I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Volume 4 Chapter 12

Chapter 12 ★ Shizuku’s degradation

Shizuku gasps as her insides are tainted with semen.


Still, Eunice looks reluctant so she inserted and grabbed Shizuku’s ass again.

However, Shizuku was somehow able to stop Eunice before it was in.

「P-please wait…next should be Ryuu-sama…」

Though she was violated by Eunice and became a mess but Shizuku seeks to have sex with me.

Just how much does this one wants to be raped by me?

「Haa…Please. Ryuu-sama…!」

Why is Shizuku is so fixated on me?

I think that it’s strange for her to request even though she’s already in this state.

I wonder if I should ask for the reason forcibly?

「Ryuu, I wonder if you should just ask by using your charm magic?」

Aisha who has the same thoughts as me, asked me.

「No, it’s not necessary. I’ll try to ask her body that has no magic」

Doing things without magic has been proven from my past experience.

Also, I’d like to hear Shizuku’s voice without depending on magic,.

「It’s okay to use magic but all of them are making the same reaction so it’s not interesting anymore」

It’s only good to gather information, but what I want isn’t information.

「Got it」
「Now then…」

I looked towards Shizuku.


Shizuku still stares at me with greedy eyes.

Shizuku seems to no longer intend to attack.1

Though I don’t understand what’s her real reason but I will rape Shizuku.

「Eunice, get back」
「Eeeh?ー. I haven’t had this kind of beauty for a whileー…」

Shizuku’s hole must be pleasurable.

Her thing is still energetic even after the second release.,

「I’ll let you do her some time again」
「Got it, Onii-chan. It’s a promiseー」

As expected she was a bit satisfied, she separated from Shizuku unwillingly.

Did Eunice already forgot her real reason why she did that?

Our first purpose is to have Shizuku hand me over her treasure.

Well, fine. I’ll just make the shrine maiden fall for me and obtain the treasure along the way.

Then first,

「Shizuku, I might as well enter your front hole then, you’re good with that?」

There’s a tag covering Shizuku’s vagina.

I won’t start if it’s not taken off.

I can do it forcefully but because there might be a some sort of trap I haven’t seen so I won’t do anything.


As expected, magic is related?

Shizuku took time to answer.

「Can’t you take that tag?」

I can see her hesitate a little.

「That’s right, It can’t be easily done」
「Is what’s written such a complicated magic equation?」
「No. It’s a problem only of resolution… But…」
Saying that, Shizuku covered her own vagina and removed the tag.

「Are you sure?」

Shizuku stared at me.

「Then, please…take my chastity!」


「Chastity? Even though you said that you’re a slut yet…you’re a virgin…?」
「Being a virgin doesn’t matter! Hurry up and please rape me!」
「Very well. Don’t regret it later」

I pushed down shizuku face up on top of the table in the room.

Then, I applied my swelling glans on her virgin hole.

When I thrust my waist, I felt a soft sensation and my superb article gets wrapped gradually.

There’s the semen of Eunice dripping out, also, thanks to Shizuku’s love nectar, my penis went in easily deep in her virgin hole.


Shizuku raised her waist and made a delighted cry.

The virginity Shizuku had till now is lost.

「Eh…? I heard that there’s the pain from deflowering but why it doesn’t hurt…?」

Did her sense of pain get paralyzed from the intense anal sex with Eunice?

She might actually have talent as a slut.

「It does hurt usually. I’ll make you feel that it feels painful!」

With that said, I begin to piston deeply.

「…My virginity…is being stolen violently…!」
「Haha. Are you really a virgin? You’re a virgin yet you pretend to be a slut?」

Certainly, our connecting part is dyed a bit red.

Slipping through her vaginal folds, my glans strike Shizuku’s deepest part.

Then, Shizuku’s entrance that just opened earlier tightened again.

「Ya! U, Stooop! So sudden…doing only my womb…fuaaaaaaan!」

Raising her voice exceptionally high, Shizuku rhythmically tightens with my penis.

It seems that she came lightly.

「I can’t believe that you’re a virgin just a while ago」

I don’t intend to stop my movements just Shizuku said so.

「…Aaaaaaa!? Cumming, I’m cumming! Even though I’m in middle of cumming! It feels good…!」
「Shizuku, tell me where you feel good!」
「Afuun~! …Pussy! Pussy! My pussy!」

She’s now like a slut.

「Being drowned in pleasure and shouting it…no matter where you look at, they’d think that you’re a slut. 」
「Afeaeeeeee~! No way…! This…!」
「You perverted woman!」
「Noooo~! If you do me that violently…I…!」
「Are you feeling good?」
「G-good! For me to feel this good…my head is going crazy…」
「Then lose your mind!」
「Too wild…no…more~ no you caaaaaan’t!」

Shizuku feels too much pleasure that she starts to lose herself just like I said.

「…You can’t! For this penis to feel this gooood…!」

Shizuku drowning in pleasure enjoys to move her waist in joy.

Rubbing Shizuku’s vagina violently matches the stimulation on my meat, the time to ejaculate approaches.

「I’m about to cum soon 」
「Nnaaaaa! The penis got fatter…!?」
「I’m going to fill you up」
「Aaaaaaaa! …Please release the semen of Ryuu-sama that makes me pregnaaaaaaaant!」
「Yeah. I’ll let it out inside as you wish」
「I’m cumming again…cummingcumming…Ah…fuu! Fuaaaaaan!」


It seems that we both reached our limits at the same time.

I let out my semen inside Shizuku’s womb, I can feel that her vagina spreads gradually.


Shizuku exclaimed.

Her vagina narrowed rapidly, it begins to squeeze semen from the penis.

She starts squirming, Shizuku climaxed again and again.

「Afu, kihii…Aa…no…oooo!」
「I let out a lot」

Shizuku’s drolling and gasping hard.

「Accept till the last drop!」
「Nnn!! n…Nnnnnaaaa!!」

The convulsion of Shizuku’s vagina doesn’t stop, I spread out my semen.


My penis that hasn’t withered even after ejaculating still rubs in her vagina, Shizuku can’t hold back the pleasure raised a cry.

「It’s amazing…so this is…creampie…」

Shizuku finished cumming and I pulled out my penis from the connecting part.

Suddenly, I turned my attention to Shizuku’s belly.

Shizuku’s two holes have been filled with Eunice’s and my semen, then it’s filled with a large amount of love nectar.

Looking further, her labia and anus is still twitching from the reverberation and semen was spilling from it.

Isn’t this erotic, she’s filed with juice.

「How’s it? Your wish to become a slut came true. You’re my servant now」

Since I finished ejaculating and calming down, I spoke to Shizuku.

「I-It’s strange… This is so…」
「N? You say something?」
「N-No. …Understood…I’ll be Ryuu-sama’s personal servant…I became a slut…」

Shizuku said that and became silent.

After her body lost strength, it seems that she lost consciousness.

Even though it’s her first time but I and Eunice did it violently, it’s natural of course.
Well fine, I’ll ask about the treasure tomorrow.

  1.  もはや、Shizukuの方から襲ってきそうな様子だ。