Beauty Reversal Chapter 22: Lie


「What happened? Is there something that worries you?」

「Yeah I got em. Tis plentiful.」

Am I perhaps being doubted?
I thought they had opened their hearts but maybe that was wishful thinking.

「Yuuto or whatever your name is… what the hell art thou?」

Tamamo said so and glared at me. She was ascertaining me out of the corner of her eye while staring pointedly.
It wasn’t the same joking attitude as earlier.
Her wariness was raised and she sent a sharp gaze towards me.

「We art terribly ugly, you say we art cute? I understand Inaba’s Demon Eye shows your true feelings but…」

They are vigilant towards me who can embrace them without ill feelings.
I cared way too little, and it seems it was caused by my contradiction to this world’s common sense.
My act of love is suspicious. Even though this is my responsibility, I completely forgot about it.

「Certainly my values are weird. But, I haven’t thought about hurting you girls. Is there any problems?」

「Tis so, there is no problem but… tis abnormal. Tis my intuition.」

「Intuition, you say…?」

As expected it is her intuition, even if you say that, it is troubling.
But if I were in her shoes I would probably end up saying the same thing.
I didn’t answer anything back but apart from that Tamamo threw away my words from earlier.

「You-, art thou hiding something from us?」

The words she suddenly threw at me gave me a fright.
Those words cut right to the point and I ended up shaking in failure.
I grasp those pounding, piercing arrows of words tightly and I pretend to be calm as I begin to speak.

「I am only a merchant. I am not hiding anything.」1

I try to answer as if there was nothing wrong to the best of my ability. Because I think this is the most important thing.
But… it’s heavy. I am keenly feeling the weight of lying to my loved ones.

「…You’re lying.」

At that time I tried my best to just not show my face.
I didn’t understand that my mask of lies was so brittle.
Aa, I see. It is because Inaba is here.
Her Demon Eye can see emotions, so she can simply see through lies.
It is an ability that is much higher in performance than Nina’s observing eye.
The accuracy of Inaba’s Demon Eye is not to be taken lightly.
I click my tongue in my innermost thoughts. I ended up clicking my tongue without feeling shy.
There wasn’t a feeling of evil, it was just that I got mad at my own stupidity.
The instant the lie was found out, Tamamo’s doubt changed to conviction.

「Why didst thou lie just now? Thou being a merchant tis doubtful… What art thou in reality?」

What should I do… Would they believe I am a person from a different world?
No, Inaba is here. She should understand that it isn’t a lie.
The problem is after that.
Would they trust such an unknown existence?
They won’t do something like believe I am strange in the head, right?
In the first place what position does a person who came from a different world have in this world.
I don’t understand that so I don’t want to say anything foolish.


To tell the truth, I am scared. I am scared I will lose everything.
Somewhere in my heart, I thought that if it is these sweet girls they would surely accept me.
But is that really true? Is there proof that they won’t find a single particle weird?
At first, I just lied casually. It was a lie to ascertain Nina’s reaction.
Rather than saying something absurd like I come from a different world, I thought it would be better to deceive her by being a merchant passing by.
But as the existence of these girls in my heart grew bigger, I would gradually open up, but I couldn’t confess that I was a person from a different world.
I was afraid that the girls would get scared of my mysterious existence.

「…What happened? Why aren’t thou saying anything?」

I continued to be silent. I closed my mouth, I could only think of excuses.
Time continues to pass without me saying anything. I have to say something.
Tamamo and Inaba’s gaze became completely pointed.

「You two, please wait.」

Nina stopped the two.
They even turned their gaze towards her. My gaze also turned towards her.
When we did so, Nina talked with a sweet smile.

「…I already knew Yuuto was lying.」


I don’t understand what Nina said.
She knew? The fact that I lied about my social status, she knew the fact that I was a mysterious human being?
Since when? And then, knowing that, what does she think of me?
My face ended up showing my inner turmoil. What a pitiful face.
Right now, I don’t understand what Nina is thinking. I, don’t understand.

「FuFuu, your clothes gave you away. At first I also didn’t realize but Yuuto was surprisingly careless there.」

The smiling Nina said that. Her usual smiling face was radiant.
At that time, I didn’t know what I should say. The words were stuck in my throat and didn’t come out.
When I stayed silent, Nina continued.

「I couldn’t believe that someone like Yuuto who would accept me that much could be a bad person.
On top of that… Tamamo and Inaba don’t believe you but when I was being made fun of Yuuta said it.
『Nina is prettier than anyone else.』… even though you were almost killed, you protected me.
That’s why I thought I wanted to believe Yuuto.」


Nina’s words made me relieved and very happy.
And yet, I can’t help but be scared that I can’t see her feelings.
Surely, my feelings of ugliness and self-deprecation are the same as hers in the past.
Aira faced towards the cowardly me, and the silent Aira opened her mouth.

「If you say that, then it is like that for me too.
For there to be a man that Nina believes in so much, I think I want to believe in Yuuto who protected Nina.
Yuuto showed my ugly self compassion and embraced me with my sexual desire as it was.
It made me super happy… Honestly-, it saved me.」


Inaba looked like she wanted to completely cling to them at once.
If it’s her, then she should understand Nina and Aira’s feelings.
But, I still felt like a serious coward.
I’m scared… but, I won’t hurt them anymore by lying.
I no longer wanted to lie to these girls that told me they love me.
That’s why I continue to look downwards and open my mouth. This time, I will show you my resolution.

「I am… not someone from this world.」

A commotion spreads between the girls.
But Nina and Aira for some reason didn’t look that surprised.

「I am a person from a different world. It’s weird, huh.
And also you don’t give me a bad feeling… Saying Nina and you guys are beautiful, I am weird in this world, right?
But, I love everyone, you’re lovely, and I want to embrace you all.
When these feelings became real, before I knew it I couldn’t tell the truth…
Also you may not be able to believe such an absurd thing.
I’m sorry… even if you believe me, I’m so sorry.」

Tamamo looks at Inaba to get a confirmation.
Inaba opened her mouth—but Nina stopped her.

「It’s alright you two… it’s not a lie.
Even though I can’t see things like feelings, I understand this much. After all—-」

I couldn’t quite believe all those words. I’m the lowest…
But Nina called to me.

「Because Yuuto really loves us.」

I almost cried. I grit my teeth and bear it.
I returned Nina’s words without change.
It’s no good, I thought I was no match for her.
Even though she can’t see emotions, I can’t tell a lie to Nina.
After all…

「…Yes, I really love you.」

Even if everything else was a lie, this wasn’t
Nina heard that and smiled looking extremely happy.



Seeing me crying, Tamamo scratched her cheek looking awkward.
When she looked over here and said nothing, it seems she lost her doubts.

「Onee-chan… is it fine?」

「Inaba, it is easy to determine whether Yuuto was lying or not.
But properly saying it may be a bit boorish?
Also if Nina and Aira believe in this man so much, what would we do if we still didn’t believe in him?
Everything hath become unreasonable so suddenly but… Myself thinks that it should be fine to believe in him a bit.」

「…Un understood.」

Tamamo and Inaba turn towards me.
They still seem to have a slight wariness.
But the doubting appearance from earlier is no longer there.

「Myself is sorry.
It seem like an excuse but it’s because we haven’t heard of a man like Yuuto before.
Myself hath started jumping at shadows.2

「I’m sorry…」

I became flustered at Tamamo and Inaba bowing their heads.
I didn’t think they would bow their heads so easily.

「No way! Rather I am the one that is sorry… I stayed quiet about such an important thing.」

「No, twas such a big thing, that’s why thou couldn’t say it, right?
This time was our fault. We were too busy trying to defend ourselves that we didn’t even try to consider Yuuto-, your feelings.」

「Un, we’re sorry… Actually I was happy when you said I was cute…」

When I apologized the two continued their words. Originally speaking it was my fault.

「No, but that was—–」

「AAA! This is already irritating! Let’s go out and eat to feel better!」


Aira shoved cake in my mouth.
The area around my mouth ended up becoming sticky from the cream.

「What are you doing…?」

While I was wiping off the cream with my hand, Aira was voicing her complaints.
Ah, it’s good.

「The crybaby Nina is enough alone, since Yuuto always looks at her foolishly it’s fine isn’t it?」

Aira tries to cheer me up while also nonchalantly dissing Nina.
I am happy for such casual consideration.
The scared me from earlier looks like an idiot now.

「More importantly, Yuuto, you say you’re not a person from this world but…」

「…Yes, the truth is…」

I opened my mouth to explain everything. About me, about when I came to this world, everything.
But when I wanted to talk, I noticed a strange sense of discomfort.
My body is hot. My head is also empty.


I stop talking and pin down my chest.
My heartbeat was increasing.
The sudden strange situation put my head in disorder.

「? Yuuto?」

Nina released a voice that seemed worried.
But, it’s no good. I’m getting dizzy.
I shake with shivers, and something fills my body.

「Wai- wh-what happened!?」

Aira was also shaken from the sudden event.
But I couldn’t say anything. My body was burning hot.


At that time, I heard Tamamo’s voice.
Everyone turned their gaze towards Tamamo all at once.
Then I remembered. Come to think of it, earlier I ate that cake that Tamamo brought along.
Realizing that, Aira and Nina drew closer to Tamamo.

「Tamamo? Please be honest, what did you put in that cake?」

「Ni-Nina? If you get that mad, your face will get wrinkles.」


Aira placed her hand on Tamamo’s shoulder.
I have a feeling I heard that sound before.

「Adadadadaa!? A, Aira!? Aren’t thou using too much power!?」

However, Aira didn’t decrease her power.
Rather, She put more power in her hands trying to crush Tamamo’s shoulder.
Inaba nervously watched over the situation.

「I-I understand already! I’ll say it! I’ll say it so take your hand away, idadada!!!?3

She finally released Tamamo.
*Ze-ha- ze-ha-*, She breathed roughly while she gently stroked her shoulder.

「So, what did you put in there?」



I couldn’t hear her.
Aira asks again with a scary face.
Tamamo finally resigns herself and confessed.

「J-just a little… aphrodisiac was put in…」


  1. Word of advice. When being interrogated, feign ignorance as if you don’t know what they are talking about, rather than straight up saying you aren’t hiding anything. It basically means you’re hiding something lol.
  2. To be paranoid.
  3. Itai is common saying when something hurts.