I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 4 Part 8

Chapter 8: ★ Violating in missionary position.

「What…the hell ar’ya doin…?」

Bridget, who’s breathing rough after cumming asked me with teary eyes.

It seems that she wants to take a break already.

But , I won’t let that.

「Let’s see. Allow me to be the one attacking this time」

I immediately changed the offense and defense with Bridget, she who is losing her breath said.

「No way…!? That…you can still go on?」
「I’ll cooperate already! I’ll do it so stop…!」

Do you think I’ll let you escape to this degree?

You seem to lack resolve to be my woman.

「What are you getting surprised for? The real thing starts now」

I declared that it’s natural.

Bridget saw my eyes and flustered.

However, her body had already came a lot of times, power can’t enter her body well.

We had the cowgirl position earlier now I changed it to missionary, she can’t move like that as she’s tired.

She can’t speak as she’s exactly gasping for breath.

「You thought this ended already? If you’re tired then let me do as I like」
「…That’s right! I don’t mind you doing as you like with the ship…That’s why, any more than this…」
「That’s not the problem」
「You’ve got to be kidding me!? You, calm down!」1

You were vigorous at first though.

Ending up this way, you’re like a shadow of your former self.

Furthermore, it’s not my nature to continue doing as I please. 2

Now is the time to seize the initiative, the one that can make Bridget enjoy sex further.

「Let’s have that talk later. Right now we’re going to have sex until we’re satisfied」
「You’re a monster!」
「I wonder. Well, I’m not interested though」

Even though I accumulated lust, I can probably withstand more pleasure than this.

Of course, I think that it can’t be endured.

I’m looking forward on how much disarray would happen.

「Clothes are obstruction. I’ll take them off」

Taking off all the remaining clothes, Bridget became nude.

While I took off my own clothes, Bridget is already in a condition where she can’t do anything.

「Ahn, shtop…!」

It’s good to take off own clothes but being nude and nude again has a merit in sexual pleasure.

Also, this subject is nice even though there’s nothing worn, simple ero is prominent.

While thinking about that, I took off all of Bridget’s clothes..

「Now, open your legs」
「I’m already satisied…So please」

Her endurance probably recovered a bit while she was talking.

Bridget starts to shut her thighs poorly./

「I-It’s impossible already…!」

Anyway, it’s useless resistance if she hardly put any power.

I don’t care about such resistance, I spread her legs by force.

Bridget’s place was exposed and had various liquids drip.

「Seriously, any more than this…Hauun!」

Before she was able to say something, I began to caress her.

When I inserted my finger, I felt her vagina sticking and sucking it deeper inside.

Also, regardless of cumming often, it’s tightening and it’s still tight right now.

「I told you…N, nna! Haa! Fuaaa!」

Bridget’s voice and vaginal pressure stressed but I came to understand how much she feels.

With this feeling, it seems that she’s about to cum.

However I didn’t stop my hand caress.

I don’t intend to let Bridget rest yet.

「No good! I’m cumming…I really can’t endure it! Aguun! Fuaaaaaaaan!」

Bridget won’t settle from just reaching climax, it’s going to rise even more.

「Naaafu! dwont~shtoo…Hyayauun!」

She can’t move her tongue well.

This is what’s worth attacking.

But, any further than this and Bridget would faint, I continued until I stopped my hand.

I wait for Bridget’s rough breathing from repeated climax come down.

It would be a waste if she faint just from caress.

「Then, I’ll be putting it in」
「Eh…W-wait! P-please let me rest at least」
「Why? It would be a waste of time」

Saying that, I mercilessly thrust my penis on Bridget’s hole.

「Aaaa…getting extreme suddenly! Fuaaa」
「Now…I’ll be moving my waist」
「Stop, dwoooooont! If you do me so violently…!」

Bridget’s big breast shook intensely.

A deep valley was made when the chest was brought near.

If this kind of thing is shown, there’s no way for me to stop my waist.

「Aaaaaa! I’m going crazy! Uuaaaaaaaa!」
「Then get madder」
「Ahyuuu!! Cumiiiiiing! I’m cumming with every thrust!」

It’s natural that she’s getting sensitive after cumming, Bridget writhes into pleasure.

Feeling the movement of her vagina, it seems she’s cumming continuously.

「How’s it, Bridget? Are you feeling good?」
「Ahiiii! Yes, Yeees! Hiiiiiiiiin!!」

How many times she climaxed? It seems she came again.

Since she can’t answer directly, it can’t be helped, I loosened my movement.

「Haaan…Fuuu, haaa…It feels too good…」
「I see, I will continue not minding how many times you cum until I’m satisfied」
「What, say it clearly. If you do, it’ll even feel better」
「…More, make me feel more! Release Ryuu’s semnen inside my vagina!!」
「Hahaha, you really want my semen that much?」
「I want iiit! Ryuu’s semen coming out from his penis to my vagina, I want lots…!!」

Bridget had her reason blown away from the unending pleasure, her train of thought doesn’t seem to be functioning well.

「I see, I’ll penetrate you in your deepest part and fill you up as you wish」

Then, I began to drill my waist and stir her vagina.

The hot boiling greed has gradually run up to me.

「Afuu! No morreeee!! I’m about to…Hauuu!!」

Bridget’s thighs began to convulse, her backbone warps into an arc chape.

It seems that she reached climax again.

Raising her voice from the pleasure of climax, her vagina contracted violently, it clings to my penis repeatedly.

It becomes hard for me to endure it.

「Then, I’m going to cum inside again」
「Let it ouuut! Let out a lot!」

Pushing up her waist forcefully, she’s preparing her own genital to accept the ejaculation.

Then, my semen was released as her vagina coils around while swelling.

「Fuaaaan! Ryuu’s penis is going wild insiddeeee!!」

I spout a cloudy mass, I kept cumming hitting her womb directly.

「Aaaaa! Ah, aaa, aaauuuuu…!」
「I’m still cumming」
「N-No more…! My mind’s going blank…!」
「Fuu, are you satisfied?」
「It already surpassed the sufficient level…Haahaa」

I made my penis pulse multiple times and I finished pouring out my semen.

「…Fufufu, You seem glad Bridget. How’s it? You want to continue?」
Bridget has an indecent expression like she’s melting away, and she fainted just like that.

●  ●  ●
I awaken the fainted Bridget using magic.

「I want to ask you something」

Because Bridget has fainted, I wasn’t able to confirm it.

I decide that this is important to ask before going to the next destination.

「Can you take this ship to Japoneru?」
「…For Ryuu’s sake…I’ll do anything you say」

Bridget’s mind and soul has fallen for me, that she answered immediately.

She’s clinging to me like a kitten.

「I’m already…yours…」

At the same time, Bridget closed her eyelid again.

It seems that she slept again.

As expected, it might’ve been too hard.

Nonetheless, Bridget is my new captive and we also have the means towards Japoneru.

Though Bridget’s unyielding character was troublesome, since she completely became a captive, it doesn’t matter anymore.

I obtained a pirate ship with all the troubles.
Let’s go to Japoneru quickly and capture the Shrine maiden.


  1. 「なんでやねん! あんた、どうかしとるで!」
  2.  しかも、好き放題にされ続けていただけというのも、俺の性に合わない。