Asuka of the Scarlet Sky Volume 3 Chapter 10

Chapter 10: The girl’s real face (First part)

「10th in the hero ranking…C『Certain Hit』Thunderbolt」

Thinking that he hasn’t used it for a long time, Yuuto gaze at Thunderbolt inside the screen.

「Yuuto-kun, uhm…somehow, the way I talk is embarrassing.」
「That’s no good. There won’t be any meaning if it’s not the same right? Look, speak as I’ve told you」

Thunderbolt’s face looks down bashfully but she’s wearing her usual eye mask.
That’s not all. A belt is worn on her shoulder and Gungnir which is her symbol is carried at her back.

It’s the usual Thunderbolt.

(I thought of it when I was with Asuka but this is somewhat dangerous)

She’s not wearing anything other than her equipment.
Yuuto swallows his saliva as he see Thunderbolt’s exposed chest and mound of venus.

She’s equipped with full set as a hero. Even though she’s naked, he’s worrying that he’s doing something outrageous.

Is it because he’s with Thunderbolt? She’s breathing roughly since earlier.

「Hey, continue」
「Uu. What’s with this treasure tool?…」

It’s not exactly a treasure tool but there’s no way for Thunderbolt to know.
However, it’s true that all of her silliness are recorded, her womb jolt helplessly.

She’s just speaking yet but she’s already exhausted with that. That is a temptation that is hard to exchange for everything.

Seeing the boy smiling, Thunderbolt steels herself.

「I-I will be…Yuuto-kun’s s-sex slave from now on」

Yuuto explained his relationship with Risty. She’s surprised but she somehow heard it a long time ago so she understood.
Toy. The brown commander of the imperial guards seems to be his.

Hearing it, Thunderbolt thought that she don’t want it.
Anything’s fine, she wants to be played with as a person, not a thing.

That’s why she chose those words after thinking a bit.

「I’ll do anything indecent. I-I’m aroused. …L-Look. My nipples are already this, e-erect」

He’s watching. He’s recording it.
The moment she thought of it, Thunderbolt’s reason split open like a bow.

She’s happy to be attacked. She had a lot of delusions in but but it has become reality. No, it’s stronger than a delusion as it’s recorded.

In her delusions, he always tempted her to become desperately lewd.
Fufuu, Thunderbolt breathes roughly as her head sways.

She has to go right now. If she doesn’t, it’ll become half-hearted.
With the same that would make her go mad, Thunderbolt kneeled on one knee.

And the other. Furthermore, she lowered her hand and head.
The tenth rank kneeled once again and Yuuto’s back shook.

Thunderbolt perceived that tremble, the superiority complex is coming forth.
Right now, she’s the one he’s most aroused of.

She’s sensing Yuuto buried in her silliness that Thunderbolt nearly achieved it.

(More…do it more)

Even though she’s not seeing anything, Thunderbolt licked her lips.
Looking up, Thunderbolt looked at Yuuto through the eye mask. I’m glad, she thought.

「Yuuto-kun, do you want to see…me fall?」

Surely she’s making an unexpected face right now.

And Yuuto understood it from her mouth. Surely, it’s her win this timeー.
◆  ◆  ◆
(It’s somewhat…embarrassing)

Yuuto hides the smile from his heard as he look at Thunderbolt in front of him open her mouth.
However, his partner is the strongest demon eye user in the world. Yuuto can’t hide the feelings in his heart, however it didn’t reach her.

「P-Peni…penis. Yuuto-kun’s , Yuuto-kun’s」

Inside the eye mask, Yuuto knows even without a perception ability.
Thunderbolt is there with eyes wide open and breathing roughly.

『Please. Please…l-let me lick Yuuto-kun’s penis』

She’s asking while kneeling a few minutes ago. Thunderbolt’s spouting love nectar by just bowing but, she’s much more aroused when her face is close at Yuuto’s superb article.

「Haahaa…Y-Yuuto-kun’s, Yuuto-kun’s」

Staring at the penis entranced, Thunderbolt swallowed her saliva.
Honestly, Yuuto’s scared for the moment.

(She’s seen it once though)

That’s right, Thunderbolt has witnessed Yuuto’s groin before. Rather than that, she’s already touched and stroked it.
However that was a story before she fell for Yuuto.

Seeing Yuuto’s penis for the first time in front of her after falling for him, Thunderbolt’s getting excited helplessly.

(Yuuto-kun’s penis. A-Amazing. It’s in front of me. Amazing, Amazing)

Improving her perception to the limit, she felt all of Yuuto’s penis. She’d usually take off her eye mask but she Yuuto would be able to see how obscene her face is.

Without forgetting the maiden though remaining, Thunderbolt extends her tongue to the tip of the penis.

(I’m licking it. I’m licking it. Yuuto-kun’s penis )

Fuufuu, Thunderbolt’s breathing blows of the penis. Yuuto felt his heart throbbing from Thunderbolt’s estrus appearance.

「T-T-Then, I-I-I’ll lick it」

Yuuto’s also tense in some way. Speaking of which, they didn’t do it on mouth before.
Thunderbolt’s aroused tongue approaches and, it touched Yuuto’s tip.


The next moment, Thunderbolt’s body leaned back and love nectar scatters mightily from her crotch.
Thunderbolt’s body trembled and Yuuto wasn’t able to understand what’s happening at the moment.

「Uhm, Thunderbolt-san?」

Calling her out, Thunderbolt twitch and her her groin expands convulsing. Looking at her, a large amount of nose bleed comes out as she has an ecstatic expression.

In short, she came. Just by licking using the tip of her tongue. Overwhelmed with the stimulation.

(I-I’m really worried about her…!)

Paying attention to Thunderbolt’s genital, Yuuto can’t leave her and s he looked d own at the world’s strongest bow soldier.
◆  ◆  ◆
「Nooooooo!! Nbuuuuuuu!!」

It’s unknown who’s serving anymore.
Thunderbolt who’s body is shaking with her legs bent over has her head held firmly with Yuuto’s hands.

Thunderbolt’s beautiful face is in his crotch. Her cheeks is getting obscenely narrow and she’s desperately taking the dick in her mouth.

「Hey, cum again」
「Obuuuuuuuu!! Ofubuuu!!」

He already should’ve let out a lot of times if he wasn’t trained by Sasha.

「Feels good?」
「Nuuuuu, nooooooooooooo」

The beauty under the mask is being treated like an onahole. Her mouth makes a wet sound and Yuuto grits his teeth.
Pleasure attacks his penis. Though, it’s violent, it’s obediently pleasant. There’s no technique but it was in good condition that it has become trivial.

However in this scene, it’s Thunderbolt that’s drowning to pelasure.

(Amaziiiiiiiiiiiiiinggg!! It feels good! It feels gooooooooooooood!!)

She loves it so much that Yuuto’s penis made her climax just by feeling it on the tip of her tonue. When Yuuto put it in and out of her mouth, Thunderbolt’s senses are on the brink of collapsing.

The love nectar overflowing already made a puddle on the floor and her eyes inside the eye mask are turning sloppily.


Yuuto tries to insert it in her throat as a test and Thunderbolt pushed up her waist and climaxed.
It’s bad as expected, Yuuto pulled out his penis from her mouth. The moment he pulled it out, Thunderbolt’s ass shook again.

「Hora, breathe」
「Puha, ah…afu.」 Y-Yuuto-kun, amazing. You’re amazhiiing~」

She’s crying. Thunderbolt cried from too much joy before one’s aware.
Her tongue crawls on Yuuto’s penis while she’s crying. Every time she licks it, a chilly pleasure runs through her back.

「I’m glad. Eu, reroo. I love you, I wub you Yuuto-kun」

As she kiss the penis, Thunderbolt desperately endures the pleasure running through her.
She can’t be the only one feeling good. However, whenever she licks, Thunderbolt’s brain shakes as if the pleasure from touching Yuuto can make her consiousness fly.


Looking at Thunderbolt who’s enduring her climax, Yuuto separates her head.
Thunderbolt looked up with an uneasy face, then, Yuuto lifted her.

They embrace each other on top of the bed. She was at loss but Yuuto hugged her tightly

「Eh, Eu? Yuuto-kun, a…auuu」

Their skins touch. Thunderbolt cums so much with just a lovely embrace, Yuuto smiled.

They made a detour but if it’s now, he can ask it.
Yuuto put his lip on the distance where the lip would touch her lips and whispered.

「You want me to be harsh? Or You want to be something like lovers?」

Feeling Thundebolt’s eyes opening wide from that question, “It’s fine if it’s Yuuto” so Thunderbolt took off her eye mask.

Taking it off, her cross gold pupil becomes exposed. There’s a wound around it but Yuuto smiles as he look at her as he connects his lip.

Please. I’m sure you’ll listen.
Her lips, slowly, opened.

「E-Either way is fine」

Thunderbolt was surprised on her selfishness coming out. She never thought that she’d be saying such a thing.
But, it’s fine. He’ll surely allow it.

「Please embrace me. Please make a mess out of my first time」

Fearing her wounds, she thought about stopping.