I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 4 part 2

Chapter 2 ★ Become a Slut1!

She had decided to become a slut, but Shizuku’s perplexed on how would she would become one.
She’s a girl that has been looking at the future so she doesn’t have much knowledge.

(If I recall…)

There’s an old book that lies in the depths of the room.

I’ve heard that there’s also a book written about sex.

Shizuku was never interested in it before, but she needs it’s power for herself, so she tracked down the book.

When she opened the book, self-consolation…in short the method of masturbation was written.

「I-I see…」

It was unknown who wrote it, but it was written in detail.
First, it says to massage own breasts.

「Let’s try it…」

Shizuku massaged her breasts as written in the book.

But, she can’t feel it that suddenly. That’s because it would be impossible to wash her body if she felt it there.

「Being a slut…is difficult」

Just like what’s written, Shizuku squeezed her chest and rolled her nipples.
Her nipples seemed fairly sensitive, it can be seen when it stood up immediately with just a little touch.
With a stiff bump, it got hard.

The nature and breathing of Shizuku became rough too.

「Ah, N, Aaa, Nu…!」

She herself is surprised of her own voice leaking out.
It’s only around the nipples, but her body feels gradually getting hotter.

(T-this is masturbating…!?)

She’s feeling sexual pleasure for the first time.
Her body’s feeling light, her insides are attacked by an itching feeling, Shizuku is confused.

「Ah, Nn,, kuh…I-it feels good…」

The words flowed unconsciously.

(So this feels is what they call feeling good isn’t it?…)

She was feeling fear a while ago, then the pleasure is growing steadily.

Her nether regions is becoming moist, liquid is dripping on her thighs.
Her legs are pigeon-toed, the squirming Shizuku sat down.

「Haahaa…power doesn’t enter me anymore…」

She never experienced this feeling before.

And yet, she understood that her body wanted more.

A hand extends naturally on her crotch, then entrusts it to her Miko clothes.

「Nn, ah, naaaa!」

Her voice grows, rubbing only her breasts becomes unsatisfactory

(I…I desire for more?)

She just felt slight sexual pleasure, then she found that her body is demanding.
She’s holding down her desires until now, her mind wavers with a little impulse.

「Haa, haahaa, nu, kuu, aau!!」

She thought that it’s no good, her crotch is getting hot.
The feeling to want to touch it steadily increase.

「Good…it’s good…M-more…」

Tracing it suddenly, a chilling feeling is transmitted to her spine.

In addition, her Miko clothes are turned and she exposed her lower body.

「Haa, haahaa…nn」

Shizuku exposed the her white thighs and crotch.
A skin no one has touched, it was smooth and beautiful.

There’s not a pubic hair growing, so her mound of Venus is smooth.
ーーA tag to protect her virginity is stuck between her thighs.
This tag has a barrier in it so no one can touch it. 2

The only one who can break the tag is only Shizuku.

This tag automatically deals with her excretion such as urine automatically.

However, strangely, only love nectar is slipping out of her gap thickly.

Because it was a old custom, she doesn’t understand the principle, but all generations of shrine maidens must protect their virginity. 3

(As expected, my virginity must be…)

Shizuku thought.

But, since she’s caressing her breasts, she can’t suppress the pain in her crotch.

Shizuku reaches for the tag, then touched her crotch.


Even though a special barrier is placed, it’s just a thin paper for Shizuku.
Tracing the clitoris on top of the thin paper, it’s no wander that she can feel it.
The pleasure runs like electricity all over her body.


She knows that she’ll go crazy if she goes further.

She knows that, but her hand doesn’t stop.

Shizuku might’ve not noticed it herself, but she has an overflowing talent as a slut.

Giving in to small pleasure, unable to endure it anymore, her pulp clitoris is being rubbed away with the tip of her finger.

*Kosu Kosu* She stimulated her clitoris multiple times.

「Ah, n! Good, Good! It’s good! This feels good!」

She’s deeply impressed from the pleasure in this world.
She was sitting, but she gradually changed her posture to pushing out her waist.
Even though there’s no one, her legs are wide open and her ass is floating.

(I’m so …shameless…)

She feels so vulgar.
Shizuku opened the path to sluts.

「Ah, n! S-something’s coming! It’s coming!」

Her body is convulsing.
Her breath turned rougher, and saliva is flowing from her mouth.

「Haa, haahaa! I-I can’t…I am…!」

Shizuku pushed her waist high.
A large amount of tide blew.

Just like love nectar, the tag doesn’t seem to absorb it.

Shizuku continues to blow a lot of tide while moving her hips up and down.

It flew just like urine multiple times.

「Haahaa…What a shameless me」

Bowlegged, she finished the thing that’s the same as urination.
From a upright and clean shrine maiden, it’s an impossible behavior.


(That felt good…)

It was the best pleasure to Shizuku.


Shizuku proceeds to crawl back out of the room.

However, she used her power to pull something over.

「Haahaa…I never thought this is possible」
That’s a man’s penis’ modelーDildo
Shizuku’s eye color turned like a beast.


  1. This might be wrong because the literal translation is “Female Pervert” but, let’s keep it unless it’s necessary to change it to “Nymphomaniac”
  2. Kuroinu pls
  3. So it’s okay with anal?