s face dyed red from being seen by Yuuto. It’s embarrassing yet Asuka’s feeling the thrill run down her spine.

(Au, I’m being seen. Yuuto is seeing my armpit and bottom. Auuu, I’ve never done it yet. Even though it’s like this)

She thought 「No, as expected this is」a lot of times. However, since Yuuto was pleased, she gets wet by just imagining it.
It can be called dirty but just thinking that she’s being looked down indecently, her legs tremble.

「It’s true. That’s no good, Asuka, you have to deal with it properly」
「Eh!? C-Captain!?」

When Asuka’s head felt hot, Risty’s voice sound from the back.
She had slept for several minutes, Risty who had completely revived watches Asuka’s underarm.

Risty doesn’t know Yuuto’s circumstances so she’s giving a lecture at the appearance of her younger female subordinate.

「It’s a work of both men and women, you have to shave the armpit hair. Even I was asked by Yuuto before if I’m maintaning it」
「N-No, that’s…this…」

Asuka’s nose had become red from the simple embarrassment. Unable to stand being misunderstood, Asuka explained in panic.

「I-It’s Yuuto’s hobby. He’s the true pervert. I usually do it」

Risty tilted her head. Then, she turned around to Yuuto saying 「Is that true?」
Turning his eyes, Yuuto scratched his cheek embarrassed.

「No well, how should I say it? The embarrassment looks cute or something like that」

It’s a maniac’s hobby. Yuuto explained to Risty while feeling embarrassed.

「Speaking of which, Captain looks clean? You’re shaving it after all?」

Though Risty looks childish, her lower hair grows properly. He thought it lacks delicacy but Yuuto asked to experiment.

「Yeah, somehow it doesn’t grow for me. That’s why I’m not shaving」
「Eh, that’s unfair!? What’s that?!」

Hearing Risty’s remark, Asuka spoke enviously. From the same sex Asuka’s perspective, Risty’s brown skin is smooth like a child.
Asuka’s skin is also fair but she’s looking at Risty enviously in that place.

However, Risty herself looked down dejectedly.

「However…I see, Yuuto likes it with hair growing」

Seeing Risty drop her shoulders, Asuka and Yuuto looked at each other.
Certainly, she can’t think of shaving it if there’s nothing growing.

Noticing it, Asuka felt a bit triumphant.

「No well, It’s not like I care about Yuuto’s hopes for the hair. It’s not like it’s my hobby」

Sending a fleeting glance to Risty, Asuka narrowed her eyes. Seeing that, Risty puffed out her cheeks in vexation.

「Hoo, if you say that much then let me see. Is it okay Yuuto for me to participate?」
「Eh? Ah, yes. Of course」

Yuuto nodded at Risty’s proposal.
It’s the long awaited three way. It’s good since it’s not done usually.

「Fue? Eh?」

Yuuto and Risty smiled towards Asuka who can’t swallow the situation.
◆  ◆  ◆
The needle of her mind seems to be able to be shaken off by shame, Asuka held down her trembling body.
Her ass shakes every time her leg trembles.

「*Sigh*, Look at this Captain. It’s growing even in her ass」
「Hi, Hyuuun!」

Asuka’s body jumped up as her she’s being traced by a finger.
The surroundings of her ass. Asuka’s head boils as the growing red hair is being seen lewdly.

(Ah, aaa. No way, It’s being seen…o, ooo)

It’s being seen, Asuka’s anus shuts tightly the moment she thought of it. Asuka can understand that her heart beats so fast from the shame.

「The front is also drenched. Is she feeling aroused from having her hair seen? She’s a pervert as usual」
「N-No!. That’s you…Ahi」

Having her front traced, Asuka’s genital made a sound. The wet sound reached her and Asuka’s body felt chilly..

「Or rather, there’s also hair growing around the ass. There’s nothing growing on me so I don’t know」
「Ah, Is that so? Then, is Asuka-sama thick?」

Talking from her back, Asuka’s embarrassment had reached the limit.
She began to weep from the shame but Asuka opens her legs.

It’s being seen. Furthermore, it’s not just Yuuto. Asuka had reached the fact lightly.

「Ah, ou」

Her body shakes, Yuuto laughs at the spouting love nectar.
Coming up to here, he had confirmed that the current act is embarrassing enough to make Asuka feel shameful.

「Y-Yuutoo. No more…It feels good」

And finally, Asuka began to pull her own nipples.
Not worrying about Risty’s eyes, No, because she’s worrying about it that’s why Asuka’s pleasure rose.

「My nipples are amazing. It’s erect like a penis」
「T-There there. Asuka-sama is lewd isn’t she?」

Yuuto scratched his cheek wondering what to do with Asuka who started to stimulate her nipples. They can have sex just like that but Risty’s here too.

At that time, Yuuto had a fun idea.
Unlike the usual, Risty’s here tonight. Asuka’s already into it and it’s the long awaited 3P. If it comes to itーー.

Yuuto whispered to Asuka’s ear.

「It’s a good opportunity, If Asuka-sama would like then Captain and I would make you feel good…what would you do?」

Asuka looks at Yuuto with a senile face and she confirmed that she’s not mishearing it.
Asuka’s heart moved towards Yuuto’s laugh.

「T-The two of you…Err」

She sent a glance to Risty then she looked at Yuuto’s face again.
Asuka’s heartbeat goes faster.

Her body’s insides made a sound.

「What should you do?」

Asuka’s body flushed from Yuuto’s question.
Then, she finally.

「…I might want it」

Asuka nodded.