Lute Dragoon – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Education

“ *sigh* Haaaaaa…….so boring .”

Lute Dragoon, who was already 7 years old, strolled around the garden alone while muttering how bored he was.

His mother was training with her magic. He enjoyed watching it but once she stopped, she would start meditating which was boring. That was why Lute decided to while away the time by strolling in the garden.

He might be complaining at the moment but once he began observing the plant, he would become absent minded. He would start appreciating how beautiful the flower was how they grew and anything that related to plants.

Next week, he would start his private education like his big sister.

A few days ago, Wallen mentioned this to Lute that his education like his sister would start when he’s 7 years old as he was Dragoon Family’s sole successor. He also told to Lute not to tell his mother as Wallen himself would speak to Sheila.

Then he suddenly heard someone calling him.

“Luuuuuuuttteeee!!!! I miss you so much!!!!”

Lute then turned to where that voice was coming from and saw a crimson haired girl running toward him at full speed, before she jumped and hugged him.

“Waaaahhh!!! Rosalin Nee-chan, it dangerous…geez…..”

Rosalin Dragoon, 9 years old, Lute’s big sister. She was wearing a white school uniform.

She entered school when she’s 8 years old. People called her a genius because she became an honor student at such young age. Rosalin was having a hard time in the school because her house was so far away, which ended up needing her to stay in the dorm. Every time she received a chance to go home, she would rush back home and meet Lute first like she always did.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhh! I feel so calm when I hug you, Lute. School really makes me tired and people keep asking me.”

“Hahaha here, here, Rosalin Nee-chan. I hope I can help you even just a little.” Lute smiled indulgently.

Lute hugged his sister back. He knew Rosalin was having a rough time and let her do what she liked for the time being. Rosalin then brought him to the bench while still hugging him. She sat down and started talking about her school activities. Lute just listened without complaining.

“Hmmmmmm, I feel so refreshed after talking with you. Thank you.”

“I’m glad to help,” Lute replied.

“Well, I will hold it for now but I cannot wait until Lute enters school later,” Rosalin said excitedly.

“Mu, I do not want it. It will restrict my movement. I cannot do what i want later.”

Said Lute with annoyed tones.

He was a child who did what he liked and he disliked being restricted, his curiosity and observation was quite high. When he wanted to know something, he would learn it until he completely mastered it, unless the thing he saw was not interesting or boring, he would just ignore it.

“You can’t, you have promised father, mothers and me that you will enter the school. Do you remember? Also father and mothers dislike people who cannot keep their promise. Also Mommy Sheila will sad.” Rosalin reprimanded Lute.


Lute was a smart boy, he knew what Rosalin said was true. He had no choice but go to school.

“Fine then, I also cannot bear to see big sister alone at the school.” Lute gave in as he scratched his cheek. While he did agree with his sister, he still thought that going to school was a waste of his time.

“Oh my, so you are really worried about me. Thank you very much. I will appreciate it when you enter the school.”

But on the other hand, Rosalin was very happy that her little brother would be going to the same school she attended.

She hugged him tightly, which ended up burying Lute in her developing breasts. Even though Rosalin was still 9 years old, her body had steadily developed to a woman’s body, especially her breasts, which were quite big for 9 years old. It’s no doubt she would become beautiful woman like her mother.

Now, Lute who was buried in his sister’s developing breasts, felt comfortable but as she hugged him more tightly he started to feel uncomfortable and could not breathe. He struggled and patted her hand but she still did not realize.

“Ne….Rosalin Nee-chan, I….can….cannot breathe…… argh…”

“Ah, sorry. I was just too happy, hehehehe.”

“Seriously, Nee-chan… Don’t do it again”

Because her action earlier caused Lute to pout, but seeing his pouting face make Rosalin smiled and apologized in a cute way.

“Oh my. Rosalin, welcome back.”

Sheila had already finished with her magic training when she saw Rosalin arrive with Lute

“Yeeesss, Mommy Sheila!! I’m home !! Hehehe.”

Rosalin then hugged Sheila, who returned the embrace.

“So this week was your holiday right?”

“Yup, but I feel so tired and miss you all. Also, it’s hard in the school. I don’t realize when it happened so suddenly, what with becoming an honor student and all…

Sheila patted Rosalin’s head.

“Then feel free to share your problem while you are here. Take your time to enjoy the holiday. Also go meet your mom.”

“Ah, hehehe, I totally forgot. Then, Lute and mommy Sheila, I will be going first.”

Rosalin waved to Lute and Sheila as she walked toward mansion

Then Sheila sat next to Lute on the bench, enjoying the scenery of the garden that’s full with flowers. Then she hugged and snuggled with him like she always did.

“Aren’t you happy your sister is finally home? You looked lonely when she’s going to school.”

Sheila teased Lute

“Not really…”

Lute looked away as he answered, he seemed embarrassed.

He was already fine without Sheila. He won’t cry when he’s lonely or when he didn’t see her. He also slept in his own room. However, the opposite ended up happening. When Lute was walking around in or out of mansion, Sheila would order her maid to walk with him when she’s doing meditation or magic training. But when Lute was absent for so long she felt so lonely and worried about him and at that time Lute would suddenly appear of nowhere in front of her like he knew that she was lonely. She remembered this event that always happened so she believed no matter what happened Lute always would be there for her. This made her very happy.

Lately Sheila noticed Lute was always thinking when he saw something that spiked his interest. She was so worried and kept this a secret but she realized that she was being selfish. This secret could hold up until now because Wallen had been busy over the last few years. He still returned home but rarely stayed long. The longest one was one month, which made Elizabeth and Sheila feel lonely but they knew Wallen’s service was needed to keep the empire safe.

“Let go back. It’ already near lunchtime.”

“Yes, i starting feel hungry.”

Sheila just smiled wryly. He was still eating quite a lot but not like when he was 5 years old, when she needed to breastfeed Lute every night. But while Lute stopped sucking his mother’s breast every night, he was still asking for milk breast when he’s really hungry and food was still not prepared yet.

Sheila didn’t mind that as it was a happy moment in her life. Though it’s quite troubling as Lute sometimes asked for her milks when everyone was present.


In the mansion, Rosalin and Lute were playing cards.

It was called Luveria card game, which you needed to guess a word based on a diagram.

Rosalin learned how play this in her school.

It’s really interesting for Lute. Both Lute and Rosalin were immersed in it. Most of the time, Rosalin won while Lute continually made mistakes. Elizabeth and Sheila just watched them with warm smiles.

“I’m home!!!! Whew, made it in time. I guess it was worth it.”

Both of them were startled by the sudden loud voice that came from the main door of the mansion except for Lute and Rosalin who were too focused in the card game. Wallen happily walked to the living room. It was his free time and he knew Rosalin had returned from her school.

“Welcome back, dear,” Elizabeth greeted him.

“Welcome back, Wallen,” Sheila added.

Oh, you’re all here. And…….what they are doing…… Rosalin~~~~ and Lute~~~~ I’m home.”

“”……….”” Neither Rosalin nor Lute responded.

The silence was so awkward that Wallen felt as if he had done something wrong. When both of his wives realized it, Elizabeth opened her mouth.

“*sigh*……Do not worry about it, dear. They are playing a card game that Rosalin learned during her time at school while waiting for lunch.”

“Yes, then without our realization, they became so immersed in it. So we can only watch.”

“Hooooo, that seems fun to play. No wonder they aren’t aware of their surroundings.”

Wallen just smiled as he watched his daughter and son play together. Lately he saw many aristocrat families not having a good relationship, especially among siblings. This world still used the old system of inheritance. The first son was guaranteed the position of replacing his father and managing his land. While the daughter was being subjected to political marriage and the other sons had to leave once the first son married. Some aristocrats including the Dragoon family never used this old system. Their ancestor, Gilbert, realized this when he met his friend, the otherworlders, who told him, “This system is too cruel. We cannot take it off completely so how about we support each other so they can also survive. Even we get dragged into political marriage. At least know the love of having family”. This advice was passed down to all generations until Wallen’s. Wallen had a big brother and their relationship was very good but his brother was not interested in inheriting the house and succeeding his father’s position. So he just passed that position to Wallen then left to find his own future and never come back.

As Wallen reminisced while watching his children playing, Elizabeth’s voice entered his ears.

“Well, it’s almost time for lunch, let’s call them.”

“Hahahaha. Well, let them be. When food is served they will stop. Do not worry. If it does not work then I will call them.”

His wife looked worried but he succeeded in convincing them . They went to the dining room while the maid placed the food on the table. Taptaptap….the sound of small footsteps running to dining room.

“Yaaa food!!! Eh!?!? Papa, when did you get here?”

“Ummmm, Rosalin Nee-chan, I think we were too focused on playing that card game.”

“Wahahahaha! See? They will come. Now sit down. I just arrived but you two were just immersed in it without realizing it.”

“”Sorry””Lute and Rosalin apologized.

Now, now. Both of you sit down. Don’t stay there,” Elizabeth told them.

All of them started eating. Lute and Rosalin talked about their earlier match such as “Mu, next time I will beat you.” then “ No, you just lost 17 times. Just try learn from it, haha” and other. While Elizabeth, Sheila and Wallen discussed about family, work and mostly important…..

“By the way, Sheila, we are going start Lute’s education next week,”

“I have no problem with it. If it’s for my son I’m willing to do anything for him.”

“The plan is still same?”

“Yes but depending on the tutor we called, I do not know if we can get the same tutor, Klaus. It has been years since we called him.”

The plan Elizabeth asked was basic education for an earlier age such as learning how to write, read, calculations, history and common knowledge. This was already applied to Rosalin and there was no problem. So they decided to do the same with Lute. The only difference was that Lute was 7 years old and his education would start earlier than Rosalin while Rosalin had already mastered writing, reading and calculating when she’s 4, so she only needed to learn about history and common knowledge when she’s 7 almost 8 and she finished the study only withing four months.

“Then…..i will tell him right away after this.”

Both of his wives just nodded, showing that they agreed with Wallen’s decision. After lunch, they drank the tea.

“Lute, can you hear me out?”

“Yes? What it is, Papa?”

“Next week your education will be starting, I hope you can cooperate and focus during studying. If there is a problem, you can ask me, your mother, Elizabeth or your big sister.”

“Ok, I will keep in mind and try my best for studying.”

“Hmmmm, I’m glad.”

Wallen smiled broadly, happy with his son’s answer. He knew his son was not interested as he remembered his annoyed face few days ago. So he decided to have Luke make a promise because he knew Lute always kept his promise.

Wallen then patted his son’s head as smiled and thought.

Son, I have a dream, a dream where big wars more terrifying than the Holy Great Wars engulfed this world and you are the one who is going to stop this war as you are the centre of it.


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