I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 4 part 3

Chapter 3 ★ The Miko turned to a nympho1

A dildo in front of her eyes.

She never saw a man’s penis before but, she knows that it’s genuine2

(This was written in the book from a while ago… However, isn’t this too big!?)

The actual size was not written in the book, but as one would expect, it would be surprising if it’s as thick as one’s arm.
If this entered the insides of a body, how would it turn out…

(I-I should try it…)

Shizuku who opened the nympho path from masturbating can’t be just curious anymore.

It’s impossible to put something inside her vagina because there’s a tag, but she understood that her vagina is itching.

Her insides are tightening, it’s requesting for a penis.


Shizuku drank her saliva.
She picked up the dildo and put it on the top of the bed.

「haahaa…This thing…haahaa…」

She’s too excited that drool is flowing out of her mouth.
Shizuku is excited at the dildo in front of her just like a hungry beast.

(I-I’m putting it in…!)

She want to put it in but she can’t put it inside her vagina.

(H-How should I…)

The moment she thought of it, Shizuku’s anus3 closed tight.

(I can… on the other hole…)

Normally that hole is for excretion.
If there, then it’s possible to put it inside her body.


Even though she’s a virgin, she’s gonna put it in her ass hole.
She embraced that nympho manner and got even more excited.

Just looking at the dildo, she’s close to cumming already.
Shizuku gulped down her saliva once again.

「I-I think it’s okay…」

Though She’s worried about her body, she can’t suppress her excitement with that.
She can’t do anything but insert the dildo in her ass hole to suppress this excitement.
Shizuku thought about it.

(It’s standing)

The dildo is standing on the floor excellently.
It seems that there’s a man lying on it.

(To be a nympho…It’s no good unless I’m on the top)

Shizuku stood on the top of the dildo and sink her waist slowly.


The dildo strikes her anus and she came lightly with that.
Since love nectar flowed through her ass, her anus is also completely wet.

「I-I’ll put it in…」

Shizuku went to insert the dildo even her anus is shutting tightly.

「Ah, Nn, Kuuuu! Aaaaaaa!」

The hard dildo is grinding in her fairly narrow hole.
She hit the part where the head bulges, it wasn’t possible to insert it inside well but, Shizuku dropped her ass lower.



The dildo entered Shizuku’s anus as she make a lovely voice.
It was swallowed to the foundation and went inside successfully.

「Haahaa…It went in…!」

She thought it was painful but surprisingly, there’s no pain.
Instead, she felt pleasant, the pleasure runs through her whole body.

「Ahhn, kuu…!」

A fat thing hollowed out and spreads the anus
But, even with that pleasant sensation, Shizuku began to move her waist.

「Haa, haa~n!」

She moved her waist up and down rhythmically.
Nobody taught her, but her movement completely belongs to a nympho

The waist is moved politely that a man that ejaculates prematurely would’ve ejaculated already.

(W-what’s this…! The hole in my ass…feels good!)

The discomfort from the foreign matter gradually fades and the pleasure increases.

Her insides has been poked with the tip of the hard thing that she’s seems to cum anytime soon.

「Ah, Hii! T-This is amazing! This kind of things…!」

She spread her legs, then moved her waist while pushing her hands on the bed.

Her ass felt even better when she used her whole body.

The buttocks hits the bed, it can be heard with a *Ban Ban* sound

(My waist…can’t stop…!)

The *Ban Ban* sound even grows further, the force may be able to destroy the bed.
Her ass doesn’t distort even with that force, her waist raises high up from the repulsion4

She feels stronger pleasure when she strikes stronger.

(I-I’m…a pervert…I’m a pervert…!)

This girl never knew sexual pleasure just a minute go woke as a woman, became a nymphomaniac.

She doesn’t feel repulsed on herself anymore, she just feels the pleasure as a nympho.

In fact, she thought that the clean and upright appearance of the shrine maiden is fake5

「Aaaaa! Good! It’s good! My ass hole feels best」

She doesn’t think it’s shameless even she shouted out vulgar words.
In addition, the pleasure gets stronger.
Shizuku moves her waist at high speed while rubbing her own chest.

「Ahn, My breast feels good! It feels good!」

She massaged her unexpectedly large chest, rolled her nipples, Shizuku was blinded by the best pleasure.
The love nectar overflows, and her clitoris is hard erect.

It’s confident like a cock.
Her one hand massage her breasts while the other plays with her clitoris.

「What pleasure! Aaaa! My asshole,feels good! n」

She opened her mouth, drooled, and her eyes turning somewhere.
Just like her appearance in the future.

Being violated by a man, she exposed a dirty ahe6 face.

She was able to achieve it by herself.

(W-with this…even if I got violated by that man…Ahii!)

She’s already pulling the cart before the horse.

No matter what future she’s in, but right now, Shizuku is happy.

「R-rather, I want a penis…!」

She got tired of the fake penis soon.

At the same time, Shizuku is approaching climax

「Ah, hii! Cock! I want a cock! Au, cumiiiiiing!」

The lovely voice grows bigger and she move her hips faster.
With the pounding on her asshole, the pleasure went climax.

「I-I caaaand! I…Even though I’m a shrine maiden…from my ass…Cummiiiiiiing!!!」

Shizuku came while blowing a tide.
She fell forward as is with her ass floating.

「Ah, this is no good…Nu, it came off…!」

The dildo came out as she has no power.

It moved slowly.


*Pon* The dildo popped from her anus.


Shizuku crawls to the exit.


Is what Shizuku desires.
When she looked at the mirror, is the penis from the man she refused so many times.


  1. I’ll be using Nympho instead of a slut because I think slut isn’t appropriate for someone who is not having intercourse with multiple men, I won’t be editing the previous chapters though, I’m lazy as fuck
  2. This is what hachiman is looking for
  3. I am the bone of my sword
  4. Newton’s third law of motion
  5. Gil-chan~
  6. Ahe-gao