I made a slave harem using a Charm Cheat in a different world Chapter 4 Part 7

Chapter 7: ★ Female Pirate Bridget’s cowgirl.

「Haahaa…My breast…is now a mess…」

Bridget’s paizuri ended.

While breathing rough, she looks at my penis like she wants it.

If you have such an eye, even if you don’t say it I will know.

「…Should we go there?」
「Bed? Okay」

I moved to the bed inside the room.

Are you really fancy of me? Bridget calls me.

「…Are you satisfied already」
「What about you, you were showy but are you okay?」
「I’m still not done yet」

Though she’s in disorder, she can speak well.

「How long can you keep strong」

For she’s strong, she’s the top of the pirates.

Perhaps I should learn from that.

「I can’t endure it anymore…!」

While speaking to me, Bridget began to take off her underwear slowly.

It’s probably from when she blew a tide a while ago.

Her underwear is already soaked wet already.

「Just ending it like that…I don’t like that. Ryuu has to take responsibility」

She was gaudy a while ago but her lust had accumulated as she continued to ship.

Bridget has an unbearable expression.

I can still do it too.

Bridget is a nice woman so I want to embrace her, I won’t get tired of her no matter how many times we do it.

My final aim is to make a slave harem in this world after all.

I can’t be exhausted by this much.

「Can you still go on?」
「Of course. It would be troublesome if you make light of me」
「Then I won’t stop until I wring out all of Ryuu’s semen」1
「You’re cheeky. That’s only if you can last, but you see」
「Even if you cry or beg, I won’t stop」

Briget comes for me on the bed.

「I’ll be the attacker…」
「Fuu, very well then」

This time, Bridget is on top assuming a cowgirl position.

It’s probably the effect of magic but she’s pretty agreesive.

Bridget gets on top of me and entwine her finger on my penis.

「I’m going to enjoy this to the full extent」

Bridget straddle over me, I can see Bridget’s groin in full view from here.

Pulling it greedily, I can already see a long transparent string of love nectar in her genital.

「I-I’m going to put it in…I don’t mind if you suddenly cum」

There’s still some semen left on the penis, it was swallowed inside her vagina.

The sticky feel covers my penis and tightens up.


Bridget, as if riding a horse trembled as she felt greater pleasure than she thought.

Since she didn’t move, I can assume that she came already.

「What’s wrong? Did you cum already?」

Bridget didn’t answer, she breathed deeply for a while before she began to speak.

「…For this… to be so big」

It was a whisper but I managed to hear her words.

However, I didn’t ask again.

I’m interested on where will her pride crumble.

「Un? What did you say?」
「…Don’t ask. I’ll start then」
「Kuku, what an obstinate person」

She’s not fallen yet. This is interesting in itself.

Bridget calming down after she climaxed a while ago gently moved on top of me.

At the same time her vagina that just climaxed brandished my penis according to her movement.

「Nn, nnnffuu! Ah, Faan」

Whenever she moves her waist up and down, *tap tap*, her chest jumps, it’s quite lewd.

I reached to that abundant chest.

While massaging the soft breast that sweats slightly, the nipples are already standing.

*Kuri Kuri*, while massaging it, Bridget’s hard nipples got even more erect.

「Aaahaaaaaan! Doing nothing but my nipples, I’m going to cum again…Fuun!」
「What? I though you’re going to make me cum?」
「Ahii, Hiin, T…This should’nt be…!」
「Yare Yare, a female pirate isn’t a great thing」
「Ah! Shtoop! Deep inside…Cummiiiing!」

Although she raised a lovely voice, her vagina twines itself and tightens hard.

Her light climax seems to continue several times.

「Afuu ,kufuu!」

The pressure of Bridget’s vagina who’s moving at top is rising rapidly.

It seems that her her limit is approaching.

「Cum as much as you like! Keep cumming until I’m satisfied!」
「Auun! Cumiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!」

*Biku Biku Biku Biku*…!

She faced upwards, she’s exhausted already.

「Ha, you can’t…Cumming again…! I’m cumming…!」
「You can’t endure it? Climax as much as you like!」
「aaaaaaa! Cumming…Again!」

Although she endured hard, Bridget cum again.

「Oi oi, are you done already?」

Bridget’s character is unyielding rather than a bluff.

I think that she wont answer my question until she calms down.

While I was waiting for an answer, I pushed my penis deep inside Bridget.

「N, Nfaaa! Now, kufuun! Hafuu!」
「I just came so please stop!」

She’s sensitive since she just climaxed.


Her breathing became rough.

If you breathe like an animal, that makes me want to feel you more.

I shake my waist more.

「Ya, wa, that place! W-wait! I just came, auuu!」

Bridget pulled her writhing waist as she felt an unknown pleasure after that started right after she came.

However, I grabbed the retreating waist and inserting it in so deep that it reached the uterus again.

「Haaaaan! It feels too good…T-This is haaun!」
「Isn’t it fine to feel good? I’ll do it more」
「I don’t know that…! Sex is such…Aaaaaau!」
「Very well, drown in my body」
「Anuu, Hiuu, Aaaaa! Shtop! Shhtoop…! oooon!」

My body was attacked by the lightly convulsing body that keeps on climaxing.

Bridget barked like a wild beast.

「Yaaan, I-I’m going crazy, kuhaaaan! Crazyyyyyyy!」

The pleasure was too big for Bridget that she’s panting and became broken.

However, I didn’t mind her state and kept stirring her insides

「D-Don’t…So deep…Haaun」

I feel something hot welling up inside my body.

I’m about to cum soon.

「Hyaaaan! Cum insiiiiiiiiidee! Make me Ryuu’s thiiiiing!」
「Speak louder!」
「Inside my pussy…Let out a looooooot! Make me pregnaaaaaant!」

If you say that much, I have to meet your expectations

「I’ll pour it inside your womb…! Savour it!」
「Nooooo! Cummmiiiiiiiiiiiing!」

Bridged’s vagina tightened, constricting my penis at the same time she spoke.

It being a trigger, My penis that was huge till the limit released semen inside Bridget’s vagina.

「It’s comin iiiiiiin! At lot is coming iiiiiiiin!」

Though I just ejaculated, I filled her womb with a thick cloud which is much more than a while ago.


She settled after a while, it seems she’s satisfied this time.

Bridget talked on top of me exhausted.

「The talk about the shipー」
「Then, let’s do it again?」

I stopped her talk by force.

The prideful Bridget has fallen.

I might as well enjoy myself a bit more.

「Eh…I’m already…」
「Didn’t you say that you won’t stop until all of my semen is squeezed out?」

I throw Bridget down on the bed.
I changed the offense and defense with Bridget.


  1. Eunice laughs in the background