Beauty Reversal Chapter 8: First Time


“It’s ero time” – Author

This time I was the one to kiss her.
She wore a surprised expression, but like a little courting bird1 she piled up her lips on mine in return.
At first she was reserved but gradually she grew in intensity.
We both release heavy breaths through our noses, *nyuru nyuru*, our tongues entwine, and our saliva mixes together.
Her movements are indomitable compared to mine as she frantically escorts my tongue.
She is unbearably lovely.
We were both in a daze as we lusted for each other’s saliva. We both stare at each other with sexual excitement.
This unendurable agitation, this might be the first time I’ve ever experienced it in my life.
I gave in to my heart’s content and let my carnal desire take over.


Following my instincts, I hold her breasts with my hands over her robe.
*Munyuu* Her big and tender breasts change shape under my hands and Nina releases a feverish breath.
Her sensitivity seems to be good. Every time her breasts are molded, *biku! biku!*, she quivers.
I pluck her nipples from on top of her robe causing the muscles along her spine to shiver.

「Nina… is it fine if I take your clothes off?」

「Haahaa, Y-yes… please…」

I take off her robe that totally encompassed her body.
Until now, I couldn’t see her healthy white skin that was exposed.
Her slender long limbs, her attractive narrow waist, and her beautiful, young skin that tempts men.
Her breasts were a pretty bowl-shape and they would surely be referred to as beautiful, huge breasts.
Everything was arranged in a perfect order.

「Umm… M-my thin body is unsightly isn’t it?」

My reaction was a little slow because I was focusing my gaze so intently on her body.
For an instant there, I truly didn’t understand what she was saying.
Then she thought she had done something bad so she began to speak in a hurry.

「I’m sorry! I-I am thin but even if you are rough, I will be fine!」

Which reminds me, in this world fat women whose bodies are covered with flab are supposed to be beautiful.
It is believed that thin people won’t be able to stand any rough actions and she felt it needed to be explained, but for the adventurer Nina, the worry was unnecessary.
The novel also mentioned she was referred to by the other guys as boring to sleep with because she was so dainty

“Their eyes don’t work properly.”

I try to catch Nina off guard by extending my hand towards her crotch.


I put my hands in Nina’s panties and she visibly shook with strength.
That place was wet with a large amount of sexual fluids and it clearly showed to what extent her sexual excitement reached.

「Nina, you said it some time ago, right?」


I sink my finger into her vagina and stir it up with all my heart.
Just with that she released a strong voice that reverberated through the room. She spilled a large amount of sticky and cloudy honey from inside.

「Please don’t say things that will lower your self worth. Do you think I like it when someone I like defames themselves?」

*Guchyu Kuchyuchyuchyu*!

I move my finger in a way to purposefully create loud and obscenely wet noises.
Nina’s back bends easily as her waist shakes and I once again remember my strong arousal.

「Nn, Goood!!? W-wait❤︎ I, am wheak d’ere, Hah, Haaaaan❤︎❤︎」2

The beauty before my eyes is showing such an unsightly appearance with only one finger inside.
It caused my flames of lust to flare up and I moved my finger again violently.
She released a coquettish voice that was almost like a shriek.

「It’s useless, this is punishment, I will make you feel good with all my might.」

I strip everything including her underwear and kneel before Nina.
I reach my hands around and grasp her waist and I bring my mouth closer to the slit in between her legs.
Her beautiful vulva slightly opens up and dribbled with her fluids containing worldly desires.

I sip up her love nectar and entwine her clitoris in my mouth with my saliva and her love juice.



I completely encompass and suck her clitoris that is a bud of sensitivity.
Nina released a voice filled with the most sexual excitement I have ever seen.
Even for her who has good sensitivity, this is, as expected, an especially sensitive place.
I put strength into my hands with all my effort to hold Nina’s waist in place as she wiggles around.

「Hii, no gwood, itsh no gwood❤︎ Dat place…❤︎ Cu- hyaa ❤︎ Cum, no gwood, a-already…cu——」3

Her body starts to shake intensely in anticipation of her climax.
Her flesh pearl4, *piku piku*, twitches to show its joy.
The moment she was about to cum I thrust my finger into her ass.
I also sucked her sharpened clit harsher and teased it skillfully with my teeth.

「Hiiiiin❤︎ Cu-cumming!!? I’ll cuuuuuuuuum❤︎❤︎」

She grasps my head tightly and her slender legs tremble and spasm.
A huge current releases in my mouth as she expels a large amount of sexual secretions out.


I drink down her large tide as my throat makes a loud gulping sound.
As soon as I thought that it belonged to Nina, the thought that it was dirty or strange completely disappeared.
She had lost all her strength. As soon as I took my hands away from her she staggered and fell.
I drew her close as I held her up.
I could no longer hold myself back and checked to see that her vagina was plenty wet enough and took out my hot burning dick.

「Is it alright?」

When I make the final confirmation, Nina weakly nods her head many times.
She puts both her arms around me as she fixes her body to mine.

「P-please… Yuuto, I want to make Yuuto mine!」

I inserted into her without any hesitation.

「ii, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!」

*buchi buchi*, I heard something like the sound of her hymen tearing as I push through her flesh.
Nina came with just that.
Her pussy meat crawls and wraps around me as it tightens down on my penis.
She gave my dick a pleasant feeling as I watched her gasp and convulse in obvious climax.


W-What is this! It feels so good!?
Furthermore my erection is getting stiffer.
Her pussy is the so called rare tool.5
It had so many creases inside and was really tight.
*Chuu chuu*, each crease twines around the head of my cock as if it doesn’t want to let go as it tries to milk my dick.
I think if I didn’t stop moving for Nina I would have also reached my limits.

「Haahaa, Auu」

After I waited a bit for her to calm down, I start to pull my dick out of her vagina.

「Naa, ah」

I made sure to pull it out all the way to the entrance before I drove it back in.
I break free from her creases that coil around me and start to torment her innermost place.


*Zuryu zuryu* flesh is rubbed together.
Obscene sounds of water and voices echo through the quiet forest.
And that was drowned out by an even louder more seductive voice.

「Auuu!? Yuutoo❤︎ It’s coming!? It will come❤︎ It’ll come again❤︎ A, aah❤︎ Aaaah❤︎❤︎」

I feel that she is reaching her limit so I quicken my pistoning motion.
Each time I thrust, Nina lets out a 「Haan!?」.
Seeing that she was close to cumming I got really worked up.

「Guu, me too, kua! already…!」

I thought it was really easy to make Nina cum, but I can’t really say anything since I am quick too.
But it can’t be helped. This beautiful woman responds nicely to each of my actions.
It was too much stimulation for a virgin.

Her warmth, her voice, her body, her face.
Everything makes my lust boil up like a raging stream.

「Fuaa❤︎ Aah❤︎ A-, Aaa-, aaaaaa-, AAAAaaAaaaAhh❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎」6

My semen surges forth together with my beloved person’s silliness.

*Dokun dokun*!

When I injected my semen in Nina’s honey pot7, she had little climaxes over and over again.
She showed a cute ahegao8, bent her back, and blew a huge tide.

「Nhii!? Againn, Aaaah❤︎」

I continued to poke deep in her many times over.
Each time Nina would release a cute voice for me.
This voice was like telling me to do more as I continue to make love to her over and over.



After the deed was done we cuddled up with each other naked.
The pleasant sense of exhaustion slowly spread over my whole body telling me that the act a short while ago wasn’t a lie.

「Yuuto… Thank you.」

With a face filled with happiness, she whispers to me.
When I embrace the unbearably adorable Nina and gently stroke her head, she acts a little surprised and then shyly says “ehehe” with a completely flushed face.
This girl who was also inexperienced in sexual acts was unbearably cute.

「No, me too, umm… and uh- did you feel good?」

When I asked that, her whole face turned red all the way up to her ears.
But since I am a virgin I am very interested in hearing her feedback.
I also like seeing Nina’s innocent reaction, but I can’t give up on this issue.

「So, how was it?」

「E-to, ano, it-, felt really good…Au…」

I thankfully receive the image of the bashful Nina hanging her head down.
As far as her reaction is concerned, there doesn’t seem to be any problems.
That’s good. That’s really good. Since I have come here, it hasn’t turned into a failure or a funny story.

I continue to talk to Nina while I feel her body temperature.
I hide the fact that I came from a different world, but I most likely give off the feeling that I am a strange existence in this world.
My sense of beauty is reversed because I said Nina was seriously pretty when I saw her.
When I said that Nina was pretty, she probably understood that I was a little too strange for this world and it slightly surprised her, but at some point she nodded in agreement.

「Umm Yuuto… I have a request but…」

「Huh? What is it? Don’t be so reserved.」

She asked me nervously.

「Could you meet my party members for me?」


  1. ???
  2. She has a muffled voice (Thanks Pun for the help translating)
  3. Mother of god I hate muffled Japanese
  4. Clitoris
  5. Wut
  6. It’s a lot of interrupted moaning like she had to catch her breath in between
  7. Lit. meat jar lol
  8. Orgasm face. Google image it and you won’t be disappointed.