Beauty Reversal Chapter 21: Female Scent


We are all going to Nina’s house.
I wonder if Aira and Tamamo are looking forward to seeing Nina, they are smiling in good humor.
Of course I am also looking forward to it, when I meet with Nina, “what should I say”, I got nervous deep down.
Lined up next to Tamamo was Inaba… she is way too expressionless so I don’t really understand her.

「However, it hath been a long time since minself last saw Nina, is she well?」

「She has been doing good you know? On the contrary…No, well I will tell you later.」

Aira grinned widely with an impish smile.
It is surely related to me. It is somewhat embarrassing but I’m proud.
Certainly, when Nina first met me she was terribly servile. It was obvious since her looks were strange in this world.
How many troubles did the transcendental beauty Nina face? If you look at her beauty you would quickly understand.
I understand Nina’s low self-evaluation made her worry but lately I think she has become brighter.
I wonder if it is presumptuous of me to say that it was due to my influence?

「What is it? Tis something profound.」

「It’s fine, it’s fine, other than that, what did you buy for a souvenir?」

「I hath told thou that thou would enjoy it later did I not? A secret is a secret.」

When she said that Aira had a sour expression.

「…Tamamo, the last time you said that you brought a dried poison toad didn’t you?」

「Umu, at that time I was glad for thine reaction, Kukuku. Did I not explain that mineself hath extracted the poison so it would be fine.」

It seems to have the same feeling as the Fugu.1
There are also people who don’t know to take out the poison so if you see them they may not know how to collect it.2
It seems Tamamo has a completely mischievous character.
I also became a little nervous. Will it be fine?

「…As I thought, it’s no good! I will have you confirm it here!」

「What is it… thou hath no confidence in mineself. Tis a cake, a cake, look.」

As she said so, Tamamo pulled out the contents of the box without much resistance.
Certainly, inside there was a cute strawberry cake.
It’s a whole cake that is just the right size for one person to eat.
I wonder if a skillful artisan made this, the smooth cream whet my appetite.
Which reminds me, does Nina like strawberry cake?
If it is as Aira says, then she will surely be happy.
I, who imagined Nina’s smile, ended up becoming happy myself.

“I wonder if we could do another ‘Ahn’ session”.

I thought of such a thing really seriously.
A man accompanying children walks close by.
The children that were tired of walking were asking to be carried, while being spoiled by their father.
It was a very pleasant and happy father and child pair.


Inaba suddenly stopped and looked towards them.
I call out to her that was staring with a *jiii*.
I don’t want to be surprised like that. But, Inaba’s expression was extremely impressive.
It was fleeting and fragile, like it would cry at any moment now. It was an expression that was thinking back on something.
When Inaba was looking at the parent child pair, the dad also noticed us.
He bluntly knit his eyebrows like he was looking at filth.
Then he clicked his tongue provokingly and hurriedly led his kid away by the hand.


Inaba started to walk again with a sad looking face.
However, she quickly changed to her usual expressionless face.
As I thought, she seems to have suffered from this world’s sense of beauty as well.
I want the power to be able to love this world’s “ugly people”.
I thought that I would put this body on the line because I want to be helpful to those girls.




And then, when we reached the house and opened the door, Nina jumped out again.
I embraced the delicate body that leap to me like a puppy.
The lonely Nina again acted like a spoiled child with me.
When I rubbed her back while saying “there, there”, Nina presses her cheek with mine in happiness.
And then my chest was forced up closely with the soft feeling of her tits that were above first-class, my reason shook dizzily.
Or rather will this be our exchange every time? It’s fine because I’m happy but…

「Nina? Were you so lonely?」


Nina hangs her head a bit in embarrassment.
While I was embracing her, I whispered that I was also lonely.
Nina’s body shivered with a *zokuzoku*, and she fawned on me.
It’s almost like I am the owner of a spoiled cat.
I don’t know when Nina’s pet-like attributes, that had both the properties of a cat and dog, will stop.

「Ni, Nina…?」

「This is quite surprising is it not…」

It seems Tamamo and Inaba are both surprised by this scene from the bottom of their hearts.
Tamamo is too, but the usually expressionless Inaba opened her eyes wide not hiding her surprise at all.
Is this such a devastating sight? Well, since Aira was surprised at first too, it can’t be helped.

「A, Tamamo and Inaba, welcome back.」

「We hath returned but…」

Tamamo feels down as her fox ears droop with a *heta*.
Nina follows up in a flurry.
When she did so, Tamamo got revenge completely like a rogue… or rather she said something while floating quite the wicked smile.

「By the way, Nina and Aira… you two smell funny.」


Nina and Aira took distance from me with great vigor.
That’s amazing… I don’t understand how they moved like that to be able to leave an afterimage for an instant.
The two frantically sniff their own scent.

「Umm, Nina…? Aira…?」

When I timidly call out to them, Nina and Aira plainly shake with a start.

「P-please don’t come close Yuuto!?」

「D-don’t come here!」

The two take distance from me while their faces turn red.
*Gaaan*, I felt depressed.
Well of course I would feel depressed. I never thought that their rejections would make me so sad.
It is more than I imagined.

「Tamamo! Please quit making weird jokes!」

「No no, tis not a joke though? A strong smell is wafting from Nina and Aira.」

*Kun kun*, her small nose sniffs.
I thought it was surely a nasty joke, but Inaba also agrees with her.

「It is certainly… a strong scent…」

Inaba said so, and made the two fall to their knees.
It looked like they would vomit blood. Ah, they spit up blood. Was that an illusion?
But I turned toward these women of marriageable age and thought they didn’t smell.
Or rather I don’t know of such a smell. Rather when I embraced Nina earlier there was a very sweet smell.

「It’s a staggering female scent… are you two in heat…?」

AA, now I see.
It’s because those two love me. If I am here, they are in the usual breeding mode.
When I went to Aira’s we did it before practice and the gloomily lonely Nina might have masturbated while I was gone.
With the beastman’s keen sense of smell, they probably understood the two’s smell.
I thought that it was naturally bad to talk about a woman’s scent but…

「I’m going to take a bath…」

「Nina, lend it to me too…」

Un, as expected it bothered them.
It seems to have been a great shock. Even though I don’t really mind.
It would probably be better if I put in a manly follow up.

「It is a good smell though? It is nothing to worry about, right?」


「No, myself would be grateful if you entered the bath. How long hath thou loved this man… the mood hath become weirdly sweet.」

「「…We’re entering the bath.」」

I could no longer say anything.
Perhaps this is a woman’s etiquette.



「H-how is it…?」

「Yu-Yuuto, how…?」

It is Aira and Nina after the bath.
Their hair was slightly wet and it was quite sexy.
Steam came off their youthful and energetic skin, showing off cleanliness.
They had faces without makeup on but I think it is an amazing fit for a beauty.

「Un, as I thought it’s a good smell, huh?」

This is the smell of soap, right? It’s a very good smell.
The two smile as if I set their minds at ease. They also do a sudden thumbs up.
Back in my country their reaction resembled an insult but in this world it doesn’t seem to be an insult.[Ok so lesson time from Google-sensei. It says that thumbs up usually just means good like in the West but it was also used in the past to show that you have a male lover. Not sure what the author means with this sentence.] At this late hour, they may have become a bit worried but everyone’s reactions don’t particularly show a problem.
Nina and Aira still seem a bit embarrassed but…
Since they washed themselves properly, Tamamo and Inaba gave their agreement.

「Umu, it hath become considerably better.」

When she said so, she made the two relieved and placed the souvenir box on the table.

「This is…?」

Nina was somewhat vigilant.

「Tis cake.」

Tamamo gently displayed the insides.
We saw a perfectly round strawberry cake, and it made Nina smile.

「I-is that so…I’m glad…」

I looked at the relieved Nina and float a wry smile.
How little confidence do you have in Tamamo?
Of course, The two would put their lives in Tamamo’s hands and they probably trust each other as comrades.
But the mischievous Tamamo is a different story.
Even though it was in the novel, I know they were troubled by sporadic pranks being done.
I have practically met everyone, I feel I can see the party’s relationships.

「Now then, I will have you explain this.」

「Un… it is also on my mind.」

The two turn their line of sight towards me.

「What kind of person is this man?」

Huh? I thought I had already introduced myself, but…


  1. Obvious the famous poison puffer fish in Japan.
  2. Uhm…sure.