I made a slave harem using Charm Cheat in a different world Chapter 4 Part 9

Chapter 9: Arrival at Japoneru.

Okay…Bridget is safely captured, I got permission to use the ship.

I returned to Aisha’s place.

「Any changes?」
「There’s no change in particular. It seems it went well on your side」

I haven’t said anything but ‘as expected of Aisha’ I guess.

It seems she foresaw me obtaining this ship.

However, I began to explain to girls aside from Aisha who doesn’t understand what happened yet.

「I got the ship. Bridget will cooperate with us」
「Is that so? However, you did well persuading that obstinate woman」

On Melia’s eyes, Bridget is an opponent that’s difficult to negotiate with.

Well, that’s true.

She even resisted the charm magic at first after all.

「But you see, there’s no way a woman won’t be able to fall for me」

I also used charm magic this time.

If I do that, there’s no way a woman to not fall for me.

「…Aside from that…We’re glad that you’re safe, Master」

On the other hand, it seems that Leona is worried about me all this time.

Since the magic is permanent and I have inexhaustible mana, I won’t lose even if it becomes a battle.

Nevertheless, it’s true that I made them worry.

It can’t be helped.

I’ll try rewarding them.

「Leona, come here」
「What are you going to do, master?」

I embraced Leona suddenly while she’s speaking.

However, for the worrying knight, she was surprised and her face dyed red, she averted her gaze from me.

「Do you think I’ll prefer her instead? That’s a wasteful worry. There’s no way I’d fail for someone that degree」
「I’m glad that you’re safe…」
「I made you worry…」
「…But, it’s the knight’s duty and pride to protect their master」

I guess it’s her disposition as a knight.

I suppose I’ll take care of myself a bit now.

「Thanks, Leona」
「Yes…I am Master’s sword woman after all」
「Ah, that’s unfair. Me too, me too」

It seems Runice also wants a hug after seeing Leona.

「…Got it」

Eunice approached then I hugged her too.

Because Eunice has a smaller back than Leona, the sensation is different from the hug earlier.

「Onii-chan, thanks. …I want to do it again but…is it no good?」

Then, Eunice brought her lips close to mine to tempt me.

This fellow is really the witch, she’s a fiendish woman.

「…No, that’s all. I’m a bit tired today」
「Uーn…Got it Onii-chan. But, you’ll do me lots later okay?」
「That’s the end of my story. I used my charm cheat, captured Bridget and the ship is now ours. Is there any change in you girls?」

I turned to Aisha.

She shook her head.

「Nothing. They know that it’s a direct negotiation with the captain so the crew didn’t do anything」

That much means Bridget’s leadership is good.

Furthermore, our war potential is displayed. If they had a decent nerve, they’ll stay quiet.

「Bridget is sleeping. We’ll depart tomorrow」
「Onii-chan, just how violent were youー?」
「Buu, I want to do it until I can’t stand!」

I ignored the troublesome Eunice.

「Now then, let’s take a rest in preparation for tomorrow」

When the captain is sleeping, the ship won’t move.

We also slept for today and Japoneru trip will start tomorrow.

I can’t go there not perfectly prepared.
●  ●  ●
Next morning, Bridget led the ship to Japoneru immediately.

「Weigh Anchor! Let’s depart!」

Bridget shouted.

Her appearance is completely different from her state yesterday, there’s the air of her dignity of a captain.

However, it may be my imagination but Bridget’s expression is somewhat clouded.

Just what did she hear about Japoneru?

Incidentally, I asked what’s wrong.

「What’s wrong? Is there anything strange?」
「I think the situation in Japoneru is suspicious」
「I don’t see that way though…」

But, when I look at the sky, a cloudless sky is seen.

It’s hajrd to believe that the sea gets rough with this weather.

I wonder if there’s a fellow that lives in the sea that I don’t know about.

「You’ll know when where there. It get’s really rough…」

However, several hours after, it was just as Bridget said, the sea starts to become rough.

「It was so clear earlier, just how rough is this?」
「I think it’s until we arrived at Japoneru. This is no good…」

It seems to be troublesome

I issued an order and made the women shut themselves in the room.

There’s nothing that can be done if they fell in the sea after all.

Just in case, if I fall out from the ship I can return using my power but I don’t need to fall. .

「Still, it made the weather a while ago look like a lie」
「It usually doesn’t get this hard. It’s unusual for this to get this rough」

While speaking to Bridget, the ship we’re in is being stirred up by the raging waves.

The crew is working and running around the deck.

When it reached this scale, it has to be stopped by magic, but nothing happened when I tried stopping the storm with my magic.

Or else, when I thought that I can’t warp in Japoneru, something in this storm is blocking magic.

Fortunately for us who’s confident with our magic, no matter how shaky the ship goes we don’t get seasick, no matter how many waves attack us, we don’t get wet.

「Also, how long till we arrive at Japoneru?」
「It’s not strange if we should’ve arrived, we won’t know because of this storm right now…」
「I see. Then, if there’s another change like this, just tell me」
「Are you returning to your room?」
「I’ll be doing that. Can I leave it to you?」
「Who do you think you’re talking to! It’s fine to leave this to me!」
「Fuu…I’ll depend on you then」

Now then, should I return?

I’m already tired with the ship that just keeps on shaking.

I left Bridget to visit the women who secluded themselves in the room.

However, that moment, I body is attacked by a sensation I’m not used to.

「What was that?」
「What did you feel? What’s wrong?」

It seems Bridget also doesn’t understand that sensation just now.

「Don’t mind it. It’s probably my imagination」

If I assume a comparison, it’s the feeling of the sensation when I enter the warp hole.

Do I remember that sensation because I’m over the sea?
●  ●  ●
Bridget’s steer and crew are working well, the ship also seems to be safe from the great storm.

The weather had recovered rapidly after I was hit by the uneasy feeling a while ago.

From the fact of warp and storm, this country can somehow interrupt magic from the outside.

「Oops, isn’t it too close? Japoneru came into view already」

Hearing that, I take a look at what Bridget points.

Certainly, it’s an island, the shore can be seen from a distance.

「Is that land really Japoneru?」
「What do you think of me? There’s no other island in here. That’s the genuine Japoneru」

It seems we’ve arrived at Japoneru.

The ship doesn’t go to the harbor as it’s a smuggler, we anchored at the shore near coast.

It’s lucky to think that we entered the country safely after getting through that rough sea.

「We did arrive at Japoneru but, what will we do here?」
「Bridget should standby here so we can set sail anytime」
「Okay. I’m the caretaker of the ship after all」

I tried it at Forza Command but it was impossible to warp inside Japoneru’s territory directly.

Then, there’s a possibility of being unable to escape using warp inside this country.

Also, I think there should be no problems but insurance makes me feel relieved.

「Then, I’m going to take the treasure of the shrine maiden」

Anchoring to the open sea, I, Aisha, Eunice, Melia, and Leona went from the pirate ship to a small boat to reach the land.

「We’re finally here」

Just like as Aisha said, I also felt we made a bit of detour.

The sound of waves hammering the sandy beach has gradually became loud.

We advanced for a little while, the boat’s base had reached the sand and shook a little.

We finally landed to Japoneru.

「Now then, we need information about this country. We should try looking for a village or a town」
「Master. I saw it from the ship, there’s something like a harbor from the other side. Should we go there?」
「Yeah. We’re likely to get information from there. Let’s go there」

We safely arrived at Japoneru, let’s aim for people for the time being.

「Onii-chan. I’ve never seen it but what’s that?」

Walking with the aim to arrive at the harbor, Eunice asked me about the stone guidepost put along the highway.

「It’s a guidepost. You should’ve seen this much at least」
「Is that so? But I’ve never seen such a design on a stone before」
「Then, it’s something that’s only at Japoneru」

Speaking of, I’ve never seen stonework after coming to this world.

I’ve seen it from my world originally but the guidepost has hand-carved characters that I’ve not seen.

It feels like Japan around the Edo Period.

It’s natural for Eunice to not see this before.

Japoneru is a country with a peculiar culture growing in it.

「We should know the details when we arrived. Let’s go」
「Is this a port town? It’s filled with unfamiliar buildings」

I guess they’re curious about me walking with women.

People around looks at me.

…Doesn’t matter.

Information is essential right here right now.

「I want to ask you about the shrine maiden」

I asked the woman close to me

Since using charm cheat is troublesome, just answer immediately.

「If it’s the shrine maiden, she lives at the top of the mountain which is visible from the other side」
「Is her residence at the top of the mountain?」
「Yes. Shrine maiden-sama is located at the shinto shrine」

It seems that the shrine maiden is located at the shinto shrine.

「Thanks for the information」

When I got away, the woman showed a pretense that seems to arrive, I ignored it and continued. 1

Just like that, I might embrace her and make her cry after all. 2

Oh well, I now know where’s the shrine maiden’s location.

Let’s go there immediately.
Just what kind of woman is the shrine maiden?…


  1.  俺が離れると、女は着いてきそうな素振りを見せたが、無視して進む。
  2.  このまま一緒にいると抱いてくれと泣き出してしまいそうだったからな。