I made a Slave Harem using a Charm Cheat in a different world Chapter 4 Part 6

Chapter 61: Female Pirate Bridget’s Paizuri

Just what kind of behavior will the Bridget whose under charm cheat have?


Hou…As expected she’s playing the role of the ship’s captain.

Does her pride obstruct it? On public eyes she’s hesitating whether to wish for me or take me as captive. 2

Even with the charm cheat, her true nature can’t be altered greatly There’s a change if character but, in reality it’s just that they are in love-struck state.

I made a rough sigh, seeing her conflicted is fascinating.,

「Now then, what should I do?…」

Well, I think that it’s much more fragile than Leona’s loyalty to the Empress. I was able to break it using sexual pleasure…

However, charm magic really has an amazing effect.

Perhaps it’s difficult to understand a little, but it’s fine to say that it’s greedy.

I looked at the magic and see them change interestingly afterwards3

With uncontrollable excitement, she might even jump out right now.

However our final objective is to have her take us to Japoneru.

I continued to talk to Bridget

「What’s wrong? Did you have a change of heart?」

I know that I casted charm cheat on Bridget but I asked her.

The grand pride Bridget has is collapsing in an instant. Kukuku…

「…I want to talk just the two of us. Let’s go to my room」
「It doesn’t matter if we talk in this room right?」
「I want to speak only with you」

Is she worrying about Aisha, Eunice, Melia, and Leona?

She makes a confident remarks earlier but she’s unexpectedly a type of woman who minds small details.

No, it’s different. It seems she can’t take it any longer.

I have to say it here. It’s impossible for you to be hard on a man.

「Fine. The four of you will wait here」
「Fufu, you’re going to enjoy by yourself」
「Sorry. I’ll play with you after this ends」

Though Eunice objected, the other three consented.

「Bridget, let’s go」
「Isn’t it obvious?」

I left the guest room with Bridget and we headed to her room.

「Then, You even changed rooms, what do you want to talk with just the two of us?」

Bridget comes near me with her mouth faltering.

Her mind has the charm cheat and her pride fighting each other.

「That’s, what?」

By the way, Bridget wears a pirate dress with frills4 that has a high degree of exposure.

Being bound by the spell now, her big breast that won’t lose to her aggressive character was hidden, her plump body can be called obscene.

Probably because she lives in the sea, her softness as a woman is moderately tightened.

Her style is extraordinarily good.

「If you don’t say it clearly I’ll never understand you」

Then, I touched Bridget’s shoulder while saying so.


Of course, there’s no behavior of disliking me at all.

Also, seeing this reaction, it’s a matter of time for Bridget to approach me.

「Hey? What’s wrong?」

While I was talking, I touch her little by little to tease her.

Every time that happens, Bridget leaks a sweet sigh.

「Call me Ryuu」

I continue the body touch while Bridget speaks.

She can feel pleasure but she can’t reach climax

「What do you want to say to me? If you don’t want to say anything, then I’d like to go to negotiate with other ships immediately」

While continuing the body touch, Bridget can’t last any longer.

「Haahaa…Ryuu. Could you entrust this to me?」
「What is it?」
「Sailing to Japoneru…」

Kukuku, you finally said it.


「Didn’t you say it a while ago? If you don’t like it then I’ll go to another ship 」
「Wai! You can’t!」
「Uhm…I’ll take you…can you hear my request?」
「That’s…Ryuu’s p-penis」
「I want to place it between my breasts!」
「I don’t have that time but…very well. Do your best to serve」

Bridget kneels and my trousers were lowered.

「…This is hard and big」

Bridget touches my penis in curiosity.

Feeling from her hand, my penis expands gradually.

「Savor my breasts!」

Bridget took of her clothes and exposed her own boasted breasts

Then my penis was stuck in the valley between her breasts.

「It feels nice. Move it」
「Hana…Got it」

Whether she dislikes it or not, Bridget is powerless before my charm.

After all, she serviced me with her breast just as I ordered.

「Ahn, Aaaau! Hot…Ryuu’s penis, it’s too hot that it burns…」5

Bridget looks at my glans appearing and disappearing from her cleavage.

「You’re quite skilled. Try better till I’m satisfied」
「Got it」

She’s quite obedient compared to the beginning.

「Can you sandwich it stronger?」

Saying so, Bridget put her palm on her breasts and strongly push it.

Her tits is hotter than expected, I instinctively remembered the intense pleasure.

Bridget’s nipple stands as she can feel it, it can be seen as her breathing becomes rough.

「N…Ahn…It’s been while since I had a man. More…more…」
「If you want a man, there’s a lot in this ship, right?」

There’s considerable number of men at the deck.

In addition, Bridget should have a creed of 『Use what can be used』

「Fun…Those guys can’t satisfy me at all. Your thing is the best…It’s the best in the world!」

All of the women said big whenever they see my penis, the men’s norm is probably disappointing.

Did Bridget’s lust accumulate after a long voyage.

It seems she’s quite proactive.

She’s supposed to service me but it seems that she’s rubbing her breast strongly and now masturbating.

It’s irritating if she’s just a mere prostitute, but since I feel pleasant I’ll pardon her.

「I won’t let you go back until I’m satisfied」

I feel Bridget’s paizuri getting gradually stronger.

The pre-cum mixes with the sweat of the female pirate, it’s making an erotic sound.

The breast with volume squashes lewdly, it’s impossible to endure.

My first shot is closing in.

「Compared to the men on the ship, Ryuu is the best…Ah, aaaah…It would be difficult to separate from Ryuu anymore」
「We don’t have to separate. Come and be with me all the time」
「If you say that…I…」
「You’re cumming?」
「Aaaaa! I’m about to cum soon…n」
「Wait a bit more! I’m about to ejaculate too」

Bridget’s paizuri gets even more violent, it accelerates with my pre-cum as lubricant.

Being wrapped in a soft feeling, I met my limit.

「Aaaaahn! C-Cumming!」
「I’ll shoot it out, Bridget」

I gripped Bridget’s shoulder then shook my waist.

「Ah, nnn! If you do that intensely…!」
「Catch my semen with your breast and your face!」
「Aaaah! Shoot it out! Pour a lot on meeee!
「Go ahead and cum!」
「Nnnnaaaaah! I can’t endure anymore!」

It seems Bridget has reached her limit, she starts convulsing.

「Very well. I’ll shoot it on your face!」
「Aaaaahn! Unaa! Cumiiiiiiiiiiiing!!」

Bridget climaxed at the same time I ejaculated.

Byururu, Byuuuuu! Byubyuyu!

While I ejaculate, Bridget doesn’t stop her hand on the paizuri.

Then, my semen dashed out from her chest then dyed Bridget’s snow white face.

Bridget blew a tide at the same time, A big puddle was made on the feet of the exhausted woman.

「Haahaa…You’re really the best…」

Bridget seems to be satisfied, but my penis is still erect.
Now then, let’s go to the next action?


  1. Author Mistakenly wrote 5
  2.  プライドが邪魔しているのか、人目もはばからず俺を求めてくるような虜にはなっていないようだ。
  3.  俺を見ている目が魔法をかけられる前と後で面白いほど違うのだ。
  4. What?
  5. Flame on!