Lute Dragoon – Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Surprise

It was morning at the mansion where Lute was living. Currently he was studying with his private tutor. It has been few weeks since Wallen hired this private tutor. Luckily he got the same tutor who had taught Rosalin, his name was Klaus. But due to some urgent matter he needed to settle, he was replaced by Lola, who was a teacher in Rosalin’s school and his former student too. Right now she was checking Lute’s progress on his task from Klaus.

Lola Helios, she was 20-year-old beautiful young woman, she was wearing british gentleman suit with neck length bob cut black hair. She was a slim woman with pale skin.

“I see, no problem with the character. All of it was correct. I’m amazed you got memorized it so fast. Usually it takes a month to learn the letter, and in some cases, it might take 2 months. Good job there.”

“Thank you very much. Well, it’s not hard for me, just memorize each pattern and how it was said then it will work.” Lute replied dismissively.

“Lute, your ability to memorize is high. Normally they will be having a hard time to memorize but I guess you learn some of it from your elder sister. So it makes your study easier.”


Lute just laughed arrogantly when Lola told him about that. A few years ago, Rosalin was always teaching him about what she learned. So basically, when Lute saw it again, the next thing was to try to figure out which one it was.

So to Lute who had a strong memory, this was too easy.

“Thanks to your elder sister, it makes the learning process run smoothly. It was also your talent. I can see you are a genius. Someday in the future, you might achieve something big.”

Lute frowned when Lola called him a genius. Lute never liked being called a genius for no reason. He preferred to be called smart over genius.

“Well, then let’s proceed to writing. How to write a few words and we will proceed to write a letter,” Lola instructed.


Lute just nodded and they started the learning session. Sometimes, Lola had trouble teaching a noble child because she thought either it was the way she taught or something else but she never understood the problem exactly. So she rarely took the job as private tutor until Klaus called her. She was anxious that it might turn bad. After teaching Lute, she realized the problem was not the way she taught. When she looked at Lute’s attitude, he was focused and made a note of what she said. If he did not understand he would immediately ask but sometimes it went over the time of the lesson. It was the hard work Lola saw in Lute. Even if he was a genius there was still a question from him. It make Lola happy when teaching him.

“Any question?”

After she was done teaching him how to write a letter and seeing how Lute practiced during their session, she asked him if there was a problem. It was the tutor’s job to know whether their student had a problem or not.

“No, for now I think I can do it. If there a problem I will ask during the next class,” Lute told her.

“I see, then I will go for now. Also, do not forget to finish the homework I gave you. Even if you are smart, try not to delay it. Sometime we do not know what will happen in the future so try to finish it earlier.”

“Yes, I will keep that in mind. Thank you very much for the advice,” Lute bowed.

“Also try controlling your face too. I know you are bored but sometimes we can find a new thing even when learning the same thing.”

“Urgh….ahahaha……sorry….. I will try my best next time.”

Lola knew Lute liked learning new things. Because of the small progress he felt bored from learning something that he already knew, which made him more bored. She noticed his bored expression during his session sometimes.

“I know you want to learn new things. But you cannot rush through everything. Keep that in mind. I will share something new for you next time.”

When he heard Lola wanted to share something new, Lute’s eyes sparkled.

“Really!?” What an impatient kid fufufufu, thought Lola as she smiled.

“Yes, maybe we should try something deeper. Ah, by the way, I’m really glad the relationship between your family is good.”

Lute made a weird face when he heard Lola suddenly say that.

“Why? Is there something wrong with it?”

“Fufufu, there’s no problem with it; I think it’s better to have a good relationship with the family. Then how about I share some knowledge that’s not part of our lesson.”


Lute become excited when he was told there something new he didn’t know.

“Yes, be patient. Listen well, it was about the noble system with our current era. You know that our world have otherworld and reincarnate people?”

“I do not remember very well…hmmmmmm……”

“Well, I will share it later, for now let’s focus on what I am going to say. The thing I wanted to share is the noble system. We divide into 2 categories. Old and new noble system.”

“Hmm, there’s 2 systems?”

“Yes, the first one is an Old noble system. This system originally from our world. How did it work? The king will promote them to noble rank. Then they will give land to whoever had a high rank in noble ranking. I will share more details later.”

Lola paused, then continued.

“We do not have any problem with polygamy or bigamy but the problem is when they have a few children in the old noble system.”

“So is it related to the relationship you were talking about earlier?”

“Yes, I will give you an example. In noble family xxxxx they have 2 sons and 2 daughters. When their son and daughter have reached certain adulthood, that will change their life.”

Lola fell silent while Lute waited until she opened her mouth again.

“First for the first son, he will become the head of family. That means he succeeds his father’s work but the second son can’t. He needs to leave the house once the first son married and he needs to survive alone without any support unless the family is willing to support him. Most of them won’t do it unless they saw something useful about him.”

“That’s kinda cruel. Then how about their daughters?”

“Yeah, it was cruel but that’s the reality, Lute. You need to accept it. I know you understand that since you are a smart child. Ok, back to topic.”

Lute nodded even though he don’t really understand whether what Lola said was true or not.

“The daughters become subjected to political marriage. Majority of them cannot marry the one they love. Nobles care about their rank or their heritage if not it will make their name become bad. Only some nobles care about their daughters’ feelings and let them decide to marry whoever they love.”

Lute became speechless; he didn’t know what to say and showed his surprise on his face…..

“That how Old Nobles work. The relationship becomes worse if they do the polygamy. The first wife is superior while the others are not. It was a worse situation. I have seen that and sometimes they end up killing each other. That’s why I said I’m glad there’s no problems with your family relationships.”

“That’s why the New noble system was created.”

“So what about this new noble system? It is still the same where you get promoted by the king, polygamy and bigamy, and also they are given land if they are high ranking nobles, right? Unless they change the way to choose their successor?” Lute concluded.

“Yes, you are right; the difference is their inheritance and marriage. Also there is one more special thing in it. This system was made from otherworlder and reincarnate people…..they cannot bear to see how old noble treat their son and daughter. Even so people are still using Old Noble system. Their first son still inherits it, but their other son and daughter still receive support from family until they can go on by themselves. Their daughter can decide who they wanted to marry. Also, when family members are having problems they will support each other in many ways. Money, people and other ills. They even got what they wanted to do such as becoming a farmer, merchant, adventurer and other occupation they want. That was special in New Noble. Some of the son and daughter in Old Noble join in by marriage to keep increasing this system.”

“Wow, that sounds good! I will become part of new noble systems when I become adult! And I will crush this old system!”

Lute was excited. He wanted to become like New Noble but he also complained about the Old Noble too. Lola just laughed when she saw her student’s reaction.

“Fufufu, you’ve already become one.”

“Eh!?”  Lute was shocked.

“It was your father, Wallen Dragoon. He is famous for being one of the nobles in New Noble system.”

“Ah, yeah, he always looks happy when he saw our relationship going well.”

“That’s all. I cannot say any more than this.”

“Yes, thank you, Lola-sensei!”

Lute nodded and Lola left the mansion while thinking what she should do for the next class for Lute.


Lute asked the maid to send the stationary to his room and hurried to meet Rosalin in the garden. Arriving in the garden, Lute saw Rosalin having snacks such as biscuits, cake and tea with Elizabeth.

Having snack at this time? Well, it’s almost time for lunch.

He went towards them as he thought that.

“Mommy Elly, you were here too?”

“Ara, Lute-kun. You’ve come at the right time; the delicious tea has just arrived. Shall we sit together?”

Lute welcomed by Elizabeth with smile.

“In that case, I will talk after I have received the tea!”

“Yes, please do”

“Then, please excuse me…..Mu…….This is very delicious tea”

“Ufufu, I’m glad to hear it. There is also cake, if you would like?”

“Yes, itadakimasu. Muuu….this is just so exquisitely delicious!”

“I’m so glad, we still have plenty more,” Elizabeth remarked happily.

“Thanks… So, why does Rosalin Nee-chan look so gloomy?”

Lute drank his tea as he noticed Rosalin who had been sipping her tea silently during the conversation, looking gloomy. Elizabeth just drank her tea calmly.

“Ah, don’t worry about it… she’s just having little problem with Aunt Flo and cousin Red who came to visit for the first time.”

Elizabeth said teasingly as she looked at her daughter.

“MOTHER! You promised not to say anything to Lute!”

Rosalin who have been silent the whole time grew mad at her mother’s words.

“Was I? Fufufu, but my dear, I’m not saying anything about ‘it’, right?”

Rosalin glared at her mother with tearful eyes as her mother kept teasing her.

“Uhm… Mommy Elizabeth…”

Lute watched the two before he finally asked.

“Yes, my dear, what is it?”

Elizabeth turned to Lute with a gentle smile.

“What does Aunt Flo and cousin Red came to visit means? Is that some kind of keywords or slang?”

Both Elizabeth and Rosalin fell silent at Lute’s question.

After the silence, Elizabeth opened her mouth.

“Mommy just to want to ask… You know what Slang is?”

“Uhn, so I was right.”

“Where did you learn that difficult word?”

“From Papa’s study room.”

“*Sigh… you really study hard, Lute-kun…  Good boy.”

Elizabeth could only sigh at her stepson being too smart while patting his head.

“Eheheh… So what does that mean, Mommy?”

“Erm… That’s…you know… hahah.”

Elizabeth was troubled over how to answer as she awkwardly looked away from Lute’s curious eyes.

“Mommy Elly?”

Lute was confused with his stepmother’s actions then turned his eyes to Rosalin.

Rosalin fidgeted and looked away to escape from Lute’s gaze, her face red.

Seeing their confusing actions and reluctance to answer his questions, Lute was annoyed by this. And then he thought of something and stood from his chair.


“I’m going to ask my mother!”


Elizabeth panicked; she was told by Sheila that Lute still didn’t need sexual education as Lute’s curiosity was too strong, when Elizabeth ask why, Sheila just looked away in shame with red face which made her realized something off.

So if Lute went and asked Sheila, it’ll cause another problems.


Before Elizabeth called Lute, Rosalin beat her to it.

“I will explain it so don’t go…”

Rosalin spoke as her face grew redder.

Lute sat again.

“What does that Slang mean?”

“Uhhh, It’s mean…I have my first menstruation…”

Rosalin’s voice was getting smaller and Lute barely heard that.

“What was that? I can’t hear you, Nee-chan.”

Lute said with an annoyed tone.

“It’s… my first….period….”Rosalin muttered with low voice

“Nee-chan, please speak louder, i can’t hear you”

Then Rosalin started crying.


“Wait!!! Why you crying!?!?” Lute panic

“But…..but!!! Lute is bullying me!!! Uuuuuwaaaaaaa!!!!”

“Eeeeh!? Me?!”


“Fufufu, you sure are a naughty boy, bullying your sister.”

“Mommy Elly?! Ahh, what should I do?!”

Rosalin’s getting louder as Lute panicked, not knowing how to calm his sister while Elizabeth just watched this amusingly as she drank her tea.

After a while, Rosalin stopped crying as Elizabeth patted her head.


Then the servant who emerged from the mansion fell silent when she saw Elizabeth patting Rosalin. After blinking, the maid snapped out of her stupor and bowed her head. “I’m sorry! Did I come at a bad time?”

“Not at all,” Elizabeth assured her. Rising to her feet, she gently patted Rosalin’s shoulders before turning to Lute. “Lute, take care of your sister, okay? You’re a boy, so you need to learn how to protect her.”

“Yes, Mommy Elly. I will take care of her,” Lute promised. He watched as Elizabeth followed the maid back to the house, exchanging a few words urgently, before they disappeared through the door. Turning to Rosalin, he hugged her. “I’m sorry, Rosalin Nee-chan. I didn’t mean to make you cry.”

“No…it’s not your fault. You just wanted to know. I’m just so…so embarrassed!” Sniffling, Rosalin wiped the tears from her eyes and looked up dully. “I can never get married now…”

“Don’t…don’t worry!” Lute tried to fight down his panic. “If nobody takes you, Rosalin Nee-chan, then I will take care of you for the rest of your life!”



“Will you take me as your wife if no one else does?”

“Yes, I promise!”

Lute firmly said that without hesitation. Rosalin sobbed into his chest as she hugged him. Lute continued to pat her head and smiled, pleased that Rosalin’s mood had somewhat improved.

“Hehehehe, thanks, Lute. You’re really the best.”

When she parted away, Lute saw a big smile on Rosalin’s face.

“No, I’m not really…do you feel better now?”

“A little.” Rosalin nodded. “But not completely.”

“Eh? Then how…”

“If you want to help me further, can you close your eyes?”

“Hmmmm? Okay.”

Lute didn’t hesitate and agreed immediately. When he closed his eyes, he felt someone hug him. A few seconds later, something pressed against his lips. After a few seconds, he began to think that it was taking a little too long so he opened his eyes and was taken aback. He did not know what Rosalin was doing. Lute still didn’t know this was called a kiss. For now he stayed silent and closed his eyes again. After that, Rosalin finally released him…

“Heheheh, I know you opened your eyes.”

Rosalin smiled with her face becoming red because she was blushing. Lute just smiled wryly.

“Hahaha, sorry.”

“This….please keep this a secret only for both of us, ok?”



“I promise I will never tell anyone,” Lute swore.

“Then let’s go back. it’s already sunset so we should go inside the mansion now.”

Both of them returned to mansion and like usual, Lute continued doing what he always did. Having dinner with family and finishing his homework.


The next day, he woke up earlier at 6am and took a bath then eat the breakfast that the maid prepared for him. After he was done, Lute walked to a certain place. It was the training ground which was the place he always went with his mother, Sheila, to practice her magic.

But this time, there was another person using it.




It was Wallen. It had already become routine for him. Every day he would train to sharpen his skill. Since Lute became 7 years old, he always watching his father training.

Every day it became a routine for Lute too. The first day he saw his father training, Wallen suddenly called and and told him to practice with him. From that time onward, both of them started training with their sword.

Though mostly, Wallen always told Lute to Jogging, push-ups, sit-ups, and so on as warm up before they start sword training.

Lute’s primary training is to swing the sword and have a proper stance, he also learning footwork and shifting body weight properly as Wallen told Lute, It is important to start from the basics.

But, today is different, he would have Wallen as the opponent.

Lute gripped the wooden sword then he charged towards his father. Every slash and attack was blocked. Each step and action was observed by Wallen and then he would point out flaws such as “Put more strength into your grip.”, ” Observe your opponent calmly”, “Don’t rush” and other advice.

After 30 minutes, Lute was breathing roughly and today he still had not gotten a single hit.

“Good work there!”

“*pant*…..*pant* next time……haaaa….I will…..”

Wallen took the flask of water and passed it to Lute….

“Here, by the way, can we discuss something?”

“Thanks. Yeah, right now we still have some time before breakfast.”

“Hmmmmm you see, actually later on, once your private lesson ends, I have decided to send you to the school Rosalin is in.”

“I understand. From there I can learn many things. Thanks.”

“Of course, that’s what the heir of Dragoon need to do! To learn something new!”

Both of them stood up and went to the mansion for breakfast.


After that, at 10am today there was no class so Lute decided to follow his mother, Sheila.

“Lute, want to go shopping with me?”

“Ah, yes, let’s go!”

“My, my you really like going out, huh?”

Sheila told the maid to prepare the vehicle. When she walked outside there was already a carriage but it was totally different from original that need horse to move. It have been changed to 4 tires with a mana crystal ball to operate it. It operate like a vehicle called car from otherworlder’s world. Once they were in the carriage, it started to move toward the market district. That place was a little bit far from Wallen mansion. It took about 40 minutes. Lute saw that Sheila was happy.

“Mommy, you seem very happy.”

“Eh, nothing. Today I’m just happy I can go out for a while.”

Sheila was having a bright smile, which caused Lute to tilt his head. He knew that there was something else but he did not want to pry too deeply. They talked about Lute studying, training with his father and other topics.

After 10 minutes……


“Urgh, hahahahaha!” Lute laugh awkwardly when his stomach growling

“*giggle* you are still hungry? I thought you already had breakfast earlier?”

“Yes, but I do not know why it is so sudden.”

Sheila giggled agan, amused at her son’s actions, but…

“Then, mommy…can I drink it?” Lute asked innocently.

“Eh?…….but…….you know……why not you hold it until we arrive at the market. We will buy the food there for you.”

Sheila was surprised by her son’s demand but she tried to not spoil him too much. Lute just nodded and looked down. Sheila was troubled when she saw her son’s sad expression. She knew that Lute was being spoiled so much by her. But she decided to keep quiet even though it was painful for her.






“Uuuuuuuhhh…sorry, mommy I will hold it in,” Lute promised.

Lute’s stomach continued to produce the sound, which made him feel so bad. Sheila was having trouble too, but……

I do not know if it can work but I cannot bear it any longer!

“*sigh* Haaaa alright, come here and sit in mommy’s lap.”

“Eh? But…..”

“Just do it,” Sheila ordered.

Sheila raised her voice a little too strongly, which caused Lute to hastily sit on her lap. While she also lowered her cloth. Which exposed her white breast and her pink nipple. She knew there would be no milk coming out but she could not bear to see her son suffer. Lute closed his eye and just went to her breast and started sucking. Suddenly…

Eh? Ehhh!?!?!?! Why!? It come out!? There should be no milk in there but then why do I feel something coming out from it!?

Sheila was surprised while still patting Lute’s head to avoid his notice. She still could not figure it out but for now she decided to stay silent. She was having a rough time holding in her moan to avoid being heard by the driver.

As Lute kept sucking, he twisted his tongue around her nipple as it got hard.

“Ah—- !!!”

At that moment, Sheila let her moan out, She trembled as she pressing Lute’s gently against her plump breast.

Sheila blushed and stared at Lute with a troubled look. Her voice seemed to leaked out without she realizing it.

Sheila want reprimand him but she couldn’t. She knew that if she spoke, she would end up moaning again.

Lute sucked on her nipple for quite long until they drew near to the market district.

As Sheila and Lute arrived, the former was breathing roughly and sweating.

The driver saw her current state blushed before looking away.

Lute ask his mother worriedly, seeing that she was sweating and breathing roughly, almost as if she had just finished running a marathon.

“Mommy, are you okay?”

Sheila, who was still breathing roughly, finally replied, “Lute, next… time… Hah.. Please don’t that again.”

“Erm, Okay!”

Lute didn’t really understand but he agreed.


From there, Sheila bought so many things that made Lute excited as he saw many new things that he had never seen before. Toys, foods, books and other merchandise sold by merchants. He kept following Sheila while looking around relentlessly. Sheila just giggled when she looking at her son that walking beside her.

After that, like always, Lute did his routine until dinnertime.

“Rosalin, also Lute… We have something to tell you.”

Lute and Rosalin saw their father, Elizabeth and Sheila wearing serious expressions. The atmosphere made Lute and Rosalin a little bit scared. They wondered if there was a mistake they made, the secret being exposed and something else but suddenly Wallen grinned.

“Elizabeth and Sheila are pregnant. That means both of you will get two little brothers or sisters.”

“”Eh………..Really!?””Lute and Rosalin chorused in unison.

Elizabeth and Sheila smile and nodded.

“Yes, both of us have been pregnant,” Elizabeth confirmed.

“I never expected both of us to be pregnant at the same time.”

“”We cannot wait to see them Soon!”” Lute and Rosalin shouted.


“Hue?” Rosalin cocked her head.

When they heard the news, they were so excited that they didn’t realize that they had said the exact same words at the same time. It ended up causing the others to laugh. Lute and Rosalin just looked down because of the embarrassment.

“Hahahahahaha, you two are too excited. Well, let’s celebrate. Eat as much as you guys want! Also I wanted to tell you guys. Remember, our family must support each other! Please keep that in mind.”

“ Yes, dear. I will keep that in mind.”

“Me too.”

“”Yaay ! Food!”” Lute and Rosalin shouted in joy.

That night, Wallen family was so happy with the newcomers to their family. Wallen, Elizabeth and Sheila discussed about their future family plan while Lute and Rosalin discussed what they wanted…little sister or brother, what they wanted to do with them when they grew up and etc.


Author’s notes :

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