I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 4 part 4

Chapter 4: To the pirate ship!

Our purpose is to get the Shrine Maiden’s1 treasure.

To obtain the treasure, I must make the shrine maiden mine.

For that, we will attack the island Japoneru, which the Shrine maiden rules.

However, it’s impossible to warp to Japoneru at the moment.

The Shrine Maiden’s barrier obstructs it, that’s the reason why we can’t invade the country.

That’s why, I’ll talk to the pirates and we will invade from the sea.

「I’ll discuss this time’s strategy」

I gave individual role on the women gathered in the room of Forza Command’s castle.

「First are the people that will board the pirate ship. Those who will come with me are Aisha, Eunice, Meila, and Leona」
「Got it. I just have to accompany Ryuu」
「I’m with Onii-chan! It makes me excited!」
「I’m going to do my best along with Eunice-sama」
「I will defend master」
The women obediently listened to what I said.
I’m grateful for that.
「It would be good if it ended with negotiation but, the pirates might go violent and it might lead to a fight. I will ask you to guard beforehand」
「Fufu, in any case, you’re going to use your Charm Cheat right?」
「True. Well, there’s a possibility of surprise attack, for that reason I’m going to take those who can fight」

In order to board the pirate ship where their true nature is unknown, brining these three people who excel in fighting and the almighty Aisha, there won’t be any problems.

I already made the Witch Eunice and the Empress Elena Ria fall and obtain the two treasures.

Since I’ve already come here with great hardships, it’s natural to be a bit more careful.

「Elena Ria and Seria will continue the duties in Forza Command」

I will give my two new captive the Forza Command to continue their work.

「Acknowledged. My King」
「Master, I will work hard」

As expected, I can’t take all the members.

Elena Ria is the original ruler of this country so I won’t have worries to leave it on her and Seria.

I took great pains on making this country fall, it would be dangerous to leave this to an unfamiliar fellow, so this is the best policy.

「What should I do?」

Yarina who isn’t been assigned yet asked me.

「I’d like to ask Yarina to manage funds」
「I see. That’s my field of expertise」

The funds which has to be used after making Forza Command fall increased significantly.

Of course, it’s necessary to manage the finance, after making other countries fall, this will be a huge benefit.

Since Yarina has a huge experience in business management, I can leave finance in her.
「Next is, Eunice, could you bring the Crystal?」
「Got it, Onii-chan. But, what do you want to see?」
「The pirate ship. Identify the location so we can warp inside the pirate ship directly」
「I see. Then, Melia, please bring the crystal」
When told by Eunice, Melia had gone to get the treasure.
「However, Master, suddenly going on the enemy’s headquarters is dangerous…」

Apparently, it seems Leona is anxious if it would become a fight with pirates.

Are the pirates in this world strong?

「It should be fine. I’m going with those who are used in battles for that reason」

And, as long as I can use magic, fights would be no problem.

「Roger that. In any case something happened, I will defend master」
「You’re reliable」
「That’s my role after all」

While we were talking, Melia had brought the crystal to me.

「Ryuu-sama, here it is」

Melia passed me the crystal, I supplied magic on it and searched for the pirate ships.

The fog in the crystal gradually clears up and the location of the pirate ships is reflected.

It seems that they’re anchored at the sea right now.

Still, this world’s magic and treasures are convenient.

I can easily examine the situation of the enemy this way.

「We specified the location of the ship」
「We’re finally kicking off, Onii-chan」
「Yeah, that’s right. Aisha, I’m going to prepare the warp from now on. I’ll leave the support to you」
「Yes. I got it」

With Aisha’s support, I made a warp gate to connect to the space in the pirate ship.

The magic had continued to spread firm, then a black ominous hole without end was made.

「I will warp to the pirate ship and board it. The four people I mentioned earlier will follow」
「Fortunes of war, My king」
「See you soon, Master」
「Leave this place to me」

The stay back see us off, then I entered the hole made with magic, then began to warp to the pirate ship.

Still, you can’t get used to it easily but I’m gradually passing through the hole.

A light ahead of the hole is seen gradually, and my senses returned to it’s original state.

The exit is close.

「Now then, what kind of woman is waiting in the pirate ship」

I went out of the hole and got off to the pirate ship.

Behind me are Aisha, Eunice, Melia, Leona.

「This is the pirate ship?」

Melia looked at the deck curiously.

I thought that Melia is the most knowledgeable in my harem but it seems it’s her first time in a pirate ship too.

I looked around the area we landed.

There are some sailors on the deck.

Having a hallow hole appear in the ship, they don’t know what’s happening so they’re surprised and unable to talk.

「Master, there’s a lot of men here」

I thought there’s a sense of unease, but surely, there’s a lot of men. Half of the crew I see are men.

A man isn’t discriminated in the see I guess? There are a lot of men in that case.

「What’yer doin’」

The door from the cabin opened, and a woman with a leader distinction came out.,

「Yer some’on I didn’t see. W’er did ya come from?」

Though her speech is like Kansai dialect, her intonation is slightly different so I think it’s from this world instead of the other world. …It feels like a pseudo Kansai dialect.

If a person from Kansai might understand her quickly, but unfortunately I’m not a Kansai.

Well, the speaking manner of the other side doesn’t matter.
「Sorry for the late introduction. I’m the recent king from Forza Command, Ryuu. I came here to talk」
「King you say!? Name’s Bridget. The captain of this ship」
I’m lucky to have the captain come out by herself.
Now then, this woman…


  1. Aisha and Shizuku are both Miko, but I will use Miko on Aisha and Shrine Maiden on Shizuku