I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 5 Part 2

Chapter 2: Elf Forest

I understood that the cause of the future mirror, the treasure Shizuku has is the act of the saintess.

So decided to aim at the Saintess that lives on the elf forest after departing from Japoneru where Shizuku lives.

「I said it a while ago but our destination right now is the Saintess that lives on the elf forest」
「All of the treasures we have seems to be sealed, would you be okay even if we can’t warp that far? Ryuu」

The impact from suddenly loosing the ability of the treasure tool was big I guess.

Aisha seems to be anxious.

「Yeah, there’s no problem at all」

But I have said it clearly. And, I’ll continue to say it clearly.

「Rather than the long distance warp, short distance warp is no good because it has no merit. It’s like the time when I was aiming at this Japoneru that’s beyond the sea」
「That’s…should I have not interfered so much?」
「Right. Also, even if the elf forest is floating in the middle of the sea, we have a ship. As long as the location is a ground, we’d be able to go anywhere」

Since I have Bridget, Even if I don’t rely on warp we can cross over the sea.

「…I feel a bit anxious as the treasures are sealed but…I am not that worried」

Saying that, Aisha’s expression loosened.

「But, I also don’t know the ability of the Saintess. Wondering what will happen, I can’t help but feel hesitant…」

I said and stood up.

「Let’s return to Forza Command momentarily and the one going to the elf forest would be me, Aisha, Eunice, Shizuku, and Elena Ria1 After preparations, we’re going to Forza command」

I told the five people in front of me.

「It’s the first time for me to go to the elf forest so I’m looking forward to it, Onii-chan」
「Ryuu-sama. I’m ready anytime」
「Me too, I’m ready」
「I already have finished my preparations, Master」
「Then, I’ll ask you to warp us. Ryuu」

Saying that, Eunice, Melia, Shizuku, Leona and Aisha stood up.

It would take a while to do long distance warp since it’s sealed but it can’t be helped.

Let’s immediately return to Forza command.

「Then, let’s go」

I used short distance warp to Bridget’s ship and we returned to Forza command.

On the way, when I part from the pirates, Bridget was.

「If you miss me then come to me anytime!」

Saying that, I thought that I’ll come again when there’s time.

Right now we returned to Forza command, I talked about the next plan in front of Elena Ria.

I haven’t thought about other things.

「We’re going to warp short distance multiple times until we reach the elf forest」

I explained the things same things I said before but Elena Ria haven’t heard yet.

「Got it. My King. Let’s go to the elf forest」

Elena Ria joined the party2

「This time, we’re going to repeat small warps. It’ll probably take some time so let’s go immediately」

Near me are the members that will go to the elf forest.

Then, we began warping with the elf forest as our aim.

As explained, we did short distance warp instead of long distance warp and used it continuously.

It’s obvious that the long distance warp is better than the consecutive short distance warp but I feel that the magic used is a bit more.

But, that doesn’t matter to me who has unlimited amount of mana.,

But since I have to prepare warp after warp again, it’s a bit troublesome.

But, it’s better than moving on foot so let’s endure it.

「…We’re getting surrounded by nature gradually or rather, the trees have been increasing overwhelmingly」

After five, six warp, I said it while preparing the next warp.

「Certainly it’s growing considerably thick. I don’t know since I hadn’t come here but we might reach our destination soon」
「It should be. I’m about to get tired from the repeated warping…」

When I finished preparing, I began the warp that might be the last.

Exiting the warp, the place we came out changed a bit.

Because it’s so dense and thick before one’s eyes, the forest can be called a green mass.

「Suppose that we didn’t take wrong direction coming up here, this should be the elf forest, no doubt」
「Still, it’s quite a splendid forest. It seems that you’d be lost when you enter」

But, refusing us to come to this in this manner, there should be there, I say as such.

The Saintess surely lives inside this forest.

「We’re going to look for the Saintess. Let’s enter the forest immediately」

Well then, let’s advance to search the Saintess inside the forest.,

Then, after walking for a few minutes.

I have noticed in in between.

Even though the piled up leaves overhead and the lights seemed to be made using magic, it can’t be helped with the bad footing since there’s no clear path.

But Elena Ria is forged to look around regularly, Eunice is born with high physical ability is used to it so there’s no much hardships.

「~~♪ ~~~♪」

Eunice hums something and it seems that she’s enjoying herself.

In short, the only one having hard time is Shizuku.

Anyway, we only have to warp on this place.

It’s still possible right now but when I thought about that.

「…There seems to be a woman waiting ahead of us. What should we do, My King?」

Ahead the road we’re advancing, Elena Ria that’s scouting pointed ahead and warned me.

「Perfect. I wanted a guide inside the forest. Let’s meet her」
「…Are you sure? They might be waiting for us by chance and not passing by!?」
「It’s fine. If something happens, I’m going to use my charm magic at once」

I finally am able to find a clue.

Whatever you do, information is the most important.

I went to the direction Elena Ria pointed.

「I don’t know what’s going to happen so please take care, My king
「Yeah, I know…

Arriving at the location, I raised a faint voice of admiration.


Tree don’t grow in that place and for some reason sunlight shines, only low grass grows on the ground that’s illuminated.

And, I’m sure that this is the woman Leona talked about One girl stands on the fantastic landscape.

It’s rare to be alone in this deep forest but the wings on her back caught my eye the most.

Still, what is this girl doing…?

Then the girl noticed us and dashed suddenly.

And I assumed the action she’ll take.

Elena Ria held the treasure sword a bit late.

「Take care, My King!」

Even if the ability of the treasure is sealed, the arm of this sword when I fought her is the real thing.

But, even if I’m attacked, I can do something about myself.

It feels that the Empress of the Forza Command has the same atmosphere as the female knights.

While thinking about it, the approaching girl lost her balanced or stumbled on something.

She tried to return her balance someway but…

dotten, she fell down.


Elena Ria who’s ahead of me can’t speak as she doesn’t understand what happened.

The opponent she’s vigilant of fell like crazy when she came running.


She probably isn’t injured by the grass but…

The girl slowly stood up and walked towards us this time.

「You, what did you come here for?」

It seems that she really waited for us.,

I don’t know what’s her purpose for coming here though.

Let’s talk to her for the time being. If we can negotiate, then we will

If they resist then it’s the charm cheat’s turn.

「I’m Ryuu. On my back are my companions. I came here to meet the saintess. I would like you to guide us」
「Yushu is a fairy that safeguards the elf forest! Therefore I can’t guide you! 」

Since she has wings she’s a fairy?

I thought she’d be convinced easily but if you live in this fantasy world for a while you’d get used to it easily.

The way she talk is childish, and she also paid attention to weird points in her speaking manners.

「…I see, I get it. Then, we’re going to search for it. Let us pass through then」

Oh well. It’s not my nature to rely on anyone anyway.

I don’t want to be entangled into something strange.

「…Wait a moment!」
「What? We don’t have time to talk with you」

I hate using time on nonsense and useless stuff.

「Yushu is a guard so she will stop an unknown person entering the forest」

…The subject changed. It would become troublesome if this continues.

The talk won’t be flexible on someone that looks like innocent.

Let’s use charm cheat while we’re at it and have her guide us.

Since I made my decision, let’s capture her immediately.

Yushu stared at me curiously as I wasn’t answering.

「N? About what?」

I invoked my magic.
「…Become my woman!」
I used my charm cheat on Yushu.


  1. It’s all the leaders +Aisha
  2. Literal, Elena Ria decided to join