Beauty Reversal Chapter 27: Aira Working Overtime


Aira left us and the four of us walked to town side by side.
In the end, Aira returned to her home in a panic, right now she is waging war against the documents alone.

「Will, Aira be alright…」

Inaba spoke some words of worry over Aira.
It is also on my mind.
Of course, I think it is bad of Aira.
Naturally, she wasn’t the only one thinking we might as well go together.

「Inaba, of course you would be sorry for Aira.
But, if you can’t have fun worrying about it, then it won’t be excusable to Aira.
Speaking of things that we can do for Aira, we can enjoy ourselves right now as much as possible.
Also, didn’t Aira herself propose this? We should not waste her feelings.
If it is on your mind no matter what, then bringing home a souvenir should be good. She will surely be delighted.」

I also think so.
I thought I should say something but Tamamo ended up saying everything.
Somehow or another, Tamamo doesn’t forget her concern for her comrades.
It is just like it is in the novel.
In that story, there is one thing that never changes about her.
She is a very charming girl.

「Un, that’s right…understood.」

Inaba nods her head in agreement.
And as for Nina…


*Nihe*, her face slovenly loosened while she entwines herself with my arm.
That’s cute.
My expression also loosened.
In order to make sure we can’t not have fun on this date, Nina willingly takes the initiative now showing a sight as if she was having fun.
The lonely and jealous Nina.
But she is a girl whose comrades are more important than anyone.
Since that was probably her true feelings, she is enjoying herself but in consideration of me she was being warm and fluffy.
As if answering Nina, I put strength in my arms.
Each time I think of this girl, thoughts of lovely feelings overflow one by one.
When I put power into my arms, she further rubbed on my body seeming delighted.
It was a force in order to rub our cheeks together. She was in an incredibly good mood, Nina looked really happy.
Umm, she really didn’t forget about Aira, right?
I got a little anxious but as expected I decided I should have fun myself for Aira’s sake.
The two sisters and us floated a pleasant looking smile.

「Look, we are going too, Inaba.」

Tamamo lead Inaba by her hand.
I continue on smiling at the imouto.


Inaba also replied cheerfully and joined up with us.



「A- AA-…I shouldn’t have bluffed… what is with『Fufuu, I will be fine so go have fun』, what was I thinking…?」

While being at her wits end, she put in a tsukkomi to her bluff earlier.
I was busy with bringing the documents to my house, filling in the blanks, and making amendments in the places I made an error.
I will get compensation from everyone next time, although it is certainly amazing to have Yuuto be the one to specifically invite us out…
But I also have this much stuff to do…

「There is a risk tax deduction in the written report of a cleared quest. The next quest application fee will include processing the sale of acquired items…」

I feel dizzy.
Even though everyone is enjoying their date with the fun Yuuto, it’s such a sad thing…
Or rather, how much accumulated…?
If it has become like this, I need to advance sorting ahead of schedule.

「Well… I am the only one with decent handwriting so it can’t be helped…」

Nina is poor with the characters.
It seems no one taught her when she was a child.
I taught her so now she can do it to some extent but she isn’t cut out for this sort of attentive work.
It isn’t possible at all for Tamamo and Inaba.
Yuuto… I don’t know but if he isn’t a person from this world I don’t think he can do it.


I’m lonely.
Not being able to meet him for only a bit, my chest tightens and it’s painful.
My female parts painfully tighten.
It was for the boy that had loved this ugly me as the opposite sex for the first time.
That time was probably the first time I thought people are precious.
I already absolutely can’t live without Yuuto anymore.


I suddenly felt dizzy as I uttered those words unconsciously.
My body, that doesn’t get short of breath no matter how much I battle, very easily had my breathing disordered.
It was like a painfully pleasant electric current travelled through my whole body.
But the next instant I was startled.
I checked my surrounds in a flurry to make sure no one was there.
No one’s there. Thank god. “If someone heard that then” I thought in madness.
That’s right… I’m alone now, right?


J-just once… I will do it just once so!
While thinking of an excuse I don’t even need to tell anyone, I timidly say it again.

「M-master… I… without master, I am lonely… I want your love again…」

My back twitches with a shiver.
A sweet numbness jolts my brain.
My female parts quiver and tighten, and my hand involuntarily reaches towards it.
But at that time the documents came into sight and I was suddenly pulled back to reality.
Regaining my calm, I remembered the statement from earlier.
It plays back in my head.

「…Am I an idiot!?」

What’s going on. I have a feeling as if I am rapidly becoming stupid.
It’s Yuuto’s fault.
I ended up being changed by Yuuto.
But it doesn’t feel bad.
Rather I’m happy, the edges of my mouth end up warping into a broad smile.
Master… I repeat that over and over again in my head.
It quickly brought heat to my body.
My mouth once again releases words to my beloved sweetheart—-

「Te, enough already!」

What am I doing all by myself!?
Even for me, I am gradually turning into junk.
At any rate, I can’t ambiguously spend my time like this.
I face the documents.

「Haa, at any rate, I have no choice but to do it.」

While I run my pen over the documents, I remember.
If I recall, I became close to those two because I could read and write.
The feeling I got when I meet Tamamo and Inaba and the feeling I got when I met Nina are very similar.
Those beast girls are my terribly ugly juniors.
The adventurers looked down on those girls.
Furthermore, it was like the bunch at the guild hated them, no, they had bound them to an excessively unreasonable contract.

『Haa!? Why didn’t you get the document with beastman characters for your beastman companion!
Moreover, what is this? The guild’s split is 80 percent. Isn’t this a rip off!』

I said those words while hitting the reception desk with large strength.
Finding Nina… thinking back now, that girl was befitting of the name “trouble”.
From then till now, I helped her out with her contract by checking the contents for any problems.
That was the chance meeting of me, Aira, and the beastman sisters.

「Ahaha, it’s nostalgic, since then those two have become emotionally attached…」

I float a casual smile.
My mouth loosened and I started to feel calm.

「That’s right, since I am the only one that can do it, this is my duty!」

Let’s try to finish all this quickly!
I put strength in my hand that was holding the pen, and vigorously filled in the blanks.

「Even if this amount is a little intense… it looks like I will be done before today is over but finishing right away is impossible, huh…」

No matter how you put it, there was too much.
Thinking about it, this amount is just enough to barely make the time frame.


And then Aira remembered.

“I also do it alone that’s why I forgot but that girl can write the characters as well.”

I took out the communication magic tool.
No matter how far away this communication tool is from the other, it will still work excellently.
It had a considerably high price but I thought it had its purpose so I bought it.
I poured magic in and waited for a reaction from my partner.


A reaction came back.
And I talk back to it.

「It’s me, me, Aira.」


「Well, actually I kinda wanted some help… I kinda forgot to sort the documents that are being submitted to the guild.」


「I’m sorry, ok? Eh? How did so much pile up? N–…why indeed? I had a bit of various things going on so I forgot.」

Speaking of hitting the heart, it does but.
One man’s face comes to mind.


「Ha, haa!? It’s not a man, probably but…」

Uguu, her perception is as good as always.
She hit the target so precisely.


「Th-that’s right, is that bad?」

I tried to be a little defiant.
It’s a bit embarrassing but sooner or later it will slip up.


「I-is he cool? He’s the best… a-after all he is extremely kind and likes Nina as well…」


「That’s right! That is right! Yuuto is the most attractive boy in the world! Te, what are you making me say!」

It’s dangerous, it’s dangerous.
I almost riskily talked about our love affairs.


「Yeah, yeah, I got it, well then, te wait, wait! Won’t you help me in the end!?」


「The line got cut off… I wonder if she will end up coming to help…
Saying I should do it myself, I had the feeling she rejected it… that was probably a no.
Since she is good with taking care of someone or another, I will believe she will come. Probably… no, I will believe in my comrade…」

For now I sorted the documents in order to not get mad even a little.