Beauty Reversal Chapter 28: Shopping With Everyone


We were being guided by Nina and we came to a magic tool shop.
Basically, they deal with magic tools1 but they also had a couple other articles for sale.
What in the hell type of things are lined up here?
I felt the pleasure of coming to a fantasy world.

「They have such things?」

I was surprised by the quantity of magic tools.
Since the shape of the thing that I received was circular, the round magic item had a varied feel to it like twigs and crystals.
In addition to skeletons and charred skink lizards I am sure there are some orthodox uses as well.
The size of the magic tool, the many different varieties out there. I stop trying to decide which I should look at.

「Umu, they have a wide variety, tis a pretty good store.」

「I also, wonder if I should buy something…」

Tamamo and Inaba also had difficulty choosing.
It seems to be their first time coming to this store.

「What is this?」

I pick up a magic tool that had a seemingly rough gem.
It was black and it was difficult to hold. I don’t really understand its purpose.

「That is an amplification magic tool.」

「Does it make your voice louder?」

「Umu, the more magic power you put in the louder your voice will become.
Just in case don’t ever load your magic in.」

「I’ll be careful.」

If a person who didn’t know touched the magic tool, it seems like the template that a bunch of bad things would happen.
For now, I will continue to be careful and look for… Oh?
Nina is also looking at something in the accessory department.
She stared at the thing she was holding in her hands with excessive zeal.
I wonder what it is, I approach her from behind.

「What is that?」


Nina raised a hysteric cry and her back tensed up.
She was seriously frightened. Do you need to be so startled…

「N? This is a slave collar.」

「What is a slave collar?」2

「If you put on the collar, the owner of the magic power that is registered must be completely obeyed.」

「That’s somehow scary… Is it alright to have such a thing here?」

「If your magic is smaller than the slave’s, it is easily resisted. There are also a bunch of various faults.
If you compare it to a slave merchant’s goods, it’s like a plaything.」

I see…
But why was Nina looking at such a thing?
I wonder if everyone also became worried, they turned their gazes to Nina.

「Nina, why are you looking at this…?」

「N-no… Look, i-it’s that.」

Nina was trembling. She was giving me a hot gaze.
It was cute, I thought it would be fine not to worry too much but I ended up letting my curiosity get the best of me.

「It’s what?」

As if she was mentioning her idea to us, she said with a bright red face.

「I-I mean… I thought wouldn’t, being Yuuto’s slave, be really good…?」


Nina said something. Everyone was so dumbfounded they jumped.
I don’t really understand the meaning.
If you say that embarrassed with a shy looking face it’s also a trouble.
No, such a cute face is useless this time.


Inaba’s bunny ears twitched.
It was indirect but this time I somehow or another understood.
She had a face not knowing whether it would be okay to say anything.
Or rather, I want you to not turn such a cold gaze at me.
I would prefer if you didn’t give me such hobbies.
Well, it was doing well for Aira.

「I-it’s wrong!? I just thought that it would be good to just submit to Yuuto body and soul.」

「There is nothing different.」

Tamamo put in a calm tsukkomi. If it is Tamamo who has at least associated more than me, she can sense something.
Nina, who couldn’t stand such an amazed gaze, looks towards here seeming anxious.
Her face seemed anxious as she asked me with my usual complexion. She looks like a kid that did something bad.
If you look at me with such a face, there is no way I can’t do a follow up.

「Well… it’s not like I don’t have any interest in it but…」


Nina put her hand in front of her chest and while her eyes were moistening with a maiden-like poze, she raised feverish gaze towards her.
I somehow don’t really understand but it seems the amount of pleasant feelings rose.
Why… No, but I’m happy.
When I look at that face, I end up wanting to tolerate everything.
It’s not like I don’t have any interest in making this beautiful girl submit to me.
Rather, when I think of doing such a play with Nina, my heart throbs.
Huh? Is it because I can’t talk too much about Nina?

「You guys… I can’t really follow you that well.
W-well. Other than that shant we go see the next store? There is a wide variety of other ones.」

Is that so.
The magic tool industry seems to be flourishing more than I thought.
As expected of a fantasy.

「Ah, w-wait please.」

At the same time, Nina was paying the price of the slave collar.
Ah, you are buying that, huh…
I wonder what sort of play I should expect?
With half curiosity and half fear, I wait for Nina who was in a seemingly good mood.


Suddenly I got a strange feeling.
Speaking of looks, is it alright?
I look over there.

「Did something happen?」

No one is there.
Was it just my imagination?
Well our group does usually stand out.
It was probably some passerby looking over here.

「No, it’s nothing.」



「There was a lot, huh.」

A little while after we visited the magic tool stores, I spoke to Nina.
It seems she bought a lot of other things besides the collar.
As expected of a first-class adventurer.

「Yuuto, is there something on your mind?」

Also, Nina replied with a friendly grin.
It seems that just by being able to talk to me can make her happy.
I saw an illusion of a tail coming from her butt shaking back and forth.

「That’s right, I thought you guys had something for healing for when you got hurt.」

「A healing magic tool is almost never seen.
It’s because even if there was any, that country’s military would completely buy them all up.」

Nina gave my words a broad smile.
Her slovenly face loosened with a friendly grin.
I think she has become extremely lively compared to her previous self.
It seems she still minds the surroundings look of contempt as expected but it seems I somehow supported her heart.
However, my fear hasn’t reached 0. Because I am still weak.
That’s why I tightly gripped Nina’s hand. It seems she isn’t scared even a bit.
Even if it’s just a bit, I want to be Nina’s saving grace. That is the best my weak self can muster.

「Lovely dovey, aren’t we?」

Tamamo said being astounded while laughing with a *nihihi*.

「It’s because we are important sweethearts.」

Those words made a smile raise on Nina’s face.
Her face came close and rubbed against me.


And then, Tamamo also laughed seeming very happy.
I saw her tail wagging back and forth with joy.
She floated an impish smile but Nina and Aira’s face didn’t have any worries.
Suddenly, Inaba came back to her senses. Since she wasn’t showing any interest in the conversation, I was worried.
While walking, I turn my gaze to Inaba.


She is as expressionless as ever. She had a cool expression pasted on her face.
It’s hard to understand what the bunny girl is thinking about.
But, occasionally she showed a very timid expression.


Shit. It seems that I was found out looking at her.
Nothing immediately came to mind, my worries from before came out my mouth.

「Inaba, do you like kids?」

「Un… I really like them.」

It was an immediate reply.
Since a while ago, her line of sight would turn to every child that passed by and it made me worried.
It seems Inaba likes kids as expected.

「That’s why, I also wanted a child…」

…Why is such a dreamy wish in past tense?
Why, do you like like you are so close to crying?
I can’t look at that pitiful face. That’s why… I reached my hand towards Inaba instantly.


Inaba’s shoulders shook.
She was probably scared.
But, you can’t escape. I won’t let you escape.

「Yuuto, is nice huh…」

「It’s just like Nina said.」

I smile wryly while I pet Inaba’s head.
I wonder if complex feelings were mixed in, she looked up at me with moist eyes.

「Yuuto’s color, is red.」

Inaba suddenly said so. Slowly, it seemed her voice is pushed out from the depths of her throat.
It was the same thing she said when we first met.
The demon eye that can see emotions, that looking at me saw my color as red.

「Why…? Why, is Yuuto’s color red?」

I cocked my head to the side to Inaba’s question.

「Why… N-, why indeed.」

My reason for kindness… I can only say it’s vague.
Which reminds me, why do I have red color feelings to embrace these two?
Is it because I thought they were cute at our first meeting? Is it because I knew the girls were sweet in the novel? Is it because they are Nina and Aira’s comrade?
…Perhaps I just repeated what I did with Nina.
Or when I touched the two, I started to want to embrace them intensely with such feelings.
I feel there is a variety of reasons.
Still I can’t make any affirmations.
It was a very ambiguous feeling.

「Our feelings, there are a lot more than we think.
If you don’t know all their names, then just name the closest one that applies.」

Type of feeling, huh?
Since humans have a lot of types of emotions, to that extent there is a variety of colors.
Since I am not Inaba who can see feelings, it’s a feeling I don’t understand.
How does Inaba look at me?

「Red has a large variety of emotions as well…
Yuuto’s red color towards me and Onee-chan is still weak but… it’s so direct it’s scary. It’s pure red.」

Does Inaba want to say something?
I still don’t understand. Since I can’t take a peak at Inaba’s heart.
Facing me, Inaba continued.

「I am, afraid of that…」

Inaba shook slightly.
That small body looks smaller than ever.
She was like a field rabbit lurking in the grasslands.

「Aren’t Nina and Aira red?」

It continually worried me.
I don’t understand the reason why Inaba is scared of red.
When I first met Tamamo as well, she had a strange reaction to hearing red.
I couldn’t understand that.
Then, being afraid of red, why is Nina and Aira fine?

「Those two, aren’t red.」


「It is close to red but it’s not red, it’s a more… special color…」

They may share the same thoughts since they are in a similar situation.
They were all fellow people suffering from their looks, but I wonder why they have a special color.
Which reminds me, Nina said it at the beginning.

—–『We are family… well it’s a bit different but it’s special.』

I wonder what color does Nina and them have.
They say it’s special but that feeling didn’t come to light.

「As for me—」

Ah, is that so?
I finally understood.
What Inaba wanted to say.
What Inaba wanted to convey to me.

「My special color, and your guys’ special color, are different?」

That was.

「…I’m, sorry.」

A refusal.


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