I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 4 Part 13

Chapter 13: Shrine maiden’s treasure and new land

Next day, I, along with Aisha, Eunice, Melia, and Leona went together on the room we’re guided.

Yesterday, Shizuku lost consciousness after I violated her so we decided to talks to be carried forward next day.

If she has the treasure, I have to obtain it.

Of course I wish for it to be on it’s perfect condition.

「Ryuu, why did a virgin pretend to be a slut?」

Aisha talked to me while we’re walking down the wooden corridor.

「Indeed they said at the port that she’s pure but that behavior is so unnatural. She might have a plan against us」
「Still, why using the disadvantage of being a slut?」

Shizuku’s behavior yesterday made Aisha quite anxious that she talks continuously.

「Are you that worried?…By the way, Aisha also at first wasー」
「Wait a minute! Any more than that is forbidden」
「Fufufu, yea it is. …Let’s hear the reason why Shizuku did it」

I remembered that Aisha is also a young woman with lots of knowledge in sex but has no experience at first.

We arrived in front of the room while we’re talking.

The sliding door is opened, when we peeped on the room, there was a figure inside.

The one waiting for us inside the room is the shrine maiden that was a virgin but somehow pretended to be a slut, Shizuku.

I had it opened casually, we came in this shrine aiming for the treasure.

There’s no trap this time, but I might be cautious more than expected.

Let’s be careful from now on.

「I was waiting. Please sit down」

I’m relieved to the correspondence more than I thought.

It’s like it was a different person yesterday, seemingly decent and docile.

When we came here at first, when we entered the room she suddenly 『I want you to violate me』

「Yeah. Then, allow me to sit」

I sat down without thinking and the other four seem to be confused.

Since the Japanese me is familiar with this, sitting on the floor cushion is something I’m used to.

Well fine. The purpose of coming here today is to obtain the treasure the shrine maiden has.

Should I immediately begin the negotiations?

Shizuku has already fallen for me yesterday so the results are already obvious.

「Then, I’ll speak first. Do you intend to defy me?」
「I don’t have such thoughts at all. I became a slut just for Ryuu-sama」
「Okay, got it. Then, I want you to answer my questions」
「Understood. I’ll tell Ryuu-sama anything」
「First, why did you pretend to be a slut in the beginning?」
「I’ve forseen the future that Ryuu-sama makes me addicted to pleasure…」
「Foreseen? Could it be the power of the treasure?」
「It is. It’s at treasure that can see and change the future. This is the treasure that I, the shrine maiden hold.」

When Shizuku said that, she took out a hand mirror that has a regular circle shape and handed it to me.

Judging that she had it prepared, it seems that she doesn’t want to resist from the beginning.

I accepted the treasure from Shizuku and looked at the details.

I can see it as an ordinary hand mirror but I can feel tremendous magical power put in it.

As expected this isn’t just a tool but a teasure.

「You saw us coming with this treasure?」
「Yes. I use this future mirror to rule this country」
「Then what about pretending to be a slut?」
「One day, I saw the future using this treasure. Then, Ryuu-sama defeated Forza command and the next would be the future of you invading Japoneru」
「Can’t you change the future with the treasure you had? It had such an ability doesn’t it?」
「Of course, I tried to change it…but whatever I do in the end Ryuu-sama will make a mess of me and I became a prisoner of pleasure」
「In short, the future didn’t change」
「That’s right. I tried to change the future with a behavior like that…」

It seems that she can’t change the future.

With this, I understood why Shizuku is so fixated over me.

「In short, you pressed your own back to the wall and tried to change the future. 」
「It didn’t work but that’s right」

It seems that she doesn’t mind about yesterday anymore.

But from now on, I can do whatever I want.

I finally obtained the third treasure finally.

It’s quite useful that I can foresee the future.

Let’s use it right away.

「By the way, how do you use this?」

I passed the treasure to Shizuku and asked her.

「It’s okay just to look at it. The future will become gradually come to view」

I looked at the treasure that looks like a hand glass just as Shizuku said.

「………What’s going on?」

I looked at the mirror for 5 minutes but there are no signs of anything happening.

Could it be that an otherworlder can’t use it?

No, there’s no way it is.

I can use the clairvoyant crystal that Eunice uses.

「Just what happening and there’s no change at all?」

I should ask Shizuku as she’s the best one to ask.

「That’s not true.」
「That’s what’s happening. Try using it」

I said and passed the treasure to Shizuku.

Shizuku looked at the treasure like she’s accustomed to doing it.


After a while, Shizuku raised her face from the mirror.

「It’s strange. I can’t see the future…」

The owner of the treasure doesn’t understand the cause.

Just what the hell is happening?1

「…It might be the act of the saintess」

Aisha said.

「Yes. The only one I know who can do this is the saintess that lives in the elf forest」
「Does that person can restrict the power of this treasure」
「You’re right. I’m sure that she knows that Ryuu is collecting the treasure and have created countermeasures」
「Could it be that it’s also impossible to use the warp and the crystal anymore?」
「It probably is unusable anymore…」

Then the treasures we obtained up until now are powerless?

…Don’t fuck with me.

If such ability is sealed off, it would be difficult for me to move.

But, on the contrary it can only be said if the ability is sealed.

It’s proven that they can’t kill me directly.

「For a huge magical power to interfere here, it can’t be nothing but a treasure」
「If it’s the treasure the Saintess have, then the treasures we obtained will become usable?」
「If we remove the neutralization of the saintess, it’s possible」
「Then, the next destination is decided. Let’s go to the elf forest」

Our next destination is the elf forest, the home of the saintess.
For you to do a provocative act against me…I’ll make you regret it.


  1. Ask Aisha?